Yeah for Rebecca!!

This comment just came through at SS and I can’t help but share it with you. I just get so excited for a new book author. Writing a book is hard work and you just feel so vulnerable, so to get positive feedback is such a validating thing.
Let’s do a happy dance for Rebecca and give away a copy of her book shall we?


Hello Simple Scrapbooks (and Rebecca Cooper),

I throughly enjoy your magazine, it along with Cathy Zielske’s first book was one of the things that inspired to start scrapbooking in the first place. I appriecate the perspective and ideas I find in every issue. I’d like to thank you for the OUTSTANDING job you and Rebecca Cooper did with her new book Real.Life.Scrapbooking. While I dearly love scrapbooking and my family probably considers me an addict, over the last few months I have found it increasingly more difficult to fit scrapbooking into my life. With an limited budget, active toddler, lack of energy due to health issues, along with the many other things that make up a crazy but ordinary life, I was ready to give up. I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation or desire to scrapbook. Seeing my half-finished pages begin to pile up only made me more discouraged.

After reading Rebecca’s book description, I deceided to order it as a last chance to get inspired again. I’ve have always loved Rebecca’s layouts and thought after reading her journaling that she seemed to be very approachable, authentic, and so very REAL. ( I even remember thinking after seeing her section openers in one Simple issue, "Gosh, I wish she’d write a book!) I figured if I couldn’t find inspiration from another busy scrapbooker whose style and voice I already admired, it was okay for me to quit. Well, the book came and I’m happy to say I’m not quitting after all! After I read through the book and looking at my son’s scrapbook, I remembered the real reason I started in the first place, the stories and memories I have to tell. So, thank you! Real.Life.Scrapbooking was EXACTLY what I needed to help me find the movtivation and inpsiration to continue scrapbooking, and while it may not seem like much – thanks for "saving" a busy and exhasusted mom from giving up a hobby she cherishes!

Rebecca did a fabulous job with her book, and I can’t thank you enough! Now I just need to find the ways to fit scrapbooking more practically into my everyday life.

Thanks again!

Be the first to guess the completely delicious thing that was photographed and featured in Rebecca’s book (seriously, such a yummy photo that I’ve asked Claudia, who designed the book, to print me a copy to display in my studio) and I’ll send you some
Real. Life. Happy Mail!!

p.s. Learn more about Rebecca this month as she hosts the Simple Studio Blog.


  1. Fresh picked Strawberries in a Strawberry Shortcake dessert?
    The book looks wonderful.

  2. PIE?

  3. Jan in AZ says:


  4. Barbara says:


  5. Jennifer A says:


  6. Jelly Beans

  7. I was going to say brownies, because we all know of your love affair… but I will have to guess M&M’s. (still chocolate, but colorful!!!)

  8. Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one) says:

    can’t wait to get this book.
    I am guessing a fruit salad of some kind

  9. Brownies or chocolate pudding?!

  10. Hey, some people have the book so they’ll know- no fair! ;)
    delicious… studio.

  11. Cherry Cheesecake. The book does look fabulous!

  12. Apples?

  13. Lemon meringue pie?

  14. Peaches? Can’t wait to get a peek at the book!

  15. Either a brand new fresh bowl of beautiful berries or a line of new and fresh cleaned laundry blowing in the breeze…Both seem yummy to me!

  16. chocolate covered strawberries?!? :-)

  17. Seriously now, it has to be a colorful pair of socks!

  18. Michelle M says:

    I don’t know, but I do know that I want to get my creative hands on this book…so, I know that I am out for the guessing – but maybe I can make you giggle enough to through one of those yummy books my way. Here goes….
    Knock Knock.
    (you say who’s there)
    (…you know the drill)
    Cows don’t say who, silly. They say MOOOOOOOOO ;0)
    OK, so maybe this joke is so much better when my son thinks he has gotten me EACH AND EVERY TIME he tells it…and giggles in delight. Now that is YUMMY! Have a happy one. Hugs. m

  19. Michelle says:

    Ummmm…Hi Stacy….I really wanted to type “throw” instead of “through” (see previous post of mine) hehehe {{{blushing}}}I will work on my proof reading and slowing down my typing fingers……AGAIN, have a happy day ;0) m

  20. mmmm…maybe a tall glass of ice cold lemonade?? or a big bowl of lemons??? That sounds yummy…and pretty…and YELLOW! :o)

  21. well, if not brownies… fresh veggies? Eggplant.

