A dose of reality …

lest you think I live in a state of complete organization, here’s the "other half" of the garage

I am a total believer in the notion that organization buys me time, but there are projects waiting for my attention around what seems to be every corner. Take for instance this …

This is the scene that greeted me as I entered our playroom last Saturday morning. This would be our "costume" closet. We were doing "team clean" and I was holding it together really well until we got to this point, and in order to resist losing my cool, I announced that we had accomplished exactly enough and called it quits!

Just for the record and regarding the roadtrip, I am constantly reminding my kids to buckle and re-buckle their seat belts!!!! I do appreciate your concern. Your comments have given me fuel for the fight — that will perhaps work this week on our 12 hour drive to Utah.

The lockers — built by a family friend. I do love them — and no, my children do NOT put everything away. More often than not they dump their stuff right in front of their locker (drives me batty)

The frames – the cheap ones from IKEA,  painted by me.
The chalk board — lucky "find" from the same store as the bench – sorry.
The green in my kitchen — Behr, Grass Cloth and Grape Leaves

and, the school clipboards — I’m looking for the documents. I know I saved them, but I think they must be on Geof’s computer (so I promise I’ll find them and post!)

I finished my introduction today, for a book. This is NOT something I thought I would do again for a while, but the opportunity and timing and circumstances aligned and I am now committed. Most people write "follow up" books, but I am writing the precursor (is that the right word?) to The Big Picture, focused on the system that supports my scrapbooking approach. Writing a book is scary and hard, but the more I think about it and the more I get into the writing, the more excited I am — this is a good thing. Right after I returned from SS meetings in June (when I agreed to the book) I was questioning my decision and the value of what is essentially a book about photo-organization and I got the coolest thing in the mail – it was actually waiting for me when I got home, but as often happens, boxes get overlooked. When I finally opened it a few days later, I was completely blown away. It was early morning and I had just returned from my jog. I just paced back in forth in my living room, bawling.


It is what I call a "photo-album scrapbook" — and it is a compilation of thoughts and thanks from a handful of students in my 2007 Library of Memories class.


each woman took two slots (one page) in the album to tell me what they learned in LOM and how it has enhanced or changed their perspective. I cannot adequately express what this gift means to me and how it gave me confidence when I really needed it — one of those tender mercies that are so abundant in our lives, if we but look for them.


I’ve actually already sent this album to the SS offices in Utah. Ali Monson will be my book editor (something I did NOT have with The Big Picture) and I am so very excited to work with her. This album totally helps Ali understand and see first hand how scrapbookers across the globe can and have adapted and customized my system …


anyway — to Anneliese Truame and Kristy and EVERYONE that contributed to this  project – YOU will never know how truly grateful I am. Thank You so very much. I will treasure this as evidence of a dream come true.

life is good.
btw, book will be out March 2008 and will be included in the 2008 Library of Memories course.
If I’m not blogging as much these days, please know why.


  1. how wonderful! you KNOW how much BPS has influenced my scrapping and my life – so good luck with the writing!

  2. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    hi stacy! i just want to say thank you. you share so much of your life with us when you don’t have to. i can’t tell you how much reading your blog inspires me to be a better person, wife, mother, creator, and friend. i believe we all have the same mission here on earth, to make the best of the time we have and to leave our mark behind that we were here. we also want to make our families proud of us. you help me to strive to be the best me i can be. so thank you, and i can’t wait for the book. you never disappoint!!(no pressure!) God bless you and your family :)

  3. Anneliese says:

    This morning, as I was late & rushing to catch the bus to work, my partner called out: “Honey, you got an email that says ‘Check Stacy’s Blog’!!!” So the whole 50-minute commute I am sitting on pins and needles with anticipation, which was a much more fun way to go to work than usual, I must say! Thanks for the heads up, Maureen!
    Stacy, I am so glad the book turns out to have been important to you in ways that we couldn’t ever have anticipated! We thought it would be neat for you, as the teacher of a global online class, to be able to hold in your hands a fraction of the impact your teaching has had on a thirty-few of us. I am glad we were more right than we knew.
    Thanks also go to the wave of participation and support from the LOM 2007 Yahoo group that made my the plausible gift idea I had in April bear fruit in July!
    With love,
    Anneliese, the LOM 2007 Gift Coordinitrix

  4. félicitations for the book!!!
    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  5. Hi Stacy, i also took your 2007 LOM class and although i was not in the group that made you the book, i wanted you to know that you and the class has profoundly affected my life. i love scrapbooking again, and i love how my photos are organized. Your system and how i’ve adapted it for me have given me more time to actually live, remember, relish and have fun scrapbooking and crafting things for my family. Thank you thank you thank you. Please know that you have touched more lives than you can even imagine, as i have shown nearly all my friends & family my system and they think it’s amazing.

