The 12 Days of Christmas, Stacy Style

I’ve been flagging catalogs and making lists and flagging more catalogs and surfing the web and making more lists and I finally have narrowed down, what I think is a great line-up of fun and meaningful gift ideas–for each day until the 12th. Now, I believe (technically speaking) that the 12 Days of Christmas begins on the 13th (as in 13+12=25) but that won’t give us enough time — so, I say we start today.

Christmas (at least the secular celebration led by the jolly old man) is for kids and the kid in all of us. This is why I’m dedicating Day 1 to a selection of cool toys from a great catalog (Back to Basics Toys) that specializes in the classics (in other words, the toys from our childhood) and other quality toys. Their tagline is "they do make them like they used to" and I found myself nearly overcome with Christmas morning memories as I thumbed through the pages.

Here are a few of my favorites (that I didn’t purchase — can’t show you those, for obvious reasons)

1. Uncle Sam die-cast bank

First introduced in 1886 and sold in the famous Sheperd’s Hardware Store. You put the coin in Sam’s hand and push the button, then watch the bag open and the coin drop. Way cool.

2. The "Original’ Brio Labyrinth

I got mine in the 6th grade and I was class champion too — only we called in Space Tilt. I’ve got to ask my mom if she knows where mine is — great, challenging fun.

3. Bozo Bop Bag

These first appeared in the 1960s and I’m convinced every home has had at least one over the years. This guy definitely falls in the "fun, while it lasts" catagory, but they are so eye-catching unwrapped and waiting by the tree when the kids enter the room — totally worth 15 bucks in my book.

4. Wood Puzzles and Storage/Display Case

I really do think these puzzles are timeless — for as many times as I’ve purged and reorganized our toys and toy closets and toy rooms over the years. Ours have survived and continue to be played with. I’m loving this storage case (think seriously about purchasing it!)

5. and last, but certainly not least on my top five toy picks …
The Snoopy Snow Cone Maker

Right up there with the Easy Bake Oven for all-time favorites. How can you go wrong for twenty bucks, with an endless supply of ice and inexpensive, readily available Kool-Aid packets??
I just can’t think of a better kid-gift — no way.

To help me kick off my list, post your favorite Christmas kid-toy memory. Something you would buy out of pure nostalgia — something you wanted more than anything else, something you got and treasured — what is it. Tell me. If you happen to pick mine, I’ll send YOU happy mail.


  1. oh man….SO many special toys (that i can see once again on eBay) that brings back such fun memories. i’d have to say the one i wanted most was a Valerie doll. imagine! a doll named after ME! i’m not sure what happened, if my mom couldn’t find it or what, but i got the paper doll version that Christmas. i remember feeling SO disappointed, but filled that void some 30 years later by buying it myself on eBay.
    ah, the magic of Christmas!

  2. I always loved playing travel bingo (I think that’s the name) when we went on road trips when I was a kid. It was a cardboard square with different little pictures covered by translucent colored “windows”. When you saw an object in one of the pictures, you would close the window. Whoever had closed the windows in one row, column, or diagonal was the winner! The pictures were things you would see on a trip…cows, trucks, fences, that kind of thing. Much fun!!

  3. My favorite was a porcelain bride doll dressed to the hilt. She was very precious because she was a gift from my favorite grandmother.
    My favorite toy for my children when they were small was legos. They occupied both my children for hours.

  4. Lyn Meeker says:

    Actually I did buy it .. and it’s up in my closet! LOL! .. (I got it off of EBAY a few years ago…)..
    It’s the game NUTSY TENNIS .. (Almost like “Pong” before the computer game .. ) You use these paddles and hit a ball (that’s attached to a wire on the “net) and it goes back and forth!

  5. The snoopy snowcone machine! I had one as a kid and loved playing with it in the kitchen while my mom cooked.

  6. Ooooh, two gifts came to mind instantly . . .
    the first was an Easy Bake Oven – I got mine from a favorite uncle. It was brown, metal, and didn’t make the greatest cakes – but I loved, loved, loved it and it started a love for baking that continues today!
    The second gift was a Holly Hobby tracing kit . . . I can’t remember exactly how it worked, but I could trace Holly Hobby characters and write stories about them. Loved that, too! :)

  7. Samantha VanArnhem says:

    I so badly wanted the Barbie dream house (with the windows that really opened and closed) but alas “Santa” never brought it.

