finally, clipboards …

my friend Nikola has been asking for copies of the school clipboards that I use to get the boys out the door in the morning for months. You’d think I could just post and/or email huh? But I haven’t been able to find the files–trust me, this drives me NUTS. I finally located them over the weekend. For some odd reason I created these on my husband’s lap top–go figure? Anyway, I’ve got them now and have attached them here (as word docs.)

Chase has been bugging me to update his checklist since school started–tasks need to be in a different and more sensible order. We struggled this morning getting him out the door, which was just the motivation I needed. I’ve made the updates and printed new masters (for quick copies) and put them in our tickle file (another idea I really should pass on at some point)

Download chase_checklist.doc

Download clark_checklist.doc

Download tafts_checklist.doc

Download treys_checklist.doc

Let’s just hope the new checklist and the example of his sister …

doing homework — will inspire Chase!!

As an update, the oral surgeon is attempting to save Trey’s tooth

He was a total trooper, enduring a scarry situation and a fair amount of blood!
All went very well and we are  hopeful.

The countdown is on for my trip to Australia. Geof applied for my visa and I’m working on the getting grandma to come and stay.
I’m beyond excited to travel down under. Check out the cool classes that Nic Howard will be teaching at the Crafting Connection — I cannot wait to meet Nic and soak up some of her brilliance. I suppose I should post a bit about what I have planned too huh? (I’ll add that to my list.)


  1. Good luck with that tooth, Trey! My kids can relate as I am a really laissez-faire mom when it comes to aches and pains that I think I have figured out already!
    We made some clipboards of our own and my girls love them. Thanks for the inspiration! You can see them here:
    Love your quote below and encouragement to “quote yourself.” I will do that as a birthday present to myself today. Why not? ;)

  2. Best of luck Trey,hope you get to keep your teeth!
    Stacy have a wondereful trip.

  3. Teresa Cotterman says:

    OK, so what kind of punishments/consequences do you dish out if they don’t get their things done before school? We are really having a problem with our kids right now. No matter what we do or say, they seem to like to push our buttons, and make us tell them over and over again to do their work.

  4. kat-in-texas says:

    Oh so glad they are trying to save his tooth!!! It’s amazing what dentistry can do today. Hope all goes well in the long run!!! Thanks for the checklists, Stacy. We need to simplify.

  5. thanks so much! you are the best for taking the time to find these! I know that you are way busier than I am!

  6. oh yes please post a bit about what you have planned for us. I’ve booked into some of your classes and can’t wait!!!!

  7. YEAH THANK YOU! Been hoping you would post this. Do you have a different list for after school? Just wondering. Seems like the greater issue for me with my 4 kids. And curiosity was peaked when you said “Tickle File”. WHAT IS THAT? :-) Thanks agin for taking the time to find them! Love all your organizing/mom tips!!!

  8. thinking of you, trey!

  9. My kids are all adults now. My youngest was 18 months old when I went to work full time. It took me a while but I came up with a similar system to help make mornings much smoother for everyone. Good for you!
    Going to Austrailia? Sounds great. It’s one of the places on my ‘travel’ list that I hope to see someday.

  10. thanks for the system…I saw your Summer one and I WAS for sure going to do that..well I never got around to it! You remind me of my cousin..she is so organzied like you!! I always wanted to be like her. Anyways…can I post my version on my blog and link back to you? I always want to give credit to the original. thanks for your ideas
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you Trey!!

  11. Love the things you post. I am just wondering about the “bin” any pictures? What is in the bin? You got my curiousity peakin’!

  12. Andrea Adams says:

    Am I the only one who sees these documents as musical notes? Can you help me out?

  13. WOW! It’s so great to see you again! Well, I guess a picture on your blog counts:)…. It’s been along time since our days in SLC! I knew you were fabulous then!:) I’m so happy for you! Thanks for the organizing tips! I plan on implementing them with 4 kiddos of my own:)
    Juleen Allred (Jensen)

  14. Don’t feel so bad Staci – the same thing happened to my brother – he’s 15 now and this happened 2 yrs ago when he was horsing around w/his friend who was twice his size. For what it’s worth they attempted to save his tooth and it’s only slightly discolored – ok and a little shorter than the other, but at least Trey’s tooth didn’t completely come out like my brothers! :)

  15. A tickle file? I don’t have children or any idea what it is but I am already feeling the need for one! Sounds wonderful! Please share! :-)

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