12 Days, Day “Lucky” 7

is indeed lucky, as it is a collection of ideas for the scrapbookers on your list (and yes, this means you — feel free to send a link/hint to anyone who might need it!) Be prepared, this is long — I want to give you LOTS of options in a wide price range!!


The Magna-Frame – how totally cool is this? With all the pictures I take I’m always on the hunt for ways to incorporate and showcase pictures outside my albums.


Features: Double-sided frames that hold 2 photos, super strong magnets that hold said frames all packaged together in an attractive clear gift box! Cost is only $9.99 for a basic set of 6 frames and 10 steel balls.

FYI: found this at Digital Scrapbook Place, where you can of course purchase many additional gifts relevant to the digital side of our craft.

Bling for your stocking. I’m not much of a jewelry person — which isn’t to say I would to unwrap something sparkly!


Met these adorable girls, Laura and Erin at Memory Trends and am totally enamored with their "Glitz Frosting" malleable strips of jewels that provide endless possibilities for that touch of scrapbook "flash." So completely impressed with them and the fact that they are following their dream. You go girls!   Read their blog and you could WIN some amazing prizes. GO NOW!

Daisy D’s Rub-on "Stitches" Tape
I’m always on the look out for "shortcuts" to a more complicated look on my pages.

Like cool stitching! Read all about it, here!


Hand in hand with my ongoing desire to simplify, I’m recently re-exploring my love of stamping and other "easy-than-you-might-think" techniques — loving and learning more about the iconic Tim Holtz. He’s got a relatively new blog,that will blow you away, if you have not yet explored it. Tim’s new Fragments were my top pick from Memory Trends this year. I’ve always loved the "old" and quickly disappearing "icicle" line of accents from KI Memories and Tim is now allowing me to create my own.


Learn more and purchase here. I realize the product shot is hard to see, so take a look at this lunch box that I photographed on the show floor.


LOVE. Scrapbook.com has these in stock — and they are also hosting a 12 Days of Christmas with freebies and other promotions every day, so nows a perfect time to shop!

The Ka-Jinker attachment tool (perfect stocking stuffer for you, or an older child) I just got one of these handy tools. I played with it as I was compiling my Christmas List project and decided to give it a home in my island — this means, It is within "reach" and that I’m going to use it often. It sets gems and buttons with one easy click, in the same fashion that price tags are attached to clothing.


For those of you who don’t know Nicole LaRue, too bad for you. No seriously, this girl is amazingly talented, has done graphic design work for various projects at CK and left her mark in many ways over at American Crafts . Nichole has now authored a very fun book loaded with hip, handmade gift ideas — appropriately titled 101 Hip, Handmade Gifts. Believe it or not, it’s already on sale — in my opinion these are the kinds of ideas we need to promote — to help us elevate paper crafting and attract more people — the concepts, design and photography are original, and thoughtfully chic — Hip, for sure.


Check it out.
and btw CKMedia has got some super deals on LOTS of special issues and other books.

Next up, my two scrapbooking book choices, both of which are currently on my night stand and if not already in your home, hopefully high on your list!


Ali has done it again and really, I think, done it better than ever before. I personally like idea books you can READ, not just look at. Books that share conceptual ideas, not just pretty pages. When I read Ali’s stuff, I often think "Hey, I’ve say, teach, and write these ideas and philosophies in nearly identical ways  … "
Our philosophies are very much aligned, and so I rejoice in seeing her "coolness" and creativity applied to concepts that I so strongly promote and believe in. This is so much more than an idea book — it’s a tome that you will use and refer back to for years to come.

Next up, someone relatively new to the scrapbook scene; however, someone who I guarantee will be around a long time, an influencer and beacon of all that we stand for as scrapbookers. If you’re a reader of Simple Scrapbooks, then you have undoubtedly read articles by Elizabeth Dillow — now you can read her first book.


Elizabeth is a life-long learner, avid reader, fantastic writer and inspiring scrapbooker. I am absolutely smitten with the Scrapbookers’ Almanac and I know you will be too.

Ok, one more — just in case you do NOT know about The Enclyclopedia Of An Ordinary Life, by Amy Krause Rosenthal. I got an email from Amy today and it made me think, you know what I’m going to pick up that book again. And I did. I actually had gum surgery today (YUCK!) but it meant I got to curl up on the couch for hours and read — what a treat!


I recommended this book as an all-time favorite in The Big Picture and that it is.  Picking it up again today made me laugh and reminisce and "get in my  groove, for an assignment I’m working on for an article by Elizabeth Dillow in our May/June issue. I cannot say enough about Amy and her authentic and humorous style. Btw, you can listen to Amy on the Land of Nod website, in some "nod casts" — time well spent.

And, great news. If you already have and love Encyclopedia, Amy has other books. Check them out

I’ve been in the market for a new photo-printer for quite some time. I upload and print TONS photos every 3 months or so at Shutterfly (preferred) and often use ScrapbookPictures.com for cool sizes and borders. If however it’s crunch time on a deadline and I use the 1-hour option at Walmart, but I’ve grown more and more anxious to do the latter at home. I also see what others do on the home printers, in terms of customizing and so I decided to investigate my at home options. I took my time and finally settled on the rather new Epson RX680. I wanted an "all-in-one" with more capabilities than the little personal printers. Have to say … I LOVE it!!
There are some serious great promotions going on right now — free stuff, rebates, etc.. You could actually put this under the tree for as low as $99, if you act FAST. Read all about it here.

If you sign up for email promotions from Epson, you can get some decent deals on ink too. If you already have this printer, leave a comment and let me and others know what you think!

Lifetime from Top-Line Creations – had the pleasure of meeting of couple of dynamic Top-Line consultants at a consumer show this year and have really enjoyed playing around with their software and designs for digital albums …

Theme2axd  Themeaxd

The designs are fresh and clean and the results are fast and sharable!!

Big Picture Scrapbooking. Indulge me for a minute here, as I do some shameless self-promotion. There are some serious cool Christmas gift certificates available right here. Why not give yourself or a group of friends the chance to take a class together (even if you and they live far apart)

January is a great time to learn something new (for example handmade book binding or the art of  playing with paint ) and of course, the new year is the obvious time to recommit to a more organized space and approach to this hobby of ours. Hopefully, you are aware that my dear friend Wendy (Creative Editor at SS) is coming to BPS for a 12-week course called Get Organized and Be Inspired. I’ve chatted with Wendy several times this week and am amazed at the innovative things she has planned — everything from "Internet Inspiration Exercises" to LIVE sessions where hundreds of folks with creative hobbies will work in unison to carry out specific processes at the same time and report back in ongoing chats with Wendy and each other. Wendy is a very busy lady– so, I would advise you NOT to miss what could be your one chance to really get inside her head and allow her to teach you the concepts and processes in her already Best-Selling book, The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker.


I’m beyond excited about this workshop–to prove it, I am going to give away three of Wendy’s books (a pre-requisite for class, one sale now for just $14.95) and one FREE pass, from all who comment today. Simply tell me why you NEED Wendy’s expertise!

and, thanks for reading this very long post.


  1. I desperately need Wendy’s book. I’m trying to finish my China scrapbook from Oct/Nov 2006 when we adopted our daughter. It should be done by now! I need inspiration. Help!!

  2. ok I think, I must be the first to read your blog every morning before I leave for work. I’m sure we are sitting at our computers on OPPOSITE ends of the country just tap tap tapping away at our keyboards! Thank you for your gift/list ideas because otherwise my poor mother would NEVER know what to get me for Christmas! LOL (ps… I bought a pair of legwarmers from LMM yesterday AND got a free pair of socks! How cool is that?)

  3. How I would love to take this class!! And I need Wendy’s expertise because my husband and I share our office/scrap room. He thinks I am taking up more than my share of the room. LOL

  4. Thank you Stacy for the great ideas! You are as always a great source of inspiration. I’m already signed for Wendy’s class and looking forward. I really need some help in this area LOL Too often I’m stuck in the little details instead of paying attentions to the whole picture. I have big plans for the class! LOL I didn’t buy the book yet, so it would be perfect to win one :)

  5. I would love a free pass to Wendy’s class. I have her book and it is WONDERFUL! If I get picked, I know TONS of people whom I could pass the book along to so they stop borrowing mine…hehehe!

  6. Kimberly Goon says:

    I gave that book to my sister for her birthday in November~she loves it. Unfortunatly, I haven’t got it for myself yet. I love your classes at BPS!!

  7. Lucille Bentley says:

    Would love a copy. And a pass to the class. Love your blog.

  8. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I need Wendy’s book AND class b/c I have lots of cool stuff & lots of cool ideas of things to create, but the clutter & jumble in my boudoir (what our family calls my craft room) means there isn’t acutally any space to work in or on.

  9. Marsha Hamilton says:

    OK here’s the deal. My scrapbook “room” is my laundry room. It works perfectly except for one little thing…it is NOT organized and with a 3 year old on the loose, I don’t find time to scrapbook because I can’t spend all my time LOOKING for all my embellishments etc…
    Plus, I’m a stay at home mom on one inclome and cannot find a place in my budget to purchase scrapbooking books (or else I’d own them ALL!)