  8. I was six years old and my grandparents got me the sweetest teddy bear. Up until that point, I hadn’t had a favorite stuffie, but “Little Bear” became my “can’t go to sleep without him” stuffie. After almost 30 years, he now resides in my dresser, out of the way, but not forgotten.

  9. My favorite Christmas toy was my Crissy doll. Was there anything better than having a doll that you could adjust the length of her hair without cutting it?

  10. A Holly Hobby doll for sure.:)

  11. the easy bake oven! when i was out of the mixes that came with it we bought jiffy mixes and then because i loved it so i would try anything in that oven even cooking sweetened cereal mixed with water and for some reason i remember that that little concoction was the best tasting ever.

  12. Okay…LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I had a Mrs. Beasley doll that I just adored! I also loved the Snoopy Sno Cone Machine, Snoopy Sniffer, Chatter Phone, Lincoln Logs and the Rock em Sock em Robots! LOL. I actually blogged today about this topic.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. 1. Easy Bake Oven. I loved it. I had a complete child sized kitchen and spent hours there. I wish I still had it.
    2. Patty Play Pal doll. I had one and wish I still had that too. She was beautiful, 3-4 feet tall, blonde hair.
    Boy does that take me back.

  14. Leigh Ann says:

    OH! I loved my Lite Brite and my Barbie doll head you could put make up on. It came with curlers and awful bright pink blush and blue eyeshadow. FABULOUS!

  15. Ok I have 3 Easy bake oven, the barbie head that you could do all the make up. This one hasn’t been mentioned yet baby alive. Remember she was the doll that you could feed the special food to and she drank and then she actually had to have her diaper changed. What fun, if I only knew how many I would actually get to change later in life I would have waited LOL.

  16. Oh my, this has brought back many memories! I had two brothers and no sisters so I never got the Easy Bake oven or the head that you could put make-up on, but the Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and Skittle Pool were classics in my family. What I really remember enjoying was the Squeeze Out game (do they still make it? I’ll have to check it out)! We played that for hours… Thanks for the nostalgia, Stacy!

  17. One of my favorites was Fashion Designer. I just found it at Back to Basics Toys ( It is the one where you have templates for the girls and the outfits. Plus you also have texture that you can add to the outfits. Fun! Fun! Fun! I have now been inspired to get this for my daughter this Christmas!

  18. I loved my “Baby Alive” and my “Snoopy electric toothbrush”–also had fun with my brother’s “Rock em Sock em Robots”.

  19. Lite Bright and Barbie. But,the one toy that I still LOVE and play with often is PlayDogh. The smell of a new can just floods the brain with memories…

  20. My Velvet doll like Crissy her hair grew long but she was a blonde. My Swingy doll she danced. And anything Holly Hobby I even had the bedspread. Did you ever have a cheerful tearful doll? My first barbie doll was a Penny Brite then I got a Julia remember her she had a TV show she was a nurse.

  21. i never got an easy bake oven although i longed for one (we play w/my dd’s a lot!) but i loved, loved, loved getting a doll as big as me (i was 4 or 5) from my beloved grandparents. it was so much fun to have a “twin”!

  22. Jennifer Jensen says:

    One of my favorite gifts when I was young was my cabbage patch dolls….I LOVED THEM. They seemed to disappear for awhile, but I was thrilled to see them return and last year for my daughter’s first christmas she got her first cabbage patch doll.

  23. Katherine McKamey says:

    Oooh! I wanted Baby Alive but I got Baby Tenderlove (didn’t do anything but look sweet) and I still have her! (I turn 40 on the 27th!!) I just found her in some boxes my parents found in their attic when they moved last. I thought I had gotten all my “stuff” out of their house 20 yrs ago!
    I also had the Fashion Designer and the Barbie head. My Uncle gave my brother and I “Rock’em Sock’em Robots” for Christmas one year – Favorite toy of all times for settling arguments and disagreements!! LOVED IT! I am going to buy one for my twins – they could use a more interesting way to solve petty disagreements!LOL!
    Thanks for sharing Stacy! Merry Christmas!

  24. One of my favorite presents was my first chapter book, Charlotte’s Web. I remember how proud I was that I could read it all by myself. I still have that book on my bookself…it is worn but means so much to me.

  25. With a family of 4 girls, it was all about the dolls. The most memorable for me was the Chrissy doll. I still have mine (and my Velvet & Mia dolls that I got subsequent years). Now their hair is a rats nest, but Oh how I loved them and my now 6-year old like to play with them as well.
    I also had a bunch of little 6″ dolls, I think they were called “Dawn dolls.”
    And of course Barbie, one each year from Santa.

