walk buffalo

check it out.
people showed up.
I just think it’s so fun when I come up with some nutty idea and people actually buy into it!
you should have seen the poor bellman trying to manage 15 cameras!
Seriously though I had so much fun. Way too often I return home from a trip like this and someone asks me "where did you go?" and I say something like "Let’s see, where was I?" or "I have no idea." This is primarily because I rarely get outside the hotel to see anything. This morning was different — I walked 10 blocks or so around downtown buffalo and even learned few historical facts along the way. I really had an enjoyable time and I hope everyone else did too (we all have the same number 607 — stands for June, 2007 and says Finish Line walk in Buffalo — how fun?!)

Thank you all so much!!
If you have a better photo (mine’s a little blurry) email me and I’ll post it!!

and can I just say I am having a blast with Trey. More coming soon.


He opened my backstage party last night with his comedy routine — school talent show coming up in a week. Now he’s ready for sure!!


  1. Oh my, Trey has gotten so big! Thank you for allowing us – your faithful followers! LOL – the opportunity to watch your family grow up before our eyes too. It’s hard to believe I started seeing your pages and reading your books about seven years ago. You’ve been such an inspiration on how you balance life, family, and work – and always see the little things, which are really the BIG things – in life! God has truly blessed you, Stacy! Thank you for sharing yourself with us!!!!

  2. Wow! Weclome to Buffalo – we love it here and are SO glad you were able to get out a bit and enjoy it!!! Have fun!

  3. That has got to be one of the cutest shirts ever!!! He has gotten sooo big!!!

  4. Anne-Liesse says:

    Love the shirt!! I’d work for Skittles, too!!!

  5. That shirt is just the cutest!!

  6. Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one) says:

    How wonderful that so many joined you for your walk Stacy, I’m sure it was a blast!
    Oh that t-shirt is hysterical! Love it!

  7. scrapbookjen says:

    I just wanted to THANK YOU for coming to Buffalo! It was such an honor to meet you! You are so much more awesome in “real life” than you are on your blog!! (And that isn’t easy to do because you’re pretty awesome here, too!) I enjoyed your Finish Line class so much – I was the nutty one who finished her 18+ pages in your Saturday afternoon class! I’m still living the SIMPLE philosophy and always will!! Thank you for being an inspiration to me and so many others…
    “I’m too far ahead to be behind!”
    And Trey – THANK YOU for cracking me up with your comedy routine! You are on your way, kid!!!!

  8. I am glad my son doesn’t read your blog…..I don’t want him to get the idea that he should be paid to help me out! lol!!

  9. is that the dollar (in the second pic of trey) you bribed him with to take a pic??
    if so, that’s pretty cheap!! (my kids ask for much more!!)

  10. I enjoyed your class so much! I have pictures of my completed album on my blog! I love it!

  11. Stacy–I took your class and enjoyed every minute of it! I have a question for you though–and I would like an honest answer (hehe): How many complete albums do you have (12×12, 8×11, mini-albums, etc…) –and how do you store them? Feel free to Blog about it–with photos! ;) Just wondering…….
    Thank you for coming to Buffalo–where it doesn’t ALWAYS snow! ;) We loved having you here!

  12. Love Trey’s t-shirt!

  13. There I am!!! I had SO much fun with you this weekend Stacy! Wish I could do it every weekend…of course DH might get jealous that I was spending so much time with you – LOL! Thanks for coming to Buffalo so that I could come from Mississauga and learn SO much from you…
    “I have more pictures than I can scrapbook in a lifetime!”

  14. How cool to see people I know in your photo! Sorry I missed it!

  15. Ok Miss Stacy.. I am officially coming out of the closet of lurkers on your blog and am stalking now!!! I missed the walk, as I was too pooped to get out of bed, but I fo’ sho’ attended your last class on Saturday…best thing i’ve done in my scrappy life, to date. I was the girl in the front row, next to Leann in the wheelchair.. you loved my “super cute purse”. Well, I have to tell you.. I WILL work for/with you one day. I am resigned to that fact. period. you inspired me. you moved me to tears. more on that in my blog tomorrow… so make sure to stop by, check it out and leave a comment. my friends will be jealous. so, fear not.. I will be a friendly stalker… but you are one chica I MUST have in my life on a regular basis… so in a non-creepy way… I SO *heart* stacy julian!!!! :O)

  16. maryellencarlise says:

    Hi Stacy–just read for an hour and updated myself on your way cool and interesting life–and LO AND BEHOLD! I have a SUGGESTION! Why not do your “Addie and the Dogwood” photo every SEASON! could be very cool–still relatively simple…love SEASON photos, and babies grow so fast–OK, that’s just me…
    YOU inspire me MISS STACY! love ya girlfriend!
    Mary Ellen

  17. unfortunately, i wasn’t on that walk, but i was at the backstage party on Friday night. i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed it and how amazing you are. i am so inspired by you not only regarding scrapbooking, but how to live a beautiful life filled with gratitude and humility.
    you are truly an inspiration.
    thank you so much!
    also, trey’s comedy routine was fabulous…he is going to rock at the talent show!

  18. Due to a few too many chocolate martini’s and being altogether too happy, I missed the walk! (Im so annoyed) Please have CKC in Buffalo next year, and we’ll have a party at the amazing Chocolate Bar! Im sure you would approve, chocolate fondue, chocolate milkshakes, (with or without alcohol :) pure chocolate heavan….
    Enjoyed your backstage party and the finish line class–I have no words but ‘Thank you’!

  19. Your back stage party was AMAZING Stacy!
    THANKS for all the AMAZING advice!
    Hope you come back next year :)

  20. OH I’m so jealous! I was there Friday only as my little grandpumpkin was graduating pre-k Saturday morning and I had to be back in Syracuse. (Wouldn’t have missed him for the world~sorry Stacy! LOL)
    I had a great time in the Scrap Happy class. You are such an inspiration to me. Trey was so adorable. I love how you let him play (and help!) around you while you worked and it didn’t even bother you a bit. You just did your mommy thing and your teacher thing. Some of us would get worked up about that. Not you. It reminds me once again we need to pay attention and be happy about the little things.
    Had a blast in the Backstage Pass. Thanks for the giggles Trey!

  21. Sounds like it was quite a party! Glad you all had a great time and again, I wish I had been there. sigh.

  22. Thanks SO much for an amazing Finish Line Scrapbooking class and Backstage Party. You’re a wonderful person and totally inspirational. I wish I had made it to the walk but after a long day of classes on Friday, I just couldn’t get up that early!
    I’m THRILLED with my finish line album and can’t wait to show it off.
    Thanks again!

  23. Yay! The walk was fun, I was so glad that we were able to make it. I finished my album last night and was so impressed with myself. Thank-you for sharing your enthusiasm with us.

  24. I finished my album last night…and just love it!
    Loved the walk and the backstage party too!

  25. it was so fun to see you in buffalo! maryruth and kris always have such wonderful things to say about you… too bad our paths don’t cross that often!
    it was cool to run into you at the airport and at niagra! i hope you enjoyed it!
    be sure to check out kris’s family site: scrapbookpal.com. they have the coolest stuff!
    thanks again!

  26. HeatherV says:

    I had a blast on the walk and I have been to Buffalo a few times and awed at the buildings myself but never really took the time to walk around so thanks for doing that. Stop and smell the flowers so to speak.

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