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Jan in AZ (third comment) will be receiving a copy of Rebecca’s book (email me your address Jan!) And lest you doubt a women’s connection to food **holy empty calories BATMAN** there are some delicious guesses in those 250+ comments. Man I love a great blog response — so sorry to keep you waiting. Basically, summer is in full swing and if I thought my house was full of commotion before school got out (yikes!) We’re headed to my M&Ds today on the Seattle side of the state (Happy July 4th  btw) for the weekend. Van is packed and ready to go and I got up extra early to spend some quiet time in my office and post to my blog!!

Here’s  pictorial review of what’s transpired since my last post:

Taught classes at Apropos in Spokane and enjoyed another Glimpses reception. Seeing these albums in countries and stores everywhere has affected me in ways you’ll never know.

I wish you could see Tiffany’s photos and Melissa’s album in a box and read Stacey’s thoughts — regardless of what stage the albums are in — there is so much of a person’s life and perspective that jumps off each page. Just can’t say enough about the glimpses project.

And, OK — stop the ride, I want to get off for just a minute!! What is my baby doing helping me unload the dishwasher. Can you believe how big she is?
Her first birthday was on Sunday (keep reading) and I’m just freaked out by how fast she is growing.

Remember the pumpkin cookies — here they are before I ate my share (an undisclosed number) I enjoyed three days of strategy/planning meetings last week in Utah — so LOVE being with these people …

we are all waiting on pins and needles to hear about Elisha (right front) who is having a baby any minute.

also did some fun shots for our upcoming special issue Scrapbook PLAY

here is wonderful Marin (graphic designer– one of those key behind-the-scenes people) who works with Cathy to design the magazine in the photo studio.

spent a couple of evenings with my sister Darci and this cute boy!
Gotta love that golden light. Trips to Utah are so FUN.

Came home and picked Allison up at the airport. She spent a couple of days with Paula and then flew to Spokane. In addition to a two-day family photo shoot, we stood in line for ….

the last two 8 gigabyte iphones in Spokane Valley — Ok, technically we paid Jenna (bless her heart) to sit in line for four hours and we showed up for the last hour. And can I just say, I have NEVER done anything remotely this *cool* before — but I have become quite the Mac (can’t say geek, b/c I’m still so darn tech-challenged) enthusiast since Cathy convinced me to buy my first little laptop four years ago (speaking of Cathy — her post about irony, pretty funny) and might I just add, my iphone ROCKS. I’ve been saving my money, ever since I watched Mr. Jobs’ 45 minute presentation  six months ago — this (what some are calling a bunch of marketing hype around an overpriced phone) is going to change the way I live (and I’m totally serious.)

Anyway, back to Allison — it was so enlightening to watch her photograph my family. I so want to see what she sees through her lens and learn to capture LIFE they way she does (there’s some foreshadowing for BPS students in this comment btw.) Above are the two photos Jenna and I took waiting in the iphone line and here is one that Allison took …
Hello? This is so me and she got it!! I cannot wait to see the rest of what she took. I cried at least three times — she brings out some serious emotion in people.

Allison left and I shifted into birthday prep mode for Addie. We had a party on Sunday with family friends and even dressed her in the traditional Han Bok for a Korean ritual where baby gets to pick an item from among several that predict a life course or blessing (Margaret Scarbrough gave Addie this beautiful dress btw.)

Money – means success in business
Rice -  means she’ll be well provided for
String – a long life
Paper – she’ll pursue and succeed in academics
you get the idea. Geof added the golf ball (recreation/athletics) and I added the crayons (creativity) and our sweet little Addie, who normally reaches for anything and everything, sat there in complete indecision.

I’d like to think she was overwhelmed by the decision, but it was more likely the crowd staring down at her. Geof put her on his lap and then when we noticed little beads of sweat forming on her forehead …

we undressed her. She still sat there, until someone said "get the iphone — she clearly doesn’t see anything that interests her. And there you have it — our high-tech baby girl!!

As soon as Addie made her choice, our little friend Sophie grabbed money and we all cracked up.
Then it was on to less inspiring birthday traditions involving …

cake and a big mess.

I did attempt to see things differently through my lens at Addie’s party and I got this

that I will leave with you as a parting shot.
Evidence of people I love in my home — enjoy the holiday and the weekend — soak up summer and friends and all that is good in your life.

and … try and capture something that perhaps you haven’t seen before!!