  10. Julie Nordgren says:

    OH Stacy, please pick me!! This is all I want for Christmas!! To get organized!! I have looked and looked and looked again at signing up for Wendy’s class, but my limited scrapbooking budget just doesn’t have enough in it!! I NEED this class. I have tried and tried to get my space organized and am at a total loss as to where to start. I LOVED the two classes I have taken at BPS in the past. With 5 small kids and a husband going to Med School the classes are perfect for me. No babysitters needed. I can do it all on my own time. Please help me finally get my small space organized this year!!!!

  11. I need Wendy’s expertise because my “scrap space” is in constant disarray. I’m trying hard to get a system together, but I haven’t gotten one that works yet. Everytime that I want to work on something, I have to clear space & try to put things away & then I’m usually too frustrated to create anything. Help! I’d love to have the book & the class to get me motivated. Thanks!

  12. I would love to have this book. I have been helping several of my friends reorganize their scrap stuff lately – I would love to have “professional” ideas so that I can help them find their way out of their clutter – and back to working on their albums.

  13. I need some serious help! I was lucky enough to move one of my kids to another bedroom and turn his into my scrap space last April. I got my tables and a great bookcase that I’ve tossed everything into, but I need some inspiration to get it all complete. I use my room to scrap every Wednesday night with my BFF and occassionally another guest or two. I can hold 3 people comfortably, 4 tightly…would love to be more organized for 4 people comfortably! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. I need this because I spend about 2 hours finding things to scrap a layout, about 1 hour actually scrapping, and then about 3 hours cleaning up… It would be much nicer to use an additional 4.5 hours of that time actually scrapping!

  15. I’m not sure why I need Wendy’s book, but I will believe you…becasue I already know that I have half the things on your list and I need to keep them!! Ali’s book is a definite keeper! I got one for my pregnant DIL who scraps becasue I told her it will put things in perswpective for her with a new baby to keep her busy!! The Encyclopedia of Ordinary Life, someone did an album track at CKU with that title and it was a hrd choice for me! I wish I could have done that one…too! Fun stuff! I think I have a good Christmas list going now!

  16. I am finally getting my own scrap space and I have NO idea how to arrange my stash. It currently is located in a guest room closet shoved in drawers of an old dresser and piled on the floor. My new space will be visible from the living area and will not have a door. So it needs to be organized and look good.
    I need help!!!

  17. Christy Pair says:

    I need Wendy’s book because I have a six month old baby girl and I cannot get organized!!! My husband takes BEAUTIFUL pictures and is starting to be offended that I have not scrapped them. HELP?!?!

  18. I loved the gift ideas! We have some great grandparents that are hard to buy for, but always love our photo gifts! The frame is a must! :) And I would love the book!! I am just starting my organization, instead of boxes and piles…and mess in the basement… :)

  19. Your best list yet!!!
    I would love Wendy’s book . . . I often scrapbook a page or two and then give up for awhile because of the explosion that seems to have occurred in my supplies. It seems to take longer to get everything back in place than it does to actually scrapbook. Very discouraging!!!

  20. Tracy Rizzo says:

    Right now I have scrapbook pages in progress under in progress Christmas pajamas under boxes of old pictures…seriously. And we’ll not even go into the rest of the house.

  21. Heather Crawley says:

    There are two scrappers in my house…me and my husband. One of us prefers paper, one digital. We need help in organizing our shared work space and our shared work time!

  22. I have wanted this book, I am so in need of better organizations. i hae 3 tables in my my craft?office and I am constantly moving things from table to the next and still cannot find anything.
    Debbie D

  23. Totally loving all the holiday gift ideas that you are sharing! What a treat to see Scrapbook ideas today. Wendys book is actually on my christmas list this year.

  24. Kathy Reid says:

    I spend a lot more time looking for supplies that I want to use then actually scrapbooking.I am very disorganized and don’t know where to start or how to organize things in a way that they won’t end up messed up again in a short period of time. I need help!

  25. I need Wendy’s expertise because I am so unorganized with my scrapping supplies that I NEVER scrapbook anymore. I don’t know where to start. :(

  26. I need Wendy’s expertise because I’m so unorganized with my scrapping supplies that I NEVER scrapbook anymore. I don’t even know where to start! :(

  27. I need this book and class badly because of several reasons, 1: I work full time x2, meaning I manage a mall and have a small store in that mall, 2: we renovated the home we are living in at the end of March,moved ourselves the end of May and my scrapbooking room is STILL not set up. 3: our youngest daughter (of 8 kids, blended family here (Stacy you might remember me, Yous,Mine and Ours from CKC Seattle 2 years ago :) and lastly, I just had gallbladder surgery yesterday so by the beginning of the new year I’ll need all the help I can get LOL

  28. whoops lol, should have read, my youngest daughter graduated in June, just after we moved ourselves into the home we renovated. Okay, done now :)

  29. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for your wonderful ideas Stacy! I NEED to be organized in my space because it is pretty small so every inch needs to be used. I allow way too much clutter :) Definitely need help with that!! Thanks again & Happy Holidays!

  30. Jane Young says:

    Everyone needs Wendy’s expertise. .but I need it a lot. My scrapbook organization projects always seem to fall short. I have a very small space and could really use help!

  31. Well, as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words and if I could attach a picture of my scrapping space here, there would be no need to add any words about why I need Wendy’s class and book.
    There is still a narrow path between the scattered supplies but it’s getting harder and harder to get to the back of the room – one day soon I may get stuck back there and have to send for help to get out…

  32. I am a SAHM of 5 wonderful boys, busy with so many church projects for RS & YW lately that my own passion has been put on the back burner for too long. For the new year my goal is to schedule myself back on the “list” and hopefully feel like “me” again. I have supplies that need to be organized and no time to really browse the stores for inspiration. I would love to draw from Wendy’s and Abby’s talents.
    Thanks :)

  33. I need all the help I can get. Keeping my online store simplememorykits.com organzied is always a problem. I’d love to take the class.

  34. Grace Palazzolo says:

    Hhaha I “NEED” Wendy never mind her book! LOL! why? oh I have piles of stuff piles and then alot of stuff in clear containers and hard to get to! So need lots of “HELP”! Grace

  35. I reeeeally need that organization-book! My scrapbooking-desk and area looks like the site of an A-bomb, and it’s my study-space as well! So when the desk is stuffed with piles of scrapbooking-stuff, it is soooo haaaard to read for my final exams – and I need my final exams. You must save me – give me a book pleeease!!

  36. Hi Stacy ~ What a great list of goodies today! Do you know what’s on my want it list… the Bind it all… love making mini books! Anyhow… I’d love a copy of the book/class pass because so often by the time I find all the things that I want to use out of my cupboards, boxes, bins, etc, the window of scrapbooking time I have is over and I get nothing done… story of a mom of little ones I guess… but if I had better organization maybe, just maybe I’d get something going before naptime was over ! ARGH! HELP PLEASE!

  37. because i tend to find myself organzing what i have already organized and it gets repeated till i forget where i started…..know what i mean????

  38. What a fun giveaway! I am in serious need of organization in my scraproom. I could really use some ideas. Much of my scrap time is spent finding my supplies and I would rather use that time on my actual pages. Thanks for the contest.

  39. I think my stamps are in the hallroom closet, inks are in the playroom, papers are in the office, magazines are in the kitchen, embellishments are under the bed.. I can’t seem to find a thing.. everything is everywhere except on my scrapbook pages!! I NEEEEEEEEEED Wendy’s book because I would love to get organized and actually scrapbook! Help!
    Pick me!!

  40. Marta Valdes says:

    Thank you Stacy for all the wonderful ideas. I will definitely be purchasing some of the items listed. I would love to have Wendy’s book and take her class. I need help in organizing period, but I would rather give someone else a chance on your blog.
    Once again, thank you for all of your wonderful ideas. I love, love, love them.
    Marta :)

  41. I do not even scrapbook anymore becasue my supplies are over flowing in to every extra little space I can find, so when I do have a minute or two I spend it trying to find what I wanted to do and then the baby wakes up and I feel very frustrated!!! I need to buckle down and get organized! Numero Uno on my resolution list this year, I really want to try to scrap more so I can remember why I started in the first place and your big picture book has inspired me not to worry about doing things in order. I would really love Wendy’s book to help me figure out what to do to organize myself.

  42. i have wendy’s book on my christmas list.. i am a messy scrapper.. in a tiny room that doubles as a playroom.. and the littlest guy is going to be on the move soon so i need to figure out how to organize AND baby proof the space. um. EEPS!

  43. I have the Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker book, and it is terrific. I am feeling overwhelmed at implementing the recommendations though, so the class would be nice! I loved your post today, because I love every single item you highlighted! My wish list is growing…

  44. Kristine Wildung says:

    Thanks for your 12 days of Christmas. I’ve heard of so many new things and I really appreciate the time you put into finding these goodies.

  45. Michelle Marsh says:

    I really need help from Wendy. We moved two years ago, unfortunately from a “cheap” housing market to an expensive one, so I had to give up my scrapbooking room. Now my stuff is scattered everywhere and completely unorganized, which means I haven’t used it at all. I have a beautiful two year-old girl who hasn’t had a single photo scrapped yet. Her three older siblings at least have a baby book. My biggest fear is that if anything happens to me, she will not have tangible proof of my love. HELP!

