the bok choy fish …


win by two votes.
the cauliflower sheep are a close second and my orange/kumquat family came in third, followed by the eggplant penguin

tomato and whatever the other one is (sweet potato?)
each have a few supporters.

The most important thing is that Rebecca and a few of YOU shared some information with me on the author, Joost Elffers. Here’s a link to one of his books, Food for Thought.

It was Spokane Valley ENT day at Silverwood this afternoon — purposely left my camera at home, which I really enjoy doing from time to time. Purchased a postcard in the gift shop and saved my three wristbands that I wore (admission, free soft-drinks and locker pass.)

off to movie in the park tonight (Harry Potter 4) then we have to go see the new one!!
have a great weekend.


  1. A movie in the park… sounds so romantic. It makes me think of the movie ‘The Wedding Planner’.
    I think Simon’s dental crew deserves some kind of award for understanding children. We should bombard them with cards or something. That is not the norm with young children’s visits. What so you think?

  2. WHOOPS! The bottom part of that comment is for Ali Edwards. SO SORRY!!

  3. Ann Grounds says:

    Okay, gotta laugh at myself. I thought that you wrote Spokane Valley EMT day…and you left your camera at home!! ;o) Just kidding. It was our primere opening of Cinema Under the Stars at our local park tonight. Cranky kids fighting all day put the kabosh on us going. They went to bed early! There will be more though. Hope you had fun. Don’t give us any secrets from the HP movie.

  4. Oh we’re doing Harry Potter lots this summer too! Lots of reading and movies – just saw the newest and it was GREAT! Check out my site for a movie giveaway!

  5. Yeah! For the Bok Choy fish! I hope you enjoy the 5 HP movie, I thought it was really great!

  6. Melissa says:

    This is a little off topic–sorry! I just watched your “Tributes” DVD (it was really inspirational and full of great album ideas) and I loved your “My Boys” album. I would love to make one and ‘freeze’ my three babies where they are. I can’t find the gated protectors in stores here; can you give me an online source?
    Have a beautiful weekend!!

  7. sue rood says:

    Looks like I need to get that book for my grandchildren!

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