Quote Me Challenge — part 2

The correct answers are:
1 C
2 A
3 B
4 D

so, it’s like this:

"Only when sleeping do we make no MISTAKES. Mistakes are the privilege of the active person, who can start over and put things right." Ingvar 

"Life is huge, more expansive than we can feel or imagine. Even in my deepest meditation or moments of profound awareness, I can only connect to a fraction of all that is alive."  Oprah

"I think the word create is synomous with thrive. Alive is just a state of being, thrive is an intentional choice. I will think beyond myself, I will conceive something new. I will not fear. I will be me. I will thrive." Stacy

" I go forth alone, and stand as ten thousand. I think of all who’ve come before me and had to endure trials that would level most of us in our urban comfort zones, and I realize I’m not the first person to face big challenges. This has been done before. I can do it again, maybe even better." Maya

I wish I could have said them all — I so LOVE the message of each one. Which, brings me to the next phase of this little challenge …

I want you to quote yourself. Write a short statement that expresses an ideology or belief about life, creativity, connection — whatever and post it as a comment. I mean "why not?" It was so fun to write my quote — you and I have every bit as much to say as these people and I think sometimes it can come out sounding pretty darn good. So, quote yourself — I’ll figure out something cool to do with all of our words, perhaps a way of officially sharing them???

Many of you got the right answers, so Geof helped me do a random drawing. I’ll be sending the following posters, some FUN happy mail, as soon as they email me their addresses:

Rosa (posted on 10/2)
Denise C (10/2)
Laura B (10/2)
Michelle (10/02)
Vanessa (9/1)
S. Patel (9/1)
Edie (8/31)
Nicole Q (8/31)
Susie (8/31)

p.s. Did I ever share this with you?
You can upload photos and order custom Kleenex boxes at mykleenextissue.com
I’m starting to collect fun holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers to share with you in December, but this can’t wait — it’s too fun. Amy shared this with me several months ago and I immediately ordered two boxes of Addie tissues — you gotta try it!!


  1. A few quotes of mine that I have actually used on layouts and cards I made for some friends: “Be loyal to your passions” and on a photo of a sunflower “Sunny October days…a blessing wearing an orange suit.”

  2. That Kleenex box has got to be the cutest thing ever!

  3. funny box !
    my quote… I said that a few years ago…
    “Sometimes it is just SO hard being a woman. But when I feel “blue”, I remember one thing : it’s my condition of woman that gives me the most important and wonderful joy of the world. I’m a woman, and I can give life to another human being, a wonderful one.”

  4. You are a BAD influence. No I have to go and order custom tissues!!!!!

  5. This is my quote, I should work on the wording a bit, but here goes, “Today’s women are so lucky, we can have it all, education, career, motherhood. I find these things so much more enjoyable if I don’t have them all at once.”

  6. This is not an uplifting quote, but I think it says alot and one I just wrote the other day…
    “The ONLY difference between physical abuse and emotional abuse, is the location of the bruises”

  7. I love those kleenex boxes! Guess I’d better check them out.
    People will roll their eyes at my favorite quote but I do like it because it’s simple and to the point. “Live well. Love much. Laugh often.”

  8. On Validation:
    “this reminded me of a theory I once realized in my dark and gloomy twenties – there are people that talk. there are people that listen. there are people that simply wait to talk. you don’t ever want to be that person. the person that waits to talk is so self involved they don’t have the time or right to listen to you talk. a perfect combination is the person that can listen, validate, and talk. point blank. that is who you want your “person” to be.” ~Shelley May~

  9. Just used this the other day with my son.
    ‘It should not matter what me or anyone else thinks. It should only matter what you think.’

  10. Vickie Jones says:

    I’ll have to think about a quote, all I can come up with right now is
    “When life hands you lemons, get out the Tequilla and the salt and call me”
    My Daughters name is Addie “Addison” love that tissue box!

  11. Wow – so many great quotes to live by! I’d like to add one here that I just came across in our October Ensign: “[We are expected] to be as faithful, as devoted, as courageous as those who went before us. They were called to give their lives for the gospel. We are called to live our lives for the same purpose.” Elder Robert D. Hales
    I love this quote because it encompasses a lot of the reason why I scrapbook. I do it to remember those who passes on before me and to leave a legacy for those who come after.

  12. “When you give up on yourself, you’re not hurting anyone but yourself, and yet, everyone is affected.” and you can quote me on that. : )

  13. Kathryn Johnson says:

    “You can’t truly be creative unless you are willing to make mistakes.”