  22. It has to be chocolate. Rebecca loves chocolate, right? If it were up to me to choose what would be photographed it would be some delicious layered chocolatey peanut-butter thing. Yum!

  23. cherries?

  24. Beth Gianturco says:

    fresh bread?

  25. I’m guessing yummy chocolate.

  26. patrice says:

    Right now I am craving a big ole ice cream cone…you know, the kind that’s just melting a little bit? That’s my guess.

  27. Claudia F. says:

    For some reason I want to say an apple.
    Claudia f.

  28. Gummy bears??

  29. Mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  30. Im gonna have to guess pears.. i love pears

  31. For some reason I’m going to guess Rice Krispy Treats. Maybe I’m just in the mood.

  32. I have to guess a delicious chocolate brownie

  33. strawberry pie or shortcake

  34. I’ll say a layered Truffle – never made one, but they look pretty.

  35. Bananas?

  36. Susan W says:

    pumpkin cheesecake??

  37. Oreos?

  38. Michelle M says:

    I’ll guess chocolate cake?

  39. Melissa Miller says:

    peanut butter cups

  40. chocolate chip cookies

  41. Warm apple pie with a hint of cinnamon and slightly melted French vanilla ice cream. Or is that just what I’m craving?!

  42. No idea but I remember seeing that she made Grilled Cheese with Honey in SS awhile back. Maybe that??

  43. Mishel Olsen says:

    It’s gotta be chocolate of somekind…or maybe a big bowl of fresh fruit.

  44. A rich, fudgy chocolate dessert?

  45. Or. . . how about pumpkin pie?

  46. Kellie T says:

    I am going to guess Rebecca’s favorite mint chocolate candy bar?

  47. Brownies

  48. tgrdina says:

    a basket of laundry???

  49. Leanne Smith says:

    would it be chocolate chip cookies !!!! Leanne

  50. Mechiel says:

    I want to make three guesses…
    Could it be an apple or apples??
    An Egg or eggs?
    How about cute Halloween costumes??

  51. CHOCOLATE ANYTHING**** I would love a copy of her book***

  52. Chocolate pudding?

  53. carolyn says:

    totally random guess. a papaya, what better picture to hang in your studio than a bright orange papaya with contrasting purple/black seeds?

  54. Deirdre says:

    I’m going with chocolate-covered strawberries…only because I’m wanting some myself right now.
    Hope I’m right. The book looks amazing!

  55. Deirdre says:

    Yikes…NOW I read the comments and see someone beat me to chocolate covered strawberries and I’m gonna go with a known-Stacy favorite:
    Gummy bears

  56. Let’s see how about chocolate chip cookies?

  57. Ok, chocolate chip cookies was already guessed How about
    Carrot Cake?

  58. Jen(aside) says:


  59. Oranges, lemons and limes
    Refreshing for summer…

  60. I am going to guess peanut M&M’s

  61. How about cupcakes? :)

  62. Regular M&Ms. Just right for Simple.

  63. a frosted cut out cookie? maybe heart shaped?

  64. I have no idea but I’ll take a stab in the dark and say a big bowl of fresh fruit!!
    I’d love a copy of this book sounds like it might just be the answer to everyone’s busy life!

  65. since i’m thinkin you have an inkling for greens of any shade… i’m guessin some good ol’ fashioned Key Lime Pie? the color of that alone is refreshing… throw me a bone, Stace! I could really use one today! :O) Love, your someday fellow coworker, Shelley

  66. Either brownies on p. 113, or the brownie mix on p. 114? -Lisa

  67. fresh cut pineapple.. nice and bright and yellow! and happy!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one) says:

    hmm, me thinks that Lisa has some inside information, quoting page numbers LOL

  69. Mary H. says:

    Brownies. Love brownies.

  70. I am going to guess a big ole’ pink frosted heart cookie held by a little girl- and the cookie has a little white heart in the corner of it.

