on travel …

Travel has a way of stretching the mind.
The stretch comes not from travel’s immediate rewards,
the inevitable myriad of new sights, smells and sounds,
but with experiencing firsthand how others do differently
what we have believed to be the right and only way. 

[Ralph Crawshaw]

I’ve been "gone" a lot lately — Arizona, Utah and Nevada and I’m headed to Ohio early Sunday. I’ve met new people, reunited with old friends and worked and played with people I love. I’m very much looking forward to staying home in October and then … traveling to Australia and New Zealand!!!!

I haven’t talked much about this trip, but I’m so excited (Geof is joining me for the New Zealand portion, and Paula and Kayce are coming too.) This is all a part of the Stacy and Friends Event organized and sponsored by David Roberts and KiwiScraps. Several of my friends and colleagues have been hosted by Kiwi before and have raved about EVERYTHING. I’ll be teaching with the fabulous Wendy Smedley, Renee Pearson and Nic Howard (simply cannot wait to meet Nic) Anyway, I realize that Australia is a vast continent and that New Zealand is an entirely different country, but … I really, really want to meet you if you live anywhere remotely close and can swing the trip (I’ve never been down under and don’t imagine it’s something I’ll get to do again very soon)

If you’re already coming, post and let me know!


  1. This quote on travel is a real gem. If you want to stretch your mind, travel east. People definitely do things very differently than in the west! Examples from Saudi Arabia: Price tags?Nope, on many items you name your price and negotiate. Stand in line and wait your turn? Not here. Elbows out and talk over everyone else, hoping to get the clerk’s attention. When driving, stay in your own lane? Nope, the dotted lines are guide lines- drive down the middle of the road. Left turns from the left lane? Nope, even u-turns from the far right lane are common. (I should say that officially they drive on the right-hand side – most of the time!) I’ll never take price tags, queues or “normal” driving for granted again! Brooke

  2. Where are you going to be in Ohio Sun? Must not be close to me since I haven’t heard this, but I can always wish!

  3. I will be there with bells on!
    See you in Oz

  4. I had to look up the
    Stacy and Friends event even though I will not be down under in the near future. I loved that they are having morning and afternoon tea. How relaxing is that in the middle of what can be a fun but long & crazy scrapbook event!!

  5. Well, I really wanted to go – even booked a room at the hotel. But unfortunately just found out yesterday it’s the day I have surgery. It’s not fair….

  6. My best friend and I will be at the Sydney event – a 40th birthday present for me. You are such an inspiration & I can’t wait to see you in person. Hopefully I’ll have a completed glimpses album by then too.

  7. So counting down the days until you all arrive! I have had the counter on my blog for months. LOL. Just can not wait! You are so going to love both Australia and New Zealand. Will be in Sydney.

  8. YAY I will see you in Sydney – travelling up from Melbourne to join in the fun!

  9. *waving* madly Stacy, I am soooo looking forward to meeting you all. You have heard it correct, KiwiScraps put on a great event!
    See you in Wellington.

  10. Stacey – We are so blessed to have you come to NZ. Such a treat for us kiwi scrappers to have you and your scrapping wisdom come to share with us. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and I know that you will love NZ and Wellington. Fresh air. Wild winds. Beautiful scenery. crazy kiwis – we’ve got it all here…

  11. I look forward to meeting you in Sydney, Stacey. I hope that you at least get an opportunity to look around Sydney during your time here.

  12. Wow – I hope you post a great picture of yourself on the refrigerator so your kids remember who you are!
    Happy travels……….

  13. Hi Stacy,
    I am looking forward to meeting up with you in Sydney. I have been to the last three kiwiscraps events and love them,I am busting to do your classes. See you then.

  14. I am so looking forward to seeing you and the “gang”. Family stuff meant I can’t make it the whole weekend (as much as I would totally love that!) BUT I will be there with a bunch of others on the opening Friday night Crop event. Soooo looking forward to it!!!

  15. ooops! forgot to add that it will be the Wellington event that I get to “meet” you :)

  16. There with bells on – looking forward to it :o)
    Nic H

  17. Can’t wait to say hello to you in Sydney. Kiwiscraps always organise such a great range of tutors. I do hope you get to see a bit of NZ and Oz apart from women scrappers.

  18. Sam Raymond says:

    Hi Stacey
    Can’t wait to catch up at the Wellington event in NZ. Yes David and Mary put on a great event so we are all very lucky. I also can’t wait to escape home for a weekend away with just scrapping on the agenda. Happy planning your trip. Hopefully you get a chance to take some time out to see some of our beautiful country.

  19. Stacey, I just can’t wait to meet you and the other tutors….Thank you so much for taking the time to come down under to see you. I will be meeting you at the Wellington event.

  20. sorry meant to be to see us.

  21. You KNOW I am coming – taking classes Saturday and looking forward to spending time with you, Paula and Kayce xo

  22. I’ll be there – looking forward to meeting you and being inspired!

  23. As a person who loves totravel, I envy all of the places you go and see. Enjoy the trip!

  24. Hey Stacy, I am coming to Sydney from Perth and my mum is flying in from Queensland – I’ll be very pregnant – but just couldn’t miss the chance to do this!!! I was lucky enough to meet you and Wendy at a class at CE last year – cannot wait to take all the cool classes and have a great time meeting new friends!!! : ) Narelle

  25. Hey Stacy,
    I’ll be at KiwiScraps in Sydney and can’t wait to take your classes! Love your book and taking classes online with BP. I’m travelling up from Tasmania (island state off the south of mainland Australia)
    Karen :)

  26. Okay, why are you coming to Ohio? And is it something I need to sign up for? Details PLEASE!! :-)

  27. Hi Stacy
    When I found out you were coming to Wellington boy did I get excited.
    Dave and Mary Roberts are wonderful hosts. I have had the pleasure of attending classes taught by Becky, Heidi and Cathy here in Wellington because of their efforts. When I reflect back on my year these classes have always been the highlights. No doubt your classes will be the same an inspiration and reminding me what’s real and good in life!
    Have a safe trip over.

  28. Melissa Dawes says:

    I am married to a Kiwi, and I have been to Australia and NZ twice. I love it. You will love it. The scrapbook industry is just BOOMING there. Enjoy the trip. Be sure to try some TimTams before you come home. I also volunteer to go with you and I will carry the bags!!!

  29. YAY!!! see you in Sydney Stacy!
    cheers Tracey
    (from sunny queensland)

  30. see you in Sydney :)

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