calling all challenge takers …

ok, so I’m not very good at challenge follow through (better late than never?) I am eager to hear how everyone did, or is doing! I came home from Seattle to LOTS of email, but this was one of favorites:

Hi Stacy,
I’m a big fan of yours!  Took your challenge a few weeks ago and just wanted to report that I’ve lost nearly 15 pounds!  Yeah, me!  From one adoptive mom to another…thanks!

Marsha in Abilene, TX

Hello! Suffice it to say I am a BIG fan of Marsha – seriously, girlfriend, way to GO!
I personally did really well up until Memorial Day and then I have not been so good since. I am back on track now (although I’m only doing the no sugar thing for a week because my kids are home and I like making treats!!)

Amy, our adorable education editor at BPS (now posting on our company blog ) sent me this photo — like a livestrong band, only for your finger!

you can get one by registering yourself and your health goals at — I’m signed up and am really impressed with this site — good, sound information and motivation. You can even send them a favorite recipe and they’ll "healthify" it for you.

I’ve been harboring some guilt for not posting the last few "challenge taker" photos, so let’s pick on these girls (Julie, Leauriy, Marjorie, Sherri, Sian and Jennifer) now and see if they will be the first to comment and respond to my informal questions:

How did you do?
What worked, what didn’t?
What did you learn?
and finally, is there any one item on the list that you have truly incorporated into your daily routine?! Comment and share and I’ll send you some healthy happy mail!


Sherri Sian_2


for the record YOU are all beautiful — if you haven’t take a minute to view the challenge photo album (on the right of my blog entry) you really should!

ok, I stayed up too late last night, so I’m hittin the sack so I can get up early and go for my run.


  1. Bonjour,
    I did a LO for you :
    Bonne journée!!!
    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
    Dragon Flaire DT Member

  2. Stacy,
    I’ve really enjoyed doing the challenge!!!! It helped me to focus on what I needed rather from neglecting myself. I’ve tried really hard with positive thoughts and not allowing negative ones to take over – my view now is that there is no space in my brain for things that aren’t GOOD!! (I bought 100 secrets of Happy people and am loving it..) I’m doing a lot of the things regularly, but the ones that stand out are exercise (even in the rain) and drinking lots of water.
    Thank you for this – i needed something to focus on and you provided that in spades…

  3. I’m officially a big fan of Marsha too! I have not done well at all so hearing this give me some motivation! I love Amy – she’s a sweetheart!!! I’ll be signing up!

  4. I had a hard time getting into this. Last month I started an exercise routine with my 3 boys. Then my husband and I started a new way of eating…that actually only started a week ago. I have already lost 5 lbs! YAY!!! I’ll be seeing my best friend in September for a scrap retreat and it’s my goal to be down 15-20 by then! I have found that sweets aren’t tasting so good any longer, which is really great for me! I had a huge sweet tooth. Thanks for the inspiration Stacy!!!!

  5. My goal with this challenge is to get exercise every evening no so much to loose weight but to be healthy so my daughter and I have enjoyed our bike rides even though “my” bike is my hubbys guy bike. ICK but nonetheless rain or not we peddle thru the park and to the library as often as we can.

  6. This is Jennifer posting. Way to go Marsha!!!!
    As for me…
    How did you do? Well, not as well as I did for the challenge last year when I ran a half marathon. But I had the best of intentions. I was really focused at first and then life happened.
    What worked, what didn’t? Drinking water, eating breakfast by 8 am, eating more fruits and veggies, and trying to get more sleep have worked. I think that everything on the list is a healthy way to be, so I think I’m going to re-commit and do a summer/fall challenge. I’m going to re-focus and work on achieving one of them each week. I think by adding one at a time, I can eventually incorporate them all.
    What did you learn?
    Having a new baby around the house has caused me to struggle with balancing responsibilities of home, work, family, and self. I’ve learned that taking care of myself is what tends to fall by the wayside when I’m busy. That needs to stop.
    and finally, is there any one item on the list that you have truly incorporated into your daily routine?! Yes, there are two — I eat a portion-controlled balance breakfast by 8 am everyday and I drink at least 3 glasses of water between meals.

