I’m here and …

what an amazing, colorful, diverse place. It is such a blessing to travel and experience the world.

Here are just a few  of the things I’ve seen and been amazed by (in one day!)

The story of this building is NOT what you’d imagine, but it speaks to the genius and vision of truly creative minds–and to the adversity and rejection they often encounter.

This is what I am calling my "Sydney" shot — love it!

Came face to face with a childhood FEAR at the aquarium — seriously cool place.

The down-under underwater — wow!!

The first thing I noticed flying in–gorgeous, vibrant periwinkle trees everywhere. So strange to leave the colors of fall and be greeted by the colors of spring!

I have got to figure out how to scrapbook the beauty of nature — I realize after traveling several places this year, I am very much attracted to photographing it (will muse on this)

Internet access is quite expensive, so I won’t be posting every day. I hope my husband reads this, so he knows I’m alive and well. We are going to try and do some video chatting if the planets align in our favor and all the pieces fall into place.

Just is case they don’t,  I LOVE you family,
and I miss you already.

“mind your step” while I’m away.


  1. aaagggghhhhh! You’re here!!

  2. Stacy,
    Beautiful photos. I know what you mean about connecting on the time zone thing. I travel to Korea several times a year on business. I VOIP my family each morning before school (my night time) and each night at dinner. The internet is so cool for this!

  3. Raewyn Aldridge says:

    Sydney is such a cool place Stacy, and if you are there, then that means you are much closer to me! LOL
    See you in Wellington next Friday. I was thinking of you all day today, not only because you are down-under but because I was working on my Glimpses album, love it love it love it.

  4. Hi Stacy! I loved Australia. Go to the local library, you can use the internet there for free and avoid those costly charges at the hotel! We did that all over the continent!

  5. Kristen Joshi says:

    OMG – enjoy it Stacy! We lived in Australia for 3 years and loved, loved, LOVED it!!!! Those blue skies and sunny days look inviting on this crisp, cold (and gray) fall day here in the Northeast!

  6. Gotta love Sydney’s Jacaranda trees! Aren’t they just the most gorgeous colour?
    Enjoy your time here in Oz.
    Cass H (Western Australia)

  7. We get those purple trees here in Florida / “Jacaranda Trees” I think? and they bloom every May.

  8. My dream vacation. Please post more pictures. thanks and have fun!

  9. Hi Stacy,
    I’m so glad I got meet you while you were in Sydney. Your classes were amazing! I’m so inspired to work on getting happy, to make plenty more “finishing line” albums and to experiment with colour! Thank you so much. I hope you feel better soon and that you enjoy the rest of your stay in Sydney. Lucky NZ to have you next! Cheers, Lisa:-)
    ps. they are Jacaranda Trees – absolutely beautiful.

  10. Stacy, Congratulations on 2nd birthday of Big Picture Scrapbooking!

  11. Hi Stacy!!! I am getting ready to put all of my photos into chronological storage albums as you suggust in your Big Picture book. can you give an idea for a great 3 ring archival photo storage album. Thanks!

  12. Jane Logan says:

    Shame I didn’t know you were coming I would have shown you around!!! Jacaranda trees in bloom everywhere here at the moment. Did you get to the Northern Beaches – Manly?? The best part of Sydney – we call it God’s Country. Have fun in Wellington – say hi to my mother in law for me!!! Cheers Jane

  13. Stacy, it’s Tracey from the Stacy, Kaycee and Tracey – teacher assistant fame. I too was going to tell you that those amazing purple trees are Jacarandas, but i guess you’ve got that by now. hee hee. What an amazing experience spending 2 1/2 days truly up close and personal with you as your teacher assistant at “Stacy’s Friends”. We really need to swap some cupcake pics, so look forward to an email when you have a chance to take a breath.
    Can i also say here girls, that this woman is truly incredible – even in the face of a feel like total “crap” as us aussies would say, coming down with a jetlagged/plane air con cold – Stacy remained totally upbeat, mega enthusiastic and AMAZING. This woman truly ROCKS. and is definitely INSPIRATION INCARNATE. I know we’ve heard it all before, but my admiration cannot truly be expressed. Also, Wendy Smedley and Renee Pearson are the 2 most sweetest friends to have and Paula and Kaycee it was SO Fantastic to chat to you two “perving” crazy girls. Love you all.

  14. Thanks so much for the inspiration you provided us with in Sydney!! I had a ball and really enjoyed having dinner with you!

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