  1. Thanks Stacy, for everything you do. You are such an inspiration and I love how you look at life, and as such I am trying to see things in my world as you do in yours. Happy 1st to dear Addie, and Happy 4th to everyone.

  2. I love your blog today! I need to share with you how much you have added to my life. You really got me scrapping ‘from the heart’. I used to scrap in such a cutesy way, but now my layouts have so much depth in the journaling. I used to read and reread ‘Slice of Life’, and then came ‘The Big Picture’. WOW! Everything I was waiting/wanting to hear.
    More another time… Joni (YUMMERS!) Come visit!

  3. ohhhhh, there isn’t much that is better than spending time with Allison Tyler Jones – isn’t she a gem?
    thank you once again for being so generous with your time and family and creativity providing us fans with such a remarkable blog.
    and now i’m just gonna take advantage of your generousity and style and beg to know where the fun rug was found…love it so much.
    thanks, stacy! you are a wonder!

  4. You do reach out to people in ways you will never know, dear Stacy! You have once again verbalized a feeling that is just perfect for me too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and for inspiring the rest of us to seek the things that really matter.
    Love the photos of the birthday! We had a first birthday in our family on the weekend too and it was awesome. Remember you have a standing invitation for a quading event in Alberta – whenever your family can come, we are ready and raring to go!! Off to take some pictures of my husband, the farm mechanic – never before captured on film (yeah, even after nearly 40 years of farming – where have I been????)!

  5. Lisa Cole says:

    where did you get that rug with the shoes?!?!
    Happy Birthday Addie :)

  6. Hey, Stacy, I hope you have a great 4th of July holiday.
    This is off the subject of your post but I’ve been meaning to tell you how happy I have been since reading your book and deciding to switch to a subject-based system of scrapbooking. I bought myself a slide-in photo album and have been putting my photos in there, pulling out whatever I feel like scrapping when I want to.
    As a result of my newer paradigm, I wrote an article on my blog, which or course, mentions you and your book toward the end. I just wanted to share it with you:

  7. love being refreshed and revitalized by your blog. life is good, isn’t it? real good here in PA and i am so thankful to you for showing/writing that it is just so easy to delight in the everyday.
    THANK YOU—you are a blessing

  8. Wow I love checking your blog. I am originally from Eastern WA and I miss it as I am here in AZ. Going up this next weekend! Hope you enjoy the cooler Seattle weather. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. s.patel says:

    happy birthday addie!

  10. Happy 4th of July and a great big happy birthday to Addie!
    I happened to walk right in to our AT & T store Saturday morning, bright and early, and purchased the IPHONE! I didn’t think it would be possible to get one but living in a small town can make all the difference when it comes to tech stuff!!! I agree, this phone is going to change the way I live my life – so many great things about it you can’t even begin to explain, can you?! I, too, am a MAC enthusiast – I have had a MAC for about 10 years now and wouldn’t ever consider switching back. I’m so glad you all have become MAC people – it makes the scrapbooking world a much happier place!!! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing with us!

  11. what a great post! Addie is adorable and you continue to amaze me. I love BPS and Simple Scrapbooks. Please give me more hours in my day to take more classes!! Here’s hoping you have a fabulous weekend with your family

  12. Stephanie says:

    I love reading your blog…I am a newbie…I love the pictures of Addie and her Tol celebration. We adopted a son from Korea, now 3 years old, and I LOVED his first birthday party. What a fun way to play a part in his Korean heritage!!! Hope you had a great time as well. I love the picture of the shoes…so meaningful!!!

  13. Traci in Virginia says:

    Ok, first of all let me say I love your blog. I have been reading for awhile now but never leave comments. But, I wanted to tell you my sister and her husband went to London last week…I stayed home to babysit her children and mine. I told her about the EAT brownies. She found the place…they ate there several times, and she brought me a brownie. I haven’t eaten it yet–I’m saving it for a bit.
    Also, I finally got your book Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have looked for it everywhere and was getting ready to order it when I found it at my sisters LSS in Memphis TN. I LOVE it! What a great book. I am anxious to reread and go over everything a million times. Thanks so much for a great blog. Hope you are having a fabulous summer. Happy Birthday to Addie!