  46. Great list… love the frames and the stitches tape… but OH, MY GOODNESS… I would love the pass to Wendy’s class. I have the book and have read and am rereading it right now. It is on my nightstand. I totally rearranged my scrap space, but am still not as organized I would like to be and think that her class would make a difference. Fingers crossed you draw my name!

  47. Tiffany B. says:

    I seriously “need” Wendy…we moved in October and I lost my scrap room. I will be using a portion of our basement for my scrapping “area” however, at the moment it just looks like a bunch of boxes exploded down there, as I’ve been going with the philosophy of just “find it and get out”.

  48. I need Wendy beacuse with three boys under 5 adn no designanted sarea to scrap, I tend to not ever do it. The thought of finding it all just to put it out of reach again in a short while is overwhelming. How to find space for all their stuff let alone mine. And all those memories I am not getting on paper. AHHH!! LOL
    Does Wendy mention Toy organization in her book?

  49. I am in desperate need of this class. My scrapbook room will be turning into a babys nursery in the Spring after many years of trying and failed pregnancies we are beyond thrilled.YEAH!!!! The problem is I have to figure out where and how to put all my stuff in a very small corner of my livingroom and do it inexpensive since we need to save for this baby. Would love to be able to take this class. Also love all your ideas for Christmas that printer looks awesome!
    Merry Christmas

  50. I really need this book and class badly! I have been collecting scrapbooking supplies and tools as well as buying Simple Scrapbooking magazines for about a year, but hadn’t really created any layouts out of fear of failure. I live in a very rural area and do not have any family or friends nearby. My husband is disabled and I was layed off, but he scraped together the money for me to take the A Year to Remember class at BPS taught by Heidi Swapp. It was worth every penny and then some. Now I have scrapbooking magazines, supplies and tools all over our bedroom. The piles are so bad that if you aren’t careful the skyscraper piles will start an avalanch! I even have some piles that stay on my bed to keep my pug from eating it. My husband keeps threatening to move out of our bedroom and sleep on the couch. I really need and want help from Wendy and her book. As the AYTR class is coming to an end, I have gone from being a lonely depressed empty nester to a “life artist in training.” I have been trying to figure out how to get the money to buy the book and take the workshop. I know that it would help me get organized and even find a way to create a space so I can actually find my supplies and not be so overwhelmed by having to search through bags, boxes and piles when I want to work on a project. Thanks for creating BPS so someone who is isolated like me can still take classes and meet other people who are as passionate about scrapbooking. My classmates have been so supportive, compassionate and encouraging with each other. I guess I’m not too proud to beg. I really want to win the book and pass, but even if I don’t I will find a way to make it happen. Happy Holidays!

  51. Wow, I think we all need Wendy’s help!! I, too, need Wendi’s help, not because I couldn’t figure out how to store my stuff by myself (because I have done that a couple times…) but because I need to figure out how to store my stuff, my photos, my ideas, my projects, etc. in a way that will help me to be inspired and follow through on my inspirations–I know that Wendi & Aby are very productive scrappers. I know that I need help understanding my scrapbooking goals, and how to apply that to my space and my stuff… I have SO MANY ideas and get bogged down trying to collect stuff that is stashed everywhere and find what I need, and I know that wonderful Wendi can help rescue me!!
    Thanks for all the fun Christmas ideas. I love them all!!!

  52. Vickie Jones says:

    Yikes my post got eaten.
    okay first off, I just sent DH the link to the book 101 homemade gifts, as part of my XMAS wish list
    Why do I need Wendy
    Well like alot of us, I’m a busy mom, a 15 year old and a 4 year old, Scout Mom, work part time at a church, very little me time. Each year I spend about a month reorognaizing my scrapbook area so I can be inspired, know what I have, and use it, that seems to work for about 1/2 a year, than I get mired in the muck, till I give up and spend another month of my precsious free time cleaning and organzing again.
    I’d really like to get off that cycle and get it organized so that it does inspire me year round!

  53. Priya Venkat says:

    Pleasssseeeee…..pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top!!! After 12 years living in the USA, we moved back to India in 2006. After having a whole room to scrapbook I now cram all my wonderful stuff in one cupboard. After taking lots of classes there to learn new stuff, online classes are the only ones I CAN take now. After having three shops carrying scrapbook goodies within 5 miles, I now have none in my entire country. PLEASE HELP ME !!!

  54. Priya Venkat says:

    Pleasssseeeee…..pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top!!! After 12 years living in the USA, we moved back to India in 2006. After having a whole room to scrapbook I now cram all my wonderful stuff in one cupboard. After taking lots of classes there to learn new stuff, online classes are the only ones I CAN take now. After having three shops carrying scrapbook goodies within 5 miles, I now have none in my entire country. PLEASE HELP ME !!! Priya from India

  55. well, i think everyone needs wendy’s inspiration! i just moved this past september and i am still trying to figure out where my pot holders are! there are so many things i just dont know what to do with?!?! boxes are piled high in the basement!

  56. I need Wendy too— my scrap area is also my kids’ creative space (ages 5, 3, and on the way…). I don’t know if her book addresses that dilemia, but I would love it just for the visual inspiration (have loved the images I’ve seen online).
    I never comment, especially now that I read your blog via Google Reader–so I didn’t even see your new banner till now! I’ve been missing out. But let me say thanks for all the inspiration (and the gift ideas).
    Merry Christmas!

  57. Well my friends say I am organised but somehow I never seem to be “there” when it comes to my scrapbooking supplies! Have loads of ideas of projects to do but my scrapbooking room is always in a mess and my inspiration on how to get those ideas from my brain onto paper never seems to happen! I need HELP!! Thanks for the chance of winning this cool prize – happy holidays.

  58. Why do I need Wendy’s expertise… If only I could upload a picture to show you. We sold our house a year ago and since then my supplies have been nomadic. We’re renting a 1200 square foot house till we find or build another. I have a 8 year old, a 5 year old and a 10 month old and I was literly in tears the other night because I feel like I’m letting so many memories get away because my supplies are not organized and I can’t find anything to even start. My time is precious and I want to spend some of it scrapbooking for my kids but when you can’t find the picture you want, or the adhesive or the right paper or embellishment, you can’t scrapbook. I need a system that works that will help me be efficient and effective and help me find joy again in my memories and my scrapbooking. Sounds like I need a miracle more then anything- :).

  59. Um, have you seen my scrap room? Probably not because I don’t let anyone in it!

  60. I love your gift ideas! And the colors!!!!! It makes me so happy!
    Why do I need Wendy’s book? It’s easier to say why I don’t need it, because there are too many reasons why I need it! I have a 3 & 4 yr old (both adopted at one day old) and we are in the process of adopting # 3, and everyone thinks I am organized, but look at my scrap room, and you will see the truth! Also, I am in the YW’s Pres, and my husband is EQ Pres! Add on top of that my home business, and my husband’s business, and we are in the deep! So any amount of organization would help! I always say to my husband (as my scrap space is also his office and the children’s craft room) “If I could just get this room organized, life would be a whole lot easier!” It’s funny how it’s the only room in my house that needs this much help! I just have no idea where to start!
    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s fun, colorful, cheerful ideas! Also want to say how much I love your ideas, and your happiness is contagious!

  61. I NEED WENDY’S ADVICE because I am under the grand illusion that I am organized when in reality I’ve just found enough space to cram my stuff into!
    Also, Love Amy R.’s book & Ellizabeth D. (need to get her book) & thank you for bringing them to my attention – both awesome! Oh, yeah, still need to get Ali’s new book!

  62. Because words aren’t enough to decribe my need. I have enclosed a link to a picture on my blog. Prepare yourself. It’s a wonder my kids don’t get into it, probably because they’re afraid it my gobble them up. LOL. Mari

  63. Thanks for all these great ideas!!! I would love help in rethinking my craft space setup. I’m limited in space and time, so any ideas would really make me more productive! I truly feel that I could create more and better if I were organized!

  64. My scrap space is a table in the corner of my bedroom so I need to make better use of my small space. In a typical scrap session, I end up on a search for the scissors or adhesive!

  65. I am willing to thumb wrestle anyone who is less organized than me. Yes! I could use some help.

  66. Because I live in an apartment that is packed to the gills.

  67. Hi Stacy,
    I need Wendy’s book because I have three boys (a 7 yo and 4 yo twins) who take up so much time, and I don’t have any scrap space. All of my stuff is stuffed on a small table in closet, embellishments, ribbon, stamps, everything is everywhere. I hate to scrap because it takes me so long to look for things.
    Thank you for doing the 12 days, it’s been fun looking at things!

  68. I have Wendy’s book already. However my space looks nothing like that. I work outside the home and like many others have limited time to create pages of any kind. I also took your LOM class last year and am I sad to report, while I organized my pictures that is about as far as I got. All my pics are organized but my space is just too messy to create anything or. Or my supplies are lost in the sea of messiness. :o(

  69. I need this book and class because i am one of the most UNorganized people you will ever meet. I am an “organizer wannabe”! I dream about being organized, but just cannot quite reach that goal alone. All of my scrap supplies are stored in a small nook under a set of stairs in hopes of someday having a scrap room of my very own. I would LOVE to have Wendy’s book and take her class!!! :)

  70. I am not a “born organzier” but I would love to be organized. I know I would be more producitve if I was organized and I love the looks in the book and that is what I would like my room to look like. I need Wendy’s class to get me there. Considering I am a new mom and going back to work full time so I’ll be very busy and Wendy is very busy I know she’ll be able to help!!!
    Thanks Stacy for all the great 12 days of Christmas ideas!

