veggie art …

courtesy of my friend Rebecca — on some level, this could be motivation for the Eat Better America campaign, yes?

Image005 Image012_2Image013Image016

images courtesy of Saxton Freymann, who partnered with Joost Elffers to write Play With Your Food.

mr. potato head has got some serious competition. So, if you have time, leave a comment and vote for your favorite. As cute as the cauliflower sheep are, I am right now leaning toward the mother orange and her five little kumquats — for obvious reasons.

I’m hiking with the cub scouts today — but have GOT to show you what came in the mail late last week — I’m completely and utterly blown away. And it’s exactly what I needed to get me pumped for a rather big project I just took on.


  1. Ok, I’m inticed! What is it that you want to show? You’re teasing!
    As an update to my challenge results… I have to say I’ve balanced at about the same weight, but I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and figuring out WHY getting healthier is so hard for me. My cousin sent me something inspirational and it’s gotten me back on track: “Lori, if you aren’t willing to prioritize yourself, and if you are not willing to exercise, you WILL NOT lose weight.” That first part has really made me pause and think about it. Prioritize myself?? Seems so selfish, and yet on the days when I DO do something for myself, I feel I have so much more to GIVE to my family and others around me. So I’m changing as of today. I’m putting it in W R I T I N G ! Out here for all to see. I am a new me.
    **Whew! That was actually harder than I thought!**
    Have fun with Scouts today! STAY COOL! Drink water water water!

  2. What a tease! I can’t wait to see….I could use some motivation to finish up these projects for CHA!!!

  3. Jen(aside) says:

    I love the penguins!

  4. Ann Grounds says:

    I have to say that I am with you on the orange mother but I kind of like the fish too!! PS I know what you got in the mail….he he
    Okay, at least I think I know what it is as we have been waiting to hear from you about it!!!
    Have a great hike and don’t forget to take lots of water!! This heat is a scorcher.

  5. have fun on the hike.
    i really love the sheep. the mother orange–its just too real for me. LOL!

  6. Definately the fish!
    I have one of those Eat Healthier finger rings hanging in my car. It helps to have that reminder in the place I usually make bad split decisions about food.

  7. Hilarious! I love the fish! Thanks for sharing. :) And have fun on your hike!

  8. andrea duncan says:

    i’m all about those penguins!

  9. I’m all about those fish. They’re gorgeous! Who knew?

  10. We’re totally into Happy Feet right now, so I have to vote for the Penguins.

  11. I love the cauliflower sheep! I too, am a mother of five and the orange and kumquats are precious…but the cauliflower and black olives are hysterical.

  12. Heather Prins says:

    I think i have to say the fish!!

  13. I think the sheep are my favorite. Remind me of the mattress commercial!
    Enjoy the hike! And as a mother of a “finally-made-Eagle-Scout-at-age-17″ son, it is all worth while! (And I know what you got in the mail, too!)
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  14. Donna Bettencourt says:

    well, it is hard to choose,but I think the sheep and the penguins are my favs!!

  15. Tanya Summers says:

    LOVE the fish! Have fun on the hike! ~Tanya

  16. My vote is for the penguin eggplant…yet, all of them are very cute!
    By the way, thanks so much for the link to…I had not heard of it before! It’s a great resource – we are doing a weight loss class at church called First Place (it follows the Food Pyramid and has 9 commitments) and I am always looking for new recipes that provide the exchanges!!
    Have a great day!

  17. My daughter Loves this book! She had me look through all the pictures with her so many times. So creative. I vote for the fish.

  18. Emma (my spunky 4 year old) votes for the bunch of happy grapes!

  19. Lynnquilts2 says:

    My vote is for the Mama orange and her babies…so cute!
    And thanks for link to eat better america…it’s such a great idea and I signed up.
    Lynn M.

  20. I’m personally leaning to the Orange and kumquats, but since we are BIG into penguins (because of March of the Penguins) and fish (Nemo). The large driver of these facinations is the 2-year old. Not so much the 7-year old.

  21. mom2joeandkate says:

    Since my life prior to being Mom was as a fisheries biologist, I just have to vote for the adorable fish!
    OK, don’t lead us on like that…do tell what you got in the mail that has so inspired you!! Tell us, tell us!
    Have a wonderful hike with the Scouts. The air always smells so much fresher and invigorating when I am hiking with my dog or my kids…breathe deep and enjoy!

  22. mrstjshelby says:

    I’m lovin’ the cauliflower sheep!

  23. Inge Guillaume says:

    I vote for the sheep!! They are just adorable!

  24. my favs are the grapes! so cute!! i’m trying to get my 3 year old to eat grapes right now and i know if i put smiley faces on them he’d eat them up!! =)

  25. Kathryn Johnson says:

    My fave is the fish-so beautiful, who knew?