  71. Or, a red ripe raspberry still on the vine.

  72. I’ll guess some fresh strawberries. Always good!

  73. Dorothy Rhodes says:

    The good old Hershey bar.

  74. Dorothy Rhodes says:

    A Hershey chocolate bar

  75. Or maybe banana chocolate chip muffins. Or chocolate chip cookie dough baked in muffin pans and filled with cream cheese icing.
    (Is it obvious yet that I just went through Rebecca’s blog archives???)

  76. Some yummy chocolate cake? :0

  77. i would have to say brownies since you are a brownie fan?? maybe?

  78. I’m gonna take it in a different direction- maybe a container of brand new crayons or markers or brads?

  79. Laura K. says:

    Mmm….a chocolate covered Oreo cookie – yum!

  80. I’m guessing lollipops… pretty- but not so good for you! :oD

  81. Apples! I’ve got apples on the brain. In the past month I have purchased 21 pounds of apples for my family of 6. We’ve been sceaming through them!

  82. Jeanine says:

    I want to say brownies, but several others already have so I will say a strawberry pie, although I am still leaning towards chocolate, better yet chocolate with strawberries.

  83. melanie says:

    dont think anyone has quessed m & m’s yet…
    or maybe it is not even food. maybe it is johnny depp. HA!

  84. strawberry shortcake?

  85. Margaret says:


  86. Hot fudge sundae with colored sprinkles?

  87. I was going to guess strawberry shortcake, but i see that is the second guess!!

  88. jelly bellys? know you horde them;)

  89. my guess would be jelly beans. a whole clear jar full of jelly beans in a rainbow of colors!

  90. shelley says:

    I know that you LOVE brownies, so I’m guessing that’s the dessert you’d want pictured in your home

  91. Strawberry Shortcake??? I just at some at The Cheesecake Factory and it was so Yummy!!

  92. Julie Coryell says:

    I’m going to guess APRICOTS!!!

  93. yummy gummy bears

  94. Samantha Clarke says:

    my guess is her coffee/tea mug
    fingers crossed would love to read this delightefully tasty new book down under (I am from Australia)

  95. Mangos

  96. Mangos

  97. Mangos

  98. Mangos

  99. Mangos

  100. Don’t know why, but grapefruit came to mind…

  101. Karen K says:

    Ok, someone already said cake and cupcakes, so how about….popsicles?

  102. Heather Emans says:

    a bowl of cherries

  103. buttons?

  104. Brownies?! :) WE all know how you love Brownies!!

  105. ElizabethK says:

    I don’t know why, but I thought of scones. With jam or honey. :)

  106. I’ll guess my favorite dessert – creme brulee.

  107. Jennifer Jensen says:

    I am going to guess a big bowl of fresh fruit. Worth a try.

  108. Sprinkles Cupcakes???

  109. pumpkin spiced cookies??

  110. I’m guessing strawberry cheesecake, my fave :)

  111. michelle78968400 says:

    a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream

  112. banana chocolate chip muffins?
    lol… but i’m guessing that it has something to do with bright green & orange??
    have a happy day!

  113. Tammy Perkins says:

    just picked fresh strawberries?

  114. Not food, but just beautiful or “delicious” looking – The sun!

  115. Carol S says:

    My guess would be a clear pedestal bowl of fruit salad. Yum!

  116. a bowl of jelly beans?

  117. Knowing your love of brownies, I am guessing that it must be a plate of fresh baked brownies!

  118. Nilaja Whitaker says:


  119. Watermelon?

  120. Shannon S. says:

    OK, everything under the sun has been choosen…from Brownies to fresh Fruit, ….. but what about the staples in life….. Where’s the BEEF?
    How about Chicken and Beef Fajitas….. steaming, sizzling, mouthwatering, boy I can smell the spices now… yellow, red, orange and green peppers, onions, and perfectly grilled BEEF and CHICKEN. YUMO!
    You have to hit your favorite Mexican restaurant right now, don’t you?

  121. Ok, I’m going to go with something other than food…how about that white laundry basket with the colorful clothes that have been cleaned, dried and neatly folded?

  122. a picture of a new baby and mommy.

