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so, I took cute emily to the airport yesterday …


we snapped this photo before driving off (hmmm, wonder if she was ready to go back to the Arizona sunshine??)

anyway, got home with the intention of catching up and did what I call a "crash and burn." This means I slept for two hours. Geoff has Wednesday afternoons off, so I took advantage of this and did a Costco run with him. I was supposed to go on Saturday and never made it, so the fam needed food and the pantry needed some serious stocking up.

I’m back today, playing catch up and I have two copies of Photo Freedom to give away. To be fair to blog readers everywhere, today’s numbers game will be a random drawing from all comments made in the next 24 hours (specifically between now and tomorrow morning at 9:00 am PST) All you have to do is share one thing from your current approach to organization (photos, product, whatever) that is working for you. I will then have Chase randomly select two winners from all those who comment.

I continue to get questions about the book and the online Library of Memories class …

Q: Will I be able to purchase your book on Amazon?
Yes, I believe so — eventually. By that I mean there are very few
copies on the continent right now. Just a few to give away and take to
CHA. The larger shipment is on it’s way. Right now, you can pre-order
at either or 

Q: How much time each week does your LOM class require.
This is tough for me to answer for someone else, but I’ll attempt it.
The time required to adapt and set up my system to your situation
depends on the size of your stash of photos (prints and unprinted
digital images) Having said that, most people can be very successful
with 30 to 60 minutes a day (and 2 to 4 hours on the weekends) for the
first three weeks of class. I am a BIG believer in the power and
potential of 15 minutes. When you know what to do and you get to it,
you can accomplish a LOT in just 15 minutes. Please know that you can
most definitely implement this system with just a portion of your
pictures — let’s say you start with photos from the last five years.
Then once the system is set up and running you can easily go back and
incorporate additional photos. I just recently (right before writing
Photo Freedom) integrated photos from my childhood into my system –
and I’ve been at this for more than eight years.

Q: Will I be able to adapt your system
if I ___________ (fill in the blank with anything that you currently do
that is working for you)
A: The thing I LOVE
most about this system is how flexible and forgiving it is. This is not
a rigid "can or can’t do" approach. I have made countless adjustments
over the years and yet the core or essential elements remain the same.
I realize this likely doesn’t make much sense yet, but it will.

This is why I’m asking you to "share and win" today. If you take the
time to read through comments that are posted over the next 24 hours,
you will see that there are as many "working" approaches as there are
people. This is as it should be. I will tell you that I
whole-heartedly believe in printing a portion of your photos, before
you know what you are going to do with them — in my experience this
one step is key in opening up your creative process to inspiration. I
can absolutely guarantee you that there are very personal and
meaningful connections hidden in your years of photos that you simply
will NOT see without following the basics of Library of Memories.

Many of the questions that I’ve received are asking me whether this
system is "right" for them. I think one of the most important questions
you can ask yourself, is whether you are "right" for this system. You
are "right" for this book, class, system if you are teachable (meaning
you are willing to learn and try new things) and if you are ready to
let go of a little control and focus on the self-discovery that comes
through the creative process. There is so much you can do with this
amazing hobby of ours — the question is are you ready to do it?


  1. Christa P. says:

    The one thing that is working for me organizational wise is the container I keep my photos in until I scrap them. I have tabbed dividers that let me know what event or person is in the slot. Christa

  2. The 3 ring albums have allowed me to not focus so much on chronological scrapbooking, and I have branched into scrapbooking recent pics and not feeling concerned with being “behind”. And I can just put those pages in the right album, not necessarily in any order.

  3. I store all of my prints in chronological order in albums I buy at Costco. When an album is full, I write the date on the spine. This way, at the very least, my family can enjoy the photos in the albums even if they never get scrapped. I am also loving my upgraded version of iPhoto. It is making cross referencing photos – chronological as well as tagging, sorting, searching, etc, so much easier.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  4. I took LOM last year and it really is life-changing! I can’t wait to read the new book AND take the class again!

  5. Cat Geiger says:

    Hi there!! I just recently got my scrapbook room (failry) organized and one thing I have found that has worked is being able to actually SEE the new items I have purchased!! I have a big tin bucket and they are all in there, and I have been more apt to use them since they are in front of me!! Thanks for the chance to get this book, I soooo need it!! Have a great one!!

  6. Tara King says:

    Last summer I purchased these great little picture books from pebbles. It’s not perfect, but the pictures are in some state of organization.

  7. I store all my photos by month and only print the ones I plan to scrap. For my paper, I store it in vertical paper storage containers, cardstock organized by color and pp. As you can see, more organization would help me a lot.

  8. I have no organizational tip to share, really… See, I need the help.

  9. I love using detailed name folders to keep my pictures in the computer. I will make a folder (ex., FAMILY) then create subfolders within that folder(ex. Grandparents, Cousins, Etc). I find it works for me.
    Weston, FL

  10. So many of the things that work for me, I got from you! My color drawers is by far the best way to store all of my embellishments …so easy to find what I need. I also agree that printing pictures as you go is a big help, if I leave them on my computer, I forget about them… love my HP photo printer!

  11. The one thing that is working for me organizationally is that I am mostly organized by date. Currently I am scrapping my various holiday layouts so that works for me. However I am working towards making those connections and adding library categories to my organization, but I haven’t gotten there yet. I can’t wait to read your book.

  12. well, i started to organize my pictures of my Daughter by her month. now that she is almost two, i am not sure how to organize them?? i take way too many pictures since i went digital a few years ago. i always print way too many of them off too! so far, i just keep them cronological in photo boxes.

  13. Sabrina S says:

    I have been trying to come up with a better system for photos. I am very curious about what your book has to offer! Right now I store my digital photos in folders by month/year. Within each folder I have folders for each day. Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  14. I took LOM last year and will be doing it again this year (can’t wait!!). I did start putting my pictures in albums which I had not done before. I love this because my family can enjoy them while I am waiting to scrap them. This is very freeing…now if I can just organize all my discs!! :)

  15. One of my goals for 2008 is to simplify. I am currently purging my scrapbook area and decided that my HUGE collection of magazines on my shelf was taking up space and not being used for inpiration. I spent one evening going through every magazine and tearing out the pages that I wanted to refer to for inpiration in the future. Some of them were the ones I had dog-eared my first go-thru of the mag (although some of those were tossed) and others that hadn’t been marked now inspired me.
    Once I had my stack of inspiration, I divided them up into 8 categories: Mini-albums, Cards, School, Sports, Spring/Summer seasons & holidays, Fall/Winter seasons & holidays, Schemes by # of photos, and last but not least “Layout themes that I want to do”.
    I pulled out an accordian-style binder that I had stashed in our office (sale purchase from a while back). Instead of having the 13 standard section, this one came with 8 separate clear folders. Now if I am working on a project or even attending a crop, I can grad the appropriate folder and get to work!

  16. I like to put them in photo albums so I flip through quickly and actually see them.

  17. Whitney S. says:

    I finally am getting all of my stuff organized. I haven’t gotten into organizing pictures yet, but that will come next! I got a really cool table that my nice husband built me and tons of those cubes from Target that they sell in the scrapbook aisle. It is working for me right now pretty well. I love my drawers with my ribbon in it… is so pretty…my 10 month old likes that too!

  18. I am debating on whether or not to take the class or to wait and purchase the book. I would love to feel organized – especially with the phot’s I will not be scrapping with.
    Picture wise – when I get my prints, I have a coupon organizer book for each child, and I put their photo’s by how I want to put them together on a scrap page, into the coupon book.
    the pictures I don’t use, go into a box, until I figure out what to do with them.
    I definitely want to get this book!

  19. I love love love organization. Stacy, I think I have told you this before but we are like two peas in a pod when it comes to some of our approaches. Labels – lets just say they save me in all areas of my life! Pantry, Cutlery drawer, even the Fridge! My kids think I am crazy.
    After taking LOM last year I was inspired to get things organized in my scraproom but not just to be organized, but to have things organized in a way that makes sense to me. The one thing I am doing now is when photos are taken and memorabilia is saved for a specific purpose – I now have a binder that holds these items right away. they no longer get put in a pile for later. I use the Memory Dock Page Planners and while I have four setup in my office (based on LOM categories) I keep sleeves upstairs where I an easliy put memorabilia, notes, and a label in so I can find the items when I want them. Those initial notes help for journalling and it inspires me to get the photos printed and onto pages.
    Can’t wait for LOM 08 – if you are considering the class, take it. It will change you life – not just in how you scrapbook but how you live your life, look at your life, love your kid and family. It is THE BEST class EVER!

  20. ashleyashley says:

    I am not very good at organizing my photos or supplies. I need help!

  21. This year I’m keeping a list/log in my Palm Treo with colomn for event dates, topic (bday, holiday, etc), photo printed and scrapbook page complete. I’m hoping this keeps me organized.

  22. Tanya Stoney says:

    The one thing that is working the best for me is having all my supplies grouped together by color. Gotta love the clear storage drawers. It is so awesome to go the pink drawer and have all my pink supplies (minus the paper) together in one spot. I learned that trick from my awesome LOM class last year.

  23. My tip – printing and putting the photos into slide in 3 up albums instead of in storage photo boxes changed my scrapbooking. It makes me feel less pressured (my family can see photos that aren’t scrapbooked) and more importantly, helps me see connections. A friend asked if she should take the class and/or buy the book. I asked her “is what you are doing now with your photos working for you?” If the answer is no, buy the book and/or take the class.

  24. cori gubler says:

    Thanks for a chance to win! So appreciate your generosity to so many. One thing that helps me is having open air containers. I don’t have a scrapbook room, but use a little closet under my stairs. It’s a dreadful place to gather my supplies but when it is easier to see and grab I get out of there sooner and have more time to scrap!

  25. ukdebbielou says:

    We just moved into a new home and I have a blank slate to work with in my new scrap room. I am hoping to completely re-organize/organize everything. What I had in the other house was not working!

  26. I don’t have a photo organization system yet, so I really look forward to reading your book and coming up with a system that will work for me. I really enjoyed Big Picture Scrapbooking and it really helped me define my approach to scrapbooking and what I want to get out of it, so I’m confident that your new book will do the same for my photos. I think that organization is what is holding me back at this point. Organized and Inspired… is helping me get my supplies and tools under control. Now for my photos!

  27. I am a LOM 07′ graduate. :) and it really changed my approach to scrapbooking, organizing, and printing my photos. One of the biggest things for me was letting go of the chronicle style of scrapbooking. I was able to finally say to myself that those weren’t neccesarily the most important pages to document in my life. Now when I sit down to scrapbook I think about the message I want to leave behind and why it is important to me. The best thing I did in terms of organizing my supplies was sorting my accessories and paper by color. It just opened up so many possibilities for me.
    Stephanie M.

  28. I am trying to get my pictures off the computer and into photo albums, so I can actually see what pictures I have. It has helped me to get more excited about scrapping.

  29. I am so looking forward to LOM! I organized all of my ribbon into mason jars by color. It’s easy to see what I have and they are also great eye candy in my scrap space!

  30. My daughter-in-law got me into scrapping. I have famiy photos dating back to the early 1800s. Everything I have is in boxes and I need help organizing them and storing them properly. Sorry I don’t have any tips to offer!

  31. Hi Chase! Pick me! I love your Mama! One organization “method” I follow is to immediately put my pics into the “events” or “pages” that I would scrap. Choosing the pics is always the hardest part for me, so narrowing everything down immediately upon download definitely helps!

  32. I bet Emily was definitely ready for some sunshine…I actually think AZ is sounding pretty inviting to me right now too! :o) I am working on getting ALL of my photos from the last two years printed (not just printing them as I need them) and then I’m going to put them in order in some fun albums I bought at Costco. They will be in these albums so my family can enjoy the photos and memories even before I actually scrapbook them. :o)

  33. Sue in Grapevine says:

    Organinzing supplies by color really works for me and my Scrap Rack is great for that.

  34. The thing I love most that I have to organize me is a bar that hangs on the wall above my scrapbbok table (it’s from Ikea!). There are different baskets and containers you can get to hang from the bar. In the biggest basket I keet all the things I need for journaling. I keep pens, tags, journaling stamps, etc. It works so well for when I’m ready to journal, everything is right in front of me!

  35. One thing that currently works for me is actually printing the photos that I think I want to use in a scrapbook. I like having them ready for when the urge to scrap hits me. Now, I just need to get them organized so that I can find them when that urge hits! That is why I am taking the LOM class with you! Thank you!

  36. I have pages in progress binders. I keep photos, sketches, paper and embellishments (sometimes even just a note on the paper to use)and journaling notes in page protectors so that the basics of different pages are all ready to go in one spot. I find that I reach for these binders often ~ it’s appealing that a lot of the legwork is already done and I can just put the page together when I’m feeling creative and have a few minutes.

  37. I love love love organization. Stacy, I think I have told you this before but we are like two peas in a pod when it comes to some of our approaches. Labels – lets just say they save me in all areas of my life! Pantry, Cutlery drawer, even the Fridge! My kids think I am crazy.
    After taking LOM last year I was inspired to get things organized in my scraproom but not just to be organized, but to have things organized in a way that makes sense to me. The one thing I am doing now is when photos are taken and memorabilia is saved for a specific purpose – I now have a binder that holds these items right away. they no longer get put in a pile for later. I use the Memory Dock Page Planners and while I have four setup in my office (based on LOM categories) I keep sleeves upstairs where I an easliy put memorabilia, notes, and a label in so I can find the items when I want them. Those initial notes help for journalling and it inspires me to get the photos printed and onto pages.
    Can’t wait for LOM 08 – if you are considering the class, take it. It will change you life – not just in how you scrapbook but how you live your life, look at your life, love your kid and family. It is THE BEST class EVER!
    Thanks Stacy!

  38. I have photos from the last 4 years sorted by event in one of the cropper hopper photo boxes. I still need to go back to all of our “pre-children” photos and get them organized though.

  39. I love love love organization. Stacy, I think I have told you this before but we are like two peas in a pod when it comes to some of our approaches. Labels – lets just say they save me in all areas of my life! Pantry, Cutlery drawer, even the Fridge! My kids think I am crazy.
    After taking LOM last year I was inspired to get things organized in my scraproom but not just to be organized, but to have things organized in a way that makes sense to me. The one thing I am doing now is when photos are taken and memorabilia is saved for a specific purpose – I now have a binder that holds these items right away. they no longer get put in a pile for later. I use the Memory Dock Page Planners and while I have four setup in my office (based on LOM categories) I keep sleeves upstairs where I an easliy put memorabilia, notes, and a label in so I can find the items when I want them. Those initial notes help for journalling and it inspires me to get the photos printed and onto pages.
    Can’t wait for LOM 08 – if you are considering the class, take it. It will change you life – not just in how you scrapbook but how you live your life, look at your life, love your kid and family. It is THE BEST class EVER!

  40. I am very selective about what photos I print since I went digital. I’ll often design a page in Quark first and then print the exact photos I need for that page. I also have them organized by month on my computer and I archive them to CD often.
    However, I could use some help for the photos from my film days!

  41. Organizing my digital photos by year then month then subject has continued to work for me since 2001 when I got a digital camera. Don’t know how… it just does! Thanks! – Ann Marie

  42. I have our photos from the last 4 years organized by event/date in a cropper hopper photo box. I still need to go back and organize all of our “pre-children” photos though.

  43. Hmmm…I am actually struggling with my photos and that is why I am really wanting to get your book. I usually take forever to upload them to the computer and usually wait till my memory card is full.
    As for my products, I like to keep like stuff together in one drawer just so I know where I need to look for stuff when I need them.
    I really really want your book. Pick me please! :-)

  44. I am trying to keep my photos i albums until I scrap them. But hten I have holes in my albums. So I am definitely in search of a better method.

  45. There is no way I could scrapbook without being organized. That being said, it seems like there is always something that is not quite working for me. I am constantly trying to find ways to organize that look pretty in my studio. One of my favorite organizational tips is separating ribbon by color, winding it around old-timey clothes pins and storing it in glass or plastic jars. I have nine jars of ribbon sitting on a shelf and it makes me so happy to walk into the room and see all that pretty ribbon!
    Can’t wait to order your book if I don’t win a copy!

  46. For organizing my paper, I love the cropper hopper storage bins! Hope I win!

  47. One thing that works for me is putting my printed pics straight into a photo album when returning home with them. Then others can enjoy the photos (rather than having them hidden away in an envelope), and they are kept safe and in chrono order until (or IF) I am ready to scrap them.
    Thanks for being so generous – can’t wait to get my hands on one of your books!

  48. Stacy,
    I am terrible with organization in all areas of my life, but one thing I do to try and help is downloading pictures out of my camera often and organizing them electronically by date. Once the photos are all in their folders by date, I try to give each one/set a title describing the circumstances of the photo. I print a few that I think I might want to put in a scrapbook.

  49. I have started organizing my photos by backing them up to DVD’s and storing them in small 100 capacity storage case that I got at local discount store (Wally World). I plan to print out thumbnails of pictures from the DVD and place in a three ring binder in chronologial order. It’s a process (with 22,000 pics)but once I’m current I think it will work well. I got the idea from another SB friend who has had a lot of success with it. I also have them organized with my Photoshop Elements Album. I love that it organizes by calendar view and by a tagged system that I can make as specific or general as I want!

  50. Well, I already have most of my photos in 3-ring books organized by date (all 4×6), but I had a drawer full of oversized photos (mostly studio shots of my daughter). Last week I was able to orgainze them my date and put them all in a 3 ring binder with 8.5 x 11 page protectors. Now I am able to easily get a picture without searching forever.

  51. i really like to go back frequently and reread what i’ve written and remind myself of the things that i never wanted to forget and have forgotten. I’m not really into lots of paper or embellishments, I just want to see the photos and remember the stories.

  52. I purge something when I go to pull something for whatever I am working on.

  53. I like to reread my pages frequently to remind me why I try and do this and what I never wanted to forget, but seem to have already forgotten. Would love a copy of your book to help with keeping track of those photos.

