on soccer …

"How’d it go at soccer? I said & he said we worked on fundamentals & I said like why you were even chasing around after a ball in the first place? & from the way he looked at me I figured out that was probably too fundamental."

soooo how I feel — I try to be the "soccer mom" but it’s just not happening!!
[quote is from storypeople.com]

Happy fall btw, we’re off to soccer games, a harvest fair, and a birthday date with Trey.
Nine years old — wow.

I so appreciate the amazing response to my "how do we grow the industry" poll. As soon as I get a little break from deadlines, I will share some of my thoughts on the subject.


  1. yes..soccer season is open us!! Yipee!! I’m sore from running the plays with the team….they needed a player to make it even. I forget my big 44 year old butt taking it down the field at mach 5 will be sore the next day..yep I’m sore. anyways….Stacey I saw you at CHA Winter in Anaheim..my first time meeting you, well I bumped into you and kind of ran away all freaky….thinking you are a celebrity and all and was on your lunch and didn’t want to be like noticed so sorry I was a goofball. Love your blog your style is so refreshing!!

  2. LOL! Lovin’ soccer season and love that little quirp you shared! I want to be the soccer mom but I am pale in comparison to my sis and her family who have done it for 20+ years! *sigh* But I make a dang cute hair ponytail bopper in team colors! That counts for something, right?? :O)

  3. Yep – soccer season is upon us! Just came back from a tournament in Greenville, SC where the temp for our game this morning at 11:30 AM was 97 degrees!!!! I’ve got 8 kids – 7 of them have played soccer. I’ve got 6 playing currently – 3 at high school, 2 at club and 1 on the UNCC club team. It’s an awesome game!!!!

  4. Teresa Cotterman says:

    In our family we don’t play soccer, but football instead. I still feel pretty much the same way you do though. By the way, I am so excited, I have scheduled my Uppercase Living show for October 6th!! Saw it online after your post and I am so excited!!!

  5. I was a soccer mom for more than 12 years when my boys were all playing in middle and high school. It was a blast and I kind of miss those days. Enjoy when you can.

  6. Hi. Would you please re-post the quote about women taking things personally. I meant to copy it down and put it off, and now it’s gone! Thank you so much.

  7. Laura in Chicago says:

    My oldest son started playing soccer in 1990 and I never really appreciated it until my youngest was playing at the varsity level in high school just a couple of years ago. It is an amazing game… It requires stanima, quick decisions, ball handling finesse, and teamwork. The lessons they both learned playing soccer will last them a lifetime. If you watch a pro game on TV with the camera up high, it looks like a fast moving ballet. I miss the weekly games and all the amazing friends I met at those games, enjoy while you can.
    P.S. finally took the leap of faith it required to sort all my scrapbook supplies by color, took a couple of days to do but I think I’m gonna love it!!!

  8. I’m happy to see a little more personal Stacy coming out to play in the blog. I understand the absence, but I missed you anyway! Welcome back. (((hugs)))

  9. Hi Stacy ~ Is there a way for us to hear your Memory Trends speech or read a transcript? Thank you :)

  10. Loving the quotes, but missing your chatter too – come on back when you can!

  11. hey stacy,
    are the mycliquetv webisodes available anywhere now?
    i would so enjoy watching them again – your on the clock series is phenomenal. -now that the site is down, i thought maybe they might be hiding in some other spot.
    many thanks

  12. Hey Stacy! Both of the bloggers at SS site mentioned your speech and how moving it was. Any chance that we could get a copy of it somehow?

  13. Stacy,
    I am an Oncology nurse in the nothern subs of Chicago. I have been asked to facilitate January’s support group of approx 12 breast cancer survivors. I could do the medical blah blah blah, but I wanted to do something different. I want to use your simple scrapbooks “recipe mag” and encourage them to journal. I was wondering if you could contact me so I can ask a few questions.

  14. Okay, I have a confession to share…I detest soccer…hate is too strong of a word, or so I tell my children, but man, it is a struggle for me. I adored sitting in the stands at baseball games. REALLY got into it, but soccer? And she’s only 7 and looooves it so much, and I know we’re setting patterns, so I have to stay positive (well, as much as I can be without the sarcasm showing through) Soccer. It’s not my favorite.

  15. Hi Stacy…it’s been a bit since I visited (crazy summer)! Love your new banner and I “get” what you mean about soccer mom…for me it’s not about soccer…it’s about Legos (he’s only 3 1/2 right now). He thinks I’m from another planet when I try to play Legos with him!
    Oh well, can’t be perfect at everything (well, not that I’m trying for perfect, but you know what I mean).
    Have a great one and Happy Fall to you, too!

  16. Hi Stacy,
    I finally bought The Comfort of Color and I cannot thank you enough for recommending it. I always feel that my home doesn’t really represent my personality and that of my family. Susan Sargent is just what I needed. I’m still devouring every inch of the book, but look forward to obsessing about color and working towards a place that truly reflects me and makes me happy!
    As always, thanks for being such an inspiration in so many ways. I think you are a true delight!
    xo Tess in Bothell with the two boys :)

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