on color …

i’m sure by now you know how fixated i am on color — must breathe some everyday — it’s that essential to my happiness.

just recently …
got a Kate Spade email announcing her new fall line [the only thing I own that is KS btw, is a tea cup that holds my jelly bellies -- so please don't think I do anything but be inspired by her!]

read Angie’s blog about happy colors – which made me so very happy! when you get a minute, read yesterdays and todays posts — there is something so magical in "owning" something, like color and then stopping to recognize it’s influence (has reference to the box that Angie received from one Katrina Simeck — filled with none other than my FAVORITE **bigelow** lip care) anyway, if you haven’t already determined what your happy colors are …

then you simply must check out the "Take August Off" Colorful  Summer classroom at BPS. It’s 100% FREE and *i think* an absolutely FUN way for you to get to know several of our teachers.

and one last colorful display – MY FAMILY PICTURES — taken by Allison Tyler Jones. I’m so totally thrilled. Want to see? Click here.

have a very colorful day!
and do me a favor — get wet. run through the sprinkler or go swimming or just splash some water in your face when your watering your flowers.
i’m serious. get wet — and then tell me how you did it.
visited the water slides yesterday (after volunteering at a very HOT cub scout day camp) Jenna had taken everyone but Trey and i and so we stopped by after — I didn’t have my swimming suit but decided it didn’t matter and went down fully clothed!! so very glad i did.


  1. Such pretty colors for the shoes! Color is awesome and that’s why I love gardening so much, this time of year.

  2. Gotta say – those pictures are incredible . . . what a family! :)
    What a precious gift to have captured your family at THIS moment in time.

  3. Melanie in MPLS says:

    Your pictures are beautiful… they actually made me cry. Feeling a little weepy today thinking about what might have been. Many families here in MPLS are waiting to hear about their loved ones.
    As my friend, a funeral director says, “Kiss your kids, tell your husband you love him and thank God for each and every day, even the tough ones.”
    Melanie in MPLS

  4. fabulous family pictures! so vibrant, so full of energy!
    i don’t own anything kate spade, but love the fall ad campaign! one of my professors was the photographer, so it was neat to hear about it!

  5. Your family photos are fantastic! She captured everyone so beautifully. I feel like I got a glimpse into each one of you!

  6. Those pictures are so beautiful! I especially love the one-on-one with the kids, and the ones where you are walking up the hill holding hands.
    It’s funny that you mentioned getting wet today – I have been walking my dog in the evenings past a nursing home that has the sprinklers going strong. He is always pulling at me to get close to the grass, and the water and the other night I decided, why not? So my 100 lb dog and my almost 30 year old – and 5 months pregnant – self played in the sprinklers for a while. I laughed so hard! I’m sure my dog would have been laughing too if he could.

  7. I LOVE those pictures! Amazing, brilliant, full of energy. What a gift to have them. As far as getting wet goes, I’m definitely jumping in the pool later today! :)

  8. The pictures look so fun! Is it weird to have a son that’s almost as tall as you? I keep telling my kids to ‘shrink’!
    I have a Q about color though–what if I don’t have one favorite, and really can’t pin myself down to one? Do I want to know what that says about me?

  9. Young Chang says:

    Wow! Those are some great family photos! Thanks for sharing. Lots of fun colors going on in this post.

  10. Rochelle McGee says:

    you can truly feel the love your family exudes for one another when looking at those photos! Thanks for sharing them. I have been fortunate enough to get wet EVERY DAY this summer at our local public pool. It seems like we live in our bathing suits and towels-laundry has been no issue this summer! After six weeks of swim lessons for my two children we all have awesome tans and bleached hair!

  11. Mishel Olsen says:

    Wow! Those pictures are amazing. You can just feel the spirit of your family and how much love is there. Wonderful! Colour really is beautiful…I don’t have one favourite I like to mix and match. Makes the world more happy! Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Your family is just so beautiful!

  13. Your family pictures are gorgeous! I too love the ones of your family holding hands and walking. I recently had Tara Whitney pictures of my family and I LOOOOVE them. They are priceless beyond measure to me as I’m sure yours are.

  14. you are so blessed, what a beautiful family!

  15. Great pictures!! Your boys are so very handsome. How old all are of them. Because you look way to young to be their mom! :)

  16. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    Absolutely inspiring! there’s nothing like your very own family!

  17. The family pictures are absolutely breath-taking. ATJ did a fabulous job… and the relationships are so obvious in the photos. Several made me rather emotional!

  18. Those photos are AMAZING! Your family is so beautiful, Stacy. Love the ones of you and the boys jumping.
    YAY for Alison!