  54. I love your “Big Picture” book and am really looking forward to “Photo Freedom.” Please pick me! :-)
    One thing I have done since reading “Big Picture” is to try to look for thematic connections between my photos. So I have started some files where I put, for example, things that remind me of my Dad (who is deceased). When the urge hit me and I had several photos in the file, I scrapbooked the page. Some of these photos didn’t even have my Dad in them. Thinking this way led to a very meaningful page. I love this method of organizing and am so excited to learn more about it.
    I currently use Creative Memories PowerSort photo boxes — they are a great place to file my photos until I’m ready to scrapbook them. I am thinking about starting to use some photo albums, too, and am interested to know how those fit into Stacy’s scheme.

  55. I have an external hard drive for JUST my photos…so NOTHING else is on there which makes it easier to find photos.

  56. Victoria Vicary says:

    The best thing I have done is let myself use phto albums as storage like I did before I scrapbooked. When I first started scrapbooking, I felt like I had to get all of the photos in there. This proved to be exhausting and resulted in many crowded pages. I think that it was Cathy Z. who brought this idea home to me. I still have all of the photos I love but they aren’t all waiting to be put in a scrapbook. That was liberating!

  57. I struggle with being organized. I took LOM last year and dropped out.. because of time/work. This year it is my priority and I have it SCHEDULED in my palm pilot –so I will be able to do the class!!
    I have all my paper organized by manufacturer in cropper hopper vertical holders -love that! I have all my letters together by letter (copied from you!!) love that! I keep my sticker sheets (alpha & words) in a standing file folder on my workspace, always at my fingertips!

  58. Thank you so much for the chance to win. Now, for two things that seem to work for me.
    1) All my cardstock is divided by color (Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, etc.) My scraps are organized by color too. 1/2 sheets or larger go into my hanging files with the full sheets. 1/4 sheets or any size worth keeping goes into one of those photo storage boxes behind an index card. So easy to find!
    2) I scrap using the same schemes or layouts. Using different colors, patterns, etc. or flip flopping the layout ensure each layout varies.

  59. What really works for me is accepting that things must be organized in different ways depending on how I want to use them. So my son’s birthday party photos are stored in photo albums so that one day if I want to make a layout with them I can…but I store many photographs in categories (by person, by place, by activity) so that I can use them on more creative pages.

  60. My best organization tip is don’t be afraid to delete bad pictures. You don’t need to save every photo you shoot! Really!

  61. Tammy Perkins says:

    I make one copy of all my photos to store in photo storage boxes with index dividers stating what’s in that grouping.(This is my chronological set – it helps to know the order of happenings – I can easily find something.) I then make a second copy of all photos that I want to scrapbook and play with. These photos I can crop – do whatever I want to do with them. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book. I can always use new suggestions!

  62. I use the photo sorter from Creative Memories.. all prited photos go in there and are sorted by year and event. I would be lost if I couldn’t go to the box and find what I was “craving” to scrap.
    Hope to win!

  63. My organization is in boxes. NOT WORKING. I have had the registration date for LOM 2008 on my calender since last summer. Can’t wait for the class to start.

  64. I find that organizing by color has made it so much easier to scrap with. I have all of my embellishments in drawers by color, scraps in rolling bins by color, and paper on racks by color. It’s so much easier! Thanks for always being a source of inspiration!

  65. I too am again using simple photo albums for picture storage/organization. This is definitely working for me!

  66. I like to print out photo’s I really like as soon as I download them. This gives me a constant selection of current photos to work with. It seams to be working for me right now. But there is always room for improvement.

  67. We have some guests coming to visit over the next couple of weeks, so to be able to accommodate all of them we did some rearranging… my scrap stuff got moved from a small room all to itself to now sharing a larger room with a guest bed. I think moving it all around will help make things easier to get to, and hopefully that works better than it was before.

  68. I recently put together a binder that has sketches, card ideas, embellishment ideas, crafts ideas, journaling, and layouts that I cut out from magazines. Theses are all divided into their own sections, which is great because I can just turn to whatever section I need and it’s all nice and organized.

  69. As a digital scrapper, I love using ACDSee for organizing all of my digital supplies and my photos. It is such a great tool and so easy to use. Makes finding things so much easier!

  70. When I download my digital photos from my camera, I name them all starting with the date (in 20080124 format, for example) so that it is very easy to find photos and know exactly when they are from!

  71. I’m looking forward to seeing your book!
    The best organization thing that works for me right now, is to put everything back where it belongs once I have finished the layout/project it was being used on.
    then I know where ‘it’ (whatever it may be…brads, flowers, ribbon, tools, etc) next time I need it and I don’t waste time searching…”I know that’s around here somewhere!”

  72. i use magnetic boards and tins for my embellishments.

  73. I’m not a very organised person at all and all my ‘hard copy’ photos are in packets and boxes all over the place yet to be organised. With my digital stores though, I have been saving them in folders titled with the year and then sub folders of events. I seriously need to re – organise in general!

  74. mrstjshelby says:

    i have most of my products organized well enough. But, the two things that help my process the most: 1. i have my most frequently needed tools in a light portable tote (amm); 2. i live in an apartment so my area is thekitchen table. since all my supplies are in a closet, i keep 1 plastic “inspiration” box on a shelf in the kitchen. Once a month (or more frequent, depending on the frequency of creation) I “shop” in my main stash and pull out items that just need me to use them.

  75. As soon as I upload the pictures to my computer, I jot down which ones I’m going to put in my monthly layout.
    I’ve also been making sure I keep track of big events in the month and make sure I take pictures during those events. If I don’t, I tend to forget my camera.

  76. Not much!! LOL
    I do have a system of what to do with pictures that I am not going to scrapbook. It isn’t great but it is working.

  77. I don’t have a digital camera and therefore have very few photos saved on my laptop. The photos that are saved electronically are organized into people files. Otherwise my photos from my childhood to date are in two large boxes with absolutely no organization.

  78. Sara Lovell says:

    I bought the wonderful storage system that Scrap’n’Cube make. Its not cheap, but its beautifully made, customizable to your specific needs, and I really do believe I’ll have it forever – it’ll never date, look tatty or wear out. Well recommended!

  79. No organizing tips here. That’s why I need the book. Right now my digi files are stored in folders by month on my computer and backed up on CDs in a binder. That’s about it.

  80. mrstjshelby says:

    i have most of my products organized well enough. But, the two things that help my process the most: 1. i have my most frequently needed tools in a light portable tote (amm); 2. i live in an apartment so my area is thekitchen table. since all my supplies are in a closet, i keep 1 plastic “inspiration” box on a shelf in the kitchen. Once a month (or more frequent, depending on the frequency of creation) I “shop” in my main stash and pull out items that just need me to use them.

  81. Once I realized that one approach would not work for everything because I use and look for different items in different ways, I suddenly became organized. For example, photos are stored chronologically (except for my drawers), papers are sorted by manufacturer, embellies are sorted by color, paints are on huge lovely mess and my newest and all time favorites have a home of their own where I can see them.
    I’ve worked this system out over the past year and i love it! No longer do I waste time or energy on organization. Instead I get to scrap adn play and have FUN!
    btw, none of this would have been possible without LOM and the Oragnized and Inspired Scrapper.
    Thanks a million!

  82. I got a new scraptote for Christmas, I was so excited! A friend and I get together about every other Friday to scrap and make cards together so I’m always lugging my stuff over there, which gets it all disorganized, so having the lovely (large) wheeled tote is great!
    Also, I make sure to download my photos often, and organize them in folders by date. Then as I am planning a scrapbook or slideshow, I copy the photos into folders for them. That makes it easy to upload to print shop for pickup, or into whichever slideshow maker I feel like using that day! (I use smilebox, photobucket and flickr, usually)

  83. This is an area that I’m struggling with, always looking for a better way. But one thing that I’m loving right now is my EZ-Pull ribbon storage tote. Nearly every piece of ribbon I own is there – in one place and I can easily take it with me to crops – no more buying colors/patterns I already have at home for projects…LOVE it! Sher B.

  84. I need need need this book. Please pick me, please pick me. My kids will love you forever and ever and ever. Really!

  85. mrstjshelby says:

    i have most of my products organized well enough. But, the two things that help my process the most: 1. i have my most frequently needed tools in a light portable tote (amm); 2. i live in an apartment so my area is thekitchen table. since all my supplies are in a closet, i keep 1 plastic “inspiration” box on a shelf in the kitchen. Once a month (or more frequent, depending on the frequency of creation) I “shop” in my main stash and pull out items that just need me to use them.

  86. My current approach – I just store digi photos by date – burn them to DVD once they reach 4GB, twice. Then I copy and make duplicate files of all pictures I want to scrap – events, everday moments, nice portraits, etc!

  87. Amy Egger says:

    I am mostly organized by color, but the things I love to use all the time (buttons, brads and letter stickers and rub-ons) are kept together; buttons and brads in floss organizers, alphas on a clip-it-up.

  88. What is working for me is using your system. Having my photo’s sorted and organized in my category drawers and by seasonal order helps me to make very strong connections.
    I love knowing that if I want to do a page about my son’s love for basketball I know exactly where to find a variety of pictures for that!!
    My six year old has recently started scrapbooking *too cute* and he even loves the drawers and it’s fun for him!!

  89. What is working for me with my photo organization is that no matter how they are stored, whether in boxes, albums or scrapbooks, I have our photos out, where we can grab a box or album or scrapbook and look through the photos whenever we want.

  90. This is an area I struggle with – but one thing that is helping right now is my Pull-EZ ribbon tote – JUST LOVE IT!!! All my ribbon in one place easy to see…wonderful! Sher B.

  91. I don’t have an organization system that truly works but right now I have my digital photos sorted by date. My pre-digital era photos that the ones that are suffering. I have them by rolls but not in chronological order as I’d love to.
    I also have an external hard drive to back up all my photos.

  92. What is working, let’s see – I took LOM last year and loved it. I am looking forward to it again this year. I think the thing I do that keeps me most organized is that I commit to filing pics where they belong (either 3-up albums or drawers) as soon as I get them. I do not order them to be printed without setting aside time to file them immediately as I don’t misplace and reprint anything and I know right where to go for pictures.

  93. The one thing that has worked for me that I leaned in last year’s LOM class is to keep photos in photo albums so that I can see what I want to scrap and then what I don’t want to scrap can still be viewed by family and friends! Love it and can’t wait to see this new book!!

  94. My hubby built some shelves that I use to store a lot of my products so I can see them (and therefore use them!)

  95. andrea f. says:

    Organizing my scrap stuff is a never-ending battle for me but right now I have all my embellishments and paper organized by color. It helps a ton when setting out a layout. Thanks so much for these contests!! It is sure generous of you to do them.

  96. Avital Gertner-Samet says:

    I have a real problem with organizing my photos.
    I just finished a scrapbook, in which I had no idea where the photos were taken or when and the ones I was trying to guess were wrong (a fact that was embarrassingly noted by guest viewers).
    The only thing that works for me is to try and immediately upload photos to, where I tag them and add the place and date they were taken in.
    I guess I need your book, quickly …
    Funny but true.

  97. Tracy Wallace says:

    My ribbon storage by colour tied to binder rings and hanging on hooks on my armoire doors.
    The LOM category files…..while I still haven’t finished going back and getting it all done from last year, the category files really ROCK and make a huge difference in the way I think of pages to do and remember.
    Tracy Wallace

  98. I also took LOM last year and LOVED it – I’m taking it again this year. I’m still struggling to get my pictures (which were completely organized in photo boxes by date) into the albums and the LOM categories (I’m using the clear men’s shoe drawers from the Container Store – I love them). I’m a total fan of you, Stacy and of LOM – just trying to find the time to sit with all those pictures! I can’t wait to read your new book and would love to be the random pick!! Thanks! Beth S.

  99. I keep my most used tools (adhesive, trimmer, scissors, etc) in my AMM carry tote in a drawer of my desk, so if I scrap there I have it handy and if I need to I can take it to go.

  100. The one thing that is working for me right now is I am starting to print off my pictures as I take them, instead of letting a year pass by without printing all my photos :) Thanks Stacy, I would be THRILLED with your new book!!

  101. I am a digi scrapper which means I need to be doubly organized just to find things. I spent some time organizing my downloaded kits etc by color. Some files have just one color – others several. It makes it easier when I’m doing a layout to find coordinating papers when I know what colors are where.
    So looking forward to reading and learning from your book :)

  102. I am so loving my Clip It Up for organizing rubons and embellishments! Everything is right there to see and I don’t forget about it in boxes!

  103. Anastasia says:

    The book looks incredible…I checked out the sneak peek yesterday. I would absolutely love to have a copy of my very own! I really need the inspiration since I have not found a really good way to organize my photos. I do have a tip for product though…I like to organize my foam stamps in 81/2 X 11 plastic document cases. You can find them in office supply stores or occasionally in the dollar spot @ Target. The cases keep the sets all together and they are easy to stack. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Maybe I should try to channel Chase…do you think it would help?!?!? What a super nice thing to do…thanks for you generosity!

  104. I buy the small cheap photo albums that hold about 20 pictures and after I print what I want to scrap I put them in there. They have cute pictures on the front like sports or balloons etc. so I put that type of photo in that little album. Makes it easy to pick up, see the photos, pull them out and scrap them. I also have the larger storage containers from CM to hold the larger group of pictures from like a vacation.

  105. Stephanie says:

    I am taking the Get Organized Be Inspired class at BPS and also just finishing a new scrapbook space so right now nothing is working, it’s all in boxes! :) But, I am excited to get going. I have had all my rub-ons on the peg board in front of me, organized by manufacturer with lists on the front of them telling me whats in there. It worked great! Then when I used them I would just cross them off. When my rub-ons were packed away I never remembered what I had so I would only use 2-3 of them and the rest got forgotten.

  106. Stacy, I looked at the sneak of your book and it looks awesome. Also got an e-mail that you’ll be at MegaMeet in May! Hopefully I’ll be able to break away from frantic booth business to see you.
    As for my organization, it’s constantly evolving. But the thing that works for me best are clear containers. If I can see it, I use it. I love the look of all the pretty canvas pull-outs and such. But I’m lazy! I need things to be fairly visible to know what I have and use it!

  107. Mishel Olsen says:

    I started using photo boxes. Then I fell off the band wagon and now I just keep them in the envelopes they come in and hope that I can find what I want when I want it. So sad. Might explain the lack of productivity I’ve had lately. lol!

  108. The best thing I have learned to do is to use a better naming system for my digital photos when I save. I put the year, the month and the day and then a word or two that describes the event or person. Much easier to find than a photo named birthdaygirl.

  109. Tne most important thing that I have learned is to always date the back of my photos. I didn’t do that when my daughter was first born. It is so hard to scrap those baby pictures because I have to guess how old she is!!!!

  110. I “allowed” myself the fredom of dumping all my brads into one container and my buttons in a big jar… they look pretty in my scrapbook room and it really doesn’t take long to dig to find the right color. And it takes up WAY less space!
    I’m also a huge believer in LABELING things. Invest in a label maker. Or print out on address labels. Makes it easy for you AND your family to put things away and find things. Just because you know the top drawer is for ____ doesn’t mean THEY do!

  111. My biggest org tip is to “put it away”. This works for everything – pictures, paper, embellies. When I don’t keep my supplies organized, they seem to multiply in piles. And trying to organize THEN is so much more difficult. Trust me, that’s what I’m doing now! ;)
    But – when everything is away (photos organized and printed, paper sorted, etc.) I know what I have, I use it, and I’m more productive. Win win!

  112. I have finally become slightly organized by using your system of color drawers. It is fun to open a drawer and see so may fun things all the same color. :)

  113. Two things have been working well with my photos. First, I shoot and then transfer those photos to the computer as soon as possible. With memory cards soaring above 1 gigabyte, procrastination is the path to being overwhelmed. I have a “photo transfer file” on my desktop where those photos reside before being transferred to the main photo file. The second tip is batch naming the photos in Photoshop CS2′s Bridge program. The naming convention we have allows to note who has taken the picture (our input), the date (metadata from the photo), and the location (our key classifier). I then make sure I’ve tagged the photo with other relevant info: person, occasion, whatever. With one keystroke, the files get renamed and moved to the photo archive folder where they are automatically backed up and ready for use.

  114. Allison Barnes says:

    Hi Chase, pick me!! You know I love you and you are my favorite! Just don’t ell your brothers that… I miss you!
    I keep all my photo’s in the nice 3 up albums from Costco, so my kids can look at them. Then on my computer, I keep them all organized by the categories that Stacy taught me too. When I download my pictures onto my computer, I immediately pull photo’s into files like: personality files for each kid, brothers, ashley & mom, John & I and a bunch of others. So, if I feel inspired to make a page or album that shows the relationship that I have with my husband, I look at my computer file of John & I and see the photo’s and decide which ones I want to use, and then it’s easy to go find them in the big albums or just get them reprinted. It works great!
    can’t wait to see the new book!
    Love, Allison

  115. Thanks to you and the LOM system, I have switched to organizing my embellishments by color and it is so much easier for me to find what I want.
    Also, I’ve got all my photos separated into folders on my computer and it’s a breeze to scroll through to find what I want.
    Thanks for the chance to win your book. I look forward to reading it whenever I obtain it.
    You are an inspiration to scrappers everywhere!

  116. Jenny from GA says:

    I am very excited to be taking your LOM class! What works for me right now is having all my negatives stored in negative sheets by date in a binder. I never have a problem finding a negative. I am looking forward to starting in Feb.

  117. I would LOVE a copy of your book! I use “ROYGBIV” (rainbow order) for just about everything from embellishments to paper because it seems my first layout question is always, “Hmmm…what color…”
    My photos are everywhere and I need help! I’m sure “Photo Freedom” could provide that. :-)

  118. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    I keep my pics in chronological order (for now) by: scrapping 1-3 pics of my favorites and then tucking the rest of the pics from that event into pocket-pages behind the scrapped page. This way I don’t have to scrap every photo and I can still have things chronologically. But I do also want to switch to Stacy’s way, I’m thinking I’ll just do mini albums of stuff.

  119. Pat Steele says:

    Right now, I am playing “catch up” with the GOBI Class. I sooooooo love the reorganizing of the tools I use the most. who would have thunk it. Put them where you gather the most! Love the new white baskets that hold more and the circle tag labeling, WOW! This time I really think this will go better. I have adopted the square versus triangle method of work space. It flows better in my space this way.