  6. thanks for the reality check–i can identify with that side of the garage more. :)
    good luck on your trip and thanks for agreeing to write a ‘prequel’ to big picture.

  7. I’m so excited. I loved the Big Picture book and about had a heart attack when a friend asked to borrow it for a few days. It’s my favorite of all the idea books that I have….and I have ALOT! I am hoping to take the next LOM class but with nursing s

  8. (Sorry about the last post. I accidentally hit “post” before I was done with my comment.) As I was saying earlier, I am dying to take the LOM class but I just started nursing school and I wouldn’t have a clue how to fit it in my schedule. Do you think you will ever offer it in a way where students can take it at their own pace outside of the alloted time given?

  9. I totally love The Big Picture as I’ve said before. Its my favorite book! Can’t wait till the next LOM class, I am totally going to be there for that! Thank you for all the inspiring moments you share with us!

  10. LOVE the reality check pictures! I, like you and many others, strive for organization and have pockets of it throughout my home. I think we all need a reality check every now and then. Thanks for always sharing your great ideas, I am always inspired and can’t wait to get my hands on the new book!

  11. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Hey Stacy…………….Congrats on the new book !! I am so glad you liked the LOM album. It was a great way for us to show our appreciation. Thanks Anneliese for thinking of it! Love the LOM concept………….thanks Stacy!
    Donna (Lisa D’s mom)

  12. I LOVE the costume closet! A lot of my friend think I have it all together too… but I still have 2 unpacked boxes from when we moved into our current house almost 3 years ago. I should just pick the boxes and chuck them, but I just know I’ll need something in them the very next day!

  13. Ann Grounds says:

    Good morning Stacy….you could have titled this entry “Stacy shares her secrets”. You are amazing. You are just so REAL. Thank you for sharing the parts of life that aren’t so perfect in addition to those that are. I am so happy that our “Thank You” gift turned out to be such an inspiration!! (A BIG THANKS to Anneliese-her idea and work). Good luck on your book and I hope that I can “redo” LOM 2008.

  14. Big Picture is my therapy! I’m so glad you enjoyed your album. I’m still working on my LOM system, but it’s a labor of patience and enjoyment. You are an inspiration in so many ways — scrapbooking, home decorating, and family values to name a few. I would love to be your next door neighbor! But I’ll settle with spending some time with you at the Get Croppin’ event in February 2008 – see you then!

  15. Shelby Cariker says:

    I’ve never posted on your blog before – loved your BPS book!
    Noticed your comment about the kids not putting their stuff in their lockers. We had custom built in cubbies made for everyone in our family last year, however, ours don’t have doors. The boys use them for everything – works great – maybe if the doors were removed they would be utilized more. Just a thought. Maybe I’ll e-mail you a picture.
    Shelby Cariker

  16. Just LOVE you! LOVE your hot ideas! Your summer clipboard idea totally was the magic I needed to pull us together this summer. I am glad to hear you are looking for the school year ones!!! Can’t wait! Your organization projects are inspiring….keep them coming!!!

  17. Julie Ratcliffe says:

    Well this is really exciting. I had two copies of BPS for Christmas (my children really need to learn to communicate with each other) I absolutely love it to bits. I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book. Mothers Day 2008 sounds like a good option. By the way I gave my spare copy of BPS to my mum and she loves it too.
    Julie X

  18. Yeah! Can’t wait to hear more on the new book. :)

  19. Stacy, you are so one of my favorite peoples in the world. If I had to choose just one person to meet and spend a little time with in my lifetime it would be you. You have inspired me is so many ways, and made me strive to be a better person in all ways. If you recommend a book, I get it because I know if you loved it, I will too and you have never been wrong.
    I know that there is no such thing as a perfect person in this world, but to me you are as close as one can get. I look forward to meeting you one day and showing you in person just what kind of an impact you have on everyone you touch.
    I was in your LOM 2007 class, and continually work at it and love the system, I was disheartened by not being able to participate in the gift to you, but know that your system has changed me and my way of scrapbooking for the better, just like you intended.
    Much luck to you on you book, and know that I will be waiting for it as I do for anything from you.
    (Sorry so long)

