before I announce the winner …

let me just say WOW.

Have you seen the comments here — you are all amazing. Thank you so much for your thoughts on what is working. Let’s take these things and build on them — that is really my goal with Photo Freedom and Library of Memories — that is what I started with nine years ago — things that were working and things that weren’t working and I just kept fine tuning and revising until it become a system that is now second nature and completely and totally liberating.

Trust me I’ll be reading over your comments for quite awhile. There are even more fantastic comments on Ali and Cathy’s blog as well.

seriously, thank YOU so much.

NOW … onto the very overwhelming task of selecting winners. I’m pretty proud of what we came up with.
I am sure it’s not fair (but then neither is life, so get over it as soon as you possibly can and be happy) there were simply way too many comments to print and cut up and draw from a bag (my original plan.) At our house we always flip a coin — but Chase and I couldn’t figure out how to make that work, so we turned to a pair of dice.


Since there was a comment for almost every minute over the last 24 hours, Chase simply rolled the dice and came up with a time. The first number was assigned AM and the second PM. The two times were 10:34 AM and 4:03 PM –  at least totally random, as promised.

The two winners and their comments on what is working are …


I have been putting (doubles of)everything into photo albums
chronologically as soon as they are printed then I can just flip
through the album and remove the pics I want to scrapbook. It he ps me
not to feel like I have to scrapbook all pictures and its easy to flip
through and find what I want!
Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted by: Heather Sinkler | 24 January 2008 at 10:34 AM


All of my digital photos are organized on my computer by date as well as in catagories such as vacation, each child, etc. Now I need to print them more regulary. A home printer would help! Looking forward to seeing your new book! Loved "The Big Picture".
Posted by: KrisA | 24 January 2008 at 04:03 PM

girls, please email me and put BOOK WINNER in the subject line. If you can do this before noon PST, your book will be sent today!!

and the really good news is, I have one more copy to give away. This last one goes to the first person to correctly guess where I am going today.

Hint: I will be traveling with just Geof and Chase on what we call a 13th birthday trip. Chase turned 13 when Geof and I were down under and so we’re headed out today, returning Monday — destination is somewhere in the continental US and I’ll post a photo tomorrow.


  1. New York??????

  2. San Fransisco?

  3. Am I really first? How about Washington D.C.?
    Have a great time!

  4. Disneyland?

  5. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    Disney World?

  6. Ok, I wasn’t first, but I’m so excited I got to guess without having to figure out what wasn’t used.

  7. I really can spell. San Francisco

  8. Seattle?

  9. I am going to guess Salt Lake City

  10. Los Angeles – away from the snow?

  11. Hmmm, Yellowstone! I can’t come up with anything probable. Oh well!

  12. How about San Diego?

  13. Phoenix?

  14. Coeur D’Alene, Idaho??

  15. The Grand Canyon
    Have fun wherever it is! :)

  16. Portland?

  17. Melissa K. says:

    Since Seattle is already taken, I’m going to guess Portland.

  18. Melissa K. says:

    Oh, shoot–Sabrina and I posted at the same time, but I was a few seconds too late!
    Okay, another guess… Boise?

  19. Kris Finnerty says:

    San Diego

  20. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  21. I am going to guess that you are coming to Utah!!!
    Jenn T

  22. Hmmm, well all of the good ones that I would have guessed are gone, so how about somewhere in Texas.

  23. Disneyland!@?

  24. Kris Finnerty says:


  25. Spokane, near home?

  26. I have no idea – Legoland?

  27. Salt Lake

  28. New York!

  29. Bellingham, WA. :)

  30. The Redwood Forest in Northern Cal…if that’s not where you’re headed, it should be!! It’s gorgeous!

  31. the Grand Canyon

  32. Sherrie Mannion says:


  33. To McCall, Idaho for the Winter Ice Festival???….that’s where I will be, you can just bring the book to me there! haha

  34. Hmmm… maybe skiing in Colorado?

  35. Kathryn Benfiet says:


  36. Magic Mountain?

  37. Washington D.C.- great for a 13 year old! :)

  38. Kris Finnerty says:

    Los Angeles

  39. Aspen..really don’t have a clue

  40. Park City

  41. Hi Stacy,
    Happy belated birthday to Chase. What a fun way to celebrate! Are you going skiing maybe in Aspen?

  42. Kris Finnerty says:


  43. Rachel Burgess says:

    Temple Square, SLC

  44. I’m going to guess Seattle or Portland.
    I can’t wait to get this book! BPS changed my scrapping life!

  45. Hope you all have a happy time, is it Boston?

  46. Elizabeth K. says:

    I have not idea, either…

  47. don’t know why this came to me but here goes: SAN DIEGO…Am I right?? :-) Have FUN where ever you go!

  48. Shannon Simpson says:

    How about New York City…

  49. maybe the Museum of Flight in Seattle???

  50. Debbie Dow says:

    Tamarack idaho

  51. Breckenridge?

  52. Debbie Dow says:

    tamarack idaho

  53. Utah – maybe specifically Salt Lake City? wherever it is, have wonderful memorable time!

  54. oh, just found the other comments. was wondering why SLC hadn’t been guessed yet. :-} ok, so now I’m changing to Washington DC.

  55. Disney World?

  56. I guess Seattle!

  57. Kirsten L. says:

    San Antonio, TX

  58. Sun Valley, Idaho for some skiing?

  59. Skiing in Utah!

  60. San Francisco?

  61. Silver Mountain Resort?

  62. Happy Belated Birthday Chase, I’m going to guess…Disneyland!

  63. Boston

  64. RUTH ALLMART says:

    To be honest I haven’t got a clue but I’ll guess Las Vegas to see a show of some kind maybe????
    Ruth A.

