Emily Waters & Purple Bunny

Emily Waters is coming this Saturday. I can’t wait!
Congratulations to  …

Tamara, who posted on January 12 at 1:34 p.m.
She’ll be getting some very happy mail to put away in her very cute studio.
Seriously, click here and scroll all the way down. Tamara has pictures of her scrap space posted on her blog,  and I guarantee you’ll be inspired!

By the way, Ann Mabee and Nancy Lee were also correct (just not fast enough!)
As hard as I try, the weekends just get away from me — sorry for the wait on the winner.

So, Sunday morning, Taft comes downstairs completely dressed for church (shirt, tie, belt — he even had his brown socks & shoes on!) and we had a conversation that went something like this …

Taft: Am I the only one that knows what day it is?

Mom: No, honey — we all know it’s church day, but you rock because you got dressed — thanks for getting dressed all by yourself!!

Taft: Mom, I know it’s Sunday, but is it January 13th?

Mom: Yes.

Taft: Oh, phew, we didn’t miss it.

Mom: Miss what?

Taft: Purple bunny’s birthday. He was born on January 13th. We have got to make cupcakes and plan his party right now.

[this is all news to me, btw -- I was completely unaware that we celebrated birthdays for our stuff animals]

Mom: Wow — I’m so glad you remembered. Can we make the cupcakes after church?

Taft: No. I’d better get started now.

and he did. He got the cake mix and insisted that we get the "cake dough" done so we could bake them as soon as we got home — and we did. And he iced them and put sprinkles on them and rounded up quite a collection of candles and other goodies. At one point in the early afternoon he said to me, "Mom, I don’t think we are paying enough attention to purple bunny — it is his birthday." 

I said, "Go get purple bunny and let’s take some pictures" And we did.

After dinner we all played a hand of Old Maid, sang happy birthday and enjoyed some cupcakes!


life is good.


  1. So sweet. Purple Bunny looks happy too!

  2. Oh my gosh…so cute!! Happy Birthday Purple Bunny!!!

  3. That is adorable!!!! Happy Birthday Purple Bunny!!!

  4. That is absolutely adorable. What a thoughtful young man you have. Happy Birthday Purple Bunny!!!

  5. So cute — My son is always asking for me to cook for his stuffed animals — I just consider them part of the family!

  6. That is just adorable!!
    Happy Birthday Purple Bunny!!!

  7. That is the sweetest story. The pictures are great too.

  8. What a sweet boy! Thanks for sharing the story. :)

  9. Frances C. says:

    AW, how cute is that? Great memory!

  10. That is absolutely adorable. And you’re such a great mom for working with him on what he saw as important. How easy it would have been to dismiss preparing the cupcakes before church because you were too busy. Wow, I’m really touched … and wishing I could do it all over again w/ my kids!

  11. I’m glad that I’m not the only mom who does this. My daughter, Autumn (now 7), has an obsession with stuffed animals and we have celebrated many a birthday around here with cupcakes, cake, ice cream sundaes. Of course, I’ve scrapped this occassion and importance to her. Go Taft!

  12. WOW!! Purple bunny has gone over to being ‘real’ hasn’t he?
    I hope R’s bunny lasts that long–he’s getting a little worn.

  13. Hey, Purple Bunny and I share a birthday! How cool! Love the flags and all the sprinkles too.

  14. Omigoodness that sounds like my own Webkinz house :)

  15. Heather S., VT says:

    Hey I had a purple bunny growing up too! And I still have him! He is very very worn but I still have him and love him! Although, I not sure when his birthday is, I think he was given to me on the day I was born. This reminds me that I really should take some pictures of him and scrapbook his story! Thanks for the reminder Taft and enjoy your purple bunny!

  16. that’s so sweet! man, i can’t wait to have kids for moments like this! :)

  17. Nancy Lee says:

    I loved the story. It reminded me of Henri, my son’s stuffed dog. Henri has a whole scrapbook about his life (one of my favorite books). My son is off to college now but after reading this story I had to go up to his room to see if Henri is still there. And sure enough he is, tossed on the chair but waiting…

  18. Beth Gianturco says:

    Sweet, sweet, sweet! We too have birthday parties for the “real” toys in our lives. Balto even has his own sled dog harness and tag bought at PetSmart. But I have to draw the line at buying dog toys for a toy dog :-D XX’s BethBG

  19. THat is just the sweetest thing! happy birhday purple bunny!!

  20. How adorable! And you have the journaling and photos all ready for your next page! Isn’t blogging great for that?

  21. Wow! That expression on PB’s face is priceless. He looks so surprised to be treated so special on his birthday. He must have a wonderful friend in his buddy Taft. Such a sweet, sweet boy! Happy Birthday Purple BunBun!

  22. What a sweet son you have! My granddaughter and I celebrated a doll’s birthday with cake, ice cream and a birthday gift for the doll (a book). Loved the photos.

  23. I’m laughing – we celebrate stuffies birthdays all the time too … and with Webkinz having birthdays and the website reminding us of their birthdays … and the cabbage patch dolls and … the list goes on and on. I love the pic – an adorable boy, his bunny and some pretty cupcakes!

  24. Too cute!

  25. Laura Lee says:

    Happy Birthday Purple Bunny, you are so lucky to have Taft! :)

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