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Ok, if you know me at all, you know I LOVE Compendium products — well, they have a brand new website and guess what? I’m on the home page — check it out! And, it gets better; after you read my little blurb of utmost praise, you can click on the "Stories of Inspiration" and read Heidi’s story.

If you’ve never explored Compendium — clearly I recommend doing so.
really good stuff.


this is one of my favs — which btw, is on our reading list at BPS for 2008.
Comp002485bigc Comp002485bigd_2Comp002485bigb
these little quote books are my other favorite — I’ve been collecting them for a while and I now have the whole set.

p.s. I am btw, on the line with my new best friend at Apple Care (we’ve been chatting for almost three hours, as we work through some glitches since upgrading to Leopard on my macbook pro.) I might be close to stumping him — imagine that? These guys must take patient pills, because they stay so calm and just keep trying new things. We’ve successfully worked with my email issues and are now thoroughly investigating issues with Quicktime, that are making it impossible for me to see the "guided tour" Leopard video on the Apple site. I am remaining impressively patient myself, in spite of the fact that I have a very LONG list of things to do today so that I can fly down under on Monday.

and I will say, as my friend Rachel does, that I am Ridiculously Thrilled!
If you are coming to either event (Sydney or Wellington) just know that I cannot wait to meet you!


  1. Hi Stacy,
    Can’t wait to meet you in Sydney, can we still sign up for glimpses in time?
    See you here.

  2. Hey Stacy!!!
    1st: I can’t wait until the LOM class starts again, not to mention the book!
    2nd: Saw you on PBS Scrapbook Memories today and I’m going to do two scrapbooks inspired by your brownie book / mine will be the Hot Sauce Scrapbook & the Merlot Memoirs!
    3rd: Loved the video on Simple about the progressive pages.
    4th: Thought it was so funny that you call your kids Lu b/cs I call my little ones something similar: Mackie Moo Moo & Ally Lu Lu!
    5th: I love Lain Ehmann’s podcasts / you should totally do these!

  3. Ditto!!

  4. Stacey we just want you to know that we just can’t wait to see you in Wellington. I am just sooo excited.

  5. I’m a huge Compendium fan! Thanks for the link, I had fun browsing their new site. :)

  6. Have a safe trip and see you downunder in Sydney on Friday!!! xoxo

  7. Raewyn Aldridge says:

    OH yes Live Good is one of my faves too. See you in Wellington.

  8. Good luck with that computer, I wish I was going to Sydney, need an assistant?? have a great time, hugs, Rosa.

  9. I can’t WAIT!!!! for lom to start again! Soooo inspirational and I am so upset that you are not coming to Western Australia. Sydney plus accommodation and Classes are just too much. Hope you come to our state one day! Mind you I’ll be your tour guide if you wanna stop over after classes? he heee.

  10. Safe trip – actually hope you had one because by now I guess you’re here! Hope the weather clears, it’s not supposed to be like this in November! Looking forward to meeting you again on Friday.

  11. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I was in a bath store yesterday when I saw this book entitled, “be.” I thought, “That MUST be a Compendium book!” And it was! I snatched it up as a gift for my husband. We both love it, and I can’t wait to get more of their books! Thank you!

  12. Thank you for the link to Compendium, being in the UK I haven’t seen their products before but have ordered myself some new journals – just what I have been looking for x
    Quote books have gone on my letter to Santa LOL

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