just a few pics …

I’m logged in for 15 minutes and I’ve already read my email, so this could be really short!
Having a fantastic time. The event in Sydney wrapped up yesterday — so fun!!!

Headed to NZ this morning, get to meet up with Geof (yay)

super cute pic of miss wendy!

school boys in their uniforms on an outing to the Powerhouse Museum.
this one if for clark and chase!

I’m publishing now — just in case.
Here’s where you should go, to see everything that is going on … www.kentpearson.typepad.com


and btw, everything in backwards down here and it’s crazy!!


  1. You must be feeling absolutely exhausted. I know that I am and my flight wasn’t as far as yours!!!
    I had a wonderful time at Crafting Connection and I thoroughly enjoyed all the classes. It’s renewed my enthusiasm and passion.
    Thank you so much for your Glimpses reception. That was truly something – to see all those ladies sharing something of themselves (and much of it very personal). What an impact on so many lives those Glimpes albums will be!
    I hope that you remember to show your family what a ‘dead ant’ is.
    Have a fabulous time in New Zealand!!!
    Hugs, Marie

  2. Miss you already (and tell Paula my pugs were VERY happy to see me ;) )

  3. Tried to look for an email for you – but couldn’t find one – so i’ll just comment……thank you so much for the personalized KLEENEX box suggestion!! I just made about 6 for Christmas gifts and am SO excited!! If it weren’t for you- I would never have known those existed!! They turned out AMAZING!! (www.mykleenextissue.com) Thinking of you in Aussie!!

  4. I love that pic of those boys in their shorts. Thanks for posting it.

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