12 Days, Day 8

is for the earth lover, gardener or friends who loves to help things grow:


wildflowers and an herb mix all packed onto the tip of seed "match" matchbook style gardens come in five pack for just $12.50 — tuck one in cards to long-distance friends.


and there is just something irresistible about these herb-garden pots, priced quite reasonably at $28 for all six!

and I love this quote, saying, poem (whatever you would call it) it’s from a pad of sticky notes, by KOCO New York, which I could NOT find online anywhere.

She is a Gardener. She works with her hand. She plants seeds. She watches growth. She waters the hedges. She understands the seasons. She follows the sun. She believes in nature. She knows about life. She affirms the living. She sees poetry in each flower. She reads meaning into each each day.

I want to be this. I’d like to think that when I’m done growing my children, I’ll grow a big, beautiful garden.


  1. Vickie Jones says:

    Somehow I picture the matchsticks as the perfect mothers day type gift, but I guess it’s too late than to plant them

  2. Good morning!
    I found Koko New York on http://www.Parksidepapers.com. You can order online… and I went goofy filling my virtual cart. I also got some great scrapbooking ideas from some of the cards.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas. I’m really enjoying your December blog.
    Joni Possin

  3. I love those pots… but I am the exact opposite of the lady in the poem… I even killed Aloe and I live in a tropical environment where it is supposed to grow almost wild!

  4. I love the saying “growing my children.” I plan to refer to raising children as growing them from now on. I can’t tell you how much I love your lists. Thank you again for sharing.

  5. I think you continue to grow your children even when they leave the house. I know my mom still helps me grow each day…and I’m 31, married and with a son of my own. :)

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