On balance …

When juggling as much as you are, remember that some balls are glass and some are rubber. You can’t drop the glass balls.

from author Nora Roberts letter to her younger self.

Nora has written more than 160 novels, 125 of them best-sellers, but her circumstances starting out were less than ideal. She was a single mother of two young boys and wrote from her home, without a babysitter–feeling the "inescapable pulls of work and motherhood daily"
Nora persisted, always attempting to keep perspective. She learned that "laundry will wait very patiently" and concludes her letter with this bit of wisdom …

… one more thing, pressed from all corners, you often think, If I could just have eight hours of quiet. You will have that someday, but you won’t have those little guys you have now and you’ll miss them.

I missed a couple of posts, due to the fact that I am attempting as usual to keep my glass balls in the air — so far, so good.


  1. Love that quote!!

  2. Love that quote!!

  3. As an “empty nester” I so understand that quote… because today I have more than enough time to have floors so shiney you can see yourself and laundry folded just right.. and would give anything to have a house of of noisey children disrupting my day… giving me a reason just to chuck it all and go play…

  4. Speaking of balance, there really is a fine one between solitude and loneliness. When you’re caught up in the midst of small children it DOES feel like you’ll never have any solitude anymore, but she’s right, it does start coming and then you use half your solitude in remembering what it was like when they were little and wishing you could put them back, just for a little while. Anyway—I really enjoyed your thoughts this morning! Hope all is well. Amy

  5. keep up the good work in your juggling routine.

  6. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Oh I am going to remember that quote it is perfect for me an a couple of people I know!

  7. I love that quote Stacy. It’s so true indeed. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I love that quote and cried when I read it. I am an empty nester and I miss my “little boys” more than anything. I agree with Vicki, I would love to have a house full of noisey children and would trade the peace and quiet and clean house without hesitation!

  9. kreative kate says:

    Stacy, I am sure I am not alone in saying that we will gladly wait our turn to be the ball in the air. We treasure what you share with us, and will be patient when you need us to. Here’s to keeping the glass ones in the air!

  10. I needed to hear that quote today… I was so wishing for quiet and solitude….but with one child off to college next year it is a constant reminder that I should cherish these crazy, buzy, noisy times while they are mine to enjoy. Tena

  11. I received the book yesterday and have only read the first 2 chapters – Madelaine Albright and Maya Angelou. Very insightful, very interesting perspectives. And I like what you quoted from Nora Roberts.
    Speaking of Nora Roberts, I recently visited her bookstore in Boonsboro, MD. I never knew she even owned a bookstore. :)

  12. I’ve missed several of your posts because of the same thing. I love your blog and feel badly when I miss something but sometimes life has to be juggled. This past week, my son from Florida, was home and we had a wonderful time! Sue

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