  123. scramperj says:

    Some beautiful fruit or chocolate chip cookies? -scramperj

  124. mmmm…brownies… :)

  125. fran heupel says:

    My guess would be her simple scrapbook friends & co-workers in a photo. Or something food related. can’t wait to get the book.
    Good luck to everyone.
    Have a wonderful week-end.
    Fran Heupel

  126. Rasberries

  127. Bridget says:

    My guess is JELLY BEANS in fun and fruity flavors….

  128. Pears.
    I’m drooling over the very idea of fresh pears right about now :)

  129. Hmm. My comment didn’t appear. I’ll try again:
    I’m drooling over the very idea of pears right now. Yum.

  130. Henriettae says:

    I’m majorly PMSing right now and can think of nothing else but chocolate, so that should really have been my guess. However, I don’t think that’s the kind of thing that would make its way into your studio – it would have to be something more colorful and healthy! :)
    So… How about… a beautiful rainbow?

  131. (Trying for the 3rd time to leave a comment…)
    Pears. I’m drooling over the very idea of pears right now. Yum :)

  132. Did you close comments? I’m absolutely unable to post…

  133. ROFL! Wouldn’t you know it? All those stupid comments of my mine just showed up at once! Good grief. Okay, I give up and I’ll leave you in peace.
    I simply have to go to Central Market for pears, so toodles! :D

  134. Dominique says:

    Lynda’s Crystallized Ginger Cookies ?

  135. Tracy Rizzo says:

    peanut m&m’s?

  136. Didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if this one was already put out there,but my guess would be your favorite treat…brownies.

  137. Probably been said, but here goes:
    multiple colors of fluffy cupcakes!

  138. Popsicles!

  139. Kelly Jo says:

    I wish I knew…Elizabeth seems to have written her email for me (and I’m sure many other women). Hopefully, Rebecca’s book will be available at the library. =)
    Have a Great day!

  140. Alisa Brandstetter says:

    I am going to guess a piece of chocolate.

  141. a neat pile of folded laundry! Man, I love that sight – what a feeling of accomplishment (and I can get that feeling daily!)

  142. I delicious picture of yummy scrapbook supplies. A stack of gorgeous cardstock or yummy brads/eyelets. How about scrumptious ribbons and paints.
    That sounds appetizing to me!!!!

  143. Ann Grounds says:

    I will probably be way off–but is it the orange colored fiskars paper trimmer. It’s orange and orange is one of your “Yummy” colors.

  144. Kathy A says:

    I know it’s probably been said, but I want to PLAY! :o) My guess is your favorite treat – BROWNIES!

  145. Stacy – was it chocolate pudding?

  146. tammy t says:

    I’m going to guess good old chocolate chip cookies.

  147. Anneliese says:


  148. well, after reading the comments i’m absolutely STARVING! (and i just ate lunch). and i think i know what the answer is(but it’s already been said). so what i would LIKE to see is a big ole plate of cookies with a tall glass of milk, preferably with a child covered in both: smirking.
    now that says “delicious” to me.

  149. strawberry shortcake with yummy whipped cream.

  150. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    okay! how about a bowl of lime green jello with yummy fruit inside and topped with whipped cream!!

  151. Stephanie says:

    I am going to say Chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, with chocolate sauce dripped all over it. Oh sorry, i think that I got carried way…..also I am starving!!!

  152. Brandi Osborn says:

    It simply has to be brownies!!!!

  153. katie scott says:

    I don’t have the book yet so I don’t know but I’ll guess that its brightly colored and full of sugar.
    P.S. When is the book going to be at Joann’s or Michaels?

  154. Ice cream sundae with sprinkles?

  155. Iced sugar cookies?

  156. Margaritas???

  157. Ice cream?

  158. how about a tall cool glass of iced tea? maybe with a lemon or mint sprig?

  159. Apple pie?

  160. cupcakes?

  161. ice cream sandwiches, in all flavors, all colors of ice cream?

