where do the days go?

I cannot believe it is Thursday already! Chase, Trey, Taft, Addie and I left last Thursday afternoon (no school on Friday) and drove to Seattle to visit grandpa and grandma (nice, needed break)

my m&d live right next door to Remlinger Farms, which when I was a girl, was this obscure place out in the boon docks where you could go pick berries in the summer. It is now the "it" place, especially for pumpkins and other fall festivities. I am however sort of bummed by the fact that it has CHANGED and become so crowded and commercial–so, we skipped out on Remlingers and went across the valley to Jubilee Farms, which is actually a biodynamic co-op of organic farmers! We had an awesome time — I mean seriously when the sky is blue in Seattle, the sky is really blue–and now, I’m sitting here singing "The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen …" (anyone know that song?) The only charge was for the pumpkins–everything was free.
Addie wasn’t sure what to think at first, but eventually warmed up a bit.

I watched Chase and thought how many times we’ve done this together–love annual traditions for that fact.

Chase also caught his very first fish "all by himself,"
which is a big deal for him!

Tafty’s front tooth has been loose since school started–I’ve begged him to pull it out, cause it got so loose it just looked funny. Finally Sunday morning, he bit into a pear and the deed was done!

little boys change so much between first and second grade, I’m so going to miss having my "little" boys. This one is growing like a weed right now and the baby-tooth years are drawing to an end.

And finally, check out the HUGE leaves we found on our walk …

We are all into "peek-a-boo" right now, because Addie is so into "peek-a-boo" Everything becomes a "now I see you, now I don’t" game.
Oh, wait I can’t forget to show you these funky mushrooms–anyone know what they are?

I’ve  never seen anything like these — they were growing right at the edge of the driveway and looked like they were oozing thick black tar or oil — there was an article about mushrooms in the Seattle Times, but no photo of anything like this.

I’ve been busy this week finishing assignments for SS, tying up loose ends with Cathy on my book  and announcing what I think are some pretty cool classes (and something brand NEW and super cool) for 2008 at BPS. Speaking of classes …
I’m getting SO EXCITED about our big trip to Australia. I’ve had some emails about what my plans are. I’m teaching among other things, my Finish Line Scrapbooking lecture/hands-on class. Several months ago one of my students sent me  a couple of photos of her 6×6 album that she "finished" I LOVE it.


This is probably the most liberating hands-on class I’ve ever taught.
It’s all about "letting go" and connecting to creative intuition that
lets you make quick decisions and get stuff done! We have so many choices in product these days and so many expectations about "how" things can and/or should be done that many, many of the women I meet are paralyzed to some degree or another. The concepts and strategies I share in this class are the best way I know to push past any kind of creative block and get back in the groove.

I’ll post some pics of my Finish Line album too– the next time I teach this class stateside is early next year at the Get Croppin’ Event in Chantilly, VA and spots are going fast. I’d love to see you there!


  1. Stacy – I am all signed up for your Finish Line class at Get Croppin’, which will be my very first class with you, and I am so looking forward to the experience!
    I am ready for some serious motivation, and hope to glean as much *Stacy Knowledge* as I can. Have a fab time down under, and see you in February!

  2. Beverly Boelter says:

    Oh my gosh Stacy. You were less than 2 miles from me! We did the same thing when my kids were younger. They LOVED Jubilee and the tractor / hay ride to the pumpkin field. The weather was sooo nice this past weekend for it too! I miss it.

  3. Yes, I still break out in a sweat when I think about that class. But it turned out to be very liberating. I at least finished the album. Now my daughter Nicki…she hasn’t touched the album since spring!

  4. Looking forward to the new classess at Big Picture….especially the book club and handmade books….all of the classes for 2008 look motivating and inspiring!

  5. I was curious if you would ever do ScrapHappy lecture class online?

  6. I have been meaning to email you about the things that were sent to me. I think my mom emailed you though.

  7. Just wanted to tell you thank you.

  8. Stacy I love the book club and I am going to sign up. Please post in your blog when signups start when you get the info.