  71. We are almost done renovating our basement, and I will have a little crafting room- but no clue what to do in it- I want it to be very functional, it is quite little, so organization is key! I need help!

  72. I am so loving your 12 days of Christmas. Such fun, thoughtful gifts. There will be some under our tree.
    As for needing Wendy’s class. Last spring I inheritied this fabulous old desk. It’s huge! And with a pair of bed risers, it’s perfect for a standing scrapper. But it’s been more than 6 months and I still have quite figured out where everything should go. It would be so fabulous to finally put everything in it’s place.

  73. I need this book BAD!!! My DH is building me a room in my basement……then, I have the joy of learning to organize it all….this would be a true blessing!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  74. Kathryn B. says:

    My husband says I own every organization book on the market and why not…if I’m organized, I have time to play. I love a place for everything and everything in it’s place. There’s ALWAYS some new nugget to learn from and treasure. I’ve looked at this book and have it on my wish list. Thanks Stacy for all your wonderful ideas…you are a constant source of delight and inspiration in my life. Kathryn

  75. Oh man, I need this class. We finished our basement this summer and I now have my own room! The space is awesome, but I’m paralyzed when it comes time to organize it. I’ve unpacked lots of stuff, but I just stuck it on shelves with no rhyme or reason. I know I need to purge but I don’t even know where to start with that. I have about 6 boxes left to unpack and want to get it organized before I finish them. Help me! :)

  76. ok i’m know EVERYONE needs this book but i HAVE to have this book i have a small space i am working with. Also i am going back to work full time after being home with my kids for the past 5 years so i need to be organized so when i am ready to scrap or create i am ready to go! i plan on signing up for the class win or not! i cant wait!

  77. I love your 12 days of Christmas ideas. I love anything Christmas related really. Such a fun time. As for needing the book, I say I live in “organized chaos”. I would love to be more organized but with 3 small girls, where do I start? As for now I have accepted that I am organizationally challenged, but one day….

  78. Stacy, I NEED that book and workshop because my office and my studio are a total wreck and need some order so I can feel inspired again.
    There, I have pathetically announced that to the world :)
    Thanks for your awesome list of goodies, maybe I should just point dh to your blog :)

  79. I need this book because I am a pretty good organizer but my end result is SO BORING. Plain tubs and bins. I want to find a way to organize that is visually appealing and fun! Like on the cover of the book, so cute! – alexis

  80. I definitely need Wendy’s expertise. I seemed to have “forgotten” how to clean and organize when I went to college because my whole room looks like a tornado hit it or something.

  81. While there may be all sorts of reasons why I need this book and class, including but not limited to the small space I have to work in, (read a corner of the dining room table), zero organizational tools, lack of inpired ideas on what to do with all the stuff I have accumulated, THe BIggest reason I need it is because I don’t even know where to start!!! My scrap and craft stuff is so comfuddled (is that a word??) that everytime I have the urge to work on a layout or journal about something I want to remember I am simply overwhelmed at the distracting piles and misshapen stacks of things I want to put to good use someday! WENDY RESCUE ME!!!!

  82. dancingly, Denise says:

    Hmmm…I NEED this book because:
    The other night my 16 years old DD and 12 year old DS were decorating the christmas tree. As always I started snapping pictures. MY sweet (will be 16 next week) daughter said…in what can only be a 16 year old girls attitude…”Stop taking pictures…you don’t DO anything with them anyway” OUCH! THIS is going to be the new year where my 16 year old will bow to me and say “WOW mom what a scrapper you are now!” (Well I can always DREAM right?)
    Denise Fields

  83. I love the book and really, really want to take the class! It is on my Holiday wish list – Wanted: money for online class. Would benefit my life tremendously! Anyone who knows me says I look organized…but it’s a sham.

  84. As our family has grown, my scrap room has become a bedroom and my space has been moved to our finished basement. It’s cold and far-removed from the family sleeping, but atleast I have a spot. It’s small and I really need to organize it better! A little help please…
    PAM :-)

  85. I *need* Wendy’s expertise to give me the kick in the pants to using my creative space to actually encourage my creativity enough to create actual scrapbook pages for my albums!! I feel the creative urge, but then get stuck….

  86. Kathleen Loughran says:

    Stacy this is sweet of you. I would love to have the opportunity to take this class. I will be signing up even if I am not so luck today. I have a cute scrap room but you are unable to find the adorableness due to all of the clutter. I was inspired enough to buy the book – I think the class will motivate me into action. Ultimately I think this will help me be a more productive scrapper. Although I am never behind (thanks to your philosophy) I would love to have the ability to jump in where I am without have to create space first. THANKS!

  87. NEED this book?!! OF COURSE??!! Why you may ask?? Because I am sick and tired of all my little piles HERE, THERE and freakin’ EVERYWHERE?!!!!! It is driving me insane and I know that it is making me so UN-productive. I spend more time moving, looking and sorting these d*&^# piles that I’m wasting time I could be scrapbooking!! Whoever said you should only touch paper once has definitely NOT seen my piles!! HEEEEEELP!! Peace and blessings,
    Cindy B.

  88. Jessica C. says:

    I already have Wendy’s book… but that’s why I know how great the class will be! I’d LOVE to try the class!
    Jessica C.

  89. This book will help me put my scrapboo0king life in order. It is a giant mess I tell you. I can’t find anything. I am constantly coming home to find that I have already bought a particular item and didn’t remember that I had it. Pleeeeeease, I really NEEEEEEEEED this book.

  90. Hi Stacy. I love reading your blog and am enjoying your 12 days of Christmas gift ideas. I am in need of Wendy’s book or class because thus far, no matter what I try I just can’t seem to be organized. Right now you can barely walk in my space.

  91. I’d lvoe to be inspired by Wendy’s book. I have looked at it longingly on many websites. Seems like the best jumpstart for January to get back on track with enjoying crafting with photos!

  92. Three years ago I made a huge life change, and gave up my scrapbook room so we could adopt a baby girl from China and turn the room into a nursery. One of the best decisions of my life! However, my scrapbook/photo/craft things are overflowing everywhere. I definitely need Wendy’s help in figuring out how in the world I can bring this part of my life back together again. Now that my sweet daughter is two, I have some good naptime to scrap ~ but nothing together enough to maximize those precious available moments.
    Thanks so much for doing this great look at 12 Days of Christmas! It really helps the creative juices get flowing.

  93. The office in our house is shared between my husband & I. He is extraordinaryily neat, while I am a natural piler. My desk is consistently covered with stuff (scrapbooking supplies, unfinished projects, kids homework, school papers, bills, ,coupons, catalogs, sewing supplies, CD’s, lists, ipod, computer, snack containers, water bottles, diet coke cans, etc.) About once every 2 months, I will buckle down and clean the whole thing up only to have the piles magically reappear within a week. I am truly organizationally challenged and my husband can’t take it anymore. Believe it or not, I actually can find everything I need, but I would like to make my hubby happy and attempt to change my ways, but I’m not sure where to start. I have tried and tried to implement new systems, but nothing seems to stick. I really need something that’s going to work for me and am willing to try anything to get there. Thanks for offering the giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  94. let’s just say i can’t throw anything away. super huge pack rat!! (as in keep the teensiest piece of paper because maybe, just maybe, i’ll use it someday)

  95. If only I could post a photo of my scrap space, then you’d know how much help I need:-)

  96. I scrapbook in our bedroom and therefore half the bedroom has been taken over by me. I need to be more organized! Help!

  97. HI Stacy,
    Well where do I begin. I met Wendy in Sydney and thought about this class and then stopped and thought about my house. What a Job!!!!. I too scrapbook where I can, usually on the dinning room table in the middle of the house – then my stuff stays there for a week or so and we eat elsewhere. When packed up it is usually squashed into drawers and rolled into my bedroom where the mess continues. I trip over it all getting through our room which has other stuff in also as our house is just too small. Oh for an organised life – what I would give. I really need to purge and recreate – would love this helping hand as if Wendy was here herself.

  98. I have two small children and I desperately need a more organzied space so that I can get more accomplished in the short periods of time I have to work!

  99. I have no amazing story, a pretty normal life, 4 kids, and a mess of a scrapbook area. SO untidy, and in a state of disorganization, that I rarely create in the space because its so depressing to be in there!
    How is that..I have a space, and I don’t even put it to good use! I keep making plans, to spend time in there to organize, but things out of my control get in the way. I am now at the point after a 4 week illness that I hope to be in there in January! It will be wonderful to have Wendy’s help after all the holidays!

  100. I need a system that works because for the past year all I seem to do is rearrange and not take time to set things up that will help my creativity flow! Thanks! Kim

  101. Wow, I want to take this class so bad. I moved into a new house a few months ago and I haven’t begun to organize my creative space. Everything is in boxes and stacked, it is scarey. I want to organize this right so I can be motivated to create. I can’t seem to get in the mood to scrap because everything is everywhere. Plan on taking the class, just haven’t got the money yet, to register. I have the book and it is super fantastic, now I just need Wendy to motivate me.
    Love your blog, but more importantly, love your positive attitude about life.