  162. homemade bread

  163. Its gotta be browines!!!!

  164. I’m just gonna go with a 3-layer chocolate cake with melt-in-your-mouth frosting and dark chocolate curl shavings on top. How’s that for a guess? :-)
    Flower Mound, TX

  165. BROWNIES!

  166. I say Sherbet in nice bowls!

  167. Wild raspberries?

  168. I’m guessing Cheesecake!

  169. i’m guessing fresh fruit in a beautiful bowl with flowers in a vase beside it.
    I think the fresh bread was a great guess….that was my first guess too.

  170. Nanaimo Bars

  171. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    I’m guessing watermelon. Only because my two year old just polished off half of a personal size watermelon all by herself. Yummy!

  172. fresh fruit?

  173. How about a fresh honeydew mellon!

  174. I’m going to guess yummy fruit kabobs. That just sounds deliscious right now and I think even I would print out a copy of something like that for a colorful, creative vibe! :o)

  175. Could be chocolate pudding or the Brownies!

  176. ribbon?

  177. fresh produce from a farmer’s market…tomatoes, cucumbers, corn on the cob, green beans, etc.
    Honestly I have NO CLUE, but no one has said this and I’ve been known to take pictures of fresh produce from our local farmers market, so I thought I’d give it a shot!

  178. tim tams?? :-)

  179. Yummy Choc Cake??

  180. Cheryl in MN says:

    cotton candy?
    It’s the only thing I could think of that hasn’t been posted yet! :)

  181. Chocolate dipped Strawberries. Yummy!!

  182. Suzer68 says:


  183. Karen in Toronto says:

    I guess a cupcake .. yum!
    Karen D

  184. Chocolate mint cookies……
    and that book is on my must haves :)

  185. Diantha says:

    I saw a big bowl of colorfull jellybeans!

  186. Diantha says:

    cholcalte cake with chocolate icing! and maybe some sprinkles too

  187. Brownies

  188. Debbie House says:

    Strawberries in a beautifully colored dish!!

  189. I am going to say Skittles :)

  190. Leanne Smith says:

    How about sunflowers ?

  191. Leanne Smith says:

    or maybe a pile of socks !!!

  192. Leanne Smith says:

    or maybe a pile of socks !!!

  193. my best guess is tulips.

  194. brenda jones says:

    I’d have to say a baby’s belly button. Or perhaps some baby feet?

  195. I am going with a big bowl of red strawberries. Must be the season

  196. Sprinkles!!!
    Everytime I see some new and different shapes and colors I think of you.

  197. M & M ‘s

  198. a vase full of colorful gerbera daisies…it’s delicious to the eyes!

  199. Christine Villacarlos says:

    strawberry smoothies ???

  200. Nathalie says:

    Chocolate pudding?

  201. amanda v. says:

    I’m guessing her favorite canadian chocolates!

  202. Andria B. says:


  203. I would have to guess Jelly Bellies or Gummy Bears.

  204. Sheridan says:

    I’m guessing Carmel Apples!

  205. annie samuels says:

    It’s gotta be brownies…we all need chocolate when we scrapbook!

  206. Oh my! The book looks to be absolutely amazing, since I haven’t a clue as to what the special something is, I’m guessing and saying that it has to do something with babies! =) Not exactly a dish, but little cuties are absolutely delish and a feast to the eyes, right?!
    Can’t wait to pick up a copy of this book, (assuming I don’t win the draw!).
    Jen D.

  207. something yummy on those super cute polka dotted plates/bowls/mugs from Target

  208. InsaneMom2Four says:

    I have no clue, but I must say I am loving the picture of the praying mantis on the blog today. My kids will love it too. (Dad took them out today) If I were to make a guess it would have to be something chocolatey. YUMM
    BTW If it’s the Jelly Beans – you and my husband so need a talk. lol

  209. Red, green, and yellow peppers!

  210. watermelon (it’s hot here!)

  211. Judi P. says:

    Kowing how much you LOVE chocolate Stacy, my guess is ANYTHING chocolate!!! Judi

  212. Natalie says:

    Cake with mouth watering icing.

  213. Dana Klinkner says:

    How fun…I’m going to guess a close up picture of piles of clean, folded laundry – kids laundry that is. :) I can’t wait to see this book – it looks so wonderful! :)

  214. my first guess was brownies — which made me daydream of chocolate – which lead to my mouth watering and me wanting to make OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES — so that is my FINAL answer ;) :D

  215. What about pudding?

  216. I am going to guess pancakes, fingers crossed…well maybe donuts as a second :)

  217. A butterfly in the garden

  218. Strawberries

  219. no ideas !!
    what about some lovely raspberries ! as i love them !