  26. Mine was a hobby horse…it was rather large, had a string that you pulled and it talked to you, I think it said “How about a carrot?” It’s legs moved when you bounced on it and it made a sound like horses hooves hitting the pavement.

  27. My most prized possession when I was 5 was the Baby Burps doll… yep, she burped when you squeezed her stomach! I adored that doll. My second favorite toy was the Battleship game- I recently found an original game at a garage sale for 50 cents and was overjoyed! Then while looking through our storage cabin, I found my brother’s original Battleship game that my mom had saved. He’ll be getting that for Christmas this year! I can’t wait to give it to him so that we can play it again. Memories!

  28. It would be a tie between the doll house and a baby doll bed. My mom found a person who makes baby doll beds and had them make it to match my wrought-iron bed–I loved it!

  29. I LOVE that catalog!
    Number one, hands down, is the Easy Bake Oven. I loved that thing!
    Number two…don’t know the name, but that catalog had it last year. It was a bunch of primary-colored disks with little handles. They fit into a spring-loaded tray and you tried to pull them out one-by-one without having the whole spring snap you.

  30. Love Back to Basics toys!
    My all-time favorite childhood toy was my Lundby dollhouse that Santa brought in 1972. Sadly, it was accidentally sold at a garage sale decades ago, but I have managed to recreate one like it thanks to eBay.
    Close runners-up would be my Spirograph, my Barbie styling head, and my Schwinn with basket & banana seat.

  31. So many fun memories. I too was an Easy Bake oven gal. My grandma made me little cake mixes using Jiffy cake mixes. I remember particularly a 4 layer cake covered in M&M’s. I also enjoyed my spirograph and my light bright as well as a large Barbie head where I could apply her make-up and braid her hair.

  32. Kelly Butler says:

    Mine was my Easy Bake Oven and the HUGE package of cake, cookie and brownie mixes and all the utensils that came with it. I felt just like Mom baking & even took “dessert” to a friends.

  33. I remember one of my favorite toys/games as a child being “Kurplunk” something about all those marbles crashing down I just loved. I am sure my mom had other thoughts!

  34. Mine would be a Magic Window. Remember those? An oval shaped piece of plastic with white&pink or white&blue sand sandwiched between. You would shake it or turn it to make different scenes? Mine was the pink & white that glowed in the dark. Loved that thing. That and Nancy Drew books. Oh I loved those!!

  35. Spirograph! I loved that thing when I was a kid! It was amazing and made the best pictures. I have looked at a few sets on e-bay, they are really expensive, wish they would bring that one back!

  36. I can’t remember the name but it was a little duck that you pulled by a string and the feet were plastic that rolled around and flap, flap, flap on the ground. They had a little dog too. On, and the little telephone you could pull and the eyes went up and down. Makes me feel 5 years old again!

  37. Julia Budd says:

    The twelve days of christmas start on Boxing Day (26th) and end on January 6th, twelfth night.
    Oh, and etch a sketch!

  38. I loved my Lemon Twist. Did anyone else have one of these? They were so popular in second grade that our teacher put pins up on the bulletin board so us girls could hang them up during class and they would be ready for us at recess. It was a black plastic “rope” that had a loop that fit over your foot and onto your ankle on one end. At the other end of the “rope” was a plastic lemon that rattled. You would spin it around your ankle and jump over the lemon with your other foot. LOVED IT! Another favorite was shrinky dinks – those are still around and paint by numbers.

  39. I loved my Lemon Twist. Did anyone else have one of these? They were so popular in second grade that our teacher put pins up on the bulletin board so us girls could hang them up during class and they would be ready for us at recess. It was a black plastic “rope” that had a loop that fit over your foot and onto your ankle on one end. At the other end of the “rope” was a plastic lemon that rattled. You would spin it around your ankle and jump over the lemon with your other foot. LOVED IT! Another favorite was shrinky dinks – those are still around and paint by numbers.

  40. The barbie airplane! spent many an hour traveling to far off places with barbie and skipper….
    And good ol light bright! I bet my dad had fun putting the picture in it christmas eve so it would be glowing christmas morning!

  41. i guess my cabbage patch dolls were what i wanted badly!

  42. Cabbage Patch Kids! As a child of the 80′s, I have specific memories of Christmas morning and Cabbage Patch dolls. Love ‘em!

