parties, green hair and more!

clearly I need to have more parties — and next time I will give you all advance notice (promise!) I’ve had several emails wondering how you can order from Upper Case Living online. If you want to place an order with my consultant, her name is Christina Moline and her ID# is 761672 (token "moline") or you can email her. Cheri Redd who lives in PA is also a demonstator and would love to help places orders or assist those of you on the other side of the states!!
You can email her too.

Took a couple of pics of "words" I’ve got up.

This one is on the cupboard in my laundry room — as you may or may not know, I actually like ironing and do it often, so my boys will look sharp in their sunday shirts — when I saw this in the catalog it was "so mine"

and this one is in my entry way — kinda wierd maybe that it’s down low (but I LOVE it!)

the idea being that you come in and sit on a little ottoman-thing and remove your shoes to put in the shoe basket — and from this level/angle you get a "welcome" — there’s a welcome on my front door too (some of you will see that tonight!)

On another note, I received a FUN email this morning from Cyndi, who I met in Alabama at the ScrapETC event. I clicked through to her blog and just loved what she said. I think she relates what so many of us feel from time to time and her solution is right on — just decide to let go and PLAY.
She was lucky enough to have a photo of beautiful me with green hair — wish I could provide such irresistible inspiration to all!!

Cyndi: I feel like there should be a drum roll or something (lol). I finally scrapped!
OK, as many of you know its been over two months since I did a single layout. Or brought a single scrapbook product (gasp). Not even roaming the boards or pulling out the latest scrap magazine seemed to get me in the mood. Even Marc was surprised when I told him how long it had been. Then someone told me to stop looking at it as something I had to do. I think in part it had to do with my own feelings lately of being rejected by the industry, of feeling as if my style was not "the" style. Basically I had taken the fun out of scrapbooking, which is why I started this in the first place. It gave me pleasure, made me happy. Well it did until recently. So yesterday I pulled out a picture I printed out after I met Stacy J back in March. At the time my Epson printer had started going wacko on me, so when it came out Stacy had green hair! Of course I printed out another one, but the pack rat in me could not bring myself to throw away the picture. So I thought….why not "play" with the picture. Who would it hurt, there were no scrapbook police around to cuff me just because I used a "discolored" picture. And you know what? I loved it. The page took less then a half hour ( another record for me ) and now that I am done I wonder what the heck took me so long. Not to scrapbook, but to just except that just like I tell people to accept me as I am..why don’t I say accept my scrap pages as they are?
Lesson learned……….just do it for the plain fun of it, and when and if other blessings come along the way, embrace them look at it for what it is and then move on to the next page.

Can’t think of anything to add to this — except that I agree!!
thanks Cyndi


  1. No, thank you.

  2. A long time ago didn’t you add your name to the outside cover of your laptop? Did you get that from this company, also? If not, where did you get what you decorated your laptop with?

  3. cyndi..your page and blog entry are are so right–you just have to dig in and enjoy what it brings to YOU!!!
    stacy–tfs this!!

  4. Love it Stacy and Cyndi ;)

  5. Stacy, I am so glad you posted those pics. My cousin is having a party tonight here in the Tri-Cities and I wasn’t sure I was going but now I know differently!!

  6. Cyndi is so right. I have been blessed since the day I “met” her.
    I think Cyndi and I realized at the same time that scrapping is suppose to be for us to have fun and not to please everyone else.
    Love the layout, Cyndi.

  7. this is amazing!!

  8. Go Cyndi! I love your color choices!! :)

  9. kimber quadling says:

    Stacy, You are out of fashion???Horror runs through my mind…I attended your lecture last year in Seattle and what you had to say sang to my soul.I finally felt justifed in not documenting in chronological order and doing what inspires ME.Classics do not go out of style Stacy and you are classic. Happy days and many thanks for your books and insights in the mags…Kimber

  10. my goodness stacy. thanks for sharing the ironing instruction tips!!! I NEED IT!! heheheh :P

  11. Jenni Plake says:

    I love the ironing instructions!!!! Also the “Welcome to our Home” looks AWESOME!!

  12. Dana Buol says:

    Thanks for sharing that site. I have never heard of those before! I LOVE THEM!

  13. I think you have your own style, is exactly what I like about scrapbooking, there is no wrong way, no right way, I can tell you that your style will be here longer that all those flashy, weird designs some are imitating.

  14. BTW i hate ironing,i buy only those clothes that doesn’t require ironing LOL

  15. I knew we were soul sisters Stacy, but the green hair is too much. You can read my version here:

  16. Oh my goodness…I was just showing a picture of a rug very similar to the ones you have in your foyer to my hubby tonight and I said…I wish I could find rugs like this…black with colorful circles…I LOVE THEM…where oh where did you find yours? Please tell…I’m realizing as I browse your blog that our decorating tastes are VERY similar…gotta love bright colors!

  17. lol!! hopefully Cyndi will read this… Epson Picturemate was running low on some colors but I pushed through a photo anyway. the colors came out all weird….but I LOVED the photo! so much that I took the misprint and had it enlarged! had to tell the lab to NOT correct the colors! lol!

  18. Love the wall words! I have my favorite Korean proverb over the kitchen sink (in Korean, even). “Before we climb the mountain, let’s eat first.”

  19. Summer Clark says:

    I am also a Uppercaseliving Demonstrator in oregon if anyone needs to order too! My demonstrator # is 334402 and token is Clark. So awesome to see Uppercaseliving on your blog I was so excited!!

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