  7. Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one) says:

    wow, WTG Marsha an congrats to everyone. I sent my info in right at the start but I don’t think it got through, since I’m not in the pics, but that’s okay with me LOL
    I am still working on this and am doing relatively well, had a few stumbles with the sugar and caffeine thing, but am taking my walk everyday rain or shine and that was my main goal.
    Keep up the good work everyone!

  8. Jan in AZ says:

    Marsha, you rock! Congratulations to you and all the challenge takers! I am not in on the formal challenge thing, but for the record, I have lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year, slowly and hopefully, permanently. This was my goal for the year through Heidi’s BPS class, but I also incorporated several other ideas and practices: 1) I made healthful living a top priority in my life, including exercise and proper diet 2) 64 oz. water a day, without fail 3) walk at least 2 miles or go to the gym 5 days/week, take the other 2 days off 4) very brief journaling each day to document water intake, exercise, and assess food intake with a +, – or OK 5) if I have a bad day, LET IT GO – it’s only one, and I have a chance at lots of fresh new days coming up 6) have my daughter take a photo of me on the first of each month to document results. The journaling really helps, because I can look back daily and see how much progress I’ve made and how many good days vs. bad ones I’ve had.

  9. Beth Gianturco says:

    Great job everybody! I loved doing the challenge, it helped keep me motivated knowing that I was “accountable” to other people. So if you’d all keep being my workout buddies I’d appreciate it!
    Having said that, I fell down a bit on the exercise part, but still lost 2 lbs of body fat and gained as much in lean muscle. Eating healthier food and drinking more water have all become regular routines now.
    And I’m still working hard on banishing negative thoughts. Getting there.
    I agree with Jennifer, I tried to do too many new things at once, adding them one at a time will most likely make them stick. Thanks for a great challenge, Stacy.

  10. This is Marjorie here…
    My goals were/are as follows
    30 minutes of excersise 3-4 times a week-Which I am doing. And loving it.
    Eat breakfast everyday by 8-Not so good at this one.
    One or less caffeinated/diet drink per day-Rocking and rolling. I’ve even cut down to two per week.
    No eating after 7 Monday through Thursday-I started really good, kinda teetered off.
    Drink a total of 3 glasses of water between meals-I’m not sure how much water I drink now, but it’s definetly more than before.
    And I LOVE my free day!
    I still need to work at a couple of these. I’ll be signing up on as soon as I’m done with this!
    Thanks Stacy!!

  11. I did pretty well on the challenge. I had my ups and downs but, I have finally found my groove.
    I drink only water or tea or coffee. Haven’t had a carbonated beverage in 3 months.
    I am exercising 3-4 times a week.
    Still shopping the outside of the store.
    And, I have lost 15 pounds. It feels so good. :)

  12. I missed the challenge, but it sounds good to have a support system to lose weight. Please fill me in. Stacy I have started reading your blog as a person who is waiting to adopt and you have adopted. Please email and let me know what the challenge is I couldn’t find it on your blog.

  13. Dancingly, Denise says:

    Hi Stacy…
    I took your challenge and it was the jumpstart I needed. I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia for 7 years now…and owned a dance studio prior to the diagnosis. Unfortunaletly the pain got so bad I closed my dance studio of 15 years. Now 7 years later…I had become a coach potato of sorts…still choreographing for the local musicals…but I have gained so much weight and have found that it is a cycle of pain, weight, discouragement…etc. Sooooooooo…I started walking EVERY DAY…drinking ALL my water…and eating “better”. I am up to 4 miles a day and am feeling much better. (I still have pain, but I am lucky that in the last two years it has lessened some.)Your challenge gave me some great guidelines…AND I am steadily losing weight! YIPPEE!!!! Thanks Stacy.
    Dancingly, Denise

  14. Hi Stacy–I missed your challenge, but have been doing a little one of my own. I found out at the end of June that my 20 year class reunion is in July!!! If that is not inspiration to get moving and lose some pounds, I don’t know what is!!! I am down nearly 10 so far and I have just around 2 weeks left before D-day. I checked out that site and think it will help me alot–thanks for all you do for everyone, you are a great inspiration. Judi

  15. Thanks for the wake up Stacy! Seeing my photo above is a huge motivation to keep plugging along! I’ve lost 10 pounds!!! The top 5 rules on the list really really helped…especially the positive thoughts! Drinking water first thing in the morning and eating breakfast by 8 a.m. have really helped. Allowing myself a free day has kept me motivated too. Now that my kids are home, I’ve found baking and treats creeping in a little too readily. I love making things with them and need to stop the taste testing! I’ve learned that I am capable of setting some boundaries for myself, and that has carried into my ability to say no a little more readily. I love the life summary…I’m finally loving myself for being just the way I am. That’s huge! Thanks for motivating me on so many levels Stacy- not just as a scrapper, but as a mom, wife and friend.

