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my column in the September/October issue of SS yet?
Did you know that you could win FIVE of my favorite things!!!
Post a layout this week in our reader gallery at simplescrapbooksmag.com and you could WIN!
Check it out.

p.s. don’t listen to that critical voice in your head —
read these quotes instead!

realize how good you really are.
[Og Mandino]

I am larger, better than I thought. I did not know I held so much goodness.
[Walt Whitman]

Do we dare be ourselves?
That is the question that counts.

[Pablo Casals]

ok, I dare you —
post and win.


  1. ElizabethW says:

    I am happy to read you.

  2. These quotes are fabulous, thank you for the reminder.

  3. I missed you while you were gone. I am glad you are back form your break! Kathy

  4. Julia Miller says:

    ooo~ love the quotes! Thank you for the uplifting spirit of your message!

  5. Thanks so much for the upbeat blog.

  6. The truth is we really don’t have that much goodness . . . Christ in us is the goodness, on our own we are just a mess, and that is really the truth of it.

  7. Great quotes Stacy!

  8. great quotes today! things I needed to hear on a day I needed to hear them. :)

  9. That second quote made me laugh. I am larger and better than I thought(i just tried on some summer clothes). Must be the goodness of all that chocolate i ate over winter! :)

  10. Great quotes! Miss you!

  11. Love, love these quotes, and love to see you posting!

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