a great article and snow!

check out this very nice article about Big Picture Scrapbooking.  It is posted at ScrapJazz (which btw, is a great site dedicated to educating scrapbookers)

It was the first thing I did this morning when I came down to my studio and I really enjoyed reading the perspective of someone else on what has been a  monumental and demanding and ongoing project. I love my work at SS and BPS, but it’s easy to get caught up in all that we need to improve and all that we want to do, so I appreciated reading what someone else has written about what we have already created–that it is a good and convenient and inspirational thing.

Do this with me today — step back from something you have worked hard on, an ongoing project that has been a focus of yours and notice the progress you have made — this could be work-related or something at home or in your personal life. Whatever it is, stop today and think about how far you’ve come. Then get back to work!!

and look at the view off my back porch this morning …

the boys were so excited! I opened the door and let Addie decide for herself …

how can you not love the way fresh snow blankets the earth. It is so beautiful! This will definitely help put me in the mood for decorating — I’ve been putting it off until I get a few organizational projects done, but now I’m feeling much more motivated.

and, several have asked, so watch for my "12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas" coming this Saturday (December 1st)


  1. Gosh – what a positively AMAZING view you have! Wow!

  2. Allison Barnes says:

    I want some snow! I miss it so much. Just a few days of it would do! Then I will keep the sunshine. So where is the bread store? I love that place too, I go there every Wednesday on my way home from the temple and get a loaf of bread and a sandwich. When John is out of town I buy a loaf of cinnamon chip bread and make french toast for dinner! So yummy!
    I needed your lesson on seeing how far we have come! I weighed in today and I am still up 9 lbs, but I have come a long way and have kept 45 lbs off… so that thought makes me happy! Thanks for helping me not just look at the gain.
    Love ya,

  3. I think you need to set up some x-country skiiing in your backyard or something! What did Addie think of the snow?

  4. I can’t wait for it to snow here. You look like you have quite a bit…beautiful!

  5. beautiful view Stacy, and an precious photo of Addie checking out her first snow! Tena

  6. I certainly hope everyone of staff at BPS feels VERY accomplished! You have all done so much and I am very thankful! Because of all of you after years of “buying” I finally have a scrapbook page to show for it and plan on many more!! Great job and we can’t wait to see what else you have coming!
    Love the pic of Addie. My son is 2 1/2 and it snowed last week. The eyes of wonder are so awesome. I know that will be the last time as he’ll probably remember the snow next year! Wonderful memories! Thanks Stacy and everyone at BPS!

  7. OMG that view is so gorgious! I love your comment for today. i make albums and OTP projects for others and was feeling very overwhelmed with all my christmas orders but have now stood back and looked at the gorgious work that i have been doing and the bright colours and just loving it. So Thank you!

  8. Oh you are so lucky! I was praying for snow here in Redmond last night but woke up to nothing… :(
    By the way, I’m really enjoying your little Big Picture snippets on the PBS show!

  9. So glad you are doing your gift list again…bought lots of stuff from it last year and became a frequent shopper at CB2…
    Thanks for all that you do!

  10. I am so, so excited that you put the link of the article on your blog! You have no idea how excited I was to read the article and to discover your BPS website! This is totally new to me that you do this too!!! And, I am so excited to take classes and to learn from you, and others, who inspire me daily to make sure I don’t miss the important reasons why I scrapbook, for the things I feel I “have” to scrapbook. Thank you!

  11. What a gorgeous view, Stacy, and what a priceless picture of Addie. And only a couple of weeks ago you were down here in Sydney’s rain and sunshine! What a wonderful world we live in…

  12. Oh – I wish I had more snow here in Kirkland WA….. they gave us snow hope last night, but just a cold gray day today. Merry Christmas to you – Terri

  13. Beautiful snow view! I’m in Florida and my son has never seen snow so I have promised my son to take him to see snow this winter! Can’t wait (I grew up up north)!
    Also can’t wait to sign up for your LOM class on BPS!

  14. Thank you. Can’t wait until Saturday.

  15. I miss snow too! I always forget how cold it gets everywhere else until my family sends me a picture of their snow… I guess that is what happens when you live in FL!
    Stacy, are you going to post Christmas gift ideas again?

  16. It’s a beautiful view and the snow is icing on the cake, right? I want to thank you for the advice to step back and take a look at the progress you’ve made. I am making my daughter’s wedding dress and we were having trouble with getting the bodice to fit properly. After taking a week off to ‘think’ about it, I came up with a solution. We tried it with the prototype dress last night and it worked. Next time we hit a snag, I will step back and ‘think’ some more and then I will be grateful for the progress we’ve made so far.

  17. OK, coming out of lurk mode..LOL Just had to say how excited i was to see the monthly book club class at BPS…i immediately signed up as soon as I got the email. I appreciate that you can sign up for just one month..but I myself will be there for all TWELVE!! Anyway, Tena is sort of an idol and I just can’t wait. I have her books and just love them. Now I just have to patiently wait for it to start!!

  18. Love that sentiment, to stop and look back and appreciate. Needing that right now as I’m finishing my semester. Now on to finishing that statistics paper!
    Oh, and so excited to see Emily Falconbridge teaching at BPS. Thanks for making these teachers accessibe to us.

  19. So glad I had the opportunity to write the article! I love what you are doing with BPS, your (and the rest of the team at BPS) dedication to scrapbooking is obvious in the quality and subject matter of the classes.
    And thank you for the challenge to step back and take time to look at our accomplishments! It is nice to have that reminder from time to time.

  20. That sentiment is much needed, especially at this busy time. Thank you for always sharing your heart.

  21. Your photo of the snow is beautiful. Having lived in Florida most of my life, it is hard for me to imagine living in snow but it sure is beautiful!!

  22. cannot believe your backyard looks like that, whilst we are sweltering in sunny Queensland. It is an amazing photo, love it, and very jealous.
    Love Tracey, your sydney TA

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