  120. Jamie Williams says:

    I just bought some modular boxes from Michaels and I am trying to organize my embellishments by theme and color…I’m really excited about this and am hoping it will help me to use more of my “stash!” I would love a copy of your new book…your other book, “The Big Picture” changed my scrapbooking philosophy. Thanks Stacy!

  121. I organize pretty much everything by color. I especially love using this system for my scraps. I sort my scraps by color into 81/2 X 11 page protectors. Anything that won’t fit in there gets filed (by color) into hanging folders. Then I put the page protector with the scraps in it right in the hanging folder.

  122. After signing up for LOM I started using the Album part of Photoshop Elements to tag my photos. I never realized how great this was until I started doing it. Hope I win your book!

  123. Shanna Everts says:

    Help me!!! I do not have an organizational process that is working for me and I need your book to help me get started. I have not scrapped in months. I am on a limited budget and can’t afford your class at this point, so the next best thing is your book. By the way your awesome!!

  124. Well, right now I have no system so nothing is working for me but I would really like this book.

  125. Elizabeth K. says:

    I have a very small stash of supplies, and that is not really organized, and, being only 15, my mother has most of the photos. Reading over the posts, I really think that I should do something with all my stuff…:)

  126. I am always looking for good ways to organize. I would have to say that my store in style cubes are my fav. I have all of my paper in the file drawers, it is so nice to have it right there were I can get to it.
    Stacey you are the best!! Thanks for you do!
    Sandy M.

  127. Organize? that’s the key word here, I have photo’s organized in boxes, organized on my laptop and organized on CD’s…I need one place!!! Hope I win your book!

  128. The key for me is remembering to go through the storage albums and sort photos into my photo drawers. Inevitably, as I sort photos I get many ideas for “connections” between photos and stories that I want to tell on my pages…just like you said would happen in your book and course! Thank you!

  129. I’m just getting my photos organized by getting them all in one place and backing up my digital ones on disc, and online. I did a test print of thumbnails, and that worked so I’m going to print out thumbnails for each disk and then decide which photos are worth printing. After that, I’m stalled.
    However, my craft supplies were very organized,(stamps by subject, stickers in one place, letters in another, etc.) but between rearranging the house and kids they’ve been trashed, so I’ll be taking a weekend soon to reorganize myself. I’ve changed a little in how I work, so reorganizing will be good for making me more efficient as well.

  130. CurlyCraze says:

    I organize all of my photos in Photoshop Elements Organizer. I tag every photo with people’s names as soon as they are imported (or at least within the next 2 weeks). When I’m looking at newly downloaded pictures, if there is one I KNOW I have to put on a layout, I immediately tag it with the “Photos to scrap” tag. Then when I’m inspired to scrap, I look through those photos and choose which one I feel like working with.
    I’d love to win the book – it looks great!

  131. The one happy thing I do with my photos is upload them to SmugMug by event or date so that the family can see them, and I can easily browse through them and choose what I want to scrap. Well, that, plus it’s a safety net having them stored online somewhere (something even more important to me since my EHD recently died).

  132. Hi Stacy, I tool LOM last year and I am going to do it again this year. The one thing that is really working for me is organizing supplies by color. The Simple System makes so much sense to me. Thank you for the influence you have had on the way I look at scrapbooking.

  133. I am so thankful that I have a good organizational system for my digital photos. Everything is by date. I have folders for year, then month, then by date. An especially big event (i.e., Christmas 2007) might have it’s own folder within the 12’07 if there are just tons of photos. It’s simple to remember and keep up with.

  134. I’m not sure what happened to my other comment. In case it shows up, I’m sorry for posting again.
    I am converting to digital scrapbooking and the one thing that helps me tremedendously is having ACDSee. It’s so easy to scroll through and find what I want. You just have to be good about tagging your items. But to click on a color and find all the items in that color is fabulous.
    Hope this one posts.
    Thanks for always inspiring!

  135. I really think that the pegboard I have in my scrap area is working for me. There I hang those embellies I *had* to have and never used and seeing them there reminds me that I have them and need to use them.

  136. Jaime Lea says:

    What works for me…? Getting rid of the photos that absolutely did not turn out or that look exactly like the others immediately after downloading them to my computer.
    This helps me to save time when looking thru my pics later.
    I also like using baskets instead of containers with lids. I keep them just at eye level around me so that I can see into them and drop a product in place right when I’m done using it. This helps me STAY organized after I GET organized.

  137. mary Erickson says:

    am loving my color boxes! it’s all (well except alphas) right there sorted, easy to find. i find them easier to scrap with and easier to clean up. :0>

  138. Alicia Johnson says:

    The only thing that is working for me right now is that I take A LOT of pictures….every moment is well documented in pictures, sometimes to the detriment (sp?) of the moment. I love taking pictures. Would really like to do a better job journaling those moments, organizing those moments.
    Really excited about your book!
    Blessings to you and your family!
    Alicia Johnson

  139. marlene k says:

    Thanks to you, and some of the other Simple ladies, I organize a good number of my supplies by color – it works so well for me and so fun to look at. I love walking into my studio and seeing jars full of ribbon, flowers, etc. in separated colors – talk about a happy place to be :)

  140. I am horrible at organizing my scrap stuff – but I am finding that a label maker is indispensable!!

  141. What works well for me is having my things sorted into clear drawers, boxes, etc. (they don’t all need to match, they just need to be see through for me). I am very visual and being able to see my supplies really helps my creative process.

  142. Well, I have had all my items organized by type, but I have realized that I am not using things that I have. I am now in the process of organizing by color, just because I think it will make more sense for me! I have signed up for the LOM and can’t wait for it to start because my pics stored are a mess and I could kick myself for letting them get this way. Oh, and lets not talk about all the pics on the computer that need to be printed!!! Can’t wait to see your book too!!!

  143. Oh, the addition of my digital camera has allowed me to organize my pictures in folders on my computer by date. That has helped me keep track of events and keep them together. Thanks for the chance to win!

  144. right now I just use photo boxes and organize them by family. But I’m finding that I’m not liking this process anymore. that’s why I would love to get this book. You always have some of the best ideas! Thanks!

  145. I took LOM last year and it was a great step in the right direction for organizing my photos. I am using the Costo albums so family and friends can look before I pull pictures into my card files. Still a work in progress, but its a start!!

  146. Stacy I took your LOM class last year and was very overwhelmed. I was taking AYTR and it was too much. I printed everything out last year, and can’t wait to retake it again this year. I am determined to get my albums organized this year with your system.
    With all my photos online, I do folders for that current month. If special events (cub scouts, sports, etc)I make a sub-folder within that month. After the month is over, I burn a copy to CD, and get the pics I know I want to do something with to Costco for printing. I also put my faves in my iPod for us look at, and also a digital frame. That is working so far for me.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! You inspire me Stacy!

  147. All my photos since 2003 (when I went digital) are stored in directories by year, and then by subdirectories by date, and the name of the event or reason for the photos. I do import them all into the Photoshop Organizer – and I just saw a note from someone else about tagging the photos as you import them – now why the heck didn’t I think of that. It would allow me to have my anal chronological organization AND the scatter organization by person, or by type of photo. I print to scrap – I don’t print if I don’t plan to scrap the photo. All my current year’s photos (and for now, since it’s only Jan – last year’s too) are on my laptop. Copies are on an EHD, and my geek husband backs up the EHD onto some fancy RAID system that he has set up so that MULTIPLE systems would have to fail for me to lose my photos. (Let’s hope that never happens!)
    I’d love to be randomly chosen for the book. BPS totally changed my approach to scrapping and brought back my “mojo”. I re-read portions every so often, to remind myself not to get so caught up in rigid chronology, etc.

  148. color is definitely the way to go for me…as far as embellishment goes (brads, ribbons, buttons, flowers). I sort my alphabets by letters, and while it’s working now, I get a little frustrated having umpteen different little drawers on my desk as I search for just the right colored one.
    Okay, so now….Chase, Pick me! Pick me! Here I am waving my hand wildly over here!!!! :)

  149. Melissa Cummings says:

    One thing that is working for me is simply organizing digital photos by date and labeling them as soon as I can with who is in the photos and a file name of the date and what the photos are. (Trip to zoo, Christmas morning, Dinner at Mom’s, etc.) I can search by name, date or event. Now I have to do my printed photos, which are mostly in date order, but not labeled well.

  150. i am looking forward to getting your book. i really am in desperate need of photo organization (specifically digital photos…oy!)

  151. Tatia Diskin says:

    I have been keeping my photos organized by event and year in photo boxes. This lets me grab a set of photos when I see the paper that inpires me. Love your inspiration, Stacy! Tatia

  152. I took your

  153. NOTHING is working for me. This is why I need your book! I am so unorganized it is painful.

  154. Sort digital pictures by month and year is my current way. It’s working out for me. What isn’t workingn out is trying to do the same for older pictures from my film days.

  155. Paola Norman says:

    One thing that is working for me is putting my stickers and chipboard as well as rub-ons and many of my clear stamps in page protectors, then I put everything in one big binder. This leaves my stuff organized, visible and accessible.

  156. Kristen B. says:

    Hi there,I’m currently using your LOM system and loving it. I’ve never felt so stress-free about scrapbooking! What I also do is keep all my photos in Photoshop and tag them all. That’s how I organize my digital photos and I love it!

  157. Not sure I made the cut off, but…
    I LOVE my season/year 3-up photo album organization. I had to pull photos for my daughter’s birthday celebration and school and it was so easy, fun & quick!

  158. I used your advice and sorted al of my embellishments by color. I cannot tell you how much I love this system…it is so easy!

  159. My approach is quite simple. I’m a very visual person, so I need to see things in front of my or I completely forgot that I have it. I just recently bought a new shelf with clear jars for all my ribbons. my ink pads are out in the open and all of my stamp’s and ribbon are out for me to see as well. Now I need to approach my other embellishments in the same manner.
    Love reading your blog.

  160. Last year one thing I did that helped me tremendously as far as organization goes is I separated my scraps of paper (which used to be in one large container) into Cropper Hopper Paper Files by ROYBIV with one set for cardstock and another for patterned paper. This has made finding what I need a cinch and I am using more of those scraps now because they are so easy to find.

  161. I currently have all my photos in photoshop, sorted by date and tagged by person, place, and/or event. But I never print any out anymore…

  162. Last year one thing I did that helped me tremendously as far as organization goes is I separated my scraps of paper (which used to be in one large container) into Cropper Hopper Paper Files by ROYBIV with one set for cardstock and another for patterned paper. This has made finding what I need a cinch and I am using more of those scraps now because they are so easy to find.

  163. I also store all photos on the computer since going digital. I download everything by date and also bought PSE this summer and am tagging as I go. Hard copies have a file drawer to themselves. I created files for people, places, & pet subjects and store each seperately. I could use more help and look forward to WINNING your AWESOME new BOOK! Terri-Kirkland

  164. I’m signed up for the class and can’t WAIT!!! I need organization in my life and I hope this will get one part of it in order……….

  165. What is working for me? Not much! That’s why I’m taking Wendy’s class and your LoM for the 2nd time! Now that the kiddo is off to college, I have more “me” time so I’m ready to work on a system that works for me.
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  166. Cami Haveman says:

    I sort my paper by company so I have the same color families together. Love my 12×12 file folders!

  167. I am signed up for the LOM and excited to start..I need serious help with my photos. I am working on my scrapping organization right now and taking Wendy’s Get Organzied and Be Inspired class..what a great class! But the one thing that is working for me is my cardstock supply. I use the vertical files and have a separate one for each color. This makes it easier to see what I have! But I am working on my other product organization right now!

  168. Hmm….what’s working for me….nothing :( My 15 year old daughter wanted to find some photos and went through my stuff and gave up….she literally threw her hands up in the air and said, forget it.
    IT’s insane….my photos are a mess. The ones I have from film, the ones I have in unnamed folders online, the ones in baskets and piles everywhere. It’s awful.
    Makes me almost want to stop taking photos.

  169. I have started to organize my supplies by color, and that has been great. Now I need to figure out how I can make it work in my space, since I have a small space to work with.

  170. What’s working… well, I have last year’s photos stored on CD’s and removed from the computer for this year’s photos! And I printed 350 of last year’s to put into photo albums just to look at. Not for scrapping. And I have a better plan for this year so I don’t have to do all of that in December again!

  171. My paper organization is going really well. I store cardstock and pattern paper separately by color or theme. Scraps are stored with my full sized sheets as well. My themes for patterns are kids and baby, home and family, heritage, holidays, music, pets and animals, seasons, special events, sports, travel, wedding and anniversary, and finally, kits. It’s working really well!

  172. I sort my embellishments by color. Thank you for that wonderful advice. I was skeptical at first but it works great. Thank you!

  173. One thing that is working for me is keeping most of my supplies visible (as per Wendy and Abby’s book)as I forget what I have very easily – I like to see all of the possibilities. If it’s hidden, I just don’t use it. Now on to the photos…can’t wait to see your re-organized room – hope you post some before and afters! J :)

  174. I don’t have a clear system and need help getting one to work. I do print out photos I know I want to scrap, and have them sorted by event, but then they tend to get put in a pile and new events pop up and there lies the problem. I have only a few minutes a day for scrapping and tend to leave a layout on the table all week as I add items when those free moments arise or the inspiration hits. Would LOVE to read your book. Thanks for sharing.
    Kathy F

  175. My best storage solution so far is using the cropper hopper paper organizers. I am so excited about your book!

  176. I’m uploading photos each month to an on-line storage/developer and using your monthly system to label them. It really gives me peace of mind plus is easy to find photos when I want to order prints.

  177. Well, there is not a lot that is really working right now, that is why I signed up for your class. :) But lately, after I download my pics from the camera to my computer, I try to do a quick look through them and delete the ones that are just horrible and wouldn’t print. Then I get them uploaded to Costco. So now, I have a TON of pics to order from Costco, but at least it’s a start. Oh, I can’t wait until your class. :)

  178. Andria B. says:

    One organizational strategy that I use is to make up “kits” of paper, embellishments, and a project to alter. Each is in it’s own plastic bag and ready to go at a moments notice. My AMM tote is complete with all of the tools and basics that I use nearly every time I create. If I want to scrap beside my husband as he watches a TV show, I just grad my tote and a project kit and head upstairs. It’s very freeing.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win. I am excited to see the book in person!!

  179. I’ve just purchased some drawers and am now organizing my embellishments by color. I really struggled making up my mind to do this. But I am so glad I did!

  180. i have taken your LOM class (and signed up for the alumni class too–yay!!) and I have to say that so far having my photos in albums (without even scrapping them yet) works for me so well….but i have yet to get through all that…and i cant wait for your book because honestly, i just love everything you do–i love your approach, your attitude, and your ideas!! you pretty much rock! :)

  181. Nancy Lee says:

    I am waiting anxiously for the LOM class to start. Presently my printed photos are organized chronologically in Cropper Hopper Boxes (and I have several of them). The digital are by year and some are tagged by person and event, some not. I need some help here.

  182. One of my favorite organizational items is my inspiration binder. I love geting the CK and SS mags, but I don’t like holding onto them for years and years. So after I read through the entire mag I go back and cut out the layouts/ideas that I absolutely know I would scrap-lift. Then I have an 8.5×5.5 size binder with tabs: one-page layouts, two-page layouts, techniques, journaling/titles, product, ali edwards (b/c I love her), and becky’s sketches. I have it filled with half sheets of plain white computer paper that I’ve hole-punched. Then I simply take the layout/idea I’ve cut out and with my handy-dandy quick & easy scotch tape, tape it to a page and stick it behind the appropriate tab.
    Then I file away the magazines for one year. When my M/A ’08 issue of SS arrives, I pull out the M/A ’07 issue. Look through it again for inspiration I may have missed or have just recently warmed up to and repeat the process: cut, tape, and this time the mag ends up in the recycling bin.
    Then whenever I sit down to scrapbook I pull out my binder and I instantly have inspiration right in front of me.
    This has helped me sooo much because I really felt like I had to keep all of my precious magazines! Now I keep the ideas I really want and I feel liberated because I’m eliminating the clutter.

  183. I have been trying to be more up to date with my photo organization. At the end of every month I burn a new disc (or 2-3) containing all the pics from that month. This way when I am looking for a certain pic it is so easy to find. Recently my grandfather passed away and I was looking to find some of the latest pics of him and my children so I could make a memory book for them. It was simple to find the pics then take each disc to develop only the ones I wanted! I love the album so far. Can’t wait to see your new book in more detail! Sandra

  184. What is working well….I download my digi photos (everyday) and have them organized by date & occassion. That’s where I hit the brick wall. My blog is updated (because it’s all done on the PC), it’s my paper scrapbooking/printed photos that I need help with!
    Thanks for writing this book–can’t wait to either WIN or buy it!
    ~ Kathy C (Oregon)

  185. I use a a plastic bin that has drawers to store paper. Another idea that I need to use is to put all of my acrylic stamps in a binder by occasion.

  186. I need so much help in this area, it is pathetic, but I have a box for each kid, LOL!!!

  187. I am still in the midst of last year’s LOM class, but I’m making progress! My digital pics are always printed and ready to go, and they are all sorted chronologically, I’m just still working on setting up my drawers. Can’t wait for the new class to start!

  188. lynda p in calif says:

    yay i didn’t miss todays giveaway chance.
    i recently started using “flylady” website to help me get organized thru out my whole house. not just sbing. i wanna keep everything “simple” a place for everything….
    hope u enjoyed your nap…those are so good!
    lynda in calif

  189. Melissa Grogan says:

    so far my best “system” if you can call it that, is putting pictures into ziplock bags, with the papers and supplies that I grabbed to go with it. I don’t always use the supplies, but I seem to have a photo problem. I take too many photos, I got back from a weekend away, took 150 photos. I was gone for three days.

  190. I was so overwhelmed with all of my supplies UNTIL I took your LOM class last year…All of your suggestions were very do-able and not only did I successfully complete the class but I am actually keeping up with the ideas. In fact, I am a little too obsessed with the organization part! I am signed up to do LOM this time and hope to actually get some scrapbooking done now! I love how you share snippets of your sweet life with us, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in Photo Freedom.

  191. I have a mac so I do (at the very least!) upload and organize my photos by the event on iphoto. My problem is getting them printed out and framed. scrapbooked, etc!!
    Have a great day!

