doing it all

this is my cute jenna with my adorable addie …

jenna is the reason I can work from home and keep my baby home.
she has worked for us a whole year now and believe it or not, she has not been late even one day. she is kind and loving and teachable and has truly become a part of our family. years ago, when my husband was in residency and we were both in survival mode, I complained to him and said "I just need a husband — I got married so I could have a husband" he said to me, what you really need is a wife! jenna teases me that she is my wife — during the week, she does the bulk of laundry and "pick up" so that I can concentrate my work efforts while kids are in school and then "avail" myself of more mothering when they get home. I got one of those "how do you do it all" emails lately and I thought to myself, sheez I hope "they" don’t believe that I can do it all.

know this, I do not do it all.
no one can.

I get up early and often burn the midnight oil, I make very deliberate choices about my time and I have learned to organize my life and my home so that I can "do a lot" but I have help  — just wanted you to know this.

speaking of working from home, I was in a meeting the other day with
the editorial team at SS and instead of feeling left-out and frustrated
that I couldn’t see and hear very well, I decided to get up out of my
chair and do something — I cleaned off my inspiration board and
refreshed it. I added my current scrapbooking "mission statement"  — which I was going to put on a page (I like it on my board better!) Oh and I hung up  a
very cute banner that Wendy and Aby sent me for contributing to their book.

I love it –  yesterday afternoon as I headed upstairs I took another photo, just because it made me happy. I think we all need a blank canvas of some kind to refresh from time to time — it really does do a creative mind good.

I’m having such a good time in Wendy’s class — she is forcing me to rethink things I thought I already had figured out and I am loving the process.

great hobby.


  1. Loving the inspiration board…such a positive message.

  2. thank goodness you ARE human and can’t do it all!! i was starting to think you were some kind of super hero or something! LOL! Happy Thursday!! peace and blessings, Cindy B.

  3. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    Hey that’s what I need – A WIFE. Husbands are no good, it’s the wife that does it all. Yeah, that’s what I need. Maybe I’ll start looking for a wife today :) Seriously though I am looking into getting a housecleaner, just to free myself up some and have time to play with the kids instead of ‘no we can’t do that right now let’s get this, this and this cleaned up first’ that’s no fun.

  4. Tresa Black says:

    Jenna is everything you described and more! I was so lucky to have her attend my Scrap club classes all last year, she’s a doll. I miss the quiet leadership she gave to her table-mates, she really is just a natural caretaker. Everyone needs a Jenna.

  5. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    i just love you stacy! seriously, i just love that you choose to be positive!

  6. I love your board and love that you put it on a door. I have been wondering where to put mine. I have pretty much used up all my wall space. But the door, now that will work! So what is your scrapbooking mission statement?

  7. It’s good to know that you’ve found someone so dependable and caring . . . I wish there were more Jennas in the world and we could all have one! LOL Love your board, btw . . . I still need to go find Wendy and Aby’s book. I’m dying to read it!

  8. You may not ‘do it all’ but you ARE AMAZING!! I’m sure we all could make more deliberate choices and be better women for it!! Stacy

  9. Love the board Stacy! WHen I saw yours, I had an “Aha!” moment :) I still have not done mine. Stuck as usual. Btw, I am going to try to wear more colors than my normal black, white and grey’s. How do you do it? Mixing up colors that you wear? I know color makes you happy…{did that make sense?} Oh, and just wanted to let you know, that brownie on your header is really distracting! HA HA HA Yummo!

  10. Is your board magnetic? How are you attaching your items. I think I need an inspiration board, but mine will be in my living room so has to meld with the decor at least a little. Thanks for sharing. It is inspiring! Appropriately so!

  11. Annette Kuusinen says:

    My favorite thing about blogs is how is helps me realize that we are all in the “same boat”. BUT what I am really loving about your post is Addie’s pig-tails. SO CUTE! As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts & life.

  12. I WANT A BOARD LIKE THAT!!!! Instructions/Directions, please!!!! :)
    Or do I need a “late pass”, have I missed this somewhere?

  13. I’m enjoying Wendy’s class too. And I plan to work on my inspiration board tonight.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Scrapbowl next month!

  14. Love that you share your life. Jenna seems great, tell us more about her. Is she a college student, family member, neighbor??? Just curious. Also loved the board, read comments, everyone wants more info on it. Would you mind sharing the “how to”? Your great Stacy and ever inspiring….hobby wise and mom wise. Carla

  15. Right now I work part-time, go to university part time, volunteer at the school my 3 daughters attend…and try to stay sane. Scrapbooking helps me do that. I think you had a quote posted once about juggling, how some balls are glass and some are rubber and that you cannot drop the glass ones. It really got me thinking about which things were glass and which were not and has helped me figure out what I need to be doing. Oh, and when I got home from university around 9pm last night, it was to find that my DH had made- from scratch – macaroni and cheese for dinner. What a man…he cleans and does laundry too…I think he is my wife…but don’t tell him I said that! I think I need to scrapbook that…

  16. Vickie Jones says:

    I wonddered how I did so much when I was active duty and a single parent.
    now I work part time, try and be a good wife, and mother of 2 and I guess the person that get’s left out the most is me.
    Today I got offered a SAH job that is really making me think about taking it, but I know I need to stay at my current job through May 2009 as my DD needs to go to school where I work that year. Yikes Calgone take me away

  17. I’m glad you have Jenna to be your ‘wife’ so you can spend time inspiring the rest of us :)) I love that inspiration board on your door – I’m lifting that idea. Thanks for another awesome post!

  18. Jenna seems like a perfect match for your family and that photo of her and Addie is sweet. Your inspiration board is very cool.

  19. I tease my Scott that I need a wife… maybe one day soon. :)
    although the kids are almost grown… maybe I just need a good housekeeper. :)

  20. Kathleen Loughran says:

    I always joke that I would love to have a wife. Someone to cook clean remind me its my mother’s birthday and that her gift is in the closet wrapped with a homemede card.
    I really appreciate your candor regarding your Jenna. I have always enviously wondered how you are able to juggle it all. While I will still believe you are super human, (I can still strive for that) I will be grateful that I am not being inspired by a whirling durbish.

  21. I am blessed with five children, our oldest daughter is nearly 20, the next age is 11 down to 6. Other Mom’s are always trying to “steal” my girl (cause they want one too)! It wasn’t until after she had nannied for a family that I not only realized how blessed I was, but how blessed her siblings are to have such a cool big sister.

  22. Laura Lee says:

    Love all of it Stacy. You always inspire me! Question about LOM…if you already have a choronological organization system and already started a LOM inspired by BPS…do you really need to take this class? The only thing I haven’t done is take the time to make the tag book. (Don’t shoot me, I’m a teacher!) LOL (I need a wife in my classroom..that would be helpful!)
    Thanks for showing all us superwomen we CAN’T do it ALL!!! (though we may try!)

  23. grandmagina says:

    Can’t wait to see the book and take the class! Love the pics of Addie! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the LOM goodies!

  24. your post about jenna prompted a thought for me… when i lived overseas, many many many of the expat families had nannies or maids who spent loads of time with the children…in fact, so much time that this person was certainly an impactful figure on the child’s life; however, when i looked into the scrapbooks of my friends, there was never a photo, a bit of journalling, or anything showing that these women had ever existed in the children’s lives… how would you incorporate a layout or journalling about a “jenna” into a family scrapbook or a child’s scrapbook? i would love to hear your thoughts!!

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