dreams of homemade bread come true

so, two months or so ago, as we are driving home from church I catch out of the corner of my eye, this sign:

you probably cannot read it, so I will tell you that it says "Opening Soon: Great Harvest Bread Company". Reacting out of pure delight and surprise, I scream repeatedly and with much enthusiasm, "OH MY GOSH!!". Luckily, my husband keeps the van on the road.

Since this moment I have quite literally been counting the weeks and staring into the window every time we drive by. When I was a freshman at BYU, almost 25 years ago, I discovered a Great Harvest bakery and become a huge fan! When I returned to Utah 10+ years later, married to Geof and living on a medical resident’s salary (what salary?), I would save up money I made as a DOTS (now Close To My Heart) demonstrator to splurge on bread — needless to say, I was thrilled when a bakery opened about a mile from our little duplex. If you’ve never been to a GHBC store, click on the link here and see if you can find one near you. Their bread is amazing and they give you a free slice with every purchase. I even took  pictures of my Salt Lake City bakery before moving to Idaho, which  btw are still in my "Things We Do" drawer under "favorites" (this will mean something if you’ve taken my Library of Memories class at BPS)

back to my story, I returned from down under last Monday, drove by the new little strip mall at the bottom of our hill (not even half a mile away) on Wednesday and saw the official  6-day "grand opening" countdown in the window and started making plans.

Clark and I stopped by on Saturday, met the owners and let them in on our plans to be their first Liberty Lake customers Monday morning. Clark attends early-morning seminary before high school and we get to drive the carpool on Mondays, so this morning, we did it — we picked up the other five sleepy teenagers and stopped by, purchased 12 HOT cinnamon rolls and became the first "sale" — naturally, I snapped some photos, which I will be sending to our community newspaper!!


and just so you rest at ease, they do make brownies. In fact, there
was a brownie in the display case that I will be returning for this
afternoon. It absolutely MUST be documented in my Brownie Tracker

just had to share my homemade bread dream come true. Now I just need a Target and I’ll have died and gone to heaven.

[added note] I did go back
yesterday afternoon for my brownie, and now know why this bakery
is called Great Harvest Bread and not Great Harvest Brownies. Not so
good — I gave it a 2. This is not to say that I will not give them
another chance or maybe three, but they are definitely about the BREAD.
I can you believe I forgot the bread — I called Geof at work and had
him stop on the way home for some Dakota bread to go with our soup for
dinner (this means the julians made three purchases in one day –
happy, happy!)


not sure why I can’t keep my mouth closed in pictures.

and btw, I so loved reading all of your comments. How much fun is a blog!
oh, I do have a Target (in Spokane Valley, about 15 minutes from my house — I just want one at the bottom of the hill, next to the bakery — there have been rumors, but nothing confirmed!!)


  1. Lucky you Stacey….I discovered GHBC this summer in Kalispell, Montana. I bought a package of their Tortilla Soup.I recommend it highly. Yum……there’s not one any where close to me in Florida :( Enjoy !!!–Mary Lib

  2. I thought you said a while back that Liberty Lake had a Target!
    We discovered GHBC the day after Halloween when K went on a preschool field trip there–wow is that stuff yummy!

  3. I thought you said a while back that Liberty Lake had a Target!
    We discovered GHBC the day after Halloween when K went on a preschool field trip there–wow is that stuff yummy!

  4. OHHHH Man you lucky lucky woman! Your post just made me salivate (I know tmi) is there anything better then fresh baked bread (brownies are in a different category) and fresh made cinnamon rolls( I blew the pic up big lol) ohhh be still my heart. I can not make these to save my life and there is not a bakery within an hour of me. Of course this could be a good thing.
    I guess you could make this part of your daily run but kind of defeats the purpose but my brain would say I deserve it lol.

  5. Stacy,
    We have many GHBCs in Houston. I love their product and when I was getting married-11 years ago-we had a Fall-ish feel or theme and we served their breads and cheese at the reception-YUM!!

  6. No Target? Just how does one survive? No GHBC that I’ve seen around me…Florida. Probably a good thing. LOL!

  7. Here’s real heaven Stacey. My daughter WORKS for GHBC!!! Talk about fun! She gets to bring home 2 loaves free every week in addition to a 50% discount. Like I didn’t need any additional excuses to get their bread. Our GHBC give out free slices without purchase. They feel it’s their way of giving back to the community. Plus being near the local University it helps the “staving” students too! :O) Enjoy trying all their different varieties of bread.