  102. Why do I need Wendy’s class?? I viewed the video Wendy and Aby have on the SS website and there was one comment they made that struck me right between the eyes! I love IKEA and I have learned to totally embrace their philosphy of vertical shortage more from necessity than anything else. I have most of my scrap stuff in containers and I thought I had it all together. Then the comment: “there is a big difference between having things in containers and being organized.” I had to sit back and think about that for a while. And then I realized how true that statement is. My “stuff” is contained but it’s not organized in a way that sparks me. I get nothing from it and that’s probably why I haven’t been scrapping as much as I did previously. It’s too much work to figure out where I’ve stashed it all! I am looking forward to getting my scrap space back. All of my “stuff” has been on bookcases in my dining room for 2 years now. I am hoping my room will be empty again before summer. I took a class from Wendy many, many years ago (before the name Wendy Smedley was a household name to scrapper’s). I totally loved her. Last April, I ran into her at CKC in Mesa and we spoke for a little bit. I could absolutely kick myself for not going to her backstage party at that convention!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a geniune, sweet person. I admire her nearly as much as I admire you.

  103. This is a great list. Organization is one of my goals for 2008. I am starting already but at times it seems overwhelming. I spend as much time looking for items I know I have as I do using them. And for the last 2 months I have been unable to find my favorite ink pad. I have committed to 15 minutes of cleaning and organizing each day in the hopes of finding my misplaced items. This book would help me set up a system as long as I don’t lose it.
    Anyway I wanted to let you know I am enjoying your lists and you blog. Thanks for inspiring us.

  104. I need her class BAD! I have a scrap space, but it is so messy and disorganized, that I haven’t “created” in a very long time and it’s really depressing! I have started to work on it, but it’s going kinda slow. Thanks for all the gift ideas. Merry Christmas!

  105. I share my SB space with our guest room and the bed becomes one big table until guests arrive! I need to figure out how to store things so I can find them and know what I really do have. Thanks for the chance to take her class too!!

  106. Why do I need Wendy? Um… have you seen my “Scrap room”?? It’s a SMALL room (our WHOLE house is only 864 square feet!!!)that houses an extra twin bed, our small desk & computer, a bookself, an armior, a large table, 3 chairs, one overstuffed arm chair, one “cube” and a regular closet. Now, let’s talk about the fact that my hubby & I “share” this space with our hobbies – my scrapbooking & music (a guitar & violin are also in the room) and his gun reloading & leather working tools and instruments. We are CONSTANTLY in each others way & things are always falling off piles, spilling out of drawers & closets & encoarching on each others space! So, do I sound like a good canidate??? ;)

  107. Why do I need Wendy? Um… have you seen my “Scrap room”?? It’s a SMALL room (our WHOLE house is only 864 square feet!!!)that houses an extra twin bed, our small desk & computer, a bookself, an armior, a large table, 3 chairs, one overstuffed arm chair, one “cube” and a regular closet. Now, let’s talk about the fact that my hubby & I “share” this space with our hobbies – my scrapbooking & music (a guitar & violin are also in the room) and his gun reloading & leather working tools and instruments. We are CONSTANTLY in each others way & things are always falling off piles, spilling out of drawers & closets & encoarching on each others space! So, do I sound like a good canidate??? ;)

  108. why do i need Wendy’s help. I have a beautiful room and I’ve never used it. I need to create function,movement and flow and need help figuring that all out… PLEASE HELP ME

  109. I could really use some help getting started with my scrapbook space organization. I have an armoire in my kitchen area and need to be organized in order to be able to utilize both the space I have and the time I have with two young children. Pick me! Smiles!

  110. kareninflorida says:

    I was already going to comment about your great post today with all these fantastic products and ideas. Now I have more reason to! That lunchbox by Tim Holtz is amazing. I will attest to the great quality of Epson printers as I got the RX580 last year for Christmas.
    The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker is already on my Christmas list. I have a scraproom that is also an office. My scrap stuff is all over the place. I have containers for some of it. The rest is in piles. I never have a clean space to work. I’d love for it to be inspiring and clean and ready for me to just sit down and get to work. AND allow me to find what I need!
    Thanks for the fun post! And the giveaways!

  111. Susan Ringler says:

    Oh Stacy,
    I need Wendy because I have a heart full of expression that I can not share because I can’t find anything anywhere!!! I have container after container, drawer units after drawer units, bags divided by project so I don’t forget what goes with what—-oh I could go on and on. I so want 2008 to be a creative year in a spcrapbooking fashion. Love your 12 days. I miss them so after the season is over. Thanks, Susan

  112. My family and I just moved and all the organizational ideas and space that I had finally gotten to my liking is now out the window and I have to start all over again with my new space. I’m left feeling a bit like Chapter Nine in Which Piglet is Entirely Surrounded By Water.
    I could sure use Wendy’s help!

  113. I was going to write a long essay on why I need to be more organized, but I can sum it up in four words: I.Have.Three.Kids.

  114. Kim Devereaux says:

    My husband would LOVE it if I was able to organize my scrapbook room because that would mean he could reacquire his ‘man cave’! We have relocated to Spokane in the last 18 months and he hasn’t seen his ‘man cave’ since! Wendy’s book is on my wish list for Christmas so I’m hoping for the best! Merry Christmas!!

  115. I could use Wendy’s book to help me with my horrible mess that I call my “studio”. I am lucky enough to have a room of my own for crafting. However, it often becomes the dumping ground for the house. I would love to find a way to make it MY space!
    Love you! You always make me smile!

  116. I NEED Wendy’s help because while I have a deep belief in capturing our family’s stories/personalities/memories/beliefs/history
    I am doing a terrible job of actually getting anything done. And I have a terrible memory so I really need to so something.

  117. Kassie Welch says:

    I need Wendy’s expertise because although I have tons of scrapping stuff all I ever do is shuffle it around and never sit down to use it. If I had it organized in a more usable way, perhaps I’d be inspired to create something with it.

  118. I need Wendy’s book & class because I have all of this “stuff” but can’t ever seem to find what I want. I go home from work wanting to work on a project or make a mini-book or gift or something, walk into my tv/craft room and am just TOTALLY overwhelmed. And then I get frustrated and then I get disgusted and finally, I walk out again – with nothing accomplished.
    Plus, I keep buying more “stuff” cause I can’t remember what I have or what I bought to use it for. It’s easier to go buy more than to try to find it in my room.
    Lynn (furrball)

  119. I am loving your review of things. Can’t wait each morning to see what fun thing you send our way. Thanks so much.

  120. Forgot to mention why I need Wendy’s class. 90% of my scrapbook items are in boxes, and I can’t seem to make up my mind as to what path to take. HEEEELLPP

  121. I need Wendy’s book because I have two kids, two dogs, a husband a cleaner garage and a strong desire to pull together my family’s memories and wishes. Now is my moment to get it all together in an organized way. Nothing like present moment.

  122. Hi Stacy!! I NEED help!! I am constantly organizing, re-arranging over and over again…that I don’t get to the actual creating and using all the STUFF i have! By the time, i get caught up, I am too exhausted to actually start on my projects. I have so many ideas and things I want to do and try. What’s a girl to do??

  123. Why do I need it? Because I honestly spend so much time organizing all my stuff that I don’t scrap. At all. Haven’t done a page in months and months.
    I’m wondering whether or not I should give up completely, even though I *know* I couldn’t walk away from scrapbooking because I think it’s really important (my daughter’s adopted, too, so she needs this…) So I need the help. Desperately.

  124. Why do I need this!? So I can start enjoying the process of scrapbooking, enjoying the time I have instead of digging through boxes to find what I need. I end up buying things I already have because I have NO CLUE where it is!!! We just moved and I went from having my own scrap room to a closet in the basement!! HELP!!!

  125. Oh my goodness, look at all the amazing stuff you found out there. I love that magnet frame. Thanks for the inspiration on gift giving, even if we’re giving to ourselves. Hah!
    Misty in New Mexico

  126. OH yeah! We are about to add a new little person to our life, which means I am going to lose my little scrapping space. So… I am going to have to be ultra organised to fit into another little space in my house! See – I need this book!!

  127. I have three kids, work from home, have a corner in the back room where I scrap, and pictures back from when my six year old was six months old that haven’t been scrapped. I need some organizations inspiration. Please help.

  128. I really need to get more organized, just ask my husband! My husband created a great scrapping area for me and helped organize it but as soon as I start working on a project it looks like a bomb went off in my area. I am open to trying to keep it better organized with the right input. Any help would be much appreciated.

  129. I need help. My stuff is currently just kept in store bags, is some slight order of projects I’ll never finish or just when I bought them. My scrapbook supplies and car were stolen at the beginning of the year, and so went my organization system. I haven’t had the money to start rebuilding all my storage, or even replacing all my supplies. I hope to someday, just be able to replace all the layouts that were gone that from that day.

  130. arimacias says:

    i need this class because i scrap under my daughter’s loft bed and she complained that Mom’s stuff is “everywhere” and she “needs space”. It’s either the class or my stuff is getting thrown out the window:)
    Ari Macias

  131. Samantha Seholm says:

    I so need help in the organization department. I have scarp stuff all over the place. I can not even see my scrap table right now:)

  132. Samantha Seholm says:

    I so need help in the organization department. I have scrap stuff all over the place. I can not even see my scrap table right now:)

  133. i am signed up for the class and can’t wait to get information regarding moving from one project to another while staying organized.