  192. I maintain a spreadsheet in Excel that tracks all the photos I have taken and what albums I want to put them in. For example the column headings are as follows: Album (The People We Love, All About Us etc.), Category ( Friends, Childs Name), Month Photo was Taken, Year Photo was Taken, Title I would use for the page, Journaling, Date (exact Date corresponding to the folder where the pics are saved on my hard drive), Journaling and Status (Complete).
    This has been a huge time savings for me because I can sort by album, by date, etc. This allows me to see all the pages I want to accomplish and keeps track of all the photos I want to use. Hope this helps!

  193. Kirsten L. says:

    I don’t have a lot of time to scrap right now with a new baby, but I’ve been journaling about her every month. Now, when I sit down to scrap her first year, I’ll have the journaling done.

  194. Laurie T. says:

    I read your book The Big Picture recently – it’s changed the way I scrapbook! I’ve organized everything in bins and containers so I can see all of it – more inspiring that way. I also started 4 family books, just like you suggested. Now, I just grab a photo – or group of photos – think about the story behind it, and scrap it. I have found that I was spending way too much time THINKING and researching scrapping – and not doing the scrapping. Now when I have time – I just sit down and DO it – even though every page isn’t a masterpiece. And that’s OK because I figure at least I’m getting the stories down and my kids will have something to look back on – even though it’s not perfect. Free yourself to JUST SCRAP!!
    BTW – Stacy – you are the most inspiring and encouraging scrapper I know – love your style, your system – everything!:)

  195. Currently (and for the past few years), we are completely digital for photos. They are all stored on the computer. What I used to do that was handy was separate out the duplicates of printed pictures and store them separately in their own photo boxes. Then the kids could use them for projects and I didn’t have to worry that I lost a picture.

  196. My best organizational item came when my youngest was eating baby food! The new Gerber plastic containers (not the glass jars) are awesome to use for little things! I have lots and I gave lots to my daughter’s elementary school for them to use – they love them too!

  197. i have been doing load and have realized i don’t have to finish all my scrapbooking today!! i am a finish it in one sitting type gal, doesn’t quite work with memory keeping!

  198. One thing that is working great for me from LOM 2007 is organizing and tagging my digital photos by catagory. On the computer I can put the photo in as many sub catagories as I want and I have found some great connections from this : )
    Another thing that is working great is using online places like Clark Photo to backup my photos. I have a family account that everyone can load photos up to and download others they want. This makes for easy sharing and I know that our family photos are safe in case of disaster

  199. one thing to my current approach (which really is a s SEROUS learning curve) is to purge regularly and donate – i mean really – we will NEVER USE all the stuff we hoard – and i have a container for everything. everything in it’s place. NOW – it’s a concept. the fact that things don’t find their way to theur plce is a story for another day! hahaha

  200. Mary Frances says:

    love my clip-it up!! Now that I can see many of my embellishments I use them more often – using things that I might not normally b/c I forgot that I had them or didn’t think of them – great to use those things that I already have on hand!!!
    Thanks-looking forward to LOM

  201. I may be waaaaaay behind in scrapping my photos but I have a handle on my memorabilia and journaling. I start a new accordion file folder thingie with 12 pockets for the 12 months of the year. I place all my memorabilia like ticket stubs, invites, kids drawings, letters, etc in the appropriate month. I also write my journaling on index cards for events so I don’t forget the little things and throw the index cards in the right pocket. So it’s all ready when I scrapbook – now I just need to scrapbook. :o)

  202. I am continuing from last year’s LOM in that my digital pictures are developed and I am organizing them into photo albums and category drawers. I’m continuing, but still need alot of help getting it all together with the 3 ring binders! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Leanne in CA

  203. The best thing I’ve done so far is to organize my pictures chronologically (thanks to LOM from last year). It makes it so much easier to find a picture say, of the way my house looked 10 years ago.

  204. What is really working for me right now is my “letter” basket. I keep all my letters, chipboard, stickers etc in one basket right by my desk, then when i need a title i just flip through it and find something to match.

  205. I so enjoyed LOM last year. It truly changed the way I view my photos and scrapbooking. My digital photos are organized I’m proud to say and I am still working on my category drawers but love them. I can’t wait to get your new book in my hot little hands!!!

  206. I purchased two 20 inch bars from Ikea for $1.99 each and 2 bags of S clips for $.99 each. They allow me to see so much of what I have, which of course means I’ll use it, and it looks so nice and organized.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book. I really, really need help organizing my photos. There are so many that it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to start…sigh.

  207. Kirsten V. says:

    I keep my new purchases near by to I can see them and use them right away. I also keep my photos in regular photo albums until I am ready to scrap. Then I gather supplies for a page and keep them in a page protector until I am ready to put it all down.

  208. I do a couple of things with products, and pictures. I rotate them. 1) with my photos, I do print them all, and then when it comes time to scrapbook them, I will make the enlargements or changes I need to at that time. I find that if I print them, even if I don’t use them, I can “see” how the pictures will flow on the page to tell my story. The ones I don’t scrap get put into a photo album. While they are “waiting” to be scrapped, I put them in a holder for CD’s so I can group them together. If they sit longer than a month (scrapper’s block), I put them away and get out another “group” of Photos so that the photos are constantly rotated, and eventually scrapped! 2) With my products AND magazines, I rotate them also. They are all organized together by product and color, and magazine, then I pull certain color combinations and products and a book and put them in a pile. So I have about three to five “piles” of inspiration. Grab a group of photos, match it with a pile and an idea book, and see what I can create. If a “pile” sits longer than a week, I put it back and rotate it with a new pile of products and ideas. (Sorry this is so long!)

  209. I may not have my photos organized but I have a handle on my memorabilia. Each year, I set up an expandable file folder thingie with 12 pockets for the 12 months of the year. As events and life happens, I file the stuff of life like letters, tickets, kids drawings, journaling notes, into that month’s pocket. So my memorabilia and journaling are all in one place when I’m ready to scrap. Now I just need time to scrap. :o) Kathy

  210. What is working is the start I made with your BPS class last year. What is NOT working is I haven’t gone back and finished up with the hard copies, nor have I even started a system with digital :-( I need to get on the ball here!

  211. What is currently working for me is that I keep a 2-gallon baggie and label it with the school year for each child. As I take pictures & clip newspapers & have projects, I put them gently into this bag and stand it up in my closet. So, when I’m ready to scrap that grade, I grab the bag and know everything is in there… yes, I’m still trapped chronologically! :)
    For my digital photos, I try to download the night I take them and just have them sorted in monthly folders within their respective year’s folder. We have a cool new photo place in town now where I plan to take my digital card to print there.
    I stopped taking photos for awhile because I was so frustrated with knowing I was going to have to do something with it. Then I stumbled onto your blog and am trying to get my creative juices flowing again.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity and organization with everyone you are truly inspiring, passionate & full of life!

  212. The thing I have learned over the years to flexible about my space. For the longest time I did not have my own space, even now I share my area with my whole family. I have to be flexible where things go right now to keep little fingers out of my scrapbook stuff but still let them have a creative space too. I love your color way of organizing, it has completely changed my space and I also love to mix new and old containers.

  213. ooops I posted twice because I thought my computer ate it. Kathy

  214. My best organization item is a container that I keep right next to me when I scrap. It’s one of the small AMM tote thingies. Having all the basics- paper trimmer, adhesives, scissors, etc right there helps tremendously. It’s large enough that I can also toss in my letter stickers and embellishments as I scrap. When it starts to get too full, I empty out those spare items and return them to their proper places. It just helps keep my workspace a bit more orderly than it has ever been in 10 years of scrapping!

  215. I use a file folder to order my letter stickers by size and color.

  216. Melissa Mac. says:

    What has worked for me so tremendously is just simplifying the amount of product I have. I use simply what I have and it’s not so overwhelming to want to look through everything to try to find the perfect thing for my page, which is such a time waster.

  217. The thing that is working for me is that I have put all of the coordinating items for one album together in a bag, so that whenever I work on it, I have the right pens, cutter, cardstock, etc. IT is all together and right in the open to remind me to work on it!!

  218. I recently redid my paper organization to strictly by color. I took the “scrap your scraps” class at BPS and find I use my scraps all the time because they are organized, easily accessible and right there within easy reach. I often go through my scraps first before I choose a whole sheet. Organzing by color seemed silly to me until I tried to do my embellishments that way as well as my cardstock. I’m finding I do everything by color now and think I need to go buy something green because I don’t have enough in that drawer to choose from! I’ve been working with Wendy’s book and reorganzing, buying some new “non-visible” containers for some things and getting all of my tools and supplies where I need them to be for me. My biggest challenge left is photos. I need to figure this all out so I don’t feel behind and I want to scrap. That hasn’t happened much lately.

  219. i just recently purchased restickables photo paper from my local scrapbooking store. i took pictures of my daughters toys (i.e. my little ponies) and stick it on the bin where they are suppose to go. this way she can see what toys go where and she can help put things away.

  220. Sara Massey says:

    One thing I do that works really well for me, is that I bought a pretty, portable 12″ x 12″ file box. I keep all of my stickers in it, sorted by theme. One file is Christmas, one is boys, and I have a couple for alphabets. It is a little thing, but it has made a big difference!

  221. I am using a CM photo sort box to corral my photos until I scrap them (sorted chronologically) and shutterfly to store all my digital images until I print them!
    I used dates to upload all the picks so I can print out each month as I get ready to scrap. I love printing only the pictures I think I will really use. Before that, photos got really overwhelming in my scrap space!

  222. Teresa Moerke says:

    I recently finished tagging all 18,000 + photos in my Photoshop Album and now I can easily find photos I am looking for. I am signed up for your class this year and I am looking forward to it! Can’t wait for the new book as well.
    Teresa M

  223. bethwollweber says:

    The one thing I just learned, after making an album for my inlaws for their 50th anniversary, was that I DO NOThave to labor,stress overthink the “design”of a page to make great layouts, I finished a book,minus the pictures, in 2 days. Now we can add the pictures of the party along with guests well wishes, and I feel proud that I put together a beautiful album.
    Beth W

  224. The thing that works for me, thanks to LOM last year is that I don’t have to scrap every picture and they don’t have to be in any certain order. That is freeing!!!

  225. I have a smallish tote that I use to house all of my tools, adhesives, pens, rulers, scissors and a corner rounder that I use frequently. My philosophy is that if it’s “within arms’ reach” I’ll use it. So I keep things where I can see them and where I can reach them easily.

  226. The best organizational tip I can give is to purge all the stuff you don’t use. This also means getting rid of or deleting bad photos,unless it’s the only photo representing an event or moment.

  227. I have all my photos printed…all of them. Then I put them in photo albums, in order, until they are ready to scrap. This way we can still look at them and enjoy them until I get them scrapped. I think it’s such a shame and a waste it have disks/cds/rolls of film that haven’t even developed, or are sitting in boxes/envelopes/bags. What’s the point of taking pictures if no one can see them?

  228. Sharon Wilson says:

    My best advise for organizing is to put things into their place as soon as you get them or finish using them. I find that if you leave things for too long and get involved in doing something else, things don’t get done. For my photos, I currently download my digital photos soon after I take them. As I download them from the digital card, I categorize them in my computer in specific files either by date or event. I currently have folders on the computer for each year with names like Family 2007 and Family 2008. In those folders I have subfolders with the special events or dates. I also take lots of picures for our church as the church photographer, so they are on my computer too. As I put pics into the files, I pull out copies of specific ones I want to scrapbook and put them into another file on my desktop called “Prints” When I am ready to send my pictures to Walmart to have printed, I just go to the “Print” folder and send them from there. Now when they are printed, I put them into plastic envelopes in my scraproom. These are labled with the names of each of my family members, and then I have an occasions / miscellaneous one that houses the ones that don’t fit under any specific name. This way, When I want to scrap our camping trip, I can just go into the occasions folder and pull out all the printed photos ready to go. One last piece of advise.
    Back up your photos. We have a program running on our computer that checks every 10 minutes for changes in my photographs folder and backs up all changes to another computer in the basement – just in case.

  229. I haven’t been able to scrapbook very much lately. Tagging and labeling my pictures on my computer has helped me to feel organized even though I’m not ready to print and scrap. I love having pictures organized and neatly “away” on my back-up hard drive instead of having boxes of pictures sitting and waiting for me. I’m so thankful for digital photography!

  230. Rebecca S. says:

    I like how I have all my 2005 and later digital photos organized on my hard drive by month and year. Now just need to organize pre-2005 and pre-digi photos!

  231. Hi Stacy!! I keep my ‘most used’ acrylic stamps stuck to a poster-size frame that hangs beside my workspace…I can see at a glance most of my stamps, grab the one I want, use it and stick it back on there! This has worked really well for me because to be honest – I am soooo not good at putting things back where they go while I am in the middle of creating!!
    Thanks for doing this – I am so excited about this book!!! :)

  232. My favorite is that I organized all my small embellishments such as brads, buttons, clips, jewels, etc. into color groupings. Found small containers that had dividers at the $1 store and used those. Now when I need something blue I can just open that container and I am sure to find something. I used to have to think, do I want a brad or eyelet and then get that container. Now I can just look for a color and something will strike to work. I love it.

  233. One thing that has really helped me is to store my 12×12 paper vertical and my paper scraps horizontal. I store ALL my paper by color family. Then I can rummage easily through all my scraps and use them on my layouts and cards. That way I’m using up my stash more quickly and not spending so much money on paper.

  234. The thing that I do is take 10×13 clasp envelopes and mark each of the family members name on it along with the month and year and anytime the kids come home with something I want to keep from school or my hubby and I receive a card or something special I place it in the envelopes. Then I don’t have to hunt for that special item because I put it in the envelopes.

  235. Sherrie Mannion says:

    One of my favorite organization tools is the accordion file case (in office supply stores with a handle). They have about 13 file spaces which are tabbed so you can add labels. I use them to sort my scraps by color which makes it a whole lot easier to make mats, cards, and not waste scraps. And the sections are big enough to accomodate scraps about 8 1/2 x 11. And then I also use another one to store and sort flat embellishments like tags, letter stickers, quote sheets, etc. I sort everything by category or product type. And when the file with no longer close, it means that I have to purge my stash! I also use it to store my home files – like records for home repairs, etc as well as another for my kids activities & other papers that need to be sorted.
    The accordion files have a nice clasp to them and they store upright right next to each other so they are a space saver too!

  236. Stacy, My trick for organizing my pictures is once I have them printed I like to place the date and names on the back and I then slide them into a photo album. When I am working on my scrapbook I use a notebook and keep track of what photos and sizes of the photos to print. This is helpful for me but I always appreciate more advice.

  237. wow reading all this is SO inspiring!
    The thing that helps me most while scrapbooking is to have all of my lined or blank journaling cards/stickers/labels/stamps all in a basket on my desk it is within easy reach and I used them much more often.

  238. Stacy, My trick for organizing my pictures is once I have them printed I like to place the date and names on the back and I then slide them into a photo album. When I am working on my scrapbook I use a notebook and keep track of what photos and sizes of the photos to print. This is helpful for me but I always appreciate more advice.

  239. Cindy Baker says:

    I took LOM of Memories last year, but we moved in the middle of it, so I’m very excited to take the “refresher” course this year! I currently have most of my photos organized in a cardfile, and I used the white cubes with 4 drawers from Target, as I already had them when I began LOM last year. It works out great! Now I’m looking forward to organizing all of my layouts that are already completed.
    One other organizing tip: I used to keep all of my small embellishements in 3 large plastic cabinets with small, clear drawers (made for holding nails and screws… available in the hardware section at Walmart)LOVED them! However, they don’t fit anywhere in my new scrapbook room in our new house. So, I bought more white “Target” drawer cubes…the 3-drawer kind, so the drawers are more shallow, and I took all those small little plastic drawers out of the plastic hardware cabinets, and fit thenm in the white Target drawers! Now all of my embellishments, chipboard, paper flowers and ribbons are very organized in 4 stackable “Target” drawer cubes. It works out very well, and the stack of drawers doesn’t take up alot of space in my room.
    Cindy Baker

  240. Jessica C. says:

    I recently overhauled the way I was storing my digital scrapbook “supplies.” The thing I think is so cool about digital, is that you’re not limited to just one “spot” to keep something. Previously, I just left the files in folders with the rest of whatever had come together in each kit. That’s handy if I’m pressed for time, and want someone else to do the matching for me. But when I was looking for a specific item, it was taxing to look through each little folder for, say, Blue paper. So I created new folders based on the type of “stuff” i use. Folders like: ‘paper-warm’, or ‘ribbons & stitches’. Having everything organized both ways has REALLY made the process faster for me. Worth the extra organizing time!

  241. One word: ACDSee. It automatically catalogs all of my photos by the date taken from the camera – no matter where they are on the computer. All I have to do to find a photo taken on or around the date is use the calendar view and click on the date or month to browse those photos. It is WONDERFUL.

  242. Hi Stacy!
    I would love to be included in the draw for your book – how wonderful!!
    I have a closet in my studio – in it I fit a small desk with my sewing machine and other craft related items. Instead of removing the clothes rod I like to use it to hang my new patterned papers using pant hangers – this way they are a fun visual and easily accessible.
    I also keep many of my stamps and buttons in beautiful old mason jars that belonged to my grandparents – storage and nostalgia in one!!
    Thanks so much,

  243. karen in maine says:

    i have a wall of iris carts (13 drawers tall) with 2×4 mailing labels identifying the contents. i can read them from across the room and i know where (almost) everything is. karen ;)

  244. A few things work for me. On the computer, I store everything in folders by date. This helps when I go to scrap pictures, I know dates of the events. The other thing I always try to do is to load pictures onto my online printing source as soon as I load them on my computer. This works because 1) When I need to print pictures, I can just click them and send without uploading and 2) if my computer crashes and I haven’t put them on cd yet, at least they are online too. Oh, and I also try once a month or once every 2 months to have my pics put onto gold cds that I keep in a fire safe.

  245. Kathy Reid says:

    Printing out my photos every couple of months keeps me from feeling too overwhelmed about all the pics on my computer. Plus it makes me excited to scrapbook. There is something about holding a picture in your hand.

