Guess what?

It’s International Angie Appreciation Day. You may not know this, because this is a brand new occasion set forth just this year, in honor of an amazing woman, named Angie Lucas.

Angie is pictured here, front and center (laughing) and for those of you who don’t know, Angie is the managing editor at Simple Scrapbooks. A managing editor is the person accountable for meeting editorial deadlines crucial to the production of the magazine. This is HUGE. Angie is the "unsung" behind-the-scenes, never given enough credit girl that keeps us ALL on track, makes us look (and I might add read) better than we do on our own. Now, there is something else you need to know about Angie. Angie really cares. You may not be aware, that Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks and Paper Crafts magazines have endured two plus years of "transition" as we have moved from being a Primedia company to being our own CKMedia. This is huge. Everything has changed hands. We’ve had to develop all new support systems (newstand, circulation, human resources etc …) without missing a beat with the magazines. This has NOT been easy and in the midst of all this craziness, we launched a brand new publication (Digital Scrapbooking.) Lin Sorenson (far left) our former Editor in Chief has become the Editorial Director of all CKMedia magazines–another transition that left Angie in the hot seat and picking up the pieces. OK, so I’m getting to my point, really.

You need to know this. You need to know that when you get an issue of the magazine, it represents four+ months of Angie’s life. Four months that she has "managed" calendars and schedules and assignments and maps and sweepstakes and web links and forecasts and budgets and reviews and EVERYTHING. In addition to all this, Angie makes time to maintain our Simple Blog, which if you have read,  you know is highly entertaining! The blog thing isn’t a part of her "job description" it is just one of those "Angie cares" things that adds to her already exceptional nature.

And here’s my point: I want you to help me say "thank you" to Angie. You have exactly 24 hours to email Angie and tell her simply "I appreciate you!" You can elaborate if you want to, but that is not required — I just want her email inbox to be flooded with subject lines that read "I appreciate you!" Wouldn’t that be cool?

Will you do it?

p.s. more must-experience Angie praise from Cathy and Brian


  1. You got it Stacy. All done. Angie sounds like one awesome woman.
    Have a creative day!

  2. Done and can’t wait to hear how much flooding has taken place!!

  3. Done and done.

  4. I’m in. And while we are at it, I appreciate you – your happinees and compassion are contagious, and your creative inspiriation is a joy in my life.

  5. Done! I hope it makes her day.

  6. done and done. i certainly KNOW how it feels to be under appreciated… so if I can pay it forward – some day – it will all come back at me!

  7. Stacy, I am completely overcome! I have the most amazing team evah! Thank you for your sweet sweet words and everything you do. You should see my office!

  8. Done…..based on what you outlined she is SO deserving of this special day!

  9. You all should get a global hug big time for what you are doing at Simple Scrapbook. Simple? HAHA, we know better. It’s a lot of work, please keep on doing it. I … we love it!

  10. You all should get a global hug big time for what you are doing at Simple Scrapbook. Simple? HAHA, we know better. It’s a lot of work, please keep on doing it. I … we love it!

  11. Janet Bobo says:

    I took care of business! I also want to thank you, too. The whole gang at “Simple” is great! I was glad to see more of you in the latest edition of “Simple.” Keep up the good work – I love all the inspiration!

  12. Stacey all done with a little added message…

  13. I just sent her an email! What a great thing everyone at Simple is doing to show their appreciation and gratitude! Just another example of how awesome the people of Simple really are! Hope you are having a good day. :-)

  14. Just got a message back that Angie read mine :))LOL … Wonder how much messages she will receive …

  15. Thank you Stacy. When I read about it at the SS blog I wondered if I could send her a personal message and now you’ve enabled me to do just that. What a wonderful corporation to work for.

  16. Mission accomplished!

  17. Considered it done, Stacy! What a powerhouse! You are too!
    Thanks to you both for all the hard work and excellent magazines.

  18. Done :)
    So fun that all the Simple folks planned such a great tribute to her today.

  19. Done with an added comment!
    Amy H

  20. Just so you know too, Simple Scrapbooks is the BEST magazine, and we all appreciate what you all put into every issue to make it so wonderfuol for us. I read ever page and read every issue over and over. You all make this hobby even better for us with your articles and ideas. Thank you!
    And I have to mention that I just saw the 2008 Year Long Class at BPS, and I’m BEYOND happy! Thank you for letting us decide which classes to take (not that I don’t want to take them all, but sometimes life just gets in the way), and thank you for letting us break up the payment. What an AMAZING idea! I’m so excited to start 2008! Thanks for making my day!

  21. Happily done!
    Now, when are we having a “Stacy” day?!

  22. I’ll do it for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

  23. Melissa S-E says:

    Done. :)

  24. Mine is late cause I just read your post, but I figure a little appreciation after the day won’t come amiss. I LOVE Angie’s blog. Thanks for giving us this link.

  25. Thank you Angie, for your time and effort. We all appreciate your creative genius.

  26. darn, I missed this! and I *heart* Angie…good thing there was already some gloss-y appreciation on it’s way to her :)

  27. Hi Stacy
    Just to let you know that I will be at KiwiScraps in Sydney and am very much looking forward to it.
    I think I am down for 3 of your classes.

  28. Missed this the day it posted because of CKU.

  29. Lovebug Kat says:

    well I missed this since I was in Winnipeg Manitoba for a cross country scrapbooking event, the Canada Scrapbooks for Kids event benefitting the Childrens’ Hospital, but I jumped in anyway and sent an email to Angie, it made me tired just thinking about what she does LOL

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