you have to do this …

i mean technically, you don’t have to do anything and if you are one of those freaky women who are completely shopped and decorated and prepared for Christmas (then you really have no need of this) but, if you are like me, feeling oddly behind in spite of the fact that it isn’t even December yet (trust me, I’m procrastinating even through the last few hours of November) then YOU AT LEAST HAVE TO SEE THIS incredibly cute thing I just made. Thanks to the shear imagination and creativity of Emily and the ever-popular Bits and Pieces blog (thanks CZ) I got an idea for a fresh way to compile my various lists that I will be creating and checking twice over the next 24+ days. Besides the functionality of it all (which honestly a notepad would suffice) I am now officially in the "mood" and feeling quite excited about spending money, losing sleep and doing my level best to inspire children in my home to ideas beyond "I want …" as we celebrate this most wonderful time of year.


colors are a mix of red, pinks and greens (like my album in the Nov/Dec issue of Simple) I’m loving the newer "lighter/brighter/happier" Christmas combos in my house and projects these days.


it’s a collection of willy-nilly papers and notecards and tags, and you name it.
some very old, some rather new — all fun.

I started with an two pieces of 9 1/2 x 8 1/2 chipboard, which I hole punched according to a left-over 8×8 page projector I had (for receipts!) covered them and used one as my base. As I added each piece, I either aligned it with the top or bottom set of holes and when I was done stacking I slipped colored jump rings through to hold it all together.

There is a list in here for each child/person I’m giving too (even a cute little section for girlfriends, as you can see) a list for decor, food, family activities, events/parties, etc.. I’ve got several extras, so I will have room for whatever needs dumping from my brain.

individual places to record and "hide" what I’m working on, what I have purchased/completed and what I’ve planned for each child (with five, I need  help!)


I can’t wait to start filling it up. My studio is a mess, but I do NOT care.
I just put on my new CD that I got from Starbucks and sang and danced around and was completey done in two hours.

If you are feeling like I was — this could be the cure.
Happy Friday!

p.s. my favorite song on the CD btw, is Jack Johnson’s version of Rudolph
Download 08_rudolph_the_rednosed_reindeer_1.mp3


  1. I love love love the festivity! :) And I had never heard this version of Rudolph. Totally loved it!!! Awesome! Thanks for your creativity and joy! :)

  2. Wow.. this is cute! It looks like so much fun to make and might be a fun little addition to a long list of traditions! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the colors…What a fun way to get organized…
    :)Have fun filling it up (which, would be fun to see when December is all over)

  4. Love your little book! So cute!!! Thanks for sharing this version of rudolph. The original one always annoyed me, but this one has a great new spin to it.

  5. That is beyond cute! I’m with you – lovin’ pink & lime as part of the Christmas spectrum. I already made my holiday planner this year, but I’m thinking this would make a fun gift for a few of my fellow list-addicted girlfriends. I bet I could even stick some calendar pages in there.:)

  6. noel culbertson says:

    i love this! what a great idea!!! i love the fun loving nature… and what a great conversations starter with people in line during christmas shopping craziness! :D

  7. Love the album! The scatteredness of it reminds me of the 25 days of December album Ali Edwards has on her blog! I love all the different variations between you, Cathy, Emily, and Ali.

  8. How extremely adorable!!! I’m totally doing this, I love it! I love your blog!!!

  9. I love this idea! Very cute and you make me want to run out to Starbucks and get the CD. LOL

  10. We’re starting out this month with a giant party tonight so I’ve got a list to do for that; but tomorrow I’m going to make one of these cute little books! Love your colors :)

  11. gorgeous :-)

  12. Loved this! I saw it yesterday morning and it became my little project to fit in throughout my day. Looking at it just makes me happy! Thank you Stacy for finding fun ways to brighten my day!

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