Stocking Stuffers …

Yay — it’s stocking-stuffer day.

I have to start out with my best picks from Restoration Hardware,
simply because they do a great job of "inexpensive and cool" all at the
same time. They also play to our sense of nostalgia which in my opinion
is a welcome thing at Christmas.

for the artist, an update on an old favorite … that I would call Spirograph!


for the conversationalist, or perhaps the person who needs help … Chit Chat cards!


for the game-lover, Tiddledy-Winks anyone?


for the prankster, the Gags On You kits.


for children and adults alike …


A cool matching game. Should have included this next one on my colorful day, but I filed the
idea away and it didn’t turn up again until a few days ago!  I’m tossing our "Dora the Explorer" game (nothing
personal against Dora, I just can’t stand playing the game and Taft
LOVES it, which obviously poses a problem) Yeah for good design and a more visually enticing
version featuring fabulous Marimekko designs from Finland.

If you have a natural-born performer on your list (who doesn’t?) then this may be just the ticket … it’s call ikaraoke and you plug it into your ipod, so that it can remove the lead vocal’s voice and allow you to take over as the star performer. Do a Google search for the best price (somewhere between $35 and $50) I got mine at (don’t tell Trey) You can read more here.


and finally, a few more curious and inexpensive items to round off your gift-giving …


these little cutie planters grow hair that you can cut and style — and perhaps because they are adorable and only $9.95 they go fast. click here.


and these — designed by Walter Ruffler — are called mechanical paper machines. Again priced at only $9.95 use cranks, levers, wood sticks, and thread to simulate amazingly lifelike movement. This paper machine kit contains what you need to make a working paper automaton.
Recommended for ages 12 and older.

btw, there are many more very FUN, stuffabe ideas here.

good luck getting it ALL done. Thanks for all your great comments and suggestions. I will be announcing the "family traditions" and "Wendy book and class winners" very soon!!


  1. fun stuff! i don’t know where you find it all! :)

  2. Love do you have the time to find it all?? You amaze me…

  3. the mechanical paper things are so awesome, we built one when my son was 7. They make great last minute science fair projects, too!

  4. I had to buy a Spirograph! I had one when I was younger – this will be great on my breaks :)

  5. I love the ikarioke and the spirograph! They would be super great gifts for me… and maybe they will be!

  6. Cute and fun stuff!

  7. ok, i speed read through two hundred-something comments to see any info on the printer. i only saw one person who said it was great. if you’ve got any more info about it, i’m SO interested – it’s on my Christmas list!
    Oh, and some of those ladies really, really seem to need Wendy’s help! such good stories. i hope all the people you didn’t pick will sign up anyway!

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