  220. My guess is Brownies!!!!

  221. Jackie Hughes says:

    A basket of warm, homemade muffins! ~~Jackie

  222. Renee D says:

    Humm…. so many yummy choices have already been guessed. I’m going to guess milk chocolate cover strawberries drizzled with white and dark chocolate.

  223. how about a freshly folded pile of laundry?

  224. asparagus or some other veggie.

  225. Vanessa says:

    How about a bowl full of bright red cherries? Can’t wait for the book!

  226. Gina G Rolsma says:


  227. Jennifer S. says:

    chocolate chip cookies with milk?

  228. I’m sure it’s been guessed already because of the color, but i’d have to say Key Lime Pie!

  229. Leanne Smith says:

    freshly baked crusty loaf of bread ! yummmm !!!

  230. Leanne Smith says:

    freshly baked crusty loaf of bread ! yummmm !!!

  231. Chocolate dipped strawberries.

  232. chocolate covered strawberries – YUM

  233. Karen de Castro says:

    chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk on a beautiful plate

  234. Birthday cake?

  235. Karrie from Canada says:

    It’s gotta be ‘chocolate brownies’ to catch Stacy’s eye!
    Looking forward to getting a copy of Rebecca’s book for myself!
    Great work!

  236. Melissa Mortimer says:

    It’s gotta be a stack of completed layouts. :)

  237. I’m not sure, didn’t she once do a layout about eggs in a jar (among other things)? They looked yummy! So i’m guessing eggs!

  238. Sarah P says:

    I am gonna guess at Jelly Belly Beans, displayed in a jar or some such storage!!

  239. Erica Alem says:

    Oh no, I’m too late, someone’s bound to have guessed it by now! And I just *need* that book, LOL. it’s too hard to get it all the way over here (middle of nowhere, Brazil). So I’ll take a chance, based on my surroundings:
    They are gorgeous pictures of… FLOWERS! Lovely flowers, probably brightly colored – I’m thinking yellow, green, pink…
    Am I right??? :)

  240. Ok, I’m guessing cupcakes…

  241. AmandaCTMH says:


  242. I’m gonna say a Hot Fudge Brownie!

  243. Laura Daniel says:

    Must be brownies!

  244. Laura Daniel says:

    must be brownies

  245. BROWNIES!!! :)
    Regards from Dominican Republic,
    Melissa Hernandez

  246. Heather M in Ohio says:

    Nice plate of spaggetti

  247. Barbara says:

    Tulips or the hand towels

  248. Barbara says:

    Red Tulips or the hand towels in white, pink and green

  249. JELLY BEANS! Bright and colorful and yummy! Love your blog BTW! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  250. Raspberries or some other fresh fruit.

  251. Tracy Dayett says:

    Bright Kiwi fruit

  252. I guess cupcakes with sprinkles!

  253. Leanne Smith says:

    ok maybe a bright coloured bucket of scrapbooking tools, like scissors and brushes ect !!!

  254. Is it chocolate parfait dessert? I would love to have a picture of that hanging up for inspiration! Ha Ha

  255. Alison K says:

    Vibrant, colorful gummy bears!

  256. strawberry cheesecake

  257. My guess would be a big luscious chocolate cake! That always gives me inspiration or at least a pick me up. teehee

  258. Lyn Meeker says:

    It’s probably already been guessed .. but I’m thinking a banana split… (pretty tough to capture with the ice cream melting …)

  259. i’m gonna say a big bag of potato chips and an ice cold soda.
    ok, off to the kitchen for me!!
    love that Rebecca is a canadian and is rocking the SS world!
    happy canada day rebecca, hope you and your family had a great holiday. and have a great 4th to all you US ladies tomorrow!!

  260. Shoes!

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  263. No guesses here….just wanted to say how cute your little girlie is!!! :)

  264. Julie - says:

    I’m going with a bowl of green M&M’s – cute huh!

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