holy robots batman …

I admit that I do not subscribe to any scientific or engineering journals nor have I adequately followed the progress in fields like mathematics and physics — but holy humunoids — how come I didn’t know anything about ASIMO? As we were winding up our first day at Disneyland, Geof, Chase and I almost accidently stumbled upon the Innoventions attraction inside Tomorrowland, which will likely turn out to be the highlight of our entire trip!

Did you know the Honda has been working (for 20 years) on developing a walking, talking, stair-climbing robot?

If you have children or grandchildren, please do me a huge favor, very soon.

Sit down with them and go to this website and talk about the amazing world we live in, and why they should be absolutely optimistic. Sometimes we get so caught up in everything that is wrong and broken and disappointing that we forget to talk about the amazing results of applied imagination and hard work. Today we got rained out — but I can honestly say there wasn’t anything we missed — in fact, because of the rain, we ducked into several indoor attractions and exhibits that we may have otherwise passed by. I LOVED the 50th anniversary film hosted by Steve Martin — I’m a sucker for "magic" and dream-come-true stories, like Walt’s. In 1953 Disneyland was a 50 acre orange grove one hour from any major city in Southern California and today, 500 million visitors later — even in a downpour it’s a very happy place. We even met a family from Korea and showed them the photo of Addie on Geof’s phone.

so fun.


  1. Wow, that is so cool! We will have to check out that exhibit. I’m glad you’re having fun, despite the rain!

  2. Talking about robots…I am a nurse and at the hospital I work at we have a robot that travels back and forth from the various labs we have on the first floor. It talks too. I think it’s pretty amazing.
    P.S. I have two boys adopted from Korea and two girls adopted from China.

  3. I recommend Disney Quest for rainey days as well. Little traveled and little known, it was my 10 yr old son’s favorite thing in the whole park. Design your own computer roller coaster, then ride it in a simulator. Go white water rafting by computer animation, sale a ship, all sort of neat things. We’ll enjoy exploring this site. Thanks!

  4. Neither rain, nor sleet nor….shall keep you from enjoying Disneyland! (Wait isn’t that a creed for something else ;)

  5. Stacy -
    Just wanted to say I was taken quite by surprise today as I was wandering the streets of Disney’s California Adventure and saw you and your husband and son whizzing by! Passed you again as you seemed to be on a mission — Tower of Terror perhaps! LOL. It wasn’t one of California’s finer days to be sure, but weren’t the lines (or lack of) great!
    Hope Chase enjoyed his birthday adventure despite the rain!
    Kathi in San Diego

  6. Glad you’re having a good time.

  7. Hi Stacy -
    I think this is my first post on your blog. Love your blog. You are so creative. Hope you are enjoying your Disneyland adventure. My family and I have yet to go, but will probably plan a trip to DisneyWorld soon (live in Ohio, so Florida is closer!) Anyway, I just wanted to say these robots are awesome. Shortly after Christmas, I received an e-mail from E-Toys advertising a dinosaur called PLEO. OMGosh what genius. My son loves dinosaurs, but I don’t even want to show him this site, as PLEO is quite epensive — but I was in awe of the technology. Just amazing. Keep bringing us the great stuff you always do. Again, love your blog, and SS magazine.
    Take care, enjoy the rest of your trip — and check out PLEO.

  8. Stacy,
    Hope you had a wonderful trip! Happy Happy Birthday to Chase!
    The kids love the robots! Can’t wait to check them out in Disneyland. thanks for the heads up!
    Sandy M.

  9. So glad you had a fun and safe trip. When you get a chance, would you mind giving us an update on (I think its) Clark & the skiing accident?

  10. Disneyland is an amazing creative vision realized…. but Stacy, you should know something about that with your magazine, books and BPS that touch so many people around the world.

  11. Hey! I found your blog! YOU should have taught the blogging class. This is a super cute blog. I am still trying to find a way to visit your home. I hear it is fab, despite being a fire hazard, and I couldn’t make it to your luncheon. SORRY! Fun to read your blog though!!

  12. Hi Stacy, I got my welcome package today for the LOM class and now I am REALLY excited! What a fab package, can’t wait for it to start :) Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you!

  13. I am glad that you are enjoying your adventures at Disneyland. Growing up in California I have lots of fond memories there. It really is a wonderful place to spend time especially with family. Everytime you go there is something new to discover…after all these years I am convinced you never run out of things to see there.

  14. My Al is going to DW in march. I will add the Steve martin show to her list of musts.

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