Q&A part one

hello. off to a family reunion in McCall Idaho tomorrow morning, so I thought I get a post in if possible — we’ll see if inbetween the prepping and packing I can pull it off.  I’ve had some good email questions as of late, so I’m going to answer them here. In fact, I’m going to post-date some  of the answers, so that you’re not overwhelmed!

Q: I’m pretty sure I saw pictures of your studio somewhere, especially your color organized embellies.  I cannot remember where. [from Koren]
A: I did post a few pics here back in November, but to date the best peek is featured in the CliqueTV videos that I believe are still available at mycliquetv.com (yep, I just checked.) You’ll see much more of my studio in The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker, by Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvey

which is now available for pre-order here. I’m extremely excited about this book — it is sooo much more than a bunch of cute ways to store stuff. It is a workbook and process-based guide to setting up a customized space that will facilitate productivity. Naturally, you’ll see the creative spaces of Wendy and Aby, but you’ll also learn from Renee Pearson, Kellie Crowe and Beth Proudfoot — who, btw also organizes by color (read her Studio Blog posts back in February for more info)

For Koren and others considering a switch, I say "go for it." You’ll hate me for a day or two and then the light will go on and you’ll begin to catch the vision. I can definitely do some more sharing when Wendy’s book is officially out!

Q: Will you be at CHA? [from several people]

A: I won’t be in Chicago this summer. BUT … several of the SS team members will be there. Here’s a run down of what’s going on, when:

Friday, July 20 11AM-1 PM
Question and Answer with Renee Pearson, Associate Editor of Digital Scrapbooking
Come see Renee’s new book and ask her anything and everything about
digital scrapbooking. Enter your name for a free, signed copy of the book—a
new name will be chosen each half hour.

Saturday, July 21 1-3 PM
Meet Rebecca Cooper, author of Real. Life. Scrapbooking from Simple Scrapbooks
See the fun, can-do approach Rebecca brings to scrapbooking with her new book. You’ll receive
a kit to make a quick display for your store as well as some yummy treats to keep your blood sugar up.

Sunday, July 22 10:45 AM-12:15 PM
Get to Know the Simple Scrapbooks editorial team as well as Aby Garvey and Wendy Smedley,
authors of The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker from Simple Scrapbooks
Meet the editors behind the scenes of Simple Scrapbooks magazine up close and personal. And see the secrets to finding your own approach to organizing your scrapbook supplies and space with a sneak peek of Aby and Wendy’s new book!

Sunday, July 22 12:30-2
Meet the editors of Digital Scrapbooking magazine
All of your favorite digi editors­—April Anderton, Molly Newman, Renee Pearson, and Lynda
—gather together to chat, take pictures, and answer your questions about digital
scrapbooking. We’ll give away copies of the magazine as well as some fun treats. Join us!
Each activity will take place at the CK Media booth (#4002)

Q: I’m going to give Big Picture Scrapbooking a try…  I was recommended to the website by a customer at the Scrapbook store where I work. I couldn’t wait to to check it out.
I’m starting with your free class first…  I’m going to use the same little AMM albums that you used.  But, what are those little label holders on the albums? They’re metal, I think.  Who makes them and if you know, where can I find them? [from Christine]

A: They are called Book Clips, and they are usually available at Scrapbook.com


and as you can see, like the mini-albums, these are also made by All My Memories. The problem is, AMM is in transition now. Advantus purchased some of their product lines, but I don’t believe they are selling the albums. Sign up for email notification at scrapbook.com and I bet if there are still being manufactured, SBC will carry them (I sure hope so!)

p.s. so glad you are giving BPS a try!

Q: I’m getting ready to move into a new home and I’d love to get some vinyl clings made for the walls of my studio and my son’s room. Where did you get the clings in your new studio? [from Jill]
A: I’ve had several people ask me this as well. My friend Ashli and her fiancee were making them for awhile and created them for me. But that was a one-time thing. I have recently looked at an Upper Case Living catalog and am thinking I may actually have a party — they’ve got some pretty cool stuff. They are like big "rub-ons" for your walls. I’ll keep you posted, if and when I do any more.

Q: Are you coming to bed? [from Geof]
A: Yep. right now.


  1. Enjoy McCall!! I am house sitting in Council this weekend!! Thanks for sharing and for all you do!

  2. Can´t wait to see the new book! Sounds awesome!
    Have fun in McCall!

  3. Stacy: Have a great time in McCall…I was just there last weekend (we live in Eagle, but have a cabin in Donnelly). Be sure to try the ice cream at ‘Ice Cream Alley’, it is pretty awesome! There is also a teeny tiny scrapbook store (combined with a paint your own pottery and bead store)…Debra

  4. i will be in mcall next week. I’ll keep an eye out for you ;)

  5. sue rood says:

    Enjoy your family reunion. THanks for the info in the Q&A portion.

  6. Thanks so much for the Q&A portion! I can hardly wait for my copy of the Inspired and Organized Scrapbooker. I just redid my scrapbook room about two months ago but I am always looking to be inspired with new ideas. Enjoy McCall! Our family renunion is scheduled there again next month and have wonderful memories of sailing on Payette Lakes.