  246. one thing that is working for me right now is my rub-on storage. I have a TON of them. A slight obsession for me. I wanted them where I could see them because I was forgetting what I had. So I left them in their packaging and strung them all onto a huge jump ring. I hand the jump ring from a hook attached to my magnet board, which hangs above my desk. Wallah! Now my plethera of rub-ons is at eye level and I NEVER forget what I have! :)
    p.s. I really really really loved LOM last year – I’m re-signed up and excited to go again- plus looking forward to getting my hands on that book! :)

  247. A friend pointed me to BPS and your blog…I’m loving them for ideas, class possibilities, and freebies to try, organization, etc.! THANK YOU! :)

  248. I always have tons of ideas for pages – they’re constantly popping into my head. In order to keep them all straight, I write each one on an index card and file it in one of those long index card boxes by category. The categories roughly correspond to my albums, but I have others for sketches and different types of design ideas. I actually keep the box in my kitchen so I can add to it all the time – and then I bring it downstairs with me when I’m ready to scrap. This has been such a lifesaver for me – no more ideas scribbled all over on little bits of paper! It just keeps my head clear and helps me feel ready to scrap.

  249. Alissa Williams says:

    My organizational tip is to break out of stamp sets. I had a ton of stamps in sets, and I recently pulled them out of their sets and organized them in a way that made sense to me (birthday, love, thank you, etc). I discovered I have 4 baby stamps that I was unaware of. The best part is now it’s so easy to find the right stamp to add to a scrapbook page or make a card with, and I’m using them more.

  250. As soon as I download the photos from my camera to my computer I immediately go in and get rid of the ones that are bad… now I do keep some of the blurry photos because honestly I would rather have a blurry photo then no photo, but I do make sure to get rid of the ones I honestly wont use. I still have way too many photos though. I have been using a digital camera for 4.5 years now and have 16000 photos…thats with my deleting!

  251. Fiona Groves says:

    My lunchbox cakebox system works well, clear plastic lunchbox, slice, cake boxes so i can see what is in them but they stack really well.

  252. Like many others, I’m in the boat of “nothing is working” as far as photos go, unless it’s from 2004 because those pictures are all printed and organized. :)
    I do have some project kits in plastic boxes, so I’m able to finish mini-albums and the like very easily.

  253. Stacy:
    I took LOM last year. The one organizational tip that I loved from that class was the three-ring binder way of organizing and viewing our pictures. This has helped me so much. Your instructions to just put them in a three-ring binder so you can see them and THEN rearrange them has opened up a whole new world.
    Of course, this is just the first stage, but now my pictures are out of the envelopes (I still had so many old envelopes of pictures.) Now I’m doing the same thing with the digital pictures I’ve printed.
    Can’t wait for LOM ’08 next month.
    Lynn M

  254. One thing I got from the ORGANIZED & INSPIRED SCRAPBOOKER BOOK is having a journaling kit. It has really helped to start journaling more. That was one thing I lacked in until now.I stay organized and can find the little things to make journal my own special way.
    Thanks, Jane

  255. I have actually labeled my drawers which helps me put things back without opening every drawer I have. I also delete bad pictures when uploading.
    Thanks Stacy

  256. For years, my photos have all been digital. I like to go through the previous month’s photos on the first of each month – purging ones I don’t want and filing (electronically) in a month folder the ones that I do (i.e. “jan_08″).

  257. I buy only what I know I will use, and not what I think I might use. And then, I organize the way I use supplies. I put letter stickers and rubons in a basket by my desk. Tags and journaling spots are all together. Paper is sorted by color. And all my most used tools are right at arms length. So when I have the time to scrap, I don’t spend hours looking for things.

  258. Therese Bradley says:

    After reading your first book I put most of my supplies in color groupings. I store my paper by color in Cropper Hopper Files. I also store my rub ons, stickers, die cuts and transparencies in these. I put them by theme into the little file boxes that fit into the bigger files. I bought some plastic drawer units for my embellishments and sort by color. I share like colors in my paper files and embellishment drawers (reds and pinks together, yellow and orange together, neutrals, etc.) I use my stuff much more now and it’s so much easier to put things away.

  259. Digital photographs I use Adobe Photoshop Elements. Best digital photo organizer out there. I used to use ACDSEE but it doesnt have the added features that Adobe Photoshop Elements has. One major feature I enjoy is when using Adobe Photoshop Elements you can quickly import the photo you are editing into Adobe Photoshop for additional editing.
    Print wise, when it comes to archiving photos for later use. I label each photo on the back with name, date, location. To be extra careful I write all the information on a post-it note, then I attach the post-it note to the back of the photo. Then I carefully file the photos away in my filing cabinet. Each folder is titled with month/year. If I plan on making a holiday album, then I’ll make folders with the holiday listed on them and use those.

  260. I have small kids (6,4,2 and 2 mo) so not only do they do and say the cutest things, they keep me busy. I try and write down these cute things as soon as they happen where ever I am (I have notebooks everywhere) so I don’t forget and then when i have more time I file it away in a basket in my scraproom until I’m ready to scrap it.

  261. Being that I have not yet invested in a digital camera (I am in love with my Canon Rebel) I have come up with a way to be digital. When I have my film developed I just have a disk done. Then I am able to to label each disk. I do it by year and the roll number for the year (08-05..year-roll number) then I load it onto the computer. This way I have them accessable to edit and print but I also have a back up of them all….
    Jenn T

  262. Heather Sinkler says:

    I have been putting (doubles of)everything into photo albums chronologically as soon as they are printed then I can just flip through the album and remove the pics I want to scrapbook. It helps me not to feel like I have to scrapbook all pictures and its easy to flip through and find what I want!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  263. My best organizational piece right now is a chart that I keep on the computer – it lists sets of pics that I have to scrap — either events or photos that go with a theme — I refer to it everytime I scrap at home or away – it helps me see what pics I have in one place and then I can choose what i am in the mood to scrap.

  264. Julee Irish says:

    I think my favorite thing that is organized – would be my little embellishments organized by color in an old spice rack. I painted the rack a glittery pink so that it stands out.
    Another thing that really works for me is organizing my paper in the cropper hopper vertical paper holders.

  265. Agamemnonsmom says:

    The best thing that I do now is write down things I want to remember on index cards and file them into an altered lunch box. I write on the card the memory and, if applicable, the photos that go with the memory. This has allowed me to scrap what’s important to me.

  266. I’m not a very organized person in general, but I suppose the best thing for me is keeping my rub ons in plastic page protectors in a binder. Then I can just flip through them to see what I have.

  267. To keep myself organized I make sure I have a home for everything and that way I will know where to put it when I want to put it away. The few things that I haven’t quite found homes for are always floating around and sometimes get lost. Then months later I go “ohhh I forgot about this- it would have went great on a page I made last month!” I don’t have a lot of space to store my stuff (or really much stuff at that) but I keep it contained because its in the living room of our 1 bedroom condo, so everything has to have its own home so it doesn’t always look like a mess in there!
    Congrats on the book! What an awesome accomplishment!

  268. for my photos I organize them into folders on my computer by occassion with the date and year. This is easy for me when I’m ready to scrapbook a vacation or an occassion – just go to the folder and print the pics I want. I can’t wait to see your new book!!! I love your ideas :-)

  269. i love my digital files of pictures and elements on my computer. i have pix sorted into seasons and digi elements tagged by various labels. this helps me with both digi scrapping and paper scrapping.

  270. Hi Stacy :) – One thing that I do to control “ephemera” and non photo stuff I’d like to scrap (ticket stubs, programs, kids school keepers etc.) is I have a yearly expanding file with a pocket for each month. As I weed through my paper piles each week I toss all this stuff into the file pocket for the month…now it’s a bit jumbled but minimally it’s organized by year and month. I keep the file on a shelf in my pantry. Can’t wait for LOM – I’m new to this and it’s so exciting!!

  271. The only thing I am good at right now is keeping track of quotes in my little notbooks – that is it – the rest is definitely in need of some PHOTO FREEDOM!

  272. I have two things right now that are very helpful to my creative process. The first is that all of my digital files are saved on discs by year and season, and labeled with event specifics such as birthdays and holidays. These discs are all filed in a 3 ring binder, so I can quickly flip to the photo’s I am interested in.
    The second is my inspiration box. I have a box that is filled with packaging, office supply stuff, funky salvage finds anything that at one point in time I thought I could turn this into something. Those items are in a box, so that I can quickly grab something new and inspiring.

  273. My hardest issue is keeping things organized at home and still being able to take what I want when I scrap away from home, so having two basic tool kits is a big help. My photo organization is getting there but I still really need some help.

  274. I just set up my color drawers a few weeks ago and they are totally working! I can find what I am looking for so much faster and as a result my pages are easier to put together. LOVE IT!
    Amy H

  275. let’s see…nothing really. :-( sad to say. I have several different things going on, but none I’ve stuck to. I think my problem is merging both printed photos (before digital) and digital photos together. Thank goodness for Picasa otherwise i have no idea how i would locate any of the pictures I’m looking for. ;-)

  276. All of my embellishments are organized by color. I get rid of all of the excess packaging and store everything in document boxes.

  277. The thing I like most about my photo organization is that everything is separated by month on my computer. It makes it so easy to find a particular photo of my daughter at a certain age knowing that it will be in that months folder. PS Signed up for the LOM class and am so excited!!!

  278. Chris Taylor says:

    I have 3 boys and two of them are teenagers, they are only two years from leaving home. I want them to take a scrapbook or two with them so, right now I use ideas from Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbook shortcuts with quizzes and questions. I take photos to go with questions I ask them on their birthdays and first day of school. So basically right now I am working on organizing an album for them to leave home with. Thanks for this opportunity.

  279. I keep all of my digital photos online, I also keep a Word document that lists: number of photos, date taken and description of the set of photos for each set of photos I take. This way I can find photos easily. I print (at Sams) all my favorite photos and put them in a photo album. I’d say I print maybe 30% of my photos. Then I pull from my photo albums to scrap. I usually only pull a few photos from each “event”, I used to do 4 page spreads because I wanted to get all my good photos scrapped. But now I know I have all my good photos in an album, so I only have to scrap 1 or 2 per scrapbook page.

  280. My greatest organizational tip is from the Organized and Motivated Scrapbooker book. Find the way you like to store things and convert to that method. Making my supplies Open and Visible has opened up a new world for me! Love it.

  281. I don’t have much of a system other than I simply try to keep things in chronological order. My computer has folders for each year (’05, ’06, ’07) and each of these folders has monthly folders, which each have separate event folders. I still get lost trying to find the exact photos that I want to scrapbook!!
    So excited about your book!

  282. My paper is organized in the vertical Cropper Hopper paper holders and it is so easy to find what I want. Have papers organized by color and manufacturer. Always looks neat and uncluttered.
    Am looking forward to LOM 08 and your new book! Kim

  283. Sadly, I think the only thing I am actually doing right at this point is actually downloading my pictures on a regular basis and putting them in monthly files on the computer rather than the haphazard anywhere that used to be. –from there I am clueless and don’t even end up printing any because I don’t have a system yet. This is why I so desperatly need this book!!!!

  284. Janet Bobo says:

    CHASE,I NEED HELP, SO PLEASE CHOOSE ME! Even though I use a digital camera, I do print most of my pictures – a few I delete. My printed pictures are, however, in the Wal-Mart envelopes in somewhat chronological order. I LOVE your ideas for photo storage, and I fully intend to adapt to your system, I just can’t take the class right now. I have pre-ordered your book though! God bless!

  285. I just got the awesome riboon pullez and am storing my mess a ribbon in 1 place! So ecited to have it in 1 place.

  286. Hi Chase! I organize everything by date on our computer. (Which I back up to a disk at least once per month. The disk goes in the safe deposit box!) I’m all digital, so this works for me. (Psst, Chase, draw my name. I never win anything.)

  287. Over time I came to realise that I am a digger and searcher. Not for me the ribbon wound on ribbon cards neatly in their boxes. I have a number of bind and boxes where I store things mainly by type (and some things like buttons and loose embellishments, by colour). I think it’s important to pay attention to how you think when you scrap, I tend to think more in terms of shape or embellishment type, so for instance I will decide a certain space needs some chipboard r a button, hence I store things by type. For paper I tend to think in terms of the manufacturer so my patterned paper is stored this way. It took me a few years to figure this all out, and it’s still a work in progress!

  288. I admit I don’t print most of my photos so they are all sitting on my computer organized nicely in chronological folders by year and then sub folders by event. When I am ready to scrapbook (usually a year at a time) I print the photos I want to use. I always did this to save money but what I realized recently is that if my photos are not scrapped then they sit on my computer and I can’t enjoy any of them. Sad!

  289. I transfer my photos from the memory card every couple of days to the folders on my external hard drive. I have folders for each of my family members, plus one each for misc, others (eg friends/workmates), family (eg extended family) and one for pets. Each folder has the months of the year so my photos are sorted by person/thing then by date.

  290. Vickiellen says:

    Everything by color! Cardstock, embellishments, ribbon, etc. I also started organizing my pics (literally thousands) by category rather than chrono – and it has changed my life!

  291. To help me keep my photos under some organization I give the folders names with the date and event. The names start with the year then month and day to help it sort in the right order. I then back these up to CDs and store them in CD cases and put them onto the shelf in order. Thinking about purchasing an external hard drive to move them onto so I can view them easier. Hoping the Photo Freedom book will give me more ideas of how to organize them and tag them.
    Loved reading the organization entries everyone.

  292. My paper system really works for me. It is a file drawer (custom made, but before that, it was a cropper hopper paper taker, and before that it was a milk crate!), with 12×12 hanging files, sorted by color. All my PP is sorted that way – it’s the only way I’ve ever sorted paper. First is the cardstock, then the PP right behind it in that color family. I file all scraps right there in front of the whole pieces. I recently switched to color drawers for everything else, and can’t believe I had not thought of it before seeing it all over your blog! It is fantastic!

  293. umm, i’m a little lacking in the organization arena these days, but i have been pushing myself to save all my new photo uploads to online storage. i’m using either shutterfly or, which i learned about from karen russell’s blog.
    thanks for the generous giveaway stacey!
    beth logan

  294. After reading Big Picture, the one thing I did when I started organizing my older photos was grouping them (holidays, friends, celebrations, etc). That really helped me to see how I could put more than one time frame on a page. Before that I was chronological, but it didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t want to make 10 different pages for a friend’s child’s birthday parties.

  295. My favorite recent organizational pieces are these 3 drawer black mesh carts with wheels from Target. I store my acryllic stamps in the top drawer, chipboard in the middle drawer, and adhesives in the bottom drawer. My other cart has my cutting supplies, scissors, punches and coluzzle. These cart roll under my table and I’m able to store stuff on top of them too! I am also organizing all of my embellishments by colors:-) Can’t wait to win or buy the book!!!

  296. Organised? What’s that – I live by the rule of organised chaos! Not strictly true but it sure feels like it most of the time. I can sort by pattern and colour and make sure things stand neatly in a row……does that count?

  297. The only thing that works about my system now, is that my (digital) photos are numbered chronologically, and I can identify fairly quickly where a photo is if I have a vague recollection of when it was taken. Other than that, I have no system! I’d love to learn yours, though!!

  298. I have my photos organized by year and month in photo boxes. For my digital photos I use the Creative Memories memory manager. This has been the best for me, I love it. Each year is a photo sort box and in that year I have folders by the month. I have also been able to organize pictures for my kids, i.e. my son has a photo sort box with folders of school year, scouts, etc.

  299. I bought a set of stackable 12 by 12 slide out drawers. I labeled one for finished layouts. This way when I am scrapping I can slide it in the drawer and keep going on the next project. I labeled one for scraps. I have my scraps organized in a file sorter by color but when I am scrapping I put the pieces in the drawer to be sorted later. I have a drawer labeled with my ink pads, a drawer with new stuff I just got and want to play with.

  300. Can’t wait to start LOM. I am focusing on getting oraganized this year so I am not so overwhelmed when I find the time to scrap.
    One thing that has worked for me with digi photos is to set up a folder for each year. Within each year I create a subfolder each time I load an event. The naming convention I use for each folder is 01.NameofEvent. With each event i increase the number so it is easy to sort the folders chronologically plus I can easily see the event. You can still see the date the pictures were taken by looking at the file details.

  301. I have found organizational help for my (considerable) stash of embellishments using the Scraprack. One of the most helpful sections is the “colour” section, where – Stacy style – the items are organized by colour. I place all the miscellaneous pieces that don’t fit into a specific theme category.

  302. I am soo excited about the class and the book (have the first one) and am constantly re-reading it! Since having read the first book I have change the way I do my scrapbooks! Since I don’t have nearly as much scrapped as I should I currently really only have a few books! One for my Son and one for my Daughter (my version of the All about us Tabs) I also have a book for Other family members (pics with grandparents, cousins) I do have a favorite photo album I started when I paper scrapped (now a digital scrapper), but I desperately need to add to that album. I am very detailed when uploading my pictures to my computer, all start with the date (ex for today would be 20080124 and then a very detailed description) 20080124 Ethan Playing Uno, Isabella playing tea party so that way if I want to look them up on my computer I can use any one of those words to look up (I use
    Plus I upload all my photos to my smugmug site (in need of a major overhaul on its look right now), my goal is to delete them off my computer once they are uploaded to smugmug and scrapped)…. For now these are my major things I am doing, working on soo many more ideas that are floating in my head and hoping your class will help a ton! Trying super hard to get my scrap room cleaned (a disaster area right now) before class starts!) CAN’T WAIT…..

  303. I try and download and print my photos frequently and then immediately sort them into categories. Doing just a few photos is way easier than when I wait too long and have many. Can’t wait to read your new book!

  304. For my thousands of digital photos I adore using the program ACDsee. I can tag my photos hundreds of ways and see connections between photographs quicker and easier.

  305. Rosie Lilya says:

    I am so glad Chase is choosing today…
    CHASE, You are a ROCK STAR!!

  306. I totally need this book, could sure use the help. The one thing that is working for me as far as photo organization is I file my digital photos by date and event… the date is more or less to keep track chronologically so I don’t forget which trip to Disneyland was which.

