I’m going to be really honest with you.
I don’t particularly like scrapbooking contests, especially skill-based contests. I understand why we do them, I understand (for the most part) the excitement surrounding them and I am always very happy for the winners, but … I still don’t dig skill-based contests. I suppose the real reason is that I think there is so much more to scrapbooking than skill and perhaps even more important, I feel completely inadequate judging another person’s scrapbooking. Sure, I can pick out pages that are well designed, photos that are stellar and journaling that is well written. I’ve studied color for years, so I can talk all day about a layout that has used color well, but when it comes right down to it, scrapbooking is a subjective thing–its personal expression. When pursued authentically scrapbooking should reflect aspects of our lives that don’t need to be judged. Our photos and stories need to be shared and appreciated and used to connect us, not set us a part– my new favorite word and something that our industry needs very much right now is inclusivity (not even sure that’s a word and much more on that to come) …

With that said, have you seen this:
This is the kind of contest that I like. This is the kind of contest that we do at Simple Scrapbooks. This is about being a fun person and it’s about being willing to share your "funness" with the world. The prizes are still great and there’s even the promise of recognition in the magazine–but what’s so cool is the fact that anyone can choose to be more playful in their scrapbooking and that is what we want to see and celebrate.

Here’s what you have to do:
1. Tell us a joke.
2. Tell us in 100 words why you should be crowned Funnest Scrapbooker Ever (for 2007).
3. Send a picture of yourself in costume.
4. Send a picture of your funniest layout ever.
5. Complete three prompts from our Scrapbook Play special issue, and send us pictures of your layouts. (Not sure which prompts to pick? Visit our Let’s Play Contest to see three that we like.)

Here’s what you could win:
1. A tiara and a sash
2. A year’s supply of bubbles
3. A barrel of monkeys
4. A $500 shopping spree at
5. Your photo and layout published in Simple Scrapbooks magazine We can’t wait to meet the funnest scrapbookers on the planet. So hurry! All entries must be received by November 30, 2007. No purchase necessary. Click here for full rules.

ok, so it’s November 1st — you have 29 days.
get busy and show us just how FUN you really are.


  1. I know several people who could qualify for this title and all of them would look great in the tiara and sash! I will encourage them to get into this contest!

  2. been working on my entry for weeks already :)

  3. totally in agreement with you on the whole contest thing and scrapbooking being an art and art is subjective.
    This contest is something I can get into!
    SO excited about the zucchini recipe you posted. It just so happens I have a crisper full of zucchini!

  4. I am so looking forward to you sharing your fun Christmas gift ideas, when will it be up? I so loved the tissue boxes and want more fun ideas. LOVE your blog and all you share!

  5. Stacy – Unfortunately “inclusivity” is not a word but it SHOULD be! What a great contest idea – too bad I don’t have time this month to be at my most funnest – is that a word?!?!?!

  6. Jen Raymond says:

    My husband was just flipping through a SBing mag that happened to be laying near the cereal bowl he was eating out of the other day, and he asked me why I haven’t submitted any LOs to magazines. I told him I am afraid of rejection. What if the professionals don’t like my work? I told him I don’t want to be obsessed with getting published or winning LO contests because I am afraid it would take the fun and importance out if it for me. I just want to stay happy doing it for me and my family. I am relieved to see a professional can understand that! Of course I’ll never be “discovered” this way. ;o)

  7. Why does such a simple contest seem intimadating? I should really give it a go, but I’m nervous…
    I LOVE your prespective Stacy & your humbleness about judging. Growing up with a mother & brother who are an incredible fine artist (still struggling to call myself an artist through scrapbooking) I have learned that art is most definetly in the eye of the beholder.
    That and we should be doing this for ourselves & future generations! :)

  8. I don’t get into sb contests,i hardly have any time to scrapbook,my friends think I’m funny i know I’m fun but when it comes to put it on paper hummm…..not easy,good luck to all those giving it a try, hugs, Rosa.

  9. When I was a kid in school, all girls clearly, we used to chant this cheer!
    Girls Girls you look like squirrels,
    howz about some nuts, heh!
    I was leading a seminar for a large Canadian Company once (see how I said only once) and I said this out loud.. with pom poms…and no one laughed.. I thought it was the funniest thing ever..
    ANyone else this it’s funny?
    uh boy!
    I have scrapped many funny things.. I wouldn’t say I am the funniest, but I am going to send this one in…
    Great contest, awesome attitude.. I love it!

  10. Is it too late to enter? I’ve been Playing with my Scrapbook Play issue & I’m just about ready to sumbit but checked the contest board & this one’s listed as a past contest. I really really want to enter & have been having lots of fun creating the funnest layouts ever!

  11. WHEN is the winner going to be announced!!!

  12. Heard you were announcing the winner for the Funnest Scrapbooker Ever 2007 next week, is this true?

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