  26. Absolutely lovin the fish! Honorable mention goes to the Orange Monster

  27. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    hey! i have to go with the sheep! when i was in college, my mom sent me a calender sheet from “the far side.” there was a herd of sheep grazing and moving slowly. but one sheep was standing with his hands in the air. the caption read ” wait, wait. we don’t have to be just sheep!” my mom says that’s me. always the optimistic one ready to stand up for change! HOORAY FOR THE OPTIMISTIC SHEEP :)!

  28. Since I’m a SCUBA diver, I go for the fish!

  29. Those sheep are just too cute. All the other ones are great too, but I love the sheep the best!

  30. kelly jo says:

    I really love the sheep, but the Eggplant Penguins are just too cute!
    Have fun on the hike!

  31. The sheep are cool but I’ll have to vote for the fish. They’re adorable.

  32. So most definitly the little sheep! Love their eyes! Carla

  33. while the oranges give me a serious chuckle, my favorite is the fish.

  34. Those sheep definitely grabbed my eye. They are too cute!!
    Have fun with the Scouts today! I hope the weather is a little bit cooler for you than it has been. Can’t wait to see what you received in the mail!!! By the way, I am totally loving my BPS classes right now – what a great summer schedule…perfect for me (a mom with a grown up boy and no little ones to scrapbook). Thanks for allowing us “empty nesters” an opportunity to continue to scrapbook our lives. You’re the BEST, Stacy!!!

  35. Jane Fuehrer says:

    The sheep and penquins are my favorite. What a neat ideas it should have big poster at my kids school to show healthy eating habits. Thanks!

  36. I would have to say the penguines and the mama orange!!! Judi

  37. I can NOT chose just one! They are all cracking me up!!!!

  38. those are so cute. i vote for penguins!

  39. I like the sheep the best, but the fish really look like they are swimming! Their fins are so flowy (is that a word?)!

  40. I’m going to vote for the under-dog green onion. I like the expression on its face. And I really like onions. We’ve had a book of these cute veggies from the library before and it was so fun to look at.
    Have fun with the Cub Scouts today. Last time I did that I hiked to the ‘Y’ with mine. It about killed me off!

  41. Loving the fish! I wonder if I could do that…

  42. The fish, definitely the fish. LOVE the fish. They all are very cute, though.

  43. I have to go with the cauliflower sheep, they are so adorable!

  44. The sheep. So fluffy looking.

  45. I’d have to go with the penguins, but DS (4.5 yrs old) loved the orange, too.

  46. I like them all, but really thought the Eggplants along with the sheep. Those two are my favs.

  47. The sheep are just so cute, especially with the green background, looks nice with the white and black.

  48. The fish totally caught my eye!

  49. I vote for the fish! The one bigger one reminds me of the fish in Shark Tales that Angelina Jolie played…very cute!!! Have fun on the hike!

  50. Love the orange with the baby kumquats…
    But I gotta vote for the green onion with the bad hair day!

  51. Katherine McKamey says:

    Well, the fish are cool and pretty realistic but…
    my fav is definitely the sheep!
    Love those lil’ guys!

  52. Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one) says:

    I am torn between the penguins and the mommy orange LOL
    Those are too funny, I wonder fi making those for the kids will make them eat more fruits and veggies?

  53. I’m all about the penguins :)

  54. Wow-it’s a toss up between the kumuats and the penguins. My vote goes to the kumquats!

  55. This is really hard, they are all so great! I love the sheep and the pumpkins, but the tomato is my favorite.

  56. I’m going to go with the pumpkin one :)

  57. The green onion – can’t you just see a cartoon character of this little guy??? I can just hear it now… “Oh gezz, there goes my mom with the camera again. Does everything I do have to be documented???”

  58. I too will have to go with the orange mother. Well I am off to Eastern WA today! Have a good one and try to stay cool as I here it’s been like AZ there.

  59. I’m a sucker for the sheep! Thanks for sharing these great pics!

  60. the fish.
    love the fish :)

  61. I dig the penguins. I have to laugh at the orange and wonder if that’s how I look sometimes – my poor kids. Really, I’m not a screamer (much) but that’s how I feel sometimes!!

  62. My vote is for the onion. I kind of feel bad for it and it looks like it needs some cheering up :)

  63. Lisa Frenette says:

    The fish are too cute!

  64. Phyllis says:

    Awwww! No one’s voted for the sweet potato (yam?) yet. He’s kinda cute! But I have to say, the sheep crack me up! They all have such funny expressions! Thanks for sharing!

  65. Would have to be the fish and the penquins…..

  66. The sheep are just too cute!

  67. our vote would be the penguins. wer’re totally into them in our house. we have to see all the penguin movies.

  68. I totally identify with the mother orange….I have 3 little monkeys with me all day.
    No car – in the shop.
    Too hot to go outside…
    Yeah…I feel like the momma orange.

  69. Elizabeth K. says:

    We got ‘Food for Thought’ from the library, and totally loved it! (That’s where the four came from.) I like the orange: it is so REAL! I can hear it by just looking at it!