  19. Katherine in Dorset, UK says:

    I’ve never posted to anything like this before, but I felt I had to when I saw your amazing family photos – how wonderful. They blew me away, can’t wait to see what you do with them. Am a big fan and covet my big picture book.

  20. Awesome pictures! So happy for you that you have them to treasure always!
    Got wet at the pool today…while it was raining!

  21. Is it not amazing how a photograph can “sum up” a family and their feelings for one another so vividly? :)
    Thanks for sharing the link to your photos from Allison. They’re amazing and they “speak” so highly of your love for one another. It’s so evident in those pictures. :) A treasure…

  22. Angela Walthall says:

    I LOVE your family pictures they are awesome. Thank you for sharing. Your have a handsome (since it is mostly boys) family.

  23. Oh, my – your family pictures are breathtaking! I love how you did some with each child seperately with parents. You will treasure these forever!!
    My sister (Esther) was in New York and brought my 3 girls each a Kate Spade bag. They are so lucky and love them! She spoils them, even though they are in their 20′s – everyone should have an aunt like that :))
    I am buying our granddaughters (13 and 9 mos.) a wading pool today and I plan to sit in it with them! Thanks for enriching my life, Stacy – you truly are an angel!!

  24. Wow! What beautiful pictures and a beautiful family.

  25. Kathi in San Diego says:

    Wow. That’s all I can say. For a fleeting moment you made me want to have four or five kids. But just for a moment!! LOL. Thanks for sharing – every picture brought a smile to my face.

  26. I can only imagine what you felt the moment you saw your family photos. They capture so much about you and your family. That’s why I love this hobby. The color, the photos, the memories, the documenting. Simple. Life. Love.

  27. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family photos! You have a beautiful family, and it is so fun to see you all enjoying one another ~ and have it captured on film. It will be a treasure to all of you. Enjoy the rest of summer with that super cute fam!

  28. Julie Ratcliffe says:

    Wow! How do you choose just ONE of those for your ‘Favourite Photos Album’. They all made me catch my breath. Stunning. Alison is a genius.

  29. Wow. What a treasure those pictures are. I love how everyone’s personality was captured so obviously by Allison. Gorgeous photographs of a beautiful family – You two did something right. ;)

  30. Did you special order the clouds that day? You all look so happy. What a special treasure to have from this day forward. I wish I could convince my family to invest in documenting ourselves like that. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Perfect! We took the kids to the pool today, and my sister said she wasn’t going to put on a suit (she’s just 4 1/2 months pregnant and feeling that in-between stage) and I said “you know what? the kids don’t care how you look in a suit. this is about them and a fun day” And by gosh, I put on my suit and hopped in the pool. My kids were so happy – I’m glad I did it. Sad to say, my sister didn’t, but I tried to make up for her.

  32. Katrina of Southern California says:

    I had goose bumps as I sat here and watched the photo shoot. You are very blessed and it is well deserved, for everything you do for others.

  33. My nearly 2-year old has been ‘helping’ me water the plants on our porch. Everytime — it always ends with us both being totally soaked. He chases me with the hose & I squirt him – it’s just the best. Then we both freeze when we come back into the AC — in the end he runs around the house in the buff, avoiding a new diaper and I chase him shouting “nakiie babyyyy” (not sure if I spelled that the way we say it :) Such fun for sure!

  34. OMG – Stacy – those pics are amazing! The ones of you with each of the kids are terrific – they capture something “special”. . .just wonderful!
    thanks for sharing -

  35. okay u looked gorgeous in those photos

  36. I don’t usually comment, but just had to say that your sweet family photos actually made me tear up. Your family is beautiful.

  37. What a stunning family! These photographs are just wonderful–what a priceless treasure.

  38. Lisa Frenette says:

    Thanks for the inspiration…we are heading out for a much needed family vacation tomorrow. Your family photos has given me lots of ideas for photo ops.
    Yes, it was hot here so we got wet…with the kids which involves lots of screaming and splashing and cannonballs. Tonight it was just my DH and I under the stars in a peaceful tranquil swim, scatch that, float!

  39. LOVE LOVE LOVE the family photos!!! What a beautiful family you have!!
    It’s funny that you tell us to get wet…while watering flowers. I was outside tonight watering while my 4 and 5 year old boys were riding their bikes. I started spraying them every time they went by. Soon they were squealing and running around begging me to spray them. In no time at all they were soaked and we were all laughing and having the best time! I just wish someone had been taking pictures of it all.