  9. I CANNOT wait until your class in Virginia! I signed up the minute registration opened and am so excited. You are such an inspiration! :-)

  10. HI Stacey, just wanted to tell you that in 2005 I attended your class where you taught us the concept of the annual : IS, CAN, HAS album. I have been doing it ever since. Recently I was asked to show some of my work at my daughters school and share what scrapping has meant to me. I focused a lot on my mini albums, particularly your one which I have entitled my GLIMPSES albums! The response was overwhelming and on 2 November I will be teaching 15 FIRST TIME scrappers how to do their very own albums. (And I have a waiting list for a second class!!) They all loved the idea that they can create ONE ALBUM A YEAR and capture so much; without having to be a full fledged scrapper-holic. I am so thankful to you, for sharing your gift with me and so many others. I thought it would tickle you to know how far spread your album idea is going! xxx

  11. Jan in AZ says:

    I remember that song! It was the opening to the TV show “Here Come the Brides”, set in Seattle, which I watched without fail when I was about 12. Starred Bobby Sherman and David Soul. Cool.

  12. Allison Barnes says:

    So jealous…wish I could get to Seattle! I remember picking raspberries and strawberries at Remlingers! No farms here in Vegas! Miss that.
    Give the kids a hug and say hi to Geof.
    Miss ya!

  13. karen Hobbs says:

    I am a Steilacoom native (close to Seattle) and it was fabulous blue skyed weekend! I am always singing that song on sunny days! FYI the mushrooms are called Inky Caps and the are actually edible if you get them before they start to ooze ‘ink’! Glad to hear you were nearby!

  14. karen Hobbs says:

    I am a Steilacoom native (close to Seattle) and it was fabulous blue skyed weekend! I am always singing that song on sunny days! FYI the mushrooms are called Inky Caps and the are actually edible if you get them before they start to ooze ‘ink’! Glad to hear you were nearby!

  15. Loved that song when I was a girl! I think Bobby Sherman was in a lot of Tiger Beat Magazines much of that time. :-)
    And, yes, when the skies are blue in Seattle, the are the most spectacular blue! I live in Lakewood, just south of the area, but we used to live in Edmonds. I remember going to Remlinger Farms, too. But I don’t like the commercialism and madding crowds either.
    So nice to see you had a great time with your kids!

  16. Rachel King says:

    Hey Stacey – don’t forget that you are coming to New Zealand as well! Despite a somewhat common(and unfortunate) misconception – NZ is not actually a state of Australia. In fact – not even related! But great neighcbours for sure….looking forward to seeing you in the land of the long white cloud in Nov!!

  17. I’m glad you and the kids had such a nice weekend. Looks like fun! (Wishing my kids were little again. sigh)
    As for your BPC, I’ve got to get registered for one of them this winter.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. When are you coming back to Virginia. I have a Wedding to go to the weekend of Feb 16th. I will love to take a class with you.

  19. Fall is my very favorite time of the year, and the funny thing is, that I was driving past Liberty Lake the other day on my way home from CDA and saw the MOST GORGEOUS fall trees ever…..I don’t know who they belong too, it’s around a large business area, but I hope they were there to greet you as you came back home, they are right as you get off the exit at Liberty Lake, hoping this recent windy few days hasn’t taken them all away…..absolutely beautiful in your own back yard!!! Happy Fall, so much to be thankful for!!!

  20. I agree with everyone else last Saturday was absolutely perfect. We grew our own pumpkins this year, they are cute and cost only a little for the seeds and time for the care. A guy at my husbands work went out to Remlingers on Sat, he was complaining about the cost for a family of four just to go in and the pumpkins were extra! Good for you for finding an alternative and you can’t beat organic! My children thought your mushrooms look gross!