  134. Um, because I hoard way too MANY supplies – and need to know what I have to use it all… :)

  135. Samantha Seholm says:

    I so need help in the organization department. I have scrap stuff all over the place. I can not even see my scrap table right now:)

  136. Traci in Virginia says:

    I need this b/c I have so much stuff but I have no idea what I have! Plus…who doesn’t just love to organize and figure out new ways to do it better?!
    Happy Day!

  137. I really need the organizational help. I’m stuck in a rut with supplies spread between two closets (and my bedroom floor). I don’t have a designated space and I’d love help with inspiration and organization! I’m ready to spend my time scrapping rather than searching for my supplies! Thanks for a great blog – and BPS!

  138. I have no amazing story except that at the moment I am a full time nursing student, a mother and a wife and while life is passing me by, I have no idea how to squeeze in the time to do the one hobby I love the most…. document and scrapbook my family history. The sad thing is, I don’t even really think of it as a hobby. It’s a part of my life that I feel I need to do. I think this book and class will not only help me organize my supplies and my space, but also with my time overall. I struggle with organization and each time I think I may be able to devote a few hours to catch up on my scrapbooking, I avoid it and I know it’s because of my lack of organization. I study and scrapbook in the same room and it’s a wreck in there. Pure chaos! It overwhelms me. So please, pick me. Help me to be organized so I can be reminded once again of why I fell in love with scrapbooking. =)

  139. Really – who doesn’t need help in this area? I need it, for sure. Boxes and stacks and piles and bags and stuffed drawers. Even when insipiration hits, it’s gone by the time I find what I am looking for!

  140. Eleonor F. says:

    When I read your blog today I had to laugh because I really NEED help getting organized. I, too, have four boys (not including my DH) and I cannot find anything anymore! Please help me, Stacy!

  141. i am in desperate need of this class! my family and i moved into our new house in august and we still have boxes everywhere. the room i designated as “my room” ;) is littered with patterned paper,scrapbooking kits, books, pictures, tools, etc. help me stacy! :0

  142. I think every scrapbooker needs to get organized. I can’t wait for the class to start.

  143. I NEED Wendy’s book because I’ve been studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany for the past three months. I’ve taken upwards of 2000 pictures and will desperately be needing help to get my photos and evrything else organized once I get back!

  144. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to be picked, and could greatly benifit from Wendy’s knowledge.
    Earlier this year, Adam & I got engaged. We have been saving every penny we have to go towards our wedding/honeymoon, so my excess spending has been haulted until everything is paid off.
    Last year when we bought our house, I tried to organize my scrap room, but I got so overwhelmed, and many of my things are just shoved into bins/bags in my closet.
    I’ve used some tips that I have read from your books/blog, but sadly when company comes, I have to admit to sweeping the excess scrap stuff into my laundy basket and hiding it behind the laundy door (I tell myself, a hidden mess is better than a visual one. )
    Learning how to keep my scraproom neat, clean and organzied would be a treat for both Adam and myself.—And, what at a great way to start our marriage(June 27, 2008). But most of all, learning tips on how to keep my place clean, the scrap inspiration flowing, and of course my laundry basket available for clean clothes would be an ideal treat.
    I would LOVE to be picked, but wish everyone luck. I am sure many of us can use the inspiration and cleaning tips.
    Happy Holidays Stacy to you and yours, thanks for your blog-inspiration, and the opportunity to win.
    Smiles for all. –Cory

  145. I don’t “need” it but it would sure be a great “gift” under the tree! I’ve wanted this book and of course wanted to take Wendy’s class–absolutely love to win it! Thanks for sharing!

  146. I definitely NEED this book. I live with 3 kids, a hubby, 2 dogs, and a cat in a tiny space which is about to become smaller do to a move (not by choice). Would love the help to organize now so that I can scrapbook more. I tend to get overwhelmed when I look at my stuff and I don’t know where to start!! Thanks!

  147. OHHH My what an awesome giveaway!! Now how do I put into words how BADLY I need need need this class?
    How about if I tell you of my big shame? I started organizing my scrap room (yes a whole room and I still can’t scrap) last January and it is still not organized. I just get so lost and confused about what to do with it and where to put it all. Will that tell you anything? How about the fact that I have stuff that I know is here but it has never seen the light of day since I bought it much less gotten to use it. I want to USE my stuff! I want to document my families memories, I want to make fun projects but I just can not function in this room.
    I have actually been to Big Picture several times to look at this class and was planning on taking it. Unfortunately I lost my job just before Thanksgiving, hazards of doing home care for elderly people I’m afraid. So no extra funds to take this now.
    Please, please, pretty please pick me. I really need to find my stuff and be able to walk through this room again.
    Even if you don’t pick me though I still luv ya and hope you and your family have the most Merry Christmas ever!
    P.S. Did I mention that I NEED this class? LOL.

  148. Because as someone very special once quoted -I am trying to juggle all the things in my life-and I think this book might help me -not to drop the glass balls (as much).

  149. i need Wendy’s class because i am constantly REORGANIZING, which wastes a lot of my time. Yeesh.

  150. I have recently purchased the book and have begun working on my scrapbook space. It is so liberating to get rid of old stuff that’s just cluttering up space and finding what works best for me! I need to take the class to keep me motiviated and learn new ideas to keep up with the organization and the scrapping!

  151. I need this class because I live in a small house (1100 square feet) with three boys & a husband. I have a small corner of the house which has my computer and my small scrapbook table. (I also share this corner with the piano.) I have done my very best to organize my supplies which fit beneath the scrapbook table & the printer table. My problem is that I am constantly having to reorganize my supplies so that I can find them and so that I can actually get my projects done. I so often find my desk covered with things which obviously prevents me from actually getting projects done. I would love to streamline my process and find out ways to store my things so that they fit with my creative process.
    Thank you for this opportunity! I love your blog.

  152. I need some organization inspiration because I live in a small house. I have a little corner in my den to put my scrapbooking supplies. Plus I have issues with organiztion. I desperately could use this book and class.
    Kerri N.

  153. Oh I need this book for so many reasons, there isn’t enough room to share. Living in NYC in a 900 sq. ft apt with 2 kids under three and another due in January would be the top reason. No space for the scrapbook room of my dreams, but I do have a nook. Usually the nook is so cluttered, I put scrapbooking off because I can’t get inspired. This would be a perfect happy surprise for me!

  154. I need Wendy’s expertise in finding new space. I can organize what I currently have but I need a “system” so when I get more (and what scrapbooker isn’t always buying more) that I know where to put it.
    I’ve heard awesome comments about this book, I just haven’t been able to find it in any local stores!

  155. I would love to get more organized with Wendy’s help. I need to know what supplies I have and use them! I’m sure I would get a lot more accomplished if I had a better system. Thanks Stacy, I appreciate your inspiration and positive outlook. Kelly

  156. I need it so my mess no longer stifles me and I can create… plus, I think Wendy is too cute. AND, I can’t find the book anywhere locally!

  157. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a copy of Wendy’s book and the oppotunity to take this class! Why? Because I’m 47 and still haven’t figured out this scrapbooking stuff! But thanks to BPS I have done my first page!! I’m not only 25 years “behind” in scrapping my first two kids, I’m behind with my 7 year old and two (yes 2) year old and then there is the 4 year old grandson. YIKES So I have two generations to get organized and caught up on! LOL I could learn all this cool stuff from Wendy and then report back to everyone how organized I am. Either way – though (maybe I’ll get an opportunity in a year or two) you guys all ROCK! Thanks and happy scrapping everyone!

  158. Lisa Torres says:

    If you could see my scrapbook area right now you too would say “Girl you need this book!” My scrap area is my den, a space that doubles as a guest room and also my husband’s Mets baseball collection room. I at least have the closet but have so much “stuff” I am overwhelmed. I have so much product but I am lacking a method to organize it so I can see it to use it. I have started a new years resolution early and have begun to purge but I need more inspiration and guidance which I am sure Wendy’s book and class could help me a great deal with.

  159. Karin Selinger says:

    I would love to receive Wendy’s book or the free pass for the class. My husband just finished our basement and I got a scrap room all to myself down there. However, now I am trying to move everything in and sort and organize all my supplies so that I can be productive. The book has been on my wishlist now for a while and from everything I hear about it it would definitely help me. I was also thinking about taking the class and think that by doing so it would actually help me to follow through on anything I learn from Wendy’s book. Thanks for all of the fun ideas for today.

  160. I scrapbook in my attic and it seems I have taken the whole idea of being able to “leave everything out” to dizzying levels. One day I had to clean because i couldn’t find my Quickutz Squeeze. My 2008 goal is to convert this space to be family and scrapbook friendly so that we can spend time together, but I will need A LOT of help to get to that point.

  161. I would love to get a hold of this book and take the class. We just bought our first home and now we have a room for the family’s crafting. The only problem is that I can’t figure out how to make it work for us. I’m on a tight budget so this gift would be awesome!