  8. Kathleen Loughran says:

    Its nice to see I am not the only one who gets excited over things like this!

  9. kat-in-texas says:

    Oh, that I could just reach through the picture and grab that yummy-looking cinnamon roll! Tell them they would be more than welcome in Texas too! Enjoy your treats!!!

  10. My friends and I had a countdown like this when Archiver’s opened in Memphis a month or so ago. We had a girl’s night out at the store the first weekend it opened. Funny how we get so attached to stores we are familiar with and don’t have near us!

  11. Staci – I’m a CTMH consultant too! However, your story reminded me of when I was a teenager and would save my paper route money to go to Russ’ bakery to buy a canoli every week. *sigh* I can still taste them. They were the best in the city – and that MIGHT have been JUST because I was finally able to purchase them on my own!
    Now we do Panera Bread mostly because they have an awesome Operation Dough-nation policy that I love – and that gives back to the community.
    Congrats on your new treasure spot. Enjoy for many years to come!

  12. You gotta try their pumpkin/chocolate chip bread AND the cinnamon scones! Hurry, they change the bread schedule at the beginning of the month. Enjoy – yes, we know – it’s the little things – thanks for sharing Stacy!

  13. I did the very same thing about 10 years ago when the first GHBS opened here! Now there are two or three, and a Whole Foods and a Panera as well–we’re spoiled with wonderful bread. I remember how excited my husband was when the GHBS opened–we first found GHB in Provo and brought bread home to Colorado every time we visited until ours opened! I think we kept them in business singlehandedly for the first few weeks…!

  14. Hold me back! DH and I are both huge fans of GHBC! We don’t have one locally, but Spokane is just about 2 hrs away. Very tempting!

  15. Great story, I’m still trying to get over the fact that you all don’t have a Target!

  16. I have one w/in 15 miles of my home! I’ve never been to one before. Guess I have an adventure waiting:) Thanks for the information and enthusiasm. Love the pics!!

  17. We have a great harvest bread co here in Burlington VT and we love to go as well. Love their scones!!!!

  18. It’s a sign that I’m supposed to move back to Spokane.
    Miss you!

  19. Well, I am now educated!! We have 2 GH bread co’s here in Idaho Falls and for some hairbrained reason I thought they originated HERE in our town! LOL Now I know… oh, and our family fave is the Pumpkin Choco Chip bread – YUMMMMM!
    :O) DarlaLOU

  20. You couldn’t be more adorable and you just crack me up!:)

  21. Stacy, you must forget the brownies and find out what day they make chocolate chip scones. We have them at our Great Harvest on Thursdays, and they are fabulous. And if they don’t make them, beg them to get the recipe from the Wichita, KS store and whip some up for you! The butterscotch chip are also good, but really chocolate is the best!

  22. I’ve never had a brownie at Great Harvest, but besides the bread, the cookies are AMAZING, especially the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  23. We have a GHBC right down the road from my kids’ school…it is a dangerous place first thing in the morning after I drop off the kids! Seriously, though, forget the brownies and try the TURTLE COOKIES. Absolutely to die for! My kids love the Popeye Bread (yup, it’s got spinach and lots of other veggie type flakes. Go figure?). Enjoy! Michelle

  24. Yea! My 16-year-old son works at Great Harvest and loves it! We love it, too, because every time he works he brings home 2 or 3 packages of goodies! Their jalapeno-cheddar bread is to die for.
    I hadn’t heard of the company before they opened here (northwest of Dallas) 2 months ago, but wow, wow, wow. Love it.

  25. We have three GHBC in Hawai’i. Our family favorite is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Quick Bread, but the Cinnamon Chip Bread and the Spice Bars are good, too. Oh, the cinnamon rolls are pretty good, too, but yeah…the brownies are a little too healthy tasting. What’s the point of eating a healthy brownie!

  26. Oh yeah, our Great Harvests give out bread without a purchase, too. They don’t push the purchase at all. They just want everyone to be happy.

  27. I just wanted to say that, I loved reading about your new bread store adventure. Sounds yummy, except for the brownies, that’s not good, when you need a brownie fix. But you have now left me wanting a warm cinnamon roll, they looked so good.

  28. I used to work at Great Harvest Bread…that was 9 years ago…my gosh times goes by fast. They have the best pizza bread. I think I may have to go get some today :)

  29. This is hilarious. I love your excitement of an opening of the Great Harvest Bread Company. Speaking of brownies, they are my favorite. I’m a serious chocoholic and the GHBC in my town is definitely very chocolatey –it’s delicious!

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