  7. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    I’m not sure what the cost for custom made vinyl for your walls would be, but you should surely be able to approach a local sign shop and ask. It’s a matter of them plugging the info into their die-cutting machine for you, and getting the color you want in stock. They do semi trucks and mall walls (think “Coming Soon” signs across the front wall of not-yet-open stores), so I’m sure they could custom cut for those who are willing to pay for the privelege.

  8. Have fun, I’ll be in McCall on Monday as well! :) Can’t wait to get that book, it looks amazing.

  9. I’m still hoping you will post your school year schedule examples that go on the kids clipboards! I loved your summer ones! Thanks again for the great ideas!

  10. thanks Stacy for answering my question ( and others)on your blog! so fun to see my name on there. :>} I know, cheesy! also, I’m really looking forward to the new book coming out. very excited to redo my room and getting lots of ideas on the planning.

  11. Maryann Larkin says:

    Stacy: You can buy a vinyl cling product (like paper) from Ellison.com and then use your die cutting system to get the images you want. It clings great to windows, glass, plastic, etc. It may work for walls if they are clean.

  12. watched the cliquetv and you are now one of my newest hero’s.
    random question: where can i find a planner like yours? i hate the ones that are out- they are ugly!

  13. I am sooo laughing out loud at the thought of my husband coming online to see if i’m coming to bed. Too funny ~ but i’m sure he’s often tempted to do so.
    You are simply the best. Thanks for being YOU.

  14. i’m just blown away at the organized kitchen i saw in the cliquetv thing. my husband would die of amazement if our kitchen were that organized–or if ANYTHING were that organized. LOL! Have a great time w/the fam.

  15. you have tried the marshmallow brownies, right?

  16. I preordered it, I love Organizational books! I watched your day in the life episodes and it was great to see you being real…love it :)

  17. Help! Our family has just been assigned to live in South Africa for 3-6 months, and we are not moving our effects with us, just sending a few boxes and our clothes and computer. So, here is my question; what are the most essential scrapbooking supplies for me to send? I absolutely intend to scrap our adventure in “real time”, not after we return. With 6 young children I would never get those memories documented “later”, gotta been done while the action is happening. I’d love your advice! Thanks.

  18. Thanks for sharing the video clips. I have a question. On the first one (when you get up so early and go for a jog) while you are reading your bible you have a lovely folder next to you. Is this your planner and did you make it yourself. What sort of things do you keep in it. Do you use it for notes while you are reading in the morning as well or is it just for the day. Thanks so much

  19. Bonjour Stacy!!!
    Could you please give me your opinion about the french scrapbooking products I hand drew here? :
    In advance, merci beaucoup!!!
    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  20. Charlotte B. says:

    Check out http://www.wonderfulgraffiti.com. This is a site I was just introduced to for fabulous “wall rub-ons” They have some amazing things and also do custom work as well!

  21. Stacy, can you review the mycliquetv.com website again? I tried the link, but all I see is the red “x” in a box where the video should be.
    Apparently others can view the video, what am I doing wrong?

  22. Victoria Vicary says:

    Stacy – I loved watching the video clips on Clique. It was fun and inspiring. Your energy is contagious. I also had a question. I have a square table like you do and would love to know where you got that big lazy susan. So pretty and such a problem solver. If you could send me a quick email, I would forever be in your debt. Victoria

  23. chantille says:

    I watched cliquetv and can’t beleive you get up at 5.00am and then have a run – WOW! At that time of the morning I would be such a grump. You sure are disiplined. I have 3 questions:
    1. what time do you go to bed?
    2. which episode shows product organisation?
    3. I live in the UK (1/2 an hour on a train from London) not in a city but not in the middle of nowhere. I thought the part of the country where I live is nice but where you are (when you went on the run) looks amazing. What part of the States is it? how far is it from the city? I’d love to live in America someday!
    You are such an inspiration, please come and teach some classe in the UK.

  24. You will absolutely love UpperCase Living!! They just came out with a new catalog and have lots of fun stuff for the holidays. It is so easy to put up and is pretty economical. You can also use it for papercrafting. The possiblities are endless!!

  25. Another great place to get the vinyl wall clings is a website called WonderfulGrafitti.com
    They have great customer service, tons of colors and fonts to choose from, and you can choose one of their quotes/designs or design your own. I highly recommend them!

  26. I love your organizational skills, I will be stealing some ideas from your videos and look forward to getting that book, hugs, Rosa.

  27. Hi,
    I can’t find Real.Life.Scrapbooking anywhere around where I live, in Michigan. From people’s comments on other blogs, it seems like it’s available elsewhere…is this information wrong? If it’s not available yet, can you tell me when it will be available in stores, please?
    Thanks so much!

  28. Le Anne Bull says:

    thanks for sharing link to cliQuetv i enjoyed it very much. i only wish i was that organized and that disiplined. i hope you and yours have a wonderful time at your family reunion. off to preorder book. looks good!
    Le Anne Bull

  29. Veronica says:

    this post convinced me stacy! I took the plunge last Saturday and a week later, with many late nights,and a husband who thinks i’ve lost my mind, i have totally reorganized my room/scrap supplies by colour! it was scary i must admit! hope to take it for a test drive this week and see how the new system works. it feels good and looks fantastic. probably should have waited for the book to come out but i’ll buy it anyways!

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