  162. Melissa Spottedhorse says:

    I need help because i have not scrapbooked in so long, I have so much product but no way to see it to use it. I also got back into running 1 year ago and my husband told me he didnt think I had time for so many hobbies. I now need to prove him to be soooo wrong Thanks love all your great ideas

  163. WOW ! I am so excited you are giving away Wendy’s book !
    I really need 1 because we will be building our dream home next year & are just starting the planning stages, i have been scrapping for 11 yrs, but have been creative/artsy my whole life. My hubby & I have totally agreed to build my “dream” scrap room, i need any help & direction that, i am sure the book would assist me greatly ! So I really, really, really, really, really really, really hope you pick me so I don’t continue to have dreams/nightmares about this growing project !
    Thank you!

  164. young chang says:

    Thanks for sharing these ideas, Stacy! Would love to get this book, as I feel stuck organizing my own craft space! I was hoping to purchse this at CKU Seattle, but it was already out of stock! Help a girl out! =)

  165. I really need Wendy’s book! We moved in June and since then I haven’t been able to establish a a good oraganized scrapspace. I have a room designated to be my scraproom but working 40+ hours a week teaching preschool and going back to school in the evenings to complete my degree has prevented me from being able to get my scrap stuff organized. I feel like I spend what little scrapbooking time I have searching for things I know are there somewhere. I’m sure Wendy’s book would be a big help!–Gina

  166. I’ll be hunting down a lot of these great gift ideas. I would LOVE a copy of Wendy’s book. I once read that organizing is a hobby and I was so relieved since I seem to be doing it ALL the time. Might I add that The Container Store is one of my favorite spots. Fortunately, there isn’t one anywhere near me, but when there is . . . it isn’t pretty!

  167. because us wendy’s need to stick together.
    because i can’t find my dining room table or most of my basement floor and i have 2 12×12 paper racks in the basement (still in their boxes)
    seriously, my sb life is screaming for wendy….and i just knew it wasn’t me they were talking too…heh.

  168. Jen Gough says:

    Wow! I would love a chance to take Wendy’s class as I sit here with piles and stacks all around me. A class to get me to a point where I am so oraganized that the creativity will start flowing again as the piles of scrapbook product will be in there place and completed pages will be flying off my desk. Thanks for the help!
    Jen Gough

  169. Hi Stacy,
    If I need it? Yes because i love to learn something new and to be inspired by a beautiful person. Joyeux Noël from Montréal !

  170. why? you want to know why?
    because -
    *I have bought the same stamps more than twice because I didn’t know they were already in my s-crap room
    *I call it my s-crap room instead of my studio or my craft room
    *must close and lock the door when anyone is over to avoid their inevitable shell-shock at seeing so many unbelievable piles of &*(_^)&%)
    *I spent an entire day in there (over 10 hours) and got about half of it “organized”
    *my sons compliment me on creating a path from one end of the room to the other
    *I have not made anything in months because the thought of entering that room is freaking me out

  171. I would love this book—I spend more time “organizing” my space than scrapbooking and my hubby is beginning to think that I don’t scrapbook at all, I just buy stuff!

  172. This book would be a major help to me. We just completed move number 5 in 1.5 years. And this last one was to a new state. I have two little guys, 3 and 1. A wonderful SAHH. I have a full-time job. Just bought a new home and am setting up my first, very own, official craft/scrap space and I am overwhelmed with all the possiblities.

  173. Why do I need this book and class?? Well ya know it’d be easier to tell you why I don’t! Hold On- there’s not one single reason why I don’t.
    *I need it because I can’t find an organisation system that really works for me and that bums me out!
    *I need it because I haven’t scrapbooked a single page since I finished my Daily Dose class at BPS with Gretchen (and before that I hadn’t scrapbooked for months)
    *I need it because I have so many awesome ideas for projects and layouts I want to create but can’t find the inspiration or room on my desk to actually make them!
    *I need it because I’d like to make projects to give to family and friends but can’t remember or find the place I put the supplies for those projects
    *I need it because one day I’d actually like to make a layout and submit it to a magazine for publication.
    I think that about covers it!! he he Love your blog Stacy have a great Christmas!

  174. Hi Stacey! Love your Dec countdown… I’m getting great ideas!
    I need Wendy’s book, because, I’ve just separated my upstairs office from my scrapbooking ‘stuff’ and it now lives downstairs alongside my family room. I stand and scratch my head, pacing here and there… trying to make sense of a new area that MUST be under control… as guests will be viewing it when they come to watch hockey games, etc…
    HELP! I need Wendy’s help! Pick me! My husband is also on bended knee asking someone to help me!!! lol
    Take care…

  175. Tess Davis says:

    I am inspired almost daily by Wendy’s book. And talk about my giddiness at the chance to be taught by her at BPS! She’s practically a rock star. Can someone reallly be on your list for coolest people ever and you’ve never even met them? I work in our spare/guest room. I’m quickly taking over the space and what was once useful is now becoming pure frustration. I had no idea a space could suck the life and creativity out of you like this one does. Should I really be working hunched over on the floor amongst the piles and the to dos and the ideas and the…on and on and on. It’s ‘crapbookin’ at its best (or worst, I’m not sure what to call it)! THETESSAROO :)

  176. Why do I need Wendy’s expertise? So I can do more in my space than just navigate the path from the door to my computer, that’s why!!
    P.S. I love Ali’s new book too! It’s getting dog-eared from use!

  177. I seriously need this because my house looks like my scrap/craft room puked in it. Not only do I have a maze to go through to get around in my room, there is one to get into any room. Somehow, my eight month old has to learn to crawl in this. I am so fed up with it. I don’t even get to craft anymore because I can’t find my stuff. I am seriously thinking I should just rent a bulldoser. It is a constant struggle with my husband. I even have stuff outside on my porch because I ran out of inside space. What a pathetic mess am I. I don’t know what to do anymore. My family and I can’t live like this anymore, but I don’t know where to start. Thanks.

  178. Great post today, Stacy. I’m going to have to link to this post for my husband’s sake. That printer looks like a dandy and the one we’re using is tired, old and in serious need of replacing!
    I have been eyeing up Wendy’s book since I first heard about it and it is ON MY LIST of books to get soon! I need her help b/c I live in a small space with 5 boys!!! (one being my husband, but the rest are little guys- 5, 3 and 2 who are 8 months).
    This girl needs her OWN space! Pick me!

  179. I NEED Wendy’s book + class because I so desperately need the organized + inspired double-dose of scrapbooking goodness to go from paralysis to paradise in my scrapbook room!!!

  180. I so need this! I am moving in about 2 weeks to a brand new home with a brand new room built specifically for ME! I have boxes of scrapping and crafting stuff to unpack, ORGANIZE, and use in my new space and I want to do it in the most inspired, efficient, and useful way I can. What awesome timing this would be learn from from Wendy!

  181. I need this because I am so organizedly challenged. (Is that even a word?) LOL!

  182. You should see my desk right now. I’m sititng in a very, very small are typing this to you, and the small area is not because of the room…it’s because my desk is so CLUTTERED that I have no place to move…and I’m not even going to mention my paper shelves!!!!!

  183. I need this class for the “inspiration” part….I have my things organized, but can’t seem to get inspired to get back into scrapbooking. My things sit neatly organized, but unused. I NEED to get back to scrapbooking for me AND for my family’s memories !

  184. I NEED Wendy’s book because my room is a mish-mash of organizers and it stresses me out! Not a very inspiring workspace!
    Melissa de F.

  185. Laura Daniel says:

    Oh my, what a perfect gift for me. I’ve been wanting to get my little hands on this book!

  186. Laura Daniel says:

    Oh my! This would be a lovely little gift for me to find under our Christmas tree. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it.

  187. Whitney Seeman says:

    I really need help in my space! I have a room, I have some organization things, but it seems that I haven’t chosen the right ones, or at least the ones that work for me! I hate working in my space, it is just more frustrating. I sit down to work and I end up just cleaning or moving things around trying to get it to work and by the end, I spent all the time I could have been scrapbooking cleaning up the area. It has gotten so bad that I just would rather not mess with scrapbooking because I know what will happen. I really do need some help or guidance as to how to choose the correct organization method for me. That way, I can get back to focusing on scrapbooking and not rearranging or cleaning my space….I need Wendy!

  188. I have shopping bags full of paper and embellishments, ribbon and rub on’s but can’t get a grip on what I have. I purchased some boxes and they are still unassembled. I have pictures scattered everywhere and I owe it to my family to make books of our fantastic life. I need this book and this class!!!!

  189. I need Wendy’s book because Wendy isn’t my neighbor who can drop by at a moment’s notice and inspire me on my quest for creativity and organization. So, if she isn’t my neighbor, maybe I can read her book?

  190. ohhhhhhhhhhhh Stacy I truly nEEd this!! I still have scrapping supplies in bags, because I don’t know where to start!! I am visual and need to see my stuff! I go thru bags and find what I need. Very, very unsettling!! I need to organize! Hope I win!!!!!!Mary Ann

  191. Have you seen my room??? Teehee! I have so much stuff everywhere, that I really don’t know where to begin and it over whelms me! I need ideas, advice on organizing my stuff so I know where it is. I have soooo much trouble with that! My husband says my scrapbook closet is “throwing up” into the scraping area! HELP!

  192. I need Wendy’s book because I have to scrapbook on the dining room table. It takes me longer to set up and clean up than I need to do the scrapbooking.
    I need to figure out a workable way to use my dining room!!!!

  193. Elizabeth K. says:

    Well, I would love to own it. And I need some more Simple books. :) And I just have my small stash in a few jars and a large cardboard folder that is falling apart, and I would love to get some better ideas!