  16. Alex Smith says:

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  17. kimmiejd says:

    hi stacy!
    i would love to know what the spring challenge was….thanks for a great class at apropos in june, too! loved the ‘happy mail’ for our notebooks!

  18. Leauriy says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Leauriy posting just got back from a camping trip and reading your post now.
    How did i do?
    Wellll, i started out strong keeping to my promise to myself and then let little things slide back in…or out. i managed to gain 5 lbs., but my clothes are fitting better, so i’m thinking i have lost some unwanted fat and gained some much needed muscle. So i’m calling it GOOD.
    What worked/didn’t?
    Drinking only H2O i even cut out fruit juices. We have been getting a CSA box every other week and that has been a big help in getting in the veggies/fruit. Have done some berry picking and have been gorging out on blueberries…YUM! even made for the first time strawberry fruit leather and it turned out so good. ( just added minmal amount of agave nectar ).
    My 5 yr.old daughter just pulled out our new year’s resolutions last nite and i was reminded that i am going to lose 47lbs. by the end of the year. (Notice that i said going to…cause I AM. ) that was a great reminder for me that it doesn’t have to happen overnite and that i have come a long way…since the the first of the year i have shed 20 lbs and 12 inches. i also found a great community on where i can sign into their virtual gym and Work Out With others. Built in accountability.
    What did i learn?
    This isn’t a race and this is ultimately for me and those i love will benefit as well. Also all the set backs are okay, it’s all apart of the processe for me and when i just put in reminders for myself as to the WHY and for WHOM i feel that i can breath much easier without the guilt or make wrong, which in turns makes it much easier to recommit.
    Any one item on the list that i’ve incorporated into my daily routine?
    Drinking 20 oz of H2O in the am first thing. i’m a camel by nature and don’t drink nearly enough and then as a result i don’t get thirsty and forget to hydrate. Starting out the day this way has really helped me to keep the thought of drinking in the forefront of my thinking through out the day.
    thanks so much for this challenge it is always very useful for me to have as many people to be accountable to to help me stay focused and on track! this has been a great way for me to continue to make steps, albeit small towards my goal of a healthier lifestyle and mindset.

  19. crafterbeth says:

    Stacy, I know I’m late on this one but I just wanted to tell you my story and hopefully inspire others that it can be done. I struggled with being chubby most of my life. After two children (the last at age 30) I couldn’t keep telling myself it was baby weight and age 38 (5’4″) my weight had increased to about 155 lbs. Not huge by any means but for my frame and height I was very chubby wearing size 12-14 and unhappy with myself. I had just turned 38 at Christmas and made a New Year Resolution to myself to lose weight until I felt comfortable with my body. I knew I was not a gym type person and I did this all on my own. Here are my secrets to success: exercise a total of 1 hour at least 5 days a week, not strolling but exercise that makes you sweat even just a little, doesn’t have to be all at once, break it up into sections of you can’t do 1 hour at a time and incorporate some type of resistance training. Eat HEALTHY – no junk, limit sugar and refined foods, drink lots of water and eat when your body tell you to (for me that’s about every 2.5-3 hrs. Be consistent, don’t beat yourself up or quit if you have a set back, be determined.
    It is now 7.5 years later, I am still 117 lbs and size 2-4 because I made this a way of life not a diet. I am 45 1/2 and just ran my 7th half marathon with a personal best time and am training for a du-athalon. I am in far better shape and doing things now that I could never have done at age 25.
    If I can do it anyone can. It just takes determination. I saw family members 20 years older than mean obese and ill and didn’t want to become that way. I want to have a healthy active life not just be slim.
    I started running about 4 months into my weight loss and the rest of the family became runners about 2 years later. My hubby and teenage son have run marathons and may never have started unless I had. My hubby lost 40 lbs when he saw what running did for me. We are now a very healthy fit family and that may be what I am most proud of!
    I hope someone can find my story inspirational.

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