12 Days, Day 4

I’m sure you given and received "gift boxes" before — they tend to be most frequently exchanged among business colleagues and while they are somewhat impersonal, they are nonetheless thoughtful. I have to admit, my favorite food gifts, come from Harry and David (best pears on the planet)There are of course endless varieties of towers and baskets to choose from, so I’ve selected two great ones, both quite affordable …


The $29.95 box with the perfect sampling of fresh fruit, cheese and nuts and …


The $34.95 mix that includes smoked sausage, moose mix and chocolate mints as well.

One of the physicians that works with my husband has sent us H&D pears for so long now that it has become a tradition to open the box and enjoy the goodies inside as a family. One of boys said last year "When do we get the pears, mom?"

They really are that memorable.


  1. They look really good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, Stacy, the pears are the best, and I also love to send Harry and David. I usually send these baskets to my husband’s Grandmother and to my Grandparents, all of whom live out of state. They love them, too! Thanks for the reminder! Happy Holidays!

  3. Love Harry and David. They have so many yummy things and great gift ideas.

  4. I am making a gift basket for each of my husband’s closest work coleagues and am personallising each basket…One guy is very much into hot chilis for eg so have chili jam, chili relish, chili cook book, dried chilies and am going to make chilie and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and dried chilie flakes ontop and have found the most gorgious cup cake papers with chilies on them.

  5. My sister always raves about them too! I was looking through their catalog a week ago and thought…maybe I’ll ask for the fruit of the month club for Christmas. I LOVE fresh fruit and I know I’m a total nerd but I’m sure I would get so excited to get my fruit of the month in the mail each month!

  6. Yummy i love Harry and David fruits,nuts,cheeses,black forest cake,cheese cake,sausages,OK now i am hungry,enjoy Stacy,hugs,Rosa.

  7. I’m looking at a gold tower of treats which is 5 boxes tall with a big red bow right now… haven’t opened it yet b/cs its so pretty – came in the mail today :) I Love Harry & David! And they’ve got an outlet store just over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge & at the store they give free samples! Its the best!

  8. I so agree with you about the pears. My husband’s brother sends us a basket every year, and I love the pears the most…..followed by the Moose Munch!

  9. You are right about their pears, YUMMY! As a Southern Oregon gal I have love H&D stuff for years! The Moose Munch is the best. Such a great suggestion!

  10. I KNOW this way off subject, but going back to your post in September(?) about the chore lists for your kids. You have
    Empty the Bin task on the check list…please tell a little more about this.
    I’m always looking for new ideas! Thank you! AND yes, the pears..YUM!

  11. Stacy are you all ok with the flooding?

  12. Stacy are you all ok with the flooding?

  13. Stacy, I had no idea you were doing this wonderful countdown! I’m really enjoying all of your posts and am seriously coveting those Tees from yesterday!

  14. Harry & David are one of my favourites when I’m in the US…. now, you should check out Kal Barteski’s blog for the real favourite here in Canada! They can get pretty personal and even cause dancing!

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