  194. I took your LOM class last winter and was amazed at the difference organizing my system for scrapbooking made in my life. And I can’t help but think that getting my space organized – with some help from Wendy – would help me to better use the little bits of time I have to be creative! Plus, I have my very first baby on the way (due next week!) and I am more determined than ever to continue to make time for myself – and time for recording my family memories. I know that, for me, being organized is the only way to make that happen! Michelle

  195. nancy shaffer says:

    When I read the statement in the class description “she will help you understand what inspires you” and my mind went blank, I realized that I NEED help discovering a little more about what makes me tick. I recently purchased the book and would love to take the class.

  196. I just finished reading Wendy & Aby’s book…I LOVE IT!!! Am implementing bits and pieces already, and have purged a huge box of stuff. I feel free! I’ve also reorganized and will be soon giving some much missed things a new home ON my table, instead of across the room…so they get used!!
    I’d LOVE to win a pass to Wendy’s class! It looks/sounds like it will be an awesome class for sure! Thanks for the chance!!
    PS I LOVE those rub on transfers…gotta find me some!

  197. Julie Coryell says:

    I have been wanting to work in my craft room but I am so overwhelmed by the mess in there. I desperately need Wendy’s class to help get me organized and inspired.
    I also can’t wait to take your Library of Memories class!!
    Thanks so much,

  198. Katherine McKamey says:

    Well – I started to leave a comment earlier and talked myself out of it ’cause I’ve already registered for the class and I purchased the book on preorder before it was linked to the 2008 BPS schedule but I’ve thought about it and I am so overwhelmed with the state of my craft space right now (and have been since the twins moved into their own rooms and left me with their tiny nursery) and even though I have spent hours and hours arranging and rearranging and organizing and reorganizing I still have an enormous mess to show for it. If I want to make something I have to search for the pieces/materials to work on it and if I think “Oh, I’m gonna scrapbook today” I lose that excitement as soon as I enter the room and take a look at my completely packed crafting space. You see, it has to house all of my crafts, not just scrapbooking and that means it is very full. I have cross stitch and needlepoint, knitting and crocheting, painting and sewing, the kid’s art supplies, and holiday craft materials all shoved into a 9×10 room with a 12inch deep closet, a floor to ceiling window and 3 separate door frames in the wall opposite!! (The closet was cut into during a bathroom redo that required more space and the closet was forfeit to create a bigger bathroom.) While I realize I am blessed to actually have a room dedicated to my hobbies, I get very depressed when I want to make a gift or work on a layout and I can’t find the items I want to use. I set up color drawers and separated my scraps out into drawers by color but that displaced other craft materials and now I have them piled up along the wall in our bedroom. I am so snowed under that I am starting to think about just donating the lot and emptying the room. Of course, DH would have an absolute cow to see all this stuff given away. I just don’t see how to make it work – I have donated so many things in the past (to schools, scouts, a retirement home, the Church, a couple of neighbors, the kids) and I still haven’t made much of a dent. I need some guidance and inspiration – I don’t have the ability to spend thousands on a whole new room, even though I would be thrilled with cabinets and counters and the like instead of the wire cube pieces I’ve had since College- so I am hoping Wendy’s class and book will be the answer to some pretty selfish prayers. I want to spend crafting time with the kids and my lack of organization has severely curtailed that right along with the other inspiration that I used to enjoy.
    Thanks for the chance to take the class with Wendy – I’m sorry this is so long.

  199. Debbie Lucero says:

    If Stacy says it’s great, then I’ll bite. She’s never steered me wrong so far. Please pick me!

  200. Well first, I want to put in a vote for Cindy B. in Montana, because she’s at the perfect crossroads right now to benefit most from this.
    I need Wendy’s help because 18 months ago I was in Cindy’s position, and was lucky enough to have my own scrapbook room allocated in our new house. The room is painted in my happy colors, the cabinets I installed are gorgeous, and I am so overwhelmed by figuring out where to put everything that I can hardly set foot in my beautiful room. I purged, I categorized, I tried so hard. I no longer buy anything unless it has a purpose. But I need help putting things in order once and for all. And also I hope that this would help me learn principles I can carry over into the rest of my house and my life.

  201. Phyllis R. says:

    I need Wendy’s expertise because my scrapbook supplies are “stashed” all over my house! I haven’t truly scrapbooked in a long time (only small projects here and there) because it is way too much trouble to try to find the items in my “stash” to create a layout! My goal for this coming year is to get everything into my craft space and then thinned out and stored in a logical manner. Hopefully then I will feel more inspired to create! Please help:)

  202. I would love this book! I am very new to scrapping, and to be able to keep things under control, organized as I go would be a dream! Thanks!

  203. I need Wendy’s help cause every time i “organize” my scrap room and then use it i find that i eventually wind up moving out of that room into another to scrap because i have made such a mess of the scrap room and can’t find anything!

  204. I desperately need help organizing everything. Where do I start? I hate cleaning, organizing etc. I’ve gotten three jobs just to avoid it. My house has sadly become a source of shame. I won’t let people visit me anymore. I could use any help in how to get started. That’s my goal for next year. To clean, re-model and organize my home so that I feel proud to invite my family over and enjoy scrapbooking.

  205. Stacy,
    I would love to finally get organized! I adopted my daughter from China in 2004 and she wants to see her pictures in an album not on the computer! I agree with her but I have a scrapbook space in our basement family room that I share with Christy’s toys. The space is a good size but we have so much in the room that we spend most of our time picking up and we never get to do anything. I would love to take a class in organizing. Maybe then I’d actually get some scrapbooking done!

  206. Oh stacy there are simply no words to decribe why I desperately need this!! If you could only see my “scrap come play, come dining, come board games, come chat, come computer come etc etc space You’d AGREE how i need this!!!!!!!

  207. Thanks for all the cool product previews. I’d love to tell you why I need an organization book. Do you remember the scariest scraproom contest? I had an entry all ready to go but was too embarrassed to post it!

  208. I need help organizing my scraproom and have looked at all the websites for inspiration but it never seems right for mine. Help please.

  209. Why do I NEED this book and class? Because my studio space is filled with product. Product I had to have, it inspired me in the store, so I bought it, I brought it home and buried it in a pile and forgot all about it. I freeze up every time I go to make a page, just not sure where to begin anymore. I long to be an organized and inspired scrapbooker once again. :) Wendy…can you help me?

  210. I gave this book away for Christmas – but I haven’t seen a copy yet! LOL Would LOVE one!

  211. Alyson Toll says:

    Thanks for continuing to inspire and support fellow scrapbookers. I saw this book at CKU, and I put it on my holiday must-have list. I am continually organizing and re-organizing my crop/office room. I am a huge fan of idea books, and would love additional help with my organizational skills in my room. Of course, for me, the more organized I am the more productive I am = more cropping time.

  212. Trace Scholar says:

    I DESPERATELY need Wemdy’s expertise because I find that my room is so out-of-control that I don’t want to go in there anymore. It’s too overwhelming. PLEASE HELP!

  213. I could really use the organizational help because my crop room is a mess. I’ve got some great products to organize with, but just don’t know where or how to start.

  214. All you would have to do is look at work area to know that I need some serious help with organizing… unfortunately.

  215. elizabeth holder says:

    I am redoing my scrapbook room and so in need of some new & fresh ideas – plus I am terribly depressed over my football teams loss this week.

  216. fran heupel says:

    I am constantly trying to find better ways to keep all my stamping and scrapbook supplies in order and visible so I know what I have and use it.
    Would love to win a copy of this book from Wendy.

  217. Andria B. says:

    I simply deserve Wendy’s book and class because I am me! Really….
    Love you Stacey!!

  218. i totallly NNNNNEEEEED this haha..oh my goodness! i am moving my scrap room upstairs and i have tried to upload my photo but no success..i have stuff everywhere! piles and piles of stuff. oh my. i totally need help and a few dozen pairs of hands would be lovely! i am sure i am too late in posting i was deeply buried in stuff!
    love love love your 12 days of christmas!

  219. So wanting to take this class. I am really hoping that my husband gives it to me for Christmas.

  220. Well, Im too late for the giveaway due to lack of internet access but commenting anyway as I think my craftspace mess must knock spots off any other! we moved this weekend just gone so now my craftspace is a pile of stacker boxes spread between the box room and garage! Unfortunately having just taken out a mortgage I can’t afford to sign up for the class but I do have the book and will be reading it cover to cover (once I find which box it is in ;-) this is my chance to make a fresh start and create the perfect space for me ;-)

  221. Gina G Rolsma says:

    Because I got overwhelmed by all my scrap stuff and gave it up–after many tears and frustration. Having Clinical Depression and BiPolar II disorder causes the person to have an EXTREMELY hard time making decisions. Everytime I tried to make a page, craft, gift, it took me hours to sort through my stacks and stacks and it actually pained me. The one outlet that helped lift my depression started to magnify it again. It’s been 8 months, this is the first time I have read any scrappin’ blogs (I haven’t touched a mag) and I haven’t put together one page or project.
    I recently moved and I want to get back into again. Got a bigger place which means more space…please give me an opportunity to regain control and have organization. My doc says that it is medicine that will do this, but I don’t want all the credit to go to it. Help me. Forever grateful! gina

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