Day 5

more rather cool, not-so-run-of-the-mill toys and stuff for kids, little ones:


This one is called the Boa Stacker (from Sparkability,) similar to the old plastic, stacking rings that we had as children, but reinvented in a more colorful and interactive way. Squeeze each ring to hear a different animal sound. Clever.

middle ones:


from Chronicle Books, a collection of doable projects in a variety of mediums. Only $14.95 too.
I can’t say it any better than this:

D.I.Y. Kids is designed to trigger imaginative play, without requiring fees, teams, or a minivan. It’s for parents, teachers, aunts and uncles, friends and babysitters, neighbors and citizens—anyone who wants to create a better world not only for, but also with, the next generation. Most of all, it is for kids who want to make their mark by exercising the arts of design with wit, intelligence, and style.

if you can’t afford, or simply can’t provide the pony or puppy, here are some other pet-like options:


an interactive parrot.

it dances to music, flaps in wings and coos and squawks in classic parrot fashion and requires only two AAA batteries!

I’m thinking perhaps a perch in the playroom (pics of my re-do coming soon)

Learn more here. ( $64.95

A futuristic ant farm.


act fast on this one, it’s on sale for just $19.99


  1. Lynne Hardy says:

    Thanks for some great ideas this morning. And Merry Christmas!

  2. I love those stacking rings! I think my little one would love them in a month or two! I also think that DIY book is awesome! I think it is so important for kids and parents to learn that there is so much fun to be had around the house.

  3. Thanks for the great ideas. The book sounds like it has some fun projects!

  4. Walked past those parrots in a couple stores yesterday – dozens of them all squawking at once….yikes!

  5. yep, the parrot is on sale right now at target ($45.00 i do believe) my 3 year old wants the pony from there – yikes!!!

  6. thanks stacy! i picked up the ant farm, looks totally cool and i know my 7 yo son will love it! love your ideas!

  7. kat-in-texas says:

    Stacy, thanks so much for these great ideas. Ant farm is on its way!!! My boys are going to be psyched!!! That parrot is hilarious. We have a real one (Quaker) that we can’t get to shut up. Ha.Ha..

  8. The parrot is on sale at Target this week for $45!! :) It was my sons “big” present this year! He is so excited to see if he gets “his” bird! Too fun!

  9. Oooh… we had Antworks… It was a HUGE hit… However, when the ants die, and you can’t “get them out” they do mold! Pooh!

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