  20. Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one) says:

    so very thrilled to see this post.
    I was starting to feel so bad that I have a closet that looks just like that, and it makes it so much better to know that even you have one LOL
    Also was tickled to see you say that you almost lost your cool, it’s so wonderful to hear that even those who you think have it all together, can come undone now and again. LOL

  21. Hi Stacy – I also participated in the 2007 class and it totally changed my outlook too. I haven’t participated in the yahoo group, but I think it was a very sweet gesture from the women in the class to make you that book! Looks beautiful. And, I will be looking forward to your new book!

  22. mary mom to 5 says:

    We bought REAL metal lockers from lockers.com last winter. Put them in our mud room and DH trimmed them out in oak, they look KICKIN and WORK. I also ordered names plates with each kids name. $2 each! How could I pass that up?

  23. Shannon Lauer says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you… for sharing your “messy” house pictures. Makes me feel a little better. There’s a BIG difference in a “lived in” house and a “dirty” house.
    I can’t wait to get your new book, and I hope to take your class! :-)
    Thanks again,

  24. I wasn’t part of the album group, but wanted you to know that your LOM class was such an amazingly profound experience for me. It gave me clarity and perspective in my life that I hadn’t even realized was missing. I am thrilled to hear a book is in the works. It will make it so much easier to convert all my friends that way! ;)

  25. OOH- I wish I would have known that some people were doing this album, I would have loved to contribute. I already wrote to you about how much the class and your whole philosophy meant to me and the connections in my life. I saved your response, and it is one of my cherished memories. Thank you for sharing your ideas with all of us- it makes the world a better place!

  26. Le Anne Bull says:

    stacy – ok i got my memory dock planner…. holy moly i {{{{LOVE}}}} it sooooo mcuh (are you getting the idea. husband isn’t to happy you got me to buy it. but i did get rid of 3 other books i was having to carry with me at all times. now i have 1
    yea le anne irene bull

  27. Just wanted to say thanks for being so willing to put yourself out there for all of us to learn from, be inspired by – I think of you as a mentor though we’ve never met. God bless you.

  28. Wow! That brought tears to my eyes – incredible. You are so deserving, Stacy – really!

  29. Hi Stacy;
    I’m glad you loved the book, I wanted to send in a page but missed the deadline. Again, I loved the class and can’t wait for the new class to start in Jan. Just got the table top for my very own scrap table, which is the last piece to my very own scrap room. I’m so happy today and I can’t wait to get back to scrapping. Oh, love the picture of the closet! Glad to see that you really are just like all of us!

  30. Rebecca says:

    I would have needed a whole album to myself to adequately describe the way your LOM concept has changed the way I scrapbook, from its emergent form in 2001 all the way to the online class this year. No guilt…that’s priceless.
    Oh, and the costume closet? My kids didn’t do hangers, either. Ditto for drawers. So…get one of those really big round plastic tubs that cost about $5 (they look like a big bucket), or something similar that would have no lid. Put it in the bottom of the closet so they can TOSS stuff back into it, and then put rows of hooks all around the three closet walls. YES, they have to dump the tub to find what they want if it’s not hanging on the hooks, but just one or two big “scoop ups” and it’s all back in the tub again. Works for us.

  31. Congratulations, Stacy! I can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

  32. Daurene Turpin says:

    Stacey, so excited about your book. About the Lockers, checkout Pottery Barn. And it seems like IKEA has something close to it also.

  33. Thanks for posting the photo of the messy closet and of “the other half” of your garage. It made me feel much better. It is always such a struggle keeping the house organized and in order. We have three boys here.
    I look forward to your next class at BPS – I plan to register. You are my favorite scrapbook author, by the way. I love the Big Picture. I refer back to it again and again. Thanks! I look forward to your next book.

