12 Days, Day 10

Can you possibly create an inspiring "wish" list without consulting Pottery Barn? um, no.
So, here you go — the somewhat pricey (big surprise) but very cool recharge station.

In our day when it seems every family member has something to plug in — creating an organized, not to mention nice-looking area is almost impossible — and this is when we turn to the best and most enviable resource available. A mere $79 and it’s all yours — and yes, you have my permission to buy it for yourself!


  1. i’ve been eyeing this….. i even have the iphone to match :)

  2. Hi Stacy,
    My husband and I were just in Pottery Barn this past weekend, and I loveed this. I actually loved the entire desk set!! Who doesn’t love Pottery Barn!!

  3. http://unclutterer.com/2007/10/19/workspace-of-the-week-cable-basket/
    Here’s another “make it yourself” version of the same thing. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks Stacy for all these great gift ideas! Sure hope you are feeling better! Gum surgery – what is it about oral surgery that just makes a person cringe!!! If they gave you happy pills – TAKE THEM!!! lol Hugs to you!!

  5. Vickie Jones says:

    Okay I like it, I really do, but Tucson has no pottory barn, and alas since we are redoing the office it’s only a dream!

  6. I agree, that is one of the best contraptions PB has come out with. I have one on our kitchen desk and love it to pieces.

  7. I asked for this for Christmas. I REALLY hope my mom comes through! IF she doesn’t then I’ll take your permission and buy it for myself! Happy Tuesday!

  8. I’ve been missing for a while but have been reading your gift suggestions almost every day. Great ideas!

  9. I was going to get one of these for my husband, but realized that he doesn’t put everything in one place now and I don’t think a special station would change that… so I might get one for me instead!

  10. We just got one of these in the mahogany color, ordered it on line. It’s working out great for charging or phones and even the all important digital camera batteries! I always have a charged spare ready to go!

  11. Okay – now your in trouble since I just went and ordered this! Looks like a perfect solutions for our cell phone covered counters!

  12. Bed Bath & Beyond has something like this but in Mahogany color I think for half the price of the Pottery Barn. Plus, if you use a coupon, it will be cheaper. I think it was $39.99 for the original price. Just thought I’d post this in case you’re looking for a cheaper version but just as nice. If you really want it in white, you can just spray paint it. Either way, it’s still so much cheaper.

  13. Someone commented that Tucson has no Pottery Barn. If you are talking about Tucson, AZ there is one at La Encantada (Cambell and Sunrise)! Happy Shopping! I saw this a few weeks ago and fell in love with it!

  14. I actually googled for this sort of thing a couple of nights ago…and PB didn’t even come up. Thanks for the tip!

  15. I love this! Not only is it functional, but it’s sexy! It looks like eye candy for the counter! Great suggestion!

  16. May also want to check Lillianvernon.com they have one as well and I think it was a little lower priced as well, but this Pottery Barn one in white is so pretty.

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