  21. I have been to Remlinger with my daughter, back when it was dirt parking lot, FREE to get in and you just paid for the pumpkins. I’ve been to Jubilee farm as well. My son had a preschool field trip there (let’s say that was about 11 years ago!!) and we returned there a few times with friends. We now live in Idaho and recently went to Green Bluff to enjoy their orchards and pumpkin patches :D More in YOUR neighborhood! There were a few that seemed to be going the way of Remlinger Farm. We sought out those that were more like Jubilee.
    Ahhh yes, The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen….Here Come the Brides and Bobby Sherman. You can get those on DVD from Netflix now, at least the first season. My teens loved them.
    I was so set to sign up for a weekend retreat here in nearby Sandpoint, when I heard that you were possibly going to teach a class. The owner said she had met you at some event and you said to give her a call and make the arrangements. Well, she said she could never get thru to YOU! Your ‘people’ never got back to her…and so on. So needless to say, I didn’t sign up for the retreat. I was for a few weeks, so excited about the possibility of taking one of your classes. Maybe in the future.
    Happy FALL!

  22. Looks like it was a super awesome day with the kids…thank you for sharing the photos!!!

  23. Oh My GOSH – your BPS plans for 2008 sound SO EXCITING! I can’t wait. I’m putting BPS Gift Certificates on my Christmas List!

  24. Heather Johnson says:

    LOVE the birthday album that Teri Miner did in your class. I loved how it evoked all the fun we had at the party itself!

  25. Those are inky cap mushrooms. I see them growing around here all the time. They make a mess though if you step on them!

  26. Deat me, Chase is gonna look just like his father! He´s grown so BIG! Isn´t it amazing how suddenly they arn´t small anymore?
    Love to you!

  27. … another jubiee goer. we go every week in the summer as part of our csa. this is the first year we’ve gone for pumpkins. love that farm — love farmer wendy and farmer erik — love the watermelon trebuchet (did you see that in action? my kids thought it was hi-lar-i-ous!)
    i remember remlinger from another day, too. still fun to go, but definitely NOT a small farm experience.
    great photos!

  28. Wow what a great photo of those mushrooms! It looks like the pumpkin patch was a great time and that’s so cool that Taft’s tooth came out… we’ve been waiting for Jessi’s *first* tooth to come out for over a month. Each day we say “any day now”! LOL! Oh and I just blog-tagged you.

  29. Oooh, I LOVE Remlinger Farms. We try to make a trip each year. You are right though, it can be CRAZY busy this time of year, especially on the beautiful autumn days (read: no rain). I have never seen mushrooms like that before. Those are just crazy looking with the ooze. Bleck!

  30. HI Stacy,
    I just had to smile when I saw the big familiar Jubilee Farms Farm house! We love Farmer Eric and the gang! I’m so glad you included it in your blog. We had a most wonderful summer a while back going to Jubilee each week to pick up our CSA goodies.
    I decided a long time ago when my son was small that I wanted a non-comercial pumpkin picking experience, Jubilee is great! Did you get to see the pumpkin catapult?

  31. Hi Stacey,
    I was so thrilled to see you were teaching at the ScrapBowl in VA next year. I signed up as soon as I heard. I am so looking forward to it. Enjoy your trip down under!

  32. Stacy:
    I sure hope you read your own comments, because I have a LONG one.
    1) I read on CZ’s blog that you have a NEW BOOK coming out. Will you be letting us know how and when we can pre-order?
    2) The reason I ask is that when your other book came out, I burned up GOBS of time, trying to no avail to find your fab book, and then….
    3) you felt sorry for me and sent me an AUTOGRAPHED copy of your book (which would be one of the things I would grab in a fire…..)
    4) I will be attending your class here in VA at ScrapBowl in February. I am so looking forward to it. It is the ONLY class I am taking there.
    5) Your photos and scrapbooking inspire me sooooo much that shortly after getting your book, I took a major chance and hung out a shingle. I started my own photography business. Things are really kickin’ and I love what I do!! So I owe you (and Ali Edwards) a huge thank you. You can even peek at my website (since you helped inspire me)….
    Thank you for being so amazing. For sharing yourself with us, when you have a perfectly busy and beautiful life, for being so honest and open, for being so darn creative.
    Just thank you. :)

  33. Lisa in Woodinville says:

    Another Jubilee-goer here…I emailed Erick and Wendy as soon as I saw their farm front and center in your blog! We go every week for CSA. Thanks for sharing our favorite place with the scrapbooking world! Love your pics as usual.

  34. Those funky mushrooms are called Shaggy manes, we used to be so mean with those things and kick them at each other walking to school!

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