  70. My favorite is the Onion…but he looks so sad.

  71. fran heupel says:

    my vote would be the fish. They look so cool swimming away.
    fran heupel

  72. I have to go for the penguins and those fish… This was adorable!

  73. Beth Gianturco says:

    I gotta vote for the cauliflower sheep! They are so cute, you’d just have to eat them up. XX’s Beth

  74. Gotta be those sheep!

  75. Victoria Vicary says:

    It’s got to be the fish!

  76. Tinka Rote says:

    Penguins and the orange/kumquat family….no kids but I have days at work when I feel like that!! ;o)

  77. love the fish…
    yeah for hiking, I have one on my calendar too (actually 3.. one meal with Boy Scouts, hike with my Webelos den and hike with my son’s Wolf den).

  78. Gotta vote for the sheep…LOVE the sheep!

  79. Barbara says:

    why the bokchoy fish of course

  80. so many choices, so hard to choose. I showed my 15 yr old dd and she screamed in my ears over both the sheep (a new fav after being to Wales and Ireland last month) and the other fav of Penguins. She has posters, stuffed, towel, anything with penguins she wants. I personally liked the fish, they are so cute!

  81. Rebecca Bollman says:

    I’m leaning towards the fish. I like how their “fins” look all flowy.
    Hope the hike went well and wasn’t too hot. Here on the other side of the mountains we were happily cooler than yesterday.
    Many smiles

  82. The orange is great, but those fish are so cute! I love them all!

  83. Chris W. says:

    I love the fish, but the penguins are a close second…….

  84. the sheep are adorable, but i gotta say i love the orange!! it’s exactly how i felt today!!

  85. Beth S. says:

    The sheep, the sheep, the sheep!!!!!

  86. Beth S. says:

    The sheep, the sheep, the sheep!!!!!

  87. Beth S. says:

    The sheep, the sheep, the sheep!!!

  88. I’d say the oranges because of the interaction of the scene. While the others are brilliant, I like to “story” I see in the oranges.
    Can’t wait to see what you got in the mail.

  89. All of them were so cute! My 8 year old son votes for the lettuce fish. I have to say my favorite is the cauliflower sheep. Such an imagination!

  90. #1 Oranges
    #2 Sheep
    But they all rocK!

  91. I like the sheep & the penguins. Very clever. TFS!

  92. angelbev says:

    the fish and the penguins! These are just too cute!

  93. love the fish!

  94. sheep, sheep, sheep!!!

  95. Sheep and then fish. Very cute!

  96. Sue Bone says:

    Love them all, but the fish are the winners for me.

  97. I vote for the sheep, even though I felt like the orange today.

  98. Just Love the fish!

  99. Oh…so HARD to choose…but, I’m with you…as a Mom myself…I pick the Mamma orange!!

  100. good gracious..too adorable!
    love the fish!!

  101. My fav is the mommy orange with the 5 little ones next to her. Too cute!!

  102. # 1 fish !! they are so delicate ( I’m not a fish person at all, so I’m surprised with my preference!)
    BTW, I’m a big fan of BPS and your LOM!

  103. Man, there are so many posts! I really like the Bok Choy fish! Especially if you think of how the bok choy will stay nice and crispy if the fish are put in cold water…. anyway.

  104. Melissa Dawes says:

    I am a penguin gal. (I have an interesting penguin collection in my office–not real ones.) So, I vote for the eggplant penguins.

  105. love those fish!

  106. they are all so cute, but i love the sheep. ingenius! :)

  107. tgrdina says:

    oranges – hands down. Some days I feel just like that mama orange!!!

  108. Definitely the pumpkins! Tooo Stinkin cute – and quite frankly an all too true sign of art imitating life1 LOL

  109. They are all adorable and amazing, but the grapes made me laugh – so many smiling faces. So I pick the grapes.

  110. I’m a fan of the cauliflower and olive sheep but I have a soft spot for all things that remind me of New Zealand ;)

  111. Scrapperannie says:

    My four year old daughter votes for the grapes!

  112. I personally love the eggplant penguins – so cute!

  113. how stinkin’ clever! the sheep are adorable, and the orange/kumquat group makes me roar, but i love the grapes the most, they just make me happy.

  114. The pumpkin and her children! Definitely the most life-like!

  115. christinew says:

    the sheep!

  116. I’m loving the penguins myself.

  117. The sheep are too cute and they correspond with my Bible reading and devotion today that said this “Sheep don’t get fed, refreshed, and restored on the run. They must be willing to slow down, to stop at times, to be still, and to lie down.” Psalm 23:3 “He restores my soul. He guides my paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

  118. Check out the book “How are you Peeling” for more fun veggie faces!
    I’m voting for the fish. Although after a this past week at Cub Scout Camp I feel like the Mama Orange….

  119. I absolutely love the sheep, although I can really relate to the orange.

  120. oh my gosh i love the penguins

  121. Christy says:

    gotta love the fish!

  122. these are just the cutest lil things!!!

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