  307. I’m really excited about your new book. I can’t wait to devour it.

  308. Sue Schneider says:

    My photos are just organized by date on my computer. Some of them I organized out by theme and / or kid (E, soccer 2005). Product is organized mostly by theme (soccer, baseball), paper by color & drawers for embellishments. I don’t have a great system to organize photos… so I’m excited about the book

  309. I only print pictures that I think I will scrapbook. Since I do quite a bit of enhancing some pictures in Photoshop, changing sizes etc. I try to do a little bit every now and then. Before I sat for hours every time I was going to upload for developing and it was exhausting. I store my developed pictures in a Cropper Hopper picture box and I love it. I don’t store them cronologically but have one department for things we do, one for personality pictures etc. I can’t wait for your book, I love your last one!

  310. What’s been working for me as a LOM 2007 alum has been to use the category drawers — they really have allowed me access to pictures I wouldn’t normally be able to get my hands on quick enough.

  311. Rosie Lilya says:

    I am so glad Chase is picking a winner today…
    Chase You Are A ROCK STAR!!!

  312. I am in desperate need of a healthy way to organize years worth of pictures. Especially the digital ones. I do have most of them backed up on an external hard drive but I don’t like not having hard copies of them. I am trying to go through and really identify what is in each folder with a discriptive title instead of just the date.
    I have loved you forever! I helped you in a class in Ogden, Utah years ago. Before Simple was even begun!

  313. I have my online photo developer send the photos to my office. I keep a folder of light colored non busy paper in my office for computer journaling; I cut down my 12×12 sheets to 8.5 x 11 for this purpose. When the pictures come in I quickly journal on the computer and print them out on the scrapbooking paper and then bring it all home where I put together pages pretty quickly. The rest of the pictures I get and don’t immediately scrapbook go into my category metal drawers for future use.

  314. I can’t wait to see the book!! :)
    One thing that IS working for me is that I do have all of my negatives organized (from when I used film). They are in a safe place, organized by date and event. This way, I can easily order reprints if needed.
    Now I just need to somehow organize all of my photos!!

  315. My computer is my photo organizational friend. I save the photos in folders that are arranged by year and then by event or category. Of course, I periodically backup the files on an external hard drive which I keep at my office in case of a fire or some other disaster.

  316. Right now, the only thing working for me is my paper organization!!! LOL! CS sorted by manuf and then by color and PP sorted by manuf. Then I have a drawer for CS scraps and one for PP scraps. :D

  317. Right now the thing that works best for me is something I just did this past week. I put all my photos on my computer in folders according to date. Now I can just open them up to find out what I haven’t scrapped yet, and to try to keep my scrapbooks in order.

  318. I use the LOM system since taking your class last year. It has changed my whole organizational system. I thought I was organized before but it was a very tedious task. The LOM system is a “working” system and it ROCKS!! Thank you!!!!

  319. I’m using ACDSee for my digital scrapbooking supplies. I LOVE it! I’m looking for something similar for my photos, just can’t get a handle on the pre-digital ones! Thank you!

  320. My embellishments are organized by color in an organizer for screws and small nails. I love this system because the drawers are clear and I can see what I need easily.

  321. This is what works for me:
    When I transfer photos from the camera, I sort out the best, edit them, and upload them to On flickr, they’re arranged in sets (for example “Snowshoeing, Mt. Rainier”) and also tagged with words and names. When I want to scrapbook, it is so easy to find the photo I want!

  322. For a while now, I’ve been getting my memory card onto the computer monthly, naming the files by month & year. So easy to pull a quick ‘year at a glance’ album together.

  323. When I download my memory card, I sort the pictures into folders by date (ie. 20080124) so they at least chronological. When I have enough to fill up a CD, I copy the folder to the CD and also to my external hard drive. My biggest fear is to lose my pictures, esp. since most are not printed.

  324. Jennie Gift says:

    I don’t have a good organizational method and I really should get one. I have tons of photos on my computer haven’t back them up. Hope this book will be infromational.

  325. Shelly in the NW says:

    for photos i organize on the computer by season (‘Fall 07′)and then within there are the ‘fall’ events: a back to school folder, a h alloween folder, a soccer folder by team, etc.
    when the season ends, i burn the season to cd as well as print.
    my biggest fear though is that the computer will crash at some point and i’ll lose stuff. :(
    for supplies: i do separate out all my Stampin Up! stuff so that i know that that paper, ink, pens, buttons, etc. all coordinate exactly – the other stuff is also grouped by manufacturer – probably not the best solution, but when i think of a paper, i tend to think of who made it first. I would like to redo this more by theme…someday :)

  326. hmmm…my organizational system–you must mean the miscelaneous boxes laying around with piles of things to scrap, right?

  327. I delete the less-than-perfect photos immediately (gasp). Then place the prints that support the story I want to tell into a clear plastic folder along with notes, sketch or color-scheme, if I have one in mind. The labeled folder is placed in my Action box. I work on the layouts as I have time.

  328. I’m still pretty old school when it comes to photos — but my biggest breakthrough came when Mom and I spent an afternoon getting all my photos sorted by year & month & put them in boxes. I’ve been able to use a very simplified method to get the old photos in albums. I tend to take maybe 2 days in a row to work on picking out background paper & typing up page titles on the computer — then keep it in a pizza box (clean, of course) so I can easily adhere to pages while I watch the news each night. I managed to get all our photos from 1987 to 2000 in books last year!!! woo Hoooo!!!!!

  329. me me me…. oh I need help.

  330. picasa. lifesaver. digital photos still are not where they need to be – but the program is totally helping me. :) blessings, jamimayes.

  331. I love having my printed photos in albums so that I can see them – and more imporatantly, my FAMILY can see them. They are labeled with dates on the outside and if my kids want to find something that happened the Christmas they were five (and it’s not been scrapbooked yet) then they can go and find it on their own . . . or maybe it was the vacation they just went on over Christmas. It’s great. I don’t feel that pressure to be “caught up” so that my kids can see their pages – I just have to stay caught up on the printing!! Yippeeee!!

  332. Sherry Amorocho says:

    This is why I seriously need this book. I lack an organization system. All I have are computer folders with a tag & boxes with envelopes filled with printed photos with a label. Other than that…

  333. My favorite product organization item is having all of my ribbon organized by color hanging over pretty ikea racks. I love looking at the pretty ribbons hanging there.
    Heidi Hopkins

  334. Sounds intriguing – add me to the list please :) ANia from Norway :)

  335. The one thing I do have organized is my photos. I store them by date and roll with a short description of what is in that group of photos. Now that I have digital photos I use iPhoto and it allows you to group and name photos which make it super easy to find the photos you need. I’m taking LOM again this year and hope to get a solid system up and running. Can’t wait to read the new book! Thanks for the inspiration!

  336. Shannon Simpson says:

    I have all my photo’s organized using the CM Power Sort Box for older photo’s and their file mate for memorabilia/larger photo’s and two Power Sort Mini Boxes (1 for each child)for the year 2007. I have kept up on printing out my digital photo’s and storing them on my computer/flash drive and discs/and online at I have them organized by date/event/child and this seems to work for now. I just need to sit and scrapbook them. I just haven’t felt like it this past year but feel good that they are organized so that when I am inspired it will not be a monumental task. I would love to win your new book and am excited for this chance! Thanks! ~Shannon

  337. I have my digital photos sorted on my computer by year, then month, then person or event. The plan (when I get around to doing it) is to order prints of one file at a time and get them into albums before I print more.

  338. I am currently in the BPS class “Get Organized and Be Inspired” (which is a FABULOUS class BTW!!) and we are still exploring lots of different options, but I know that I will continue to keep my ribbon in glass bottles separated by color. I LOVE how it looks and it works really well for me!

  339. I am hoping that this book can help me with digital photos. They are just sitting there, on the computer, “collecting dust.” Very little rhyme or reason as to where and why!
    The rest of my 35mm photos are in photo boxes, labeled outside with the overall contents – the year & any big events and then inside it is chronological, labeled with a little more details.
    Can’t wait to get your book!
    Lauren in Colorado

  340. I try to upload as often as I can so I’m not doing so much at one time. Also keeping everything filed onto my computer helps.

  341. Let’s see…what is working. When I upload my pictures to my computer I always upload by date, but then I add a word or something to the folder’s title so I’ll know what is in there (like 070402_kidbday4)
    It helps for quick retrieval. I also use elements to try to tag with people’s names.

  342. I organize my digital photos by person or event depending on which makes better sense.

  343. I wish I had a great idea to share! That’s why I’m so excited to learn about yours…

  344. Michelle M says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Materials Files” I have going, just like yours in The Big Picture, and LOM, which I took last year. It is so easy to be productive when everything is already gathered together and I have a plan to follow! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to a refresher course!

  345. What organization? I put all my photos in photo boxes. That’s it. I do label the date in front of the pictures. I would love to win this book.

  346. I print my photos immediately. Then I put them together by event. If I have scrapbooked some of the event and have leftovers I will put them in order of whose in the photo. I signed up for LOM (can’t wait) and now I started tagging my photo’s in Adobe. I would download and print not organize.

  347. storage albums (I took LOM last year) are working for me right now – I have kit pages finished, but no photos. Between my category drawers and my storage albums, I can find just the right shots to finish the pages!

  348. Product-wise, I’m evolving into a working system. CS by color, PP by mfg. with older paper by color. Distinctive products (ie 7 Gypsies) in photo boxes; stamps in CD cases (I am a hoarder of stamps) then stored in wire baskets; small embellies by color and type, etc. Where I run into serious problems is with my photos. I have more than 10,000 pictures on my computer – I have scrapped about 50. I am not kidding. Facing the overwhelming task of organizing, choosing, touching up and printing photos to get into books stops me right in my scrappy little tracks. (Which explains why I only have mini-albums and altered items to show for my multi-thousands of dollars investment in scrapbook supplies.) HELP!

  349. I am currently in the BPS class “Get Organized and Be Inspired” (which is a FABULOUS class BTW!!) and we are still exploring lots of different options, but I know that I will continue to keep my ribbon in glass bottles separated by color. I LOVE how it looks and it works really well for me!

  350. For Photos, I don’t have anything set up really. That’s why I am taking your class!! LOL Pretty much my photos are in a big sort box, pics with certain individual people, or place…but NOT labeled. Still have alot of digi photos that need to be backed up and printed (what you said earlier about printing up the photos even if you dont know what you are going to do with them- clicked with me, as I was having trouble trying to figure out what to do with them-size wise).

  351. I upgraded to the newest version of iPhoto and am totally loving the “event” feature. Using it to my advantage. Hoping that when I rerun through LOM this year (2007 alum) I can use that to give me a leg up on the digital part of the process!
    thanks Stacy for giving away books – how FUN!

  352. I really love my shelves above my desk and how accessible my things are – like tools. It was space I had, but never took advantage of until we bought some IKEA Elfa shelves. It only took 2 holes for the top bar that everything hangs. Hubby LOVED that he only had to drill 2 holes! Now what I put on these shelves need to be more organized…

  353. On the computer I have my pictures organized by year, then month, and then by event, or person. pick me please :)

  354. I really love my shelves above my desk and how accessible my things are – like tools. It was space I had, but never took advantage of until we bought some IKEA Elfa shelves. It only took 2 holes for the top bar that everything hangs. Hubby LOVED that he only had to drill 2 holes! Now what I put on these shelves need to be more organized…

  355. I would be totally lost without the Photoshop Elements Organizer.
    My favorite thing that’s working for me though: I have an ongoing writing notebook/journal that I take almost everywhere and always know where it is. I skip the first few sheets in it, label them “kids notes,” and write their little quotes and such in them. Then when I fill that notebook I pull out the pages and file them in a binder. So nice to be able to pull it out and find a quick story to scrapbook!

  356. My digital pictures are stored in folders – I have a “pictures” folder, inside that are “year” folders (ie. 2001, 2002, 2003, etc.), inside those are “event” folders titled by date then event (ie. 7-24 Swimming Lessons). I have a pretty good memory for approximately when I took a picture, so that is an easy way for me to go back and find something old. Once printed, I have a box that holds 6×9 envelopes – I label an envelope with the pictures it contains, put the pictures and any other “stuff” that goes with them in the envelope, and file it chronologically in the box.
    My biggest problem is that the most recent picture IN the box is from 2004. I am having a really hard time letting go of chronological scrapbooking even though I REALLY want to – it is an overwhelming concept for me. I started setting up a “year in review” type album to print on Snapfish or something (those nice little albums they do) and I really like that idea so I get my chronological fix by just sending it to print & I’m freed up to scrapbook my pictures that I really love the most – I just haven’t fully implemented that system yet.

  357. Organization….hmmm….something that is constantly changing and evolving in my scrap room! Here’s how I organize photos….after I get a batch printed, I decide which ones I want to scrap. I put all the photos I want to scrap for each page inside a photo envelope (the envelope that the store puts your printed photos in). So, at any one time, I might have 15 or so photo envelopes for pages I want to create. Then, I put a sticky note on the outside of the envelope so I know what the theme for the page is. I also have misc envelopes for each member in my family. I put photos in these envelopes that aren’t exactly what I need for a specific page, but I still want to scrap them and they would work for a page with multiple photos from different events. This works well for me, because I can just pick out an envelope with all the photos from one specific event or theme and scrap them without having to search through all my photos for the right ones. All the photos that I don’t want to scrap get put in my plastic Cropper Hopper photo storage boxes. They are arranged chronologically. About a year ago I switched to 3-ring binders for my scrapbooks and have been SO VERY HAPPY since then! I also adopted your idea for themed scrapbooks (People We Love, Places We’ve Been, Celebrations, etc) and have been so happy with that system too!!!
    Organization is something I LOVE and am always looking for new and wonderful ideas!!

  358. I am currently in the BPS class “Get Organized and Be Inspired” (which is a FABULOUS class BTW!!) and we are still exploring lots of different options, but I know that I will continue to keep my ribbon in glass bottles separated by color. I LOVE how it looks and it works really well for me!

  359. Since I took LOM in 2006, I would say that just organizing my photos with more detail on the computer. For example, when I download, I also tag it with “Fall 2007″ and then when I go to back them all up, I can do a Fall 2007 disc and know right where they are! Thankfully, I will be “in the class” again this year to try and refine my approach!

  360. I prefer having similar products stored together (i.e. rubons, buttons, flowers, letter stickers, etc.) in its own container/space. I am able to quickly locate what I need this way.

  361. I took Robin Johnson’s Finders Keepers class and purchased the Memory Dock photo organizer. That has helped with the printed photos, but I still have so many photos on the computer and hard drives that I don’t know where to begin to organize those.

  362. Heather Lynne says:

    For mac users . . . I like how iPhoto makes it easy to group photos in different ways and each photo can be stored in several different folders simultaneously. Also, iPhoto shows me the date the photo was taken so it’s very easy to put dates on my scrapbooking pages!

  363. I totally adore my LOM system. If anyone is wondering if they should take the class DO IT! I have made layouts I’d never have thought of sicne taking it, and I’m still working on adapting it a year later.
    Now I’m taking Wendy Smedley’s class to get the rest of my stuff sorted, lol!
    I learnt from taking her class to think about what you use your stuff for and when to know how to store it.
    I have moved all my stamps together, all my journalling stuff together and put all my sources of inspiration together and it’s already making a huge difference to me.

  364. I took your tip for organizing photos and although I am years behind in actual scrapbooking, I know where all the photos are and in what place to locate them when I do my pages! Love that! Christian & Bella’s mom =)

  365. As a LOM alum, I’m loving how digital photos are sorted by quarter on my computer along with tags. Makes it so easy to find what I’m looking for.

  366. My paper organization is probably the only thing that is 100% DONE. I use the vertical paper holders and LOVE them! They hold so much paper!! I organize my color but also by companies. Since I know the look of certain companies (such as KI, BG, American Crafts, etc.) I will keep all of those papers together. For all of my Christmas stuff, including embellishments, I have it all in a big ziploc bag and keep in the closet since that is something I only need a small amount of my time! :-) Peace and blessings….Cindy B.

  367. I took your tip for organizing photos and although I am years behind in actual scrapbooking, I know where all the photos are and in what place to locate them when I do my pages! Love that! Christian & Bella’s mom =)

  368. The one bit of organization that is really working for me is my embellishments. I have all embellishments sorted by color in drawers. I have at least 1 drawer of embellishments and 1 drawer or ribbon for each color. I generally look for embellishments of a certain color, so this really works for me.

  369. I LOVE my photo drawers! they never cease to inspire me :)

  370. I have yet to read the almost 350 comments….forgive me if I repeat. My favorite (and only) method of sorting/sorting my photos is Picasa. I am working on learning Lightroom but right now Picasa is a lifesaver!!
    can’t wait to read the new book!!

  371. My best organizational discovery this year was the sewing thread rack (5 rows of dowels intended to hold sewing thread) which I use for storing ribbon. I have tons of ribbon and love to see them all before I choose what I want. Works for me!

  372. The only photo organizing I have right now is that when I download my pictures I organize them by month. I used to do it by date and it was just too much work to open every single folder looking for pictures. Now I can open a month and glance through all the pictures I have taken and see which ones jump out to me that I want to scrap. My next goal is to print these favorties so I have hard copies to enjoy even if they aren’t scrapped yet.

  373. Purging! I have recently come to the realization that some things just have to go. As for the things I’m keeping, post it’s and little baskets have become very good friends of mine.

  374. Michelle M says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Materials Files” I have going, based on yours in “The Big Picture” and LOM 2007. It is so easy to be productive and have fun when everything is gathered and I have a plan. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to a refresher course!

  375. I am storing ribbon by color in jars. Easy to just grab a jar and dig thru when I need a specific color. Thank you!

  376. Tess Davis says:

    I love my ribbon in jars and my embellishments in drawers sorted by color, all displayed on my awesome IKEA Expedit cubby bookcase. Love it! :) Simply cannot wait for your book. Your first one changed me forever and I cannot wait to learn more. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us! :) Tess in Bothell

  377. I use a filing cabinet – and shelves – and drawers… the biggest change I have made is to get everything into one room – that has kept me more motivated and more organized… have lots to learn, I know! (hope to get the book to get my photos in order!!!)

  378. Well, I could really use some help in this area…
    Right now, the pages that end up in our “family” scrapbook are done seasonally. Just a couple overall layouts per season. Then I highlight individual stories in each of my kid’s personal scrapbooks. Helps so I don’t get too overwhelmed trying to scrapbook everything.