  43. I LOVED my Barbie styling head! I wanted her so bad and when I look back at the Christmas morning photo of that day I can see just how happy I was that Santa got my letter. Barbie and I had many fun hours of “stylin’”. So many of the memories in other comments are bringing back mine, and all the joy that Christmas brings. What a fun idea – thanks for encouragin me to stop, sit and remember!!!

  44. i can remember when i was 4 or 5 years old, i got a complete (metal) mustard/brown colored kitchen set, sink, stove, and refrigerator pieces. my most treasured though, i remember a year or two later getting a 12″ Miss America Barbie (and a 12″ Candy doll with makeup) complete with crown and all with an old blue avon suitcase full of clothes that my mom had made for her. i just recently pulled those out for my 3 year old dd, complete with clothes (still in pristine condition). i only regret not holding it until santa came. she loves it and i love that she loves it.

  45. A Mrs. Beasley Doll. Just loved her! My sister and I played with her forever. We also played with our “Tubsy” Doll and our “Chrissy” dolls….you know you pushed in her belly button to pull out her pony tail to make her hair long. OR you could turn the knob in her back to make her hair short. Oh those were the days!

  46. Sue Baker says:

    Well, since I am older than you, my treasured gift will probably not be the same as yours! But I loved anything and everything Barbie! What I played with more than anything was my two dimensional cardboard Barbie Dream House. I can still remember lifiting the lid on the stereo cabinet and playing those cardboard albums. Those were the days of good old fashioned pretend fun!
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  47. Crayola carousel. All the colors were so yummy plus all the crafty stuff. Heaven, even now.

  48. I loved my Raggedy Ann doll…..Chrissy was a close second with her hair that would grow or shorten with a twist of a knob.

  49. Hi Stacy… not to be annoying or a stickler for accuracy but the Twelve Days of Christmas historically refers to the 12 days starting with Christmas Day(December 25) and ending with January 5, the eve of Epiphany (January 6).
    In traditional celebrations of Christmas, the holiday doesn’t actually begin until the 25th (before that is the season of Advent) and then continues for 12 days. :-)

  50. Heather R says:

    my holly hobby doll. she was soft and wore here signature dress and bonnet. would love one for my daughter.

  51. Heather Emans says:

    my lite brite!

  52. Chatty Cathy, of course!!!
    But…I also loved my Barbie bedroom set with the canopy bed and pink linens and my metal doll house (2 stories high) with the fake brick painted on the front!!!

  53. love, love, love candy land and chutes and ladders games. brings back memories of playing these for hours with my gram & my cousins. love to buy these for gifts, too.
    most nostalgic would be my rocking horse. my santa(my dad) built it in our spare bedroom after i was in bed on christmas eve… only to find out it didn’t fit through the door! he had to take it apart and reassemble it in the living room! poor guy- but so worth it on christmas morning…
    my daughter’s santa(my husband) had to get her a rocking horse this year… too sweet.

  54. I grew up with cousins all around, and I remember playing tinker toys & lincoln logs the most! (Besides making forts out of card tables and blankets and roller skating outside- that is!) haha

  55. Definitely my first Cabbage Patch Doll! I also loved getting LightBright. But I, too, am partial to my Easy Bake Oven! Merry Christmas! Tracy V.

  56. I loved my Easy Bake oven. Many cakes were made in that thing.. I do have to say, I remember the Snoopy Snow Cone toy very well. Always wanted one, my mom thought it was junk, so I was never privy to one. Thinking about it for my family…

  57. Tracy Rizzo says:

    Mine was my fashion plates-and my Little House book set that I am now reading to my daughter-I heart those books :)

  58. Roller skates would have to be one of my favs. I remember spending countless hours roller skating everywhere! My mum said I couldn’t have them because they couldn’t afford them but my Nana and Pa bought them for me for Christmas and I thought I was so hip and cool! Fancy roller skating around in very short shorts and a t shirt, actually I remember even skating around in a dress. Where was the safety! Actually may list of very favourite christmas presents is long, they bring back so many different memories, maybe I am going to have to find sometime to actually scrapbook about them! My mum often took photos of all our christmas presents layed out! Wish I didn’t have to finish school reports right now or else I think I would be scrapbook right NOW!
    Melbourne Australia

  59. Stacy,
    Mine was a toss up between Easy Bake Oven, Barbies and a miniature sewing machine.
    margie r

  60. Anna Beth says:

    Well, I never got mine, but let me tell you why – I grew up in the 80′s and my brother and I would sit down right after Thanksgiving and use a big marker ( a different color for each of us, so mom would know) to circle what we wanted out of the gigantic Sears catalog. Each year, I would turn to the double page spread with the wooden doll house and accessories, but never circle it, because I knew it was too expensive. Fast forward to last Christmas, talking with my mom in Hobby Lobby at an after Christmas sale. They have a huge, elaborate dollhouse on clearance right up front in the store. I begin to wax poetic about how I had always wanted one of those. My mother looks at me and says, ” You never asked for one – I longed to buy you one but I thought you wouldn’t like it, so I never did!!” So know she knows! I have two small daughters now, and she has promised that once they are old enough, they will have a big, fancy doll house!