  40. Oh, my goodness, those family photos are fabulous! Enjoy those happy little faces!

  41. Ok, I am love, love, loving your family photos, so very special. I took your advice and took my family to Lyn Canyon, on our holidays, here in Vancouver BC, and we went swimming in very, very cold, but refreshing, water. We also did some cliff jumping….
    Thanks for the advice!
    Sheri Colautti

  42. Christina Becker says:

    WOW. I just love those family photos!!! So many wonderful shots that show personality and relationships. They have given me a lot of great ideas of photo’s I want to take of my family. You have a beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing.

  43. Hi Stacy,
    Just to join the big voices here. The family photos from Allison are indeed super special. They breath your family different personalities, the relationship you all share as a happy clan! great and very joyful to see. Congratulations to all from your clan and to Allison for being able to capture such special family.
    Ana Rocha (all the way from Scotland)

  44. Those pictures are…WOW!

  45. wendy (in North Dakota) says:

    I absolutely LOVE your family photos! What a beautiful family! For future reference, I have a darling daughter age 16 that would find your oldest son awesome! Maybe a prom date!!?? Enjoy you always Stacy!

  46. You are going to sink some serious money into those family portraits!! They are amazing.

  47. Stacy – Hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the photos. :) Beautiful. No surprise though!

  48. ooh…i’m giddy over the happy colors in this post! have a great weekend!!!

  49. Gorgeous photos – she did a wonderful job. An amazing amount of love shining out of them too.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  50. Stacy, I, too, need color like I need fresh cool drinks and warm fluffy covers to feel lovely every day. In my opinion, life is too short for beige!
    You need to go here:
    It’s an ad for some kind of new TV and it’s done by the same people who did the balls-bouncing-down-the-streets-of-San-Francisco ad a few years ago. SO fun and such a happy color burst for your day! (My favorite part is when the whole building turns into one big rainbow…)
    Enjoy, and have a colorful day!
    Jill :)

  51. Stacy– The next time you wanna just strangle those kids… turn on the slide show of your kids… next time life stinks— turn on that slide show!!! AWESOME photos and what I found remarkable was noticing the similarities of the kids to each other to you and your husband… connections… truely wonderful!

  52. Stephanie says:

    Stacy – Your family photos made me cry – they are so beautiful! You can tell she captured the personality of everyone in your family. How will you ever pick?! So amazing! And, I have to say that I felt your water fever last weekend – my kids were playing w/spray bottles outside and my oldest son decided to bring the hose into it and when he got carried away, I took over the hose! We were all wet!! So much fun!! Thanks so much for sharing ‘glimpses’ of your everyday with us!

  53. Carrie Conforti says:

    Moving the darn sprinkler…that is how I have been getting wet the past two days! I must admit, with the heat…the sprinkler feels like a treat! :)

  54. angelbev says:

    how did I get wet??? Power washing the deck! I am not sure what part was the fun and what part was the work!

  55. Bonjour!
    my blog has got a lot of colors too!
    bonne journée!
    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  56. Those family photos are FABULOUS!!! Gorgeous! I try to take photos like that, but it’s hard when I have to push all kinds of buttons then run into the shot each time!

  57. OMG !!!!!! Love your family photos!
    I got wet at the pool with my kids. :-)

  58. Your family pictures are gorgeous!! I love how you all had different color polos on.

  59. absolutely LOVE the pics!!! peace and blessings, Cindy B.

  60. Your family photos are so FUN! Thanks for sharing. You are such an inspiring person. You make see that everything is going to be great and to just look at the best in everything! Thank you!!!!!
    PS Do you still get up every AM and pray and run?? I saw it on clique TV. I also would love to be apart of this industry do you have any tips? NOT THAT GOOD OF A SPELLER!

  61. gorgeous photos…you have such a photogenic family–how could they be anything but?
    Getting wet? Boring old jump into the pool! (float on the air mattress is more like it!

  62. Sadly, my most ‘wet’ part of the day (besides the shower that followed this activity) was the sweat I generated helping the delivery man unload 2 fireplaces and assorted chimney parts this afternoon. Not glamorous, certainly not refreshing, but there it is.
    Have a bright and shiny day!

  63. Oh my gosh…I LOVE your family photos. I think I’m saving the link to show our photographer later this fall……I would pay just about anything to have such awesome pics. And I love the Colorful Summer “class”…..off to challenge myself to pick my happy color!

  64. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of your family! Thanks for sharing with us!
    My getting wet experience today was playing in the fountains, wading pool and water slide at our local Y. We had a blast!

  65. Stacy…Your family pictures are priceless! It looks like you are walking thru the meadow from the Sound of Music (my all time favorite musical!) Love them!

  66. truly beautiful! allison did a wonderful job capturing your family’s true essence.