  14. I think so many times as people we really aren’t honest with ourselves. I know it’s hard to see ourselves as we really are…that is what good friends and family are for, to remind us. But to be honest about our strengths/weaknesses, the good/bad, what we really like and what we don’t. What I like best about getting older is it seems like we get more comfortable with ourselves and it makes being honest a bit easier.

  15. OK so now I’m ordering customized tissue boxes!! yup that’s what I did! thanks for the tip!!!

  16. “When people tell you who you should be, just keep remembering who you are.” I forget who said this, but I used it for my Sr. yearbook quote. PS -thanks for the tip on the tissue boxes! I know what I am giving for Christmas this year!!!

  17. Denise C. says:

    Hi stacy! For some reason I was unable to email you my address using the link on your blog, so I sent it to your bigpicturescrapbooking email. I hope you get it! Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!!

  18. That Kleenex box is the cutest ever! Totally ordering some!
    Here is my quote/personal mantra:
    Creativity is a muscle. You have to use it regularly to keep it strong.

  19. My quote: Every single human being is creative in some way. We can not help but have the potential for creativity when we are created by and in the image of the ultimate Creator.

  20. Every teenager wants to, needs to, have an opportunity to be a hero to a child.

  21. I shared this in my glimpses album with you at Scrap Etc. but I thought it should be shared again :)
    My Life Lesson
    …something I believe if you will
    I’ve come to learn in my life what freedom is. What it means to live free and BE. Be who you are. Who you were designed by God to be. When we try to be something that we’re not, more often then not we fail. So find out who you are. What you are passionate about, what your quirks are and embrace it. That’s who you were designed to be. STOP PRETENDING you’re perfect, or that you have it all together because sooner or later that world will come crashing down on you and you’ll feel lost and alone. So…BE… but BE FREE!

  22. Favorite quote: If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.
    This singular quote made me take a big risk and join a video dating service (that was the “swim out to it” art). Date number 10 and I have been married for 12 years, have 2 daughters, a home, 2 dogs, 2 hamsters, and a pond full of koi in our backyard.
    It was only very recently that I learned old-time funny guy Jonathan Winters is credited with that quote — and changing my life.

  23. Laurie Kearnes says:

    Stacy, I’m working on my own personal quote, but I’m currently remembering something someone once said about me – that I was a “fierce
    mother.” I’m actually proud of that. What it means to me is that I love my children fiercely, and I defend them fiercely when I feel they have been wronged. Of course, now that they are getting older, I encourage them to defend themselves and their standards in the same manner. I don’t think this is a derogatory term at all.
    Now, on another subject, have you read “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal? I consider myself to be a very ordinary person, and this book is really funny! Notice that I consider you to be a very unordinary person, and that is a complement, by the way. I just like you.

  24. Something I often say: “Life’s too short to work on Saturdays. What are [our kids] going to remember – that we were away at work that day, or that we all went swimming?”

  25. “by small and simple things will great things be brought to pass”…
    A house is built one brick, one beam, one wall at a time. Every “large” thing starts off with a small and simple base. Don’t think big dreams come in big packages.It’s usually lots of little packages that used together create something great.

  26. Here’s one I’ve just made up:
    “When God is raining down blessings, don’t worry about whether you brought your umbrella.”
    Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  27. Annette Kuusinen says:

    “There is a myth that was sold to my generation of women. It’s that you can have it all. I don’t think you can – and I don’t WANT to. I think that you have to choose what is most important to you and make that your ALL. I don’t mean that you can’t have a career and a family. I just think that you can’t be June Cleaver and Oprah. Who’d want to anyway? Vacuuming in pumps & pearls isn’t my idea of fun, how about you?”
    Thanks for making me put this down on paper. I’ve often thought about this stuff. Nice to take the time to feel the entire thought out. (Something I rarely get to do with 2 munchkins running around.)

  28. Thinking of trying the kleenex box for Christmas…has anyone else tried it? Just wondering as when I uploaded my photos the preview shows up grainy and my photos are of the suggested size/dpi at the Kleenex site.

  29. “it is what it is.”
    Not earth-shatteringly deep, but sometimes it says it all. :)

  30. carrie conforti says:

    Be nice, even when you don’t want to…it makes a difference for you and the other person.

  31. This is one of my favorites just no mine.
    “Surround Yourself with High-Energy People
    Choose to be in close proximity to people who are empowering, who appeal to your sense of connection to intention, who see the greatness in you, who feel connected to God and who live a life that gives evidence that Spirit has found celebration through them”.
    Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D.

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