  61. My favorite toy…LIGHT BRIGHT!! So many fun things to do and endless hours of fun!!!

  62. without a doubt it was the cabbage patch kid…and not one of the homemade ones my parents lovingly tried to pass off as one…

  63. Mine was the Mrs. Beasley doll, from “family Affair”. I loved that little old lady in her blue polka dot dress. Years later my sister ripped her arm off in some sort of tug-o-war, I was devastated! Luckily, Mom came to the rescue with needle and thread.

  64. Theresa Grdina says:

    I absolutely adored my Suzie Schoolhouse doll. (I think that was her name) she was wearing a plaid jumper and she came with a desk and a chalkboard. She said a few things, too. I loved that doll. I got her when I was in third grade. My mom told me then that I was going to be a teacher and I thought she’d lost it. Guess what? I’m a teacher! ha ha!!!

  65. My favorite Christmas gift wasn’t a toy. When I was about 7 or 8, my older sister went to a local stationary store and bought me little restaurant carbon-copy order pads, check ledger books, library pockets/cards and an assortment of colorful pens to write with. I remember being so excited when I opened that box of pure paper bliss! I played store, restaurant and library to my hearts content. I loved any kind of paper, even back then.
    p.s. Margie – I remember the Lemon Twist! and I rocked at it!

  66. Lucille Bentley says:

    I would have to say it was a doll my sister got for christmas. I can’t remember the name but it was a ballerina doll it had a spinning thing on top of its head and you had to pump it like a top. I can still remember begging to play with it.

  67. I’m thinking of the pull toys — specifically the puppy dog with floppy ears that made a clickety clack sound as he moved along the floor. Some kids had a caterpillar, too! There was also that little telephone with the smiling face that rang every time you dialed the numbers! All kinds of happy colors on that!
    (which reminds me of the xylophone…uh oh, memory overload!)

  68. I really loved my Cabbage Patch doll, but one of my favorites was my Dolly pops

  69. oh, and I forgot to mention…..the snow cone maker….my best friend had one. I remember making snow cones when I was about 8 years old!!! Thanksf or the memory trigger!!

  70. Marta Valdes says:

    Best one of all for me is the Easy Bake Oven, never got it, but always wanted to have it.
    Everytime Christmas comes around I get so tempted to buy it just for me.
    It brings back so many happy memories.
    Marta :)

  71. Crystal Matushek says:

    Dancerella Doll and Fashion Plates were a couple of my favorites. I had the Snoopy Snow Cone Maker and I loved that also. What a fun thread. Thanks!

  72. My very favorite was the View Master. I loved my View Master and loved putting the little round film things in to see a story.
    Thanks for the post to the Back to Basics place.. I found one there that I’m planning on buying for my son (although I may be playing with it more!).

  73. I loved the Trend scratch and sniff stickers. My mom would take us to the teacher supply store to buy one sheet at a time when we’d been good.
    One time, I think for Christmas, I received a big bulk pack with 20 different varieties.
    My friends and I would write stories illustrated with the stickers, similar to “Little Bunny Follows his Nose”
    I still have about half of the stickers from my childhood collection, and today my daughters are writing their own stories and weaving the scented stickers into the plot. They still smell great!

  74. My most vivid memory of Christmas morning is of walking into the living room the year I was almost 4, and seeing a big green Inch Worm in front of the tree. I was so excited! I loved that Inch Worm. I’d buy a new one in a heartbeat.