  379. I am trying to become organized. I have most things stored, but, not really functioning. I am taking the BPS class with Wendy and have signed up for yours. I really am excited about it. Wendy’s class has been great. Between her class and yours, there will be NO stopping me…..

  380. I looked at the sneak peek of this book on the SS website, and I’m sold. I REALLY need a good organization system, and this looks like just the ticket. You are amazing!

  381. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  382. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  383. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  384. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  385. organization is something that I struggle with. Partially because I would rather spend money on product than on organizing.
    The one thing that is working for me right this very moment is my card stock and ink organization. At one point I was a demonstrator for a direct sales company and they had “color families”. So my ink, markers, reinkers, color coordinationg brads, ribbon and my card stock are all organized by color family and then by specific color within each family group. But that is as far as it goes.
    My current photo organization is in desperate need of help. Help me please!!

  386. I took your LOM class last year, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done! What I like best is that I’m now using pix of my kids from years ago and making connnections with things now, and making awesome pages using pix of both past and present. My journaling is making my scrapbooks more of a “journal” and my kids are enjoying reading about more than just the “who, what, and where”. This class is DEFINETLY worth every penny and every minute you spend on it!!

  387. organization is something that I struggle with. Partially because I would rather spend money on product than on organizing.
    The one thing that is working for me right this very moment is my card stock and ink organization. At one point I was a demonstrator for a direct sales company and they had “color families”. So my ink, markers, reinkers, color coordinating brads, ribbon and my card stock are all organized by color family and then by specific color within each family group. But that is as far as it goes.
    My current photo organization is in desperate need of help. Help me please!!

  388. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  389. I was able to convert a small closet recently to hold most of my stuff. However, the only thing that has stayed organized is my paper. It is stored in hanging file folders; when I have enough it is stored by manufacturer, if not then it is stored by color. The rest is a work in progress.

  390. RUTH ALLMART says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I recently used the book ‘the organized and inspired scrapbooker’ to finally get my scrap/stamp room organized and one of the things I did that I love is use these 12×12 plastic drawers to organize all my different coloured scraps. It makes it so easy to find a scrap I want to use and makes it easy to clear my desk!
    Ruth A.

  391. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  392. I keep all my sheets of letter stickers in a 12×12 plastic bag (which is fit to burst!) in a drawer under my desk. When I need letters I pull the bag out and prop it on my knee and flick through the sheets until I find one to fit. This is quick AND means that I am constantly refreshed on the product I have and I am not so tempted to buy new stickers until the bag shrinks a bit!

  393. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  394. I recently moved all of my stickers to a Clip-it-Up and they are organized by theme – alphabets togehter, disney, summer, etc. And now that I can easily find them and see what I have, they are actually ending on layouts.

  395. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  396. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  397. The best thing I’ve done recently is to borrow my parents’ scanner, and scan all my negatives from my film camera days. The effort is summed up in this blog entry:, but is also here:, here:, and started here:
    Yep, it was quite a project, but I am so glad it’s done!!

  398. My great husband put together a craft room just for me so everything is in one place however this was last year! I keep organizing – I need one system to stick to & yours is what I need. My motivation is baby #3 who will be 3 in June. He keeps asking where his book is.

  399. Working for me – 8 1/2×11 papers in file cabinets by color/family, 12×12 papers in vertical holders, shelves with dowels inserted for ribbon spools, clear glass jars ON same shelves for loose ribbons organized by color, LOVE embellishment drawers by color a la Miss Stacy J (THANK YOU!), setting up color mediums by color – hoping to use them more/better, wheels on dowels hanging, SU! sets in boxes on bookshelves by type (floral, alpha, etc) AND cross-matched in 3-ring binder with copies of ALL the stamps (SU!, mounted, unmounted). Currently doing a major purge and continue to organize on the color theory – really does work for me! TOTALLY looking forward to getting more in depth with the LOM system in the class – REALLY psyched! Cleaning and sorting in prep.

  400. happyhappyjoyjoy says:

    I love the Clip It Up organizer – I am using up my sticker sheets, chipboard letters, and other goodies now that I can easily see everything. Thanks! Joy

  401. Organizing by color!!!!

  402. fran heupel says:

    I love to have to have all my buttons and small embellishments,
    & ribbon in clear containers so I can see what I have and I love the colorful look.
    Fran H

  403. Does keeping my scrapbook supplies in one room count? That is as good as it gets for me right now with 8 month old twins!

  404. I would love to get a glimpse of this book. I have been seeing a lot about it in the past few days. I am fairly organized with my pictures from the past couple years- ever since I went digital. But, the years before then… wheww, it gets a little hairy! I’m very interested in your book along with the LOM class. Sounds like it’s right up my alley.

  405. Debbi Turnbow says:

    There are certain types of paper and embellishments that I use ONLY when I am working on a specific album such as SCHOOL, CHRISTMAS, FOOTBALL, BABY, TRAVEL. I purchased several 13″ x 12.5″ scrapbook cases (I bought mine at Stacks and Stacks), labeled each one by the above categories and put all the paper and embellishments that I would use in that type of album inside. Now when I am ready to work on that type album, I grab a case and the only other thing I need are my basic tools and maybe some coordinating solids. When I am done, I just toss everything back in the case and store it away until next Christmas, Football season, family Vacation, back-to-School or whatever.

  406. I am sure to keep my photos stored on my computer in a system where I can easily find them. They are organized in folders by year, then date (with the activity name). The folder names end up being things like 2008_01_01 New Years Day Picnic and all the images downloaded from my camera are labelled by date as well as consecutively, so everything is really easy to find. I take all of five minutes when I download my images from my camera to change those folder names so things are easily found!

  407. Recently, I organized all of my embellishments into different drawers in the closet, this seems to be working well for me. I can always find items when I need them.

  408. Labels, labels, labels!
    I finally invested in a Dymo labeler, after a long period of ‘I’ll just print lables out on sticker paper’ – it never happened. As soon as I need a label the Dymo is right there, ready to go. Helps keeps things organized.

  409. I have all my patterned paper sorted by theme in the plastic boxes – so I can take it with me to a crop.

  410. i’m big on knowing the date when things happened(i know i will forget in years to come), so when i upload my pictures from my camera, i have the pictures set to be “called” by their date and year. When i have them printed, most online companies print the photo name on the back, and there’s the date!! no writing, no consulting my computer, easy.

  411. I’m pretty organized with my stash and with my photos. As soon as I download photos from my camera, I create a new folder with the date and event/activity/emotion/etc. And my space stays fairly clean most of the time. I clean up and put away between every project and everything has it’s place so that helps me keep organized. My problem is getting the photos from my computer TO my scrap area! LOL I’m missing a huge piece in there somewhere. Your book looks amazing and I can’t wait to read it!

  412. my way of organizing? i just keep it all out on top of my desk…. giggle.
    i just started scraping, but have been using scrapbook products for my art for years. this means i have a few products… ok i really have so much my husband laughed when i said i wanted to get out my stuff and start using it… “that won’t fit in the office with me. it may not even fit in this house with us.” i stuck my tongue out at him.
    since then i have been trying. yes it is an up hill battle. kind of like climbing k2… but i will conquer!
    any help would be appreciated.

  413. One thing that has been helping me with organization here lately is using the things that I buy and not “saving them for another day”. That way I have less to organize! :)
    I also hit the sales at hobby lobby and Michaels for baskets. I love baskets. That’s how I organize.

  414. amy surburg says:

    The only thing that is working is my current file system on my computer, but any hard copies are a mess right now. Please pick me!!!

  415. I think that my biggest organizational accomplishment is my embellishments, sorted by color in see-thru tackle box trays…they then all fit in one big tackle box…stolen and repainted pink so my hubby can’t steal it back! I am still working on everything else…I am purging a lot latley, hopefully with less to organize it will be easier???

  416. Currently what is working for me and my photos is to download my pictures, burn a disk and stick in the front of an ongoing growing file box collection. When I need a photo I can hopefully find it and print it. There are MANY misc. photos that still need to be organized. The dreaded 35mm boxes & boxes, but this way at least current stuff is accessible. Would love to see how you do it in your book.

  417. The main thing thats working for me right now is how I store my embellishments. Last summer one of my favorite nurserys went out of business at the end of the season, and they sold off all their store fixtures. I purchased a plexiglass standee that held seed packets, for $1.00.
    It sits on my scraptable so its very handy…but getting full. So I constantly challenge myself to use it up to make room for more

  418. I have little bins that are specific for say adhesive or rub ons and this helps me stay organized but yet this stuff is still where I can see so I won’t forget what I have.
    Jen Gough

  419. What I did recently that works great is just getting the old prints that were in boxes forever and just put them in regular photo albums… at least that way the kids can look at them and if I want to scrap them I can find them easily… Sounds easy but it took me a while to figure that I would never have them all in scrapbooks so there was no reason for them to “wait” in boxes!

  420. My photo boxes definitely work for me for photos that didn’t get scrapped. Also, I have a basket that sits on my desk that I leave pics in that I want to scrap. That way I can see them all the time. So, photos for me are pretty organized. Whew, one less thing to worry about!

  421. I am really loving these new green locker looking bins I picked up at Five Below. I have sorted my rub-ons, chipboard and journaling spots in them. I need to find more-but someone else must like them too b/c the green is hard to find! I also love my newly sorted (thanks to LOM) color drawers makes scrapping so much easier!

  422. i love my color drawers. i only allow myself one drawer for each color, and it has really forced me to use up my stash(es) and stretch what i do have left.

  423. the best thing for me right now is the folders I have set up in my computer for my digital photos. Makes it easy to find what I need. Thanks for the chance to win!

  424. What’s working for me is organizing my embellishments by shape – all the hearts together, all the stars together, all the flowers together, etc. Also, my cardstock and patterned paper are sorted by color but they are together in the same paper holder – red cardstock next to red patterned paper. I find that I reach for my patterned paper more often this way when I have a specific color scheme in mind.

  425. I’d love the prize. Thanks

  426. Adapting this system little by little has really allowed me to feel the freedom of never having to be caught up.
    Right now I have rearranged all my layouts in my new WeR linen albums. Very cool.

  427. I think the best thing I’ve learned from taking LOM twice now, and looking forward to a 3rd, is to really look at a bigger picture (no pun intended). I had to rethink my photos into ways that would be meaningful to generations down the road. I think that’s why i struggled with putting scrapbooks together in the first place, because I had the photos, and putting them into a chrono-based book just didin’t seem any more meaningful, so I just didin’t do it….I saw no difference between having them in a box and putting them in a book that was cute. Now I look at this completely different.Some photos don’t warrant giant connections, they just need to be put in an orderly book and call it good. Others, however, make meaningful connections pulling my family together, telling stories behind the photos, or no photos at all….it’s all about relationships. I now deliberately (my word for the year, btw), look for occasions and connections when I take photos, I’m more aware of what I want others to see and remember through time, and I see my role as the “historian” in the family as much more than the picture keeper. That philosophy fed even into the way I set up my office…..wanting it to be more inspirational than just a room with supplies. I’ve even found that I purchase things differently…..asking myself….is it meaningful? Is it needed? Will it help make a connection? Will it remain classic and meaningful to oncoming generations? LOM is definitely the way to go if you want to be continually motivated to preserve relationships and family connections. It’s not a fad, or a way that will pass by when a more popular technique comes along, it’s a technique that fits a specific purpose…..wanting to preserve your most important photos and memories in a meaningful way….and having a simple way to preserve the rest without it consuming your time. You will deliberately make choices about where to emphasize your relationships, connections and meaningul events, and where to let other things go, and not feel guilty about it. So what’s working for me? The philosophy behind the technique, which truly is “The Bigger Picture”. Thanks!!!

  428. It works for me to have cardstock sorted by color, embellishments in little drawers, stickers organized by theme and photos organized chronologically. I can’t wait to read your new book.

  429. Katherine McKamey says:

    Letter drawers and color baskets! Those two items along with my LOM Category drawers from ’06 & ’07 are what has made a huge difference in my scrapping for the family (& myself!)

  430. Since I took LOM, I have several things working like a champ, but the one I think has made the biggest difference (and I was most resistant to) is having all my stuff organized by color. That has made a HUGE difference. It’s easier to find what I want, I’m using older things, and it makes it easier to clean up. I LOVE it.

  431. Some things that help me stay organized: keeping all my digital pictures in files organized via the month they were taken on my computer, storing large embellishments in glass containers from IKEA, and small embellishments stored in flat fishing tackle boxes from Gander Mt.

  432. Audrey Foster says:

    I have 2 photo boxes with pictures that I have collected from my mom; pictures that she has taken and given me doubles of. Then I have around 40 cds full of my own pictures. In an attempt to “see” what was on them w/o popping each one in at a time to see which pictures were on which disc, I did just that and wrote on a 3×5 index card the themes of pictures and taped it to the cd case for easy reference. Then when I’ve scrapped a certain event, I check it off the list. Looking for some ideas to change it up and I know you’re just the person to help! Thanks for giving us the chance to win some books!

  433. The one thing that works for me right now are my binders. I have a few: acrylic stamps, alphabet stickers, rub ons, and embellishments. Inside I have page protectors with a piece of in each cardstock so I can use both sides. This keeps most of my stuff accessible and organized.

  434. The best thing I’ve done recently is switch to digital scrapbooking. I still have all the fun of funky products and nifty ideas, but I also don’t have all the mess. Everything is organized on my computer (iPhoto for pictures & Adobe Bridge for all my supplies). It’s working so much better because it’s so much easier (and less messy) to search on the computer than through drawers & cabinets of supplies.

  435. Heather Crawley says:

    From a photography standpoint…we keep photographs on a devoted hard drive, using software to tag them by subject/people they relate to. I can pull up pictures of just our daughter, Reid, or just our son, Jackson, or both of them together. I can also look at pics based on things like vacations. This keeps me from sorting through 1,000s of pics to find just one of Reid and Jackson on vacation, for example.
    My husband and I can’t wait to get our hands on the book. Actually, we will probably each buy one…we aren’t good at sharing scrapbooking supplies/books!
    Heather and Damon

  436. Diane Anthony says:

    I am looking forward to the class after hearing about it from my sister. I haven’t organized my photos except chronologically, but find myself saying oh, this layout could be my Places we Go album or People We Love album, even though I don’t have them designated at this point. Can’t wait until the class starts. Just reread my BigPicture Scrapbooking again!

  437. I am very disorganized with my photos. They are in boxes and envelopes. I need to learn to be better organized.

  438. I LOVE my Clip it Up by Simply Renee…it’s the best organizational tool for me to see all my embellishments right in front of me, not buried in a drawer, and I can have them categorized with their little dividers and cute labels. :)

  439. Right now the best thing for me are the folders I set up in my computer for my digital photos. Makes it easy to find the photos I need. Thanks for the chance to win!

  440. Amy Mercik says:

    I think I have a pretty good handle on the organization of my products…bins and drawers designated for certain things, it is my pictures that need some work. I have them organized nicely on my computer, but I need a better system for what I want to print, what I have printed, etc. This is where I get very frustrated!

  441. I print off little bundles of photos at a time (maybe 20-30 or so) that way I never feel overwhelmed when I get ready to scrapbook, but I have an assortment of photos to choose from, depending on how I am feeling when I actually get the time to sit down and scrapbook.

  442. I am so glad that I got an external hard drive for Christmas so I can back up my files now. I hate pushing delete on pictures. I’m so afraid I will lose something that we will want later. And once I have the pictures printed, I’m trying really hard to get them into albums so we can just look at them. SBing them is a whole other project :)) Thanks for sharing the goodness!

  443. What’s working for me right now is how I store my digital images. When I upload photos, they go into a folder for that month. At the end of the month I sort them into different category folders. Every couple of months I save the folders to a year disk. If I can remember what year something happened, I can find the photo. Rebecca

  444. i currently like to hang the photos that inspire me on a string of hemp and clothes pins. i keep my shoes in my scrap room so i have to go in there daily and i always get excited to scrap when i see the pics that hang above. i also keep most of my embellishments out on a peg board so they are not forgotten. my ribbons are in jars in front of me to choose from and just to look cute.

  445. Tiffany Sherman says:

    LOM alum here and taking it for the second time.
    What’s working for me…
    1. having all my photos printed
    2. beginning to sort according to LOM
    Tiffany, Richmond, VA

  446. It is hard for me to keep up with an online class, so I am very excited about your new book! It is time for me to reorganize my photos into a system that will help me scrap my favorite photos.
    I think I am doing well on organizing my supplies. The best thing I did was switch my paper storage to vertical storage, and sort my paper by manufacturer. Then, when I’m ready to scrap, the collections are already together, making it super easy to match patterns.

  447. Leana Lucas says:

    I have all my pattern paper organized pretty well. It’s done by manufacturer in the cropper hopper folders. Works for me!

  448. My 2 FAVORITE things I’ve done are ideas completely “stolen” from two great ladies whose work I admire so much. I organize my patterned paper in the vertical 12×12 paper storage sleeves (mine are Cropper Hopper) like the wonderful Aby Garvey shows in her scrap room in The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker. And I changed my ribbon storage from jars which took up a ton of space to wraping it around pieces of cardboard like Candice Palmer showed in a Simple Scrapbooks online ribbon organization article from a few months back. These 2 small changes have made a WORLD of difference in my ability to find what I need. I feel like I owe these ladies a Thank you note!

  449. I try to keep all of my paper sorted by color so that it’s easy to find something that goes with the pictures I’m working on! It sometimes gets a little tricky with patterned paper though!

  450. One thing that is working for me? Hmmm…not printing out photos! Hah! I have them on discs but don’t print them out because I don’t know what to do with them then as far as storage. Becomes a problem though when I am ready to scrapbook…no photos = no fun.

  451. I have all my paper sorted by color themes and that really helps. I also have all my chipboard & other alphas sorted by letter so they are easily accessed. Other than that, I really don’t have much organization going on. I need more organization, that’s for sure. I tend to print off what I’m going to scrapbook soon…but I also have boxes and piles of photos from the past 5 years that have no rhyme or reason and need to be organized.