  34. Beth Gianturco says:

    Your dressup closet looks like our entryway. I’m having hooks installed and turning the (too small) closet into cubbies. May as well work with our habits rather than against them, right? As many others have said, thank you for sharing your real life with us, the picture-perfect and the not-so-perfect bits. That takes a lot of courage and love to put that stuff out there. I am glad to hear about the new book and really hope to take the 2008 class. XX’s BethBG

  35. whew – thanks for posting those pics. . .I was worried i was REALLY a slacker! LOL
    cannot wait for the book – BPS has changed my life – for the better – and forever.
    thanks for all you do -

  36. Whew! I feel so much better after seeing the other side of that garage! LOL! I know you’re busy, but would love it if you could drop me an email or post here the name of the store where you got that cute bench and chalkboard thingy. I live in Pullman and am always looking for great stores like that!

  37. wanted to thank you for taking the time to email me back even tho it wasnt a scrapping question. :o)
    you really are an inspiration for all of us! good luck with the book.

  38. CurlyCraze says:

    It made me laugh to see that our kitchens are painted the same exact color (Behr Grass Cloth). I love it and would use the color again in a heart beat. Everyone who comes in my house comments on how cool it is. Its so neat that we match!
    Good luck with the new book. Sounds excellent!

  39. Kary Nelson says:

    Glad you liked the LOM 2007 album–we loved making it for you. Can hardly wait to see the new book! I love BPS!

  40. Kary Nelson says:

    Glad you liked the LOM 2007 album–we sure had fun making it! Can’t wait for the new book–I love BPS!

  41. Stacy,
    A BIG thanks for showing us a glimpse of your true reality…imperfect closets and boxes stacked in the garage…I am a true believer in having a clean, organized home…but not to the point that it makes others feel inadequate for having a pile of laundry on the couch, a few dishes in the sink, and a few dust bunnies lurking under the bed. Thank you for your genuine honesty and a picture of your happy organized reality as well as the reality of the “projects to do list!” Blessings

  42. Stacy,
    I just watched the videos on CliqueTV and I was wondering where you got the lazy susan that is on your dining table. I need one of those! Oh, by the way, I so agree about sprinkles!

  43. I love the photos of your ‘imperfect’ home! I try to stay organized but have lots of room to improve in that and know that others do also, is comfort to me! LOL Can’t wait for the book. So many good ones out or coming out.

  44. What a wonderful idea (the thank-you album) and from the other comments, I’m sure everyone in the class had the same sentiments. The Big Picture was a revolutionary book for me (recommended by Cathy Z in Scrap Etc.’s 2006 Inspiration Event) when I was just getting into scrapping. I haven’t put in place the system, so am VERY excited by the news of the prequel. Can’t wait to see it.

  45. Hi Stacy,
    Love your blog. I’ve been reading for awhile now. I check it all the time. I just love how colorful and fresh you make everything seem. Thanks for that. I was wondering where you got your big lazy susan that we can see on the cliquetv website. I love it and have been looking for ages for one that’s big enough but I haven’t found anything other than boring, plain wooden ones. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and am really hoping that wherever you got it, they’re willing to ship.
    Thanks for being so encouraging.

  46. Thanks for showing the pics of your (organized half) garage ! This is exactly what I want to do in mine. Now I’m inspired to go clean it out.

  47. Hi Stacy! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now… I am a big fan! :-) Loved The Big Picture and can hardly wait for your next book. I am dying to take you LOM class too-do you take unlimited participants? Thanks for all of your inspiration! Amy

  48. Thank you for posting the “other” photos of your garage. You continue to inspire me, and even more so now that I know you have some clutter in your house, just like the rest of us! LOL.

  49. Yeah! You’re writing another book! I love The Big Picture :) I have heard many good things about the Library of Memories class and am hoping to take it in ’08.

  50. It baffles me why you are going to “work on” getting your kids to wear their seatbelts. You live a life of perfection but you can’t manage THIS?
    It simply is not negotiable. If a seatbelt comes off, pull over until it’s on.
    You also might want to check the straps on your daughter’s carseat. They seem very loose and not positioned properly.
    If you ever got in a wreck and one of them was hurt or killed, would you EVER be able to forgive yourself?
    I admire you – I really do – but this really shocks me. In CA it’s considered child neglect. This is not something to work on or fight for or remind them of. Tell them it’s NON-NEGOTIABLE and the car doesn’t move unless everyone is bucked up. Tell them you made a mistake allowing it up until now but from here on out, everyone buckles up at all times.
    I know this post will probably annoy you and make you feel defensive but I do know that you will do the right thing.

  51. Love you – so excited to have another book from you!

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