  75. OMG…a Lite-Brite….loved having it on at night!

  76. When I was in grade 2, my dad bought me a brand-new pair of white figure skates for Christmas. I can still remember opening that blue box and how perfectly beautiful they looked. This was in the early 60′s, we lived on a farm and there was no money for extras. He knew how much I longed to skate with the other kids at school and they were like a dream come true for me. This year our one-year-old granddaughter got skates (they are her gift but she’s using them already) from her parents and she loves putting them on and going out on the rink with her dad.
    I’m delighted you are doing your 12 Days again! I gave away some lovely things last year, based on your recommendations :)

  77. The old fisher price record player was a favorite, but my most favorite thing of all my childhood Christmas mornings was a huge four room doll house for my barbies complete with wooden furniture made by my grandpa and decorated by my mother…I come from a family with 12 kids so most of our gifts were hand made, can’t ever replace them with anything I can buy now, but so happy that my kids can now play with them when we visit grammie.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  78. I would have to say the dolls, Baby Tender Love, still have it,Mrs. Beasley, Raggedy Ann, still have it, that one was from my dad, the Chrissy doll witht the hair that grew and Baby Drowsy, still have her although she doesnt talk very well anymore and she is bald. Thank you so much for the trip back in time I needed it.

  79. Vickie Jones says:

    Seriously an etch a sketch!

  80. Vickie Jones says:

    Etch a sketch

  81. I can’t get beyond the bozo bop bag! OMG.. so many memories.. I never had one as a kid, my aunt did but I loved going over to her house to play with it! WOW.. flashbacks galore right now!.
    I’m so buying one right now … thank you! :-)

  82. Ok.. that crazy car totally reminded me of one that I had too!! And do you remember “Big Wheels”! LOVED my Big Wheels!!! :-)

  83. And there she is.. Mrs Beasley… she holds many fond memories..the secrets I shared, the fun we had together. I would have done anything for her and I think she would have done anything for me! I’m totally in my childhood right now.. thanks Stacy!
    That’s it, my credit card is smoking hot right now!!

  84. I must have been really good as I woke up to a Big Wheel, Easy Bake Oven and a Barbies Dream House with the pool, airplane, motorhome…actually, mom was amzed herself when she went to go pickup her layaways…it was an incredible Christmas.

  85. Suzy Scrapper says:

    “Now, I believe (technically speaking) that the 12 Days of Christmas begins on the 13th (as in 13+12=25) but that won’t give us enough time — so, I say we start today.”
    Believe whatever you want. The TWELVE DAYS of Christmas is the RELIGIOUS SEASON (contrary to the “SHOPPING” season) that FOLLOWS the feast day of the Nativity of Jesus Christ.
    The Twelfth Night is on January 5th, The final Day of Christmas – The Epiphany
    All the yahoos and yeahoos that do it backwards are really annoying – So there!

  86. Without hesitation I remembered two dolls from my childhood…my pink polka-dotted Drowsy doll and my Mrs. Beasley doll. Alas, like other readers have already mentioned, my dear Mrs. Beasley had her arm ripped off by a mean little brother! I think Drowsy is still in my dad’s house somewhere.
    Stacy, thanks for asking!

  87. I loved my Velvet doll(which was Chrissy’s best friend), Barbies, and Baby Alive! This brought back a lot of childhood memories.

  88. kat-in-texas says:

    I NEVER GOT THE EASY BAKE OVEN!!! (Can you tell I’m still a little bitter about that?) ha.ha. Did anyone have “Kiddles”? Sometimes I can still smell them!

  89. Oh wow. Fashion plates FOR SURE! And Lite Brite…also loved-LOVED- Tinker Toys and Lego Logs. Who didn’t have a Big Wheel? Actually mine was a Green Machine (same thing). I loved my Barbies but my cousins were the ones with the Barbie Mansion (had a moving elevator!) and RV. Very cool memories. OMG! What about Shrinky Dinks?? Loved them.

  90. A Teddy Ruxpin talking bear

  91. Janel Brown- says:

    I loved my Etch-a-Sketch! I had big dreams of making those cool masterpiecse on the box. But I usually bumped it,accidently, half way through and erased some of the “masterpiece”! :) The best part, my daughter asked for one this year! She is sooo getting that one! Thanks for the great gift ideas! Merry Christmas!

  92. Great site recommendation- I made up a wish list for the grandparents and that puzzle holder is a definite necessity over here. My boys are big puzzlers! Thanks!
    loved my lite bright.

  93. the 12 days of christmas come after christmas not before. Starting on Christmas Day and ending on Epiphany, the 5th January.

  94. The snoopy snow cone machine was the best! I actually bought it for my husband as a birthday gift. We ground that ice until our fingers were sore. It was so hard!!! If you really like 80′s gifts, you may want to check out my website
    Thanks for the memories!

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