  65. Happy (belated) Birthday, Chase! My guess is the Grand Canyon!
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  66. Happy Birthday Chase!!!
    I will guess to the temple in Salt Lake City.

  67. I’ll guess…hmmmm…San Francisco.

  68. I don’t think it’s Utah, because you’re coming here next weekend for the Crop event. I think it’s somewhere warm because Spokane is cold. CHA is in Anaheim in 2 weeks, so I don’t think you’re going there. This is tough! Maybe Chase likes a certain sports team so you’re goign to a game somewhere? I really have no idea. But I’m going to guess Texas. Random, warm place that sounds like fun.
    I just love all your fun traditions–a special trip with just mom and dad sounds perfect. Have a GREAT time!!!

  69. I think you should bring him to Park City, Utah to ski! :o)

  70. Hmmm…Happy Belated Birthday to Chase.
    I’ll guess Chicago.
    Wherever it is…have a great time!

  71. Leavenworth WA?

  72. I’ll say skiing in Colorado. :)

  73. Mt. Rushmore

  74. Teryl Zollinger says:

    Lewiston, Idaho?

  75. Don’t have a clue where you’re going, but loved the way you came up with the dice for picking the winners for the books…very ingenious….

  76. I am going to guess – Vancouver
    No reason why. I don’t think I saw it as a guess yet.

  77. Dallas.

  78. I’m going to guess the Big Apple? New York City!! As that is a fun destination, and is the big city close to me! Have fun wherever you do end up going!!

  79. Phoenix? For some sun? I mean, that’s my dream!

  80. Sue in Grapevine says:

    To the temple in Spokane?

  81. Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio??

  82. Miami, Florida

  83. How about the Smithsonian? Or maybe Yellowstone? Just have to add that I love the pic of him and the dice. Very cool.

  84. Avital Gertner-Samet says:

    Could it be Whistler, Canada ???
    (I really want that book. I never win)
    Crossing my fingers,

  85. Joy Gross says:

    Shoot I was going to say Silver Mountain

  86. Memphis?

  87. Aspen, CO
    Happy 13th Birthday.

  88. Christina in MI says:

    I’m going to guess somewhere to play paintball. He’s 13 so he might like that quality time with mom and dad!

  89. Kalispell, Montana.

  90. Lynn Herrick says:


  91. drat . . . .had a quick little rush there when I first started reading the winners — it was a Heather–she has double photos . . .but not me. oh well. Congrats to the winners of the books this week.
    My birthday suggestions have already been taken — we are planning on taking our kids to either Washington (our ds-he wants to go so bad!) or New York City (the girls) when they turn 13.
    Wherever it is — hoping it’s a great weekend!

  92. New York City. Have fun where ever you go! :)

  93. I’ll guess Seattle WA. Have fun!!!

  94. TriciaH in Ohio says:

    Washington DC????

  95. I say Florida….not sure why, but I am saying it!

  96. can I take another guess? If so, I am going to say Boston.

  97. Carlsbad, CA (LEGOLAND!)???

  98. My favorite place Disneyland?

  99. skiing?? Colorado?? Wherever have fun!!

  100. Melissa Grogan says:


  101. I’m guessing Chicago. Don’t know why, it’s very cold here! LOL Happy Birthday!

  102. hmmm..utah to go snowboarding?? i have no idea!

  103. Tammy Perkins says:

    Jackson Hole Wyoming?

  104. Seattle???

  105. Over to the mountains? the North Cascades National Park?

  106. San Francisco??

  107. New York, NY?

  108. Glacier National Park?

  109. Anaheim?

  110. happy 13th! I’ll guess San Diego :)

  111. how about…..DISNEYLAND!

  112. how about…..DISNEYLAND!!!!

  113. Idaho???

  114. disney world?

  115. Let’s be different and say…….Grand Canyon!
    Why not!

  116. Las Vegas!?!

  117. Oooh, I’ll guess San Francisco!?!!
    No matter where, have fun and enjoy the special time together.

  118. My guess is Disneyland, the most wonderful place on earth.
    Stacy :-)

  119. Disneyworld! Maybe wishful thinking on my part.

  120. Seattle?
    Happy birthday! :-)

  121. Diane Anthony says:

    Since he enjoyed Boston so much, I am going to guess Washington, D.C. Happy 13th, Chase.

  122. Disneyland! ~Tanya

  123. Since so many have already said my first guess, Disneyland, I’ll go with NYC!

  124. spencergirl says:

    San Diego?

  125. Arizona?

  126. NBA Basketball game in Seattle or Portland? Have fun!

  127. NBA Basketball game in Seattle or Portland? Have fun!

  128. How about beautiful Virginia?

  129. Let’s try, Park City, Utah.

  130. Seattle Mariners 2007 FanFest – Seattle Washington.

  131. Philadelphia?

  132. Aspen to go skiing.

  133. Chase-Happy Birthday to YOU!
    Disney WORLD???

  134. Tess Davis says:

    Seattle? Enjoy your trip!

  135. Julie @ says:

    I’ll guess Colorado

  136. LA- Happy B’day Chase!

  137. florida?

  138. Las vegas .. a total guess

  139. Kris Finnerty says:


  140. Jenn Ryan says:

    Tahoe? If not, go sometime, it’s pretty!

  141. Allison Barnes says:

    Lego land??
    Happy Birthday Chase!!

  142. Happy 13th! I will guess the NHL ALL-STAR game in Atlanta….

  143. Skiing.

  144. St. Louis Arch

  145. Karen K in CA says:

    Southern California? just a wild guess here..!

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