  452. Each day when I take photos I upload them to my computer straight away.
    I store them in folders named by the date, and with Photoshop Organizer I assign tags to them, where/when, what occasion, which people. A great way to find back photos!And this way the effort is relatively small…..

  453. I took your class so I am on my way to digitally being organized. I have 2007 to put in but from 2002 to now I have every picture in a event, by month, and by year. I love being able to find things now.

  454. Pictures are always something I have a ton of! When I put my pictures onto my computer I sort through them and delete whatever ones I don’t love… because I always take so many pictures it’s worked well for me because then I don’t have to store all of them, only the ones I love. Then I put them in folders based on the date as well as the ocassion. I save all of my pictures to CDs and have a seperate CD case just for picture CDs.

  455. When I upload my digital photos and preview them for the first time, I proof them by taking the ones I love and put them in a new folder of pics that I will definitely print. Then I burn all of my photos to a disc.

  456. I delete lots of pictures before I download onto the computer. That helps to eliminate the vast number of pictures I take.

  457. Julie Hogue says:

    I slide pictures, anedotes, paper and embellishments in the protective pages of my albums. I feel up to date in printing the pictures.
    On the back of my albums (a total of 42! I have two children and they have 15 albums each and we have 12 for ourselves- some are blank; I just bought many albums to have complete sets), I wrote:
    - Volume x,
    - Name of the child and age (or city in which we lived or sports or interests, etc.)
    - and years.
    It’s easy to find what I need and it’s beautiful to look at.

  458. I try and do one layout a month – just one layout from the previous month. If I get more done, great. But if I get just one done, I have documented that month and can move on.

  459. Andrea Adams says:

    One thing working for me right now is that all of my commonly used tools are hanging in buckets from a rail (IKEA) just above my scrap space. I can take out my scissors/pencils/rubon tool/paper punch/etc. from the bucket, use it and put it back with almost no effort, and they don’t clutter my work space (which is precious and shrinks fast as I get out products to choose from ).

  460. My favorite storage secret… I bought little silver tins with magnets on the back at Cost Plus and store all of my chipboard, metal, etc. letters in them. They’re all on a big magnet board. Very cute.
    I need to read your new book and gain some inspiration before I share a favorite photo organization tip.

  461. Christina Becker says:

    I use a page in progress type of organization. About once a month I get my pictures developed at Sams club. I sort thru them and I pull out the ones that I know I want to scrapbook and put them in page protectors, the rest I put in a file draw;Family,People, Places, Things to scrapbook at some other time. Then I gather paper, embelishments and the story behind the pictures, basically the journaling, I put that in with the photo’s in the page proctectors. Then when I have the time to scrapbook, I grab one of those page protectors and I am ready to go. This also keeps me ready for pages to do at crops.

  462. I print most of my photos and put them in albums in chronological order. I have the kind that has a space to write little notes to them. When I choose my pictures to scrapbook, I print new ones. I like having a hard copy of them, especially since my kids like to pull them off the shelf and look at them every once in awhile.

  463. I’m pretty organized with my scrapbooksupplies, but unfortunately not with my photos. That’s why I’m so looking forward to your book! I would love to discover which system works for me.

  464. I do A LOT of prep work before I sit down to actually scrap. I have 3 kids and a busy schedule so the more I can prepare, the more I can get done. I pre-plan my entire page with a sketch, choosing paper and embellishments and my notes for journaling. Then when I get some time to scrap I have everything that I need together. I do keep ALL of my photos on my computer and I would love to have them all organized and printed to make this process even easier.

  465. I have a good handle on my “pre-digital” photos – they are all stored in photo boxes according to date. It is really easy to find my older photos. My digital photos are also on my computer by date, but then they never see the light of day and I forget about them. I am excited to take LOM and get my favorite pictures out of my computer!

  466. Christina Becker says:

    I use a page in progress type of organization. About once a month I get my pictures developed at Sams club. I sort thru them and I pull out the ones that I know I want to scrapbook and put them in page protectors, the rest I put in a file draw;Family,People, Places, Things to scrapbook at some other time. Then I gather paper, embelishments and the story behind the pictures, basically the journaling, I put that in with the photo’s in the page proctectors. Then when I have the time to scrapbook, I grab one of those page protectors and I am ready to go. This also keeps me ready for pages to do at crops.

  467. Christina Becker says:

    I get my pictures developed at Sams club. I sort thru them and I pull out the ones that I know I want to scrapbook and put them in page protectors, the rest I put in a file draw;Family,People, Places, Things to scrapbook at some other time. Then I gather paper, embelishments and the story behind the pictures, basically the journaling, I put that in with the photo’s in the page proctectors. Then when I have the time to scrapbook, I grab one of those page protectors and I am ready to go. This also keeps me ready for pages to do at crops.

  468. Organizing by color has really been working for me. That’s something new for me and I am so happy I tried it!

  469. I organize all my digi stash in ACDSee and tag everything. That helps immensely. Then for our photos, I store them in folders by year, month, date and for special events (birthdays, trips, etc.) those all go into a special events folder (and then subfolders within that folder).
    Can’t wait to read your book, Stacy! :)

  470. I am currently in a major clean-up of my scrappin room. And I am being ruthless in purging. And still I have enough to last me a year or two! (except for adhesive) …
    My one little tip:
    Out of site IS out of mind .. you have to have your stash of embellishments on display – staring you in the face when you scrap – you are more likely to use them! So I have put all fibers/flowers/ribbons in clear acrylic jars – by color hue. It’s actually pretty and I am finding that I am using them more often!

  471. I just got (thanks to my sister) 8 vertical paper storage boxes. She went from cardboard to plastic, so I got the blessings of her cardboard!
    Anyway – I am using 7 in the ROY G BIV rainbow method. Each box holds one color (or variations thereof, like “pink goes with red”, etc) The 8th box is for browns/blacks/whites. This includes patterned paper. In order to sort the patterned paper “by color”, I chose to sort based on the predominant color of the paper.
    I already had 3 vertical storage boxes (the good plastic ones) and because I have a lot of very specific theme paper (military/patriotic) one box is now dedicated to that. And another is dedicated to doublesided cardstock, since I can’t tell which box to put THAT stuff in. My last box is dedicated to Basic Grey only…I have a LOT of that stuff and like to keep it together!

  472. Lynn Herrick says:

    I upload my pictures online so they can easily be printed and reprinted as needed.

  473. I’m a graduate of LOM 2007 and I’m taking it again in Feb 08. So far I’ve adopted the drawer system, the photo albums, and the four layout albums. I still have a ton of work to do in the digital photo area and hope to get this cleaned up and get set with a new approach this time around. Love the whole philosophy though, it’s very freeing. Plus Stacy’s so upbeat and motivating it’s contagious!!

  474. My printed photos are filed by year, and I upload my digital photos the day I take them. That’s where my organization ends. Ack! I need help!

  475. I have my pre-digital photos organized in rough cronological order in photo boxes and my digital photos are in files on the computer. I read the Big Picture and loved the ideas that you shared, but I have needed more detail on your organizing system. I can’t wait to read your new book!

  476. i’m workin a ready-to-go file: printing photos, gathering memorabilia etc and putting in a page protector and putting in my file – next when i have time- i pull out paper, embellishments etc and put those in -so i’m ready-to-go when i have a moment.

  477. I have pulled the pictures I intend to scrap in the next several weeks and placed them in baggies, I put the rest in albums so my children can see them there. And they are always available to add to my scrap stash.

  478. I just loooovvee to organize! (I have one daughter who loves it, too, and one who doesn’t!)I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to organize everything – from household finances to scrapbooking supplies… Last year I came across a vintage library card catalog piece of furniture that was being pitched at our church…I grabbed it and now use it to organize ribbon and other embellishments! It’s fun to keep your eyes open for new ways to organize!

  479. I have pulled the pictures I intend to scrap in the next several weeks and placed them in baggies, I put the rest in albums so my children can see them there. And they are always available to add to my scrap stash.
    I love your Big Picture and have learned alot. I look forward to the new one. Thank you.

  480. Heather Young says:

    After I upload my pictures from my camera I group them into folders by Month and year. I then upload them to a photo website (sucha as Kodak Gallery) to create a back up. My computer crashed last winter and I lost all of my sons first year worth of pictures! It put a quick halt to his 1st year scrapbook. So no matter how you organize or what you do- back up your pictures!

  481. If I have a big job to do then I break it down into small, manageable tasks and I write them down on a list. Then I can tackle these smaller jobs one at a time (mostly nights because I work full time) and if I just stick with it I can get the bigger task completed. I also really love ticking things off my lists…makes me feel that I have actually achieved something LOL.

  482. having my photos in albums so that I can see them, thanks Stacy!

  483. I am currently in the BPS class “Get Organized and Be Inspired” (which is a FABULOUS class BTW!!) and we are still exploring lots of different options, but I know that I will continue to keep my ribbon in glass bottles separated by color. I LOVE how it looks and it works really well for me!

  484. I like having my photos organized into different categories (thanks to LOM 2007!). It makes it easy to find a picture that fits when inspiration hits!

  485. Charlotte L says:

    I was in LOM 2007 and am looking forward to doing it in 08 as an alumni! (Thank you!!!) The best thing I have done is sort all pictures into albums — “You can’t scrap what you can’t see!”
    Charlotte L.

  486. spencergirl says:

    I NEED organization. Right now all my scrapping/creating is on hold while I refinish a table so I can have a little scrap space instead of taking up the kitchen table. Looking forward to reading through other peoples ideas/methods and incorporating them in my new little space.

  487. I absolutely LOVE my Clip It Up! In fact, I think I need two of them, too bad table top space is at a premium! Can’t wait to see your book!

  488. I have just sorted all my ribbon in glass jars so that I can see what I have rather than always buying ribbon thinking I don’t have any in that particular colour.
    My next job is to organise all my photos so to win this book would be fantastic.
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Take care :)

  489. Okay, so I totally need one of your books. I am in a transition from 35mm to digital. My pre-digital/pre-scrapbooking prints are in photo albums (going on 5 years now), my pre-digital/started scrapbooking prints are in boxes labelled for each of my boys (when I received my photos – in double – I would divide them up among the boys for their books), and now my digital photos are still on my computer waiting to be printed or printed and sitting in various boxes/mini sleeves waiting to be scrapped. When I go to a crop I end up taking way to many photos because I’m so overwhelmed with what I should scrap next. Half my time I’m sitting there figuring out which photos I want to use. Help!!
    I will definitely be purchasing your book, but in the mean time if I can win one – wooohooo!!
    Karen C (NH)

  490. The one organizational tool that is working for me is assembling page kits. I chose my photos, sketch, paper and embellishments and even journaling that I’ve done ahead sometimes and put them together in a large plastic bag. I make up a few of these “kits” and am ready to go to a crop without having to lug all my supplies with me.

  491. I have set a goal to get all of my digital pics into order by month and backed up on disks by March. I just typed that so now I am committed. Better go get busy! Can’t wait to win or buy your book. Once again, will it be avaiable on Amazon for thos of us who live in the middle of nowhere?

  492. I’ve done a couple of things in the last couple of years that have helped me be more organized (and sometimes productive!). The first was to put many of my embellishments into a ScrapRack and to organize things by color, season, and themes. The 2nd was to upload my pictures to Picasa which helps me find and organize my pictures by date all in one place (now to get in there to organize them in the LOM way). The 3rd was to purchase “Bits” metal magnetic boards at Ikea to organize my foam stamps. I put a small piece of adhesive magnet on the back of each stamp, and then placed them on the boards. Now they’re out where I can see and use them regularly.

  493. Looking forward to the LOM class!
    The one thing that is in my favor with photo’s is they are marked by year in their envelopes or CH Photo holders. I’m not completely hopeless! haha

  494. something that IS working…it’s very convuluded to most, but my labeling system/filing system in my computer of my digi photos. it works for me and i can find something i want nearly instantly. i’m sure the ‘tag’s in PSE would be helpful, but i haven’t gotten there yet and i’m working with what i’ve created! thanks! kristen in northern cal

  495. I tag all of my digital photos with keywords. I also rate them. I give myself until the 15th of the following month and commit to it in my daytimer. Then I can just search by keyword to pull photos I need for a layout.

  496. The best thing working for me is having all my alphabets in the same basket, semi-organized by colour.

  497. What is working for me is using specific folders to store my photos digitally on my computer. I also have been trying to be good about storing these on a CD also in case of computer failure – highly recommended as I know someone who had this happen and was quoted a price of $1500-$2000 to retrieve photos and she opted not to retrieve them. I would hate to have to make that choice!

  498. Currently my best sticker organization is to have folders in different colors labeled for the different types of books I make so I can grab those stickers to scrap on the go. I have baby, wedding, western, phrases, teen, etc. This system saves me time when making those gift books for showers, birthdays, etc.

  499. Traci in Virginia says:

    What works for me is uploading as soon as possible and labeling everything. I also order most of my photos online so they just come in the mail! Love that!

  500. I built a wall of Target cubes in my craft room. Within that wall I use baskets, bins and extra shelves to keep things organized and within easy reach. It works well and I’m thinking of building a second one for my other crafts.

  501. I am loving the cropper hopper vertical storage and the expedit from IKEA.

  502. Donna in NC says:

    I keep all the kids’ “stuff” in large envelopes with the year on the outside. I include programs, samples of school work, art work, class pics, etc. Then when I get ready to work start a new album, I go grab the envelope for that year, print my pictures and I’m ready to go!

  503. I sort all my digital files on the computer by month. . . I used to be really bad about actually downloading them off my cards, but now that I do it monthly it seems to work much better. I also try to label them with Birthday or Christmas, etc so I can search by filename and get the pics I am looking for.
    Hope I have good luck and win this!

  504. I have just spent the last week tidying my room = my organisation works really well for me (i use colour system in drawers) one thing i added was i brought little sleeves to store my ‘paper sets’ – when you buy matching papers, brads, letters etc … i now have these all in plastic sleeves so can just pull out and have everything together

  505. rachel in Cali. says:

    Hello everyone!
    The one thing I’d like to share is my (very new) system for organizing and storing my digital disks.
    I found some albums made by Pioneer that have two slots on each page. They can either hold disks or 4×6 photos. So, I (okay Costco) burn each of my memory cards onto a disk, then I go to a Kodak Kiosk (sp?) and burn again. This time, I also get index prints of ALL of the picts on the disk, printed in 4X6 format.
    I end up with 2 disks, and one set of index prints. Then I slide one of the disks and the set of index prints into a page in my Pioneer album. The second set of disks goes into a basic CD binder style organizer and gets stored at a family members house as a back up. :0)
    So far, so good! :0)

  506. I am transitioning to digiscrapping – I’m finding I’m getting more done because I don’t have to wait to print my photos. All my pics are in the my pics album, sorted by month. I also have folders in my digiscrapping – one per page or theme I want to do. So I had a folder for my daughter’s Christmas album, then a subfolder for each page or spread. Then as I upload the pics, I copy appropriate ones to the page folder. So I can search by theme, and by date. When I’m done the page, I delete the duplicates in the page folder. This has the advantage of always having a backup in case I want to try some weird photoediting in the page file, and forget to do save as instead of save.

  507. Oh, I so hope I win!
    I purchase boxes that are about 14 x 14 square12 x 12 inch square and about four inches deep and label them by the school year (September through August). Whenever my kids come home with something that may be “keep forever” worthy, I label the back with date, child’s name, etc. and put it in the appropriately labeled box. I also put any memorabilia like ticket stubs, recital programs, etc. in here. At the end of the year, I go back through everything and decide what to keep and what to toss. It’s a fun little trip down nostalgia lane. And when I’m ready to scrapbook and need to see what memorablia I have, I just grab the appropriate box and thumb through.
    Maybe not the best tip ever but now I no longer have a pile of movie stubs on my dryer, a stash of drawings in a drawer and various other bits of stuff all over the house.

  508. Okay, so I forgot to do the share part! Silly me. What works for me is to have all my pictures organized by date. If there are random pictures, then I file them under that person’s name. When it comes to digital photos I use iphoto on my macbook. There I tag photos by year and people who are in them, then put them into an album with the event name. That is filed under the year and month. It works great!

  509. To organize my patterned paper and cardstock, I used some leftover posterboard from my teaching days. Instead of buying the expensive 12×12 file folders, I cut each board in half and trimmed off two inches from each strip, folded the strip in half and you have a cheap file folder to store your paper. =)

  510. the best thing i ever did was sort my cardstock by color groups and store it in clear horizontal keepers. smiles…

  511. Carrie Young says:

    Each year I create a memorabilia file with a pleated file (I use one from CM). When I get the memorabilia, I drop it into the current month. Then, when I am scrapping, I go through my file and check to see what memorabilia I have in there.
    Can’t wait to see the new book – will be a LOM alum:)

  512. Carrie Young says:

    At the beginning of each year, I set up a memorabilia folder (I use the CM one) and label it by month. As I collect items, I drop them in by month.
    When I am scrapping, I look there first (in roughly the month of the event) and pull out the appropriate item.
    Will be an alum in LOM – got half way through last year and need to finish it up. Can’t wait and appreciate the offer to take it again.

  513. Daurene Turpin says:

    Label,label, label. No matter what type of containers you have. Label them.

  514. I love my Pamper chef tool turn about. I now have two, and it keeps all of my essential tools at my fingertips:) Also, I couldn’t live without the CH verticle paper storage!

  515. the one thing that works for me is keeping the tools and product i use regularly out on shelves in either clear or open containers where i can see them. if they get put away in a box underneath a cabinet i forget they’re there.

  516. Michelle O. says:

    I’m reorganizing my studio and would love to begin to implement your system as I am putting it all back together. Looking forward to taking your LOM class next go round. Would LOVE a copy of your new book.
    Michelle O.

  517. The BEST thing I have ever done is sort my accessories by color!! Now to organize my chipboard!! ;o)

  518. The thing that works for me is storing the pictures on my computer and printing them off on my Epson Picture Mate as I need them. Before a crop I will pull out my papers and find the pics that I want to use with the papers. Then I store them in folders with accessories (that are sorted by color thanks to your system) and put it all in my bag for the crop. Make better use of my crop time….when I am not chit chatting and eating!!!

  519. I use Photoshop Elements 6 to organize my photos. I tag each photo that has someone special in it (friends, family…