  14. Lorrain.e bate says:

    Hi Stacey
    happy birthday to Addie
    this is aside from your post today, but I have been unable to sleep after seeing your fridge fully stocked ready for the holidays. I NEED to know, how do you stop your kids from demolishing it in the first two days……I know what with world problems, the health of the nation and other things you would think this is a very silly thing to be kept awake at night for but I just can’t get the image of the fridge out of my mind….I have four children and it is a full time job to keep the fridge and pantry stocked. I would be awfully glad to hear that is only stayed that way long enough for the photo. (?)on a brighter note I am SO EXCITED to be doing your classes in Aust in NOv this year I will probably be kept awake after the fridge episode with sheer excitement…
    Am I the only one out here with fridge envy?
    lorraine from Sydney

  15. Lindsay says:

    Happy, happy birthday Addie dear….
    What a cool celebration.
    And if that bit of foreshadowing is a class taught by Allison Tyler Jones, well then, sign me up!!! That would be awesome!

  16. I just wish that I could have been there while all of you from SS were eating at Archibald’s in Gardiner Village…Love the blog…so inspirational.

  17. Lyn Meeker says:

    I may have the answer .. she didn’t go for ONE thing because she WANTS IT ALL! .. and I don’t blame her one bit! :)

  18. Lorinda says:

    First of all, I LOVE your blog! You are inspiring – I love seeing your zest for life. You are my “sprinkles”!! Thanks for sharing with us all. (By the way, I remember you back to the “D.O.T.S” days). Suggestion, though. You’ve mentioned you’re getting more tech savvy – as I’m also getting more savvy I think you need to add your videos (Clique TV, etc.) as a Podcast/Videocast so we download and listen “on the go”. I have found such inspiration and ideas that I love to re-watch them over and over with the hope I’ll start incorporating some of your ideas into my life. Awesome job, Stacy.

  19. cindy b. says:

    Great post Stacy!! And I LOVE your rug that the shoes are all on. Dare I say, is it from Target?? LOL!!! Peace and blessings, Cindy B.

  20. I just have to say I LOVE YOU!! Your blog is so much fun for me to read.. I just came back from meeting a few friends for a morning of 10 kids 4 adults trying to scrapbook.. Lets just say.. We were outnumbered.. but no one cried, no one was bleeding so definately a Good time was had by all!!! I am going back into the bag to finish my Zoo pages.

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  23. have to say – an iPhone lives at our house now too and it DOES rock. Our 9 month old is in love with it and grooves to the tunes.
    happy day -

  24. I am right there with you iPhone HEAVEN!!!!!! My husband brought me home one on Saturday and I have been playing with it ENDLESSLY since then! I started my computer life on a Mac, got sidetracked to a PC after I got married… My hubby got me back on track this past Christmas when he purchased me a new MacBook Pro.
    Congrats to Addie on her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!
    I can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on the iPhone… and the irony of you having it BEFORE Cathy!!

  25. happy belated birthday to your daughter. she is beautiful.

  26. Stacy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I really, really loved the photos you posted!

  27. Oh, my…I have to add my request for the source of your super-cute & colorful rug! Just love it. Thanks for sharing a slick of your life.

  28. What fun pictures! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait for the Simple Scrapbooks special PLAY issue to come out!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  29. Jennifer says:

    Stacy ~ I love your blog! You are very inspiring and I hope to switch my scrapbooking style after I finish reading your book “The Big Picture”.
    Happy first birthday Addie! She is just beautiful in her hanbok. So funny that she picked the phone over everything else.
    My husband and I adopted our two children from Korea. Our son is 5 and our daughter is 14 months old. I loved celebrating their Tol and Korean heritage.

  30. Hi Stacey:
    Fabulous pics.
    Please write on the chat time for
    My addy is mlamarredesigns at

  31. Annemarie says:

    you have a pornographic picture posted above in your responses…. please have it deleted so I can get back to enjoying one of my fave blogs

  32. Oh my gosh, the last photo (the one with the shoes) made me burst into tears.
    You see, I’ve always been complaining about the pile of shoes at my front door. Now I realize it is, as Stacy says, ‘evidence of people I love’.
    I’m not going to complain about those shoes anymore……………

  33. hi Stacy -
    where did you get that rug by the door with all the shoes? Love it!

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