  67. Ooh, love those KS colors. & your family photos… WOW! Totally brought a smile to my face. Loved ‘em! :)

  68. Love your family photos. Allison Tyler Jones did an amazing job.

  69. Anne-Liesse says:

    First, what a beautiful and inspiring family. I love the pictures with the feet-especially the dirty boy feet because, that’s where we all are, girl or boy, this summer. (The baby bottom is great, too.) My favorites, also, are the ones of you and your husband. Those kinds of pictures are the ones that seem to get left behind as we become more busy taking pictures of kids. What a legacy of love for your children. Finally, I loved the candids of you and each of your children. What a wonderful photo shoot!

  70. wow. great photos.
    I spent the afternoon chasing and mostly being chased my husband and little boys with huge water guns!! Such a great afternoon!
    thanks for the coloful post!

  71. DarlaLOU says:

    Just quickly wanted to say I loved the family photos. LOVED the one of your hubby throwing the lil’ one up in the air and the look of love and care and safety in their eyes. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  72. The family pictures are awesome, what a beautiful family! You must be so proud. Thanks for sharing!

  73. Love, love, LOVE the pics of your family! Seriously GORGEOUS!
    We got wet! Water slides and splash pads…SO much fun!
    Hope you have an AWESOME August!
    Thanks for Big Picture, thanks for SS and thanks more than anything for just being YOU!

  74. i enjoyed your family photos. allison tyler jones did an excellent job capturing the essence of your family. love it. ;) feel silly but the presentation made my eyes tear up.
    i actually jumped in our pool with my girls. they were thrilled as i am more of a watch from the sidelines “swimmer” ;) i’m glad i did it.

  75. Your photo video… priceless! The only disappointment was that it wa over way too quickly. Thanks for sharing!

  76. I love your Family pictures. They are priceless!!!!

  77. Janine Rutherford - NZ says:

    I can’t believe someone else’s family photos made me cry!! They are so very wonderful and show so much love. Thank you for sharing Stacy – loved them!!

  78. What a family!– Handsome boys and adorable gals! Thanks for sharing the family pictures. One that just really grabbed me is where you are sitting in a chair looking over your right shoulder at one of your sons who is standing next to you. There were lots of precious ones though– I kept wanting to pause the video to take them all in. Love ATJ- have one of her first books and have a new one on my wish list. Thanks for all the good things you share.

  79. I heart kate spade! The only bit I have is a few piece of flatware. Not even a full set. Just enough for this little family of three. Thanks for the inspiration. You ROCK!!!!

  80. Elizabeth K, says:

    On Saturday, we went to a Civil War reenactment. It was rainy and misty and over-cast all day: and it was beautiful! I got wet running through the rain, and I loved it, loved it! I never realized how much I love rain. I always thought I was pretty much a sunshine-girl. But rain never gets me down. Over-cast will, but never rain. So thanks for making me think about and become aware of my love for rain!
    And thanks for the free classes at BPS!
    Your pictures are really great! You have a wonderful family! (But need you be told? There’s really nothing more to say after 79 other posts!)

  81. wow fun stuffs you have there!

  82. We haven’t had rain for weeks here in the thumb of Michigan but this morning t stormed and poured buckets for hours. I had to run some errands in town and laughed when I saw all these ladies using their umbrellas, not me I just let the rain pour down because it was just so refreshing and I was so grateful for it!!

  83. Fantastic photos! What a gorgeous family you have – and the love you all share is so apparent! You are truly blessed!!

  84. Jennifer says:

    Loving your family photos. My 15-month old daughter heard the music and came running from across the room to watch with me. :o)

  85. stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking pictures…i am in absolute awe of such beauty…truly…thanks for sharing…it’s like a window into the soul of your family….

  86. Beautiful pictures…I especially love the one with all the kids walking through the field-what a beautiful family you have.

  87. Jenny Martin says:

    Could you please, please, please send me the link to the pictures of your laundry room with the bins from IKEA. I would love to utilize your ideas in my home. I’ve tried to find it myself but I don’t think your blog is going back that far anymore. Thank you for your inspirations!

  88. I just wanna said that I cry with ur family pics…
    they are beautiful!!!!

  89. You have a beautiful family !
    Loved all the pictures – what a treasure to have.
    Can’t live without color either.

  90. Wow, those family photos are absolutely GORGEOUS! What a keepsake! I love all of them!

  91. Sue in Grapevine says:

    Do you have any new dates for the “Where I’ll be” (or something close to that) portion in the left margin of the blog?

  92. Can you tell me the name of the store where you got the cute red bench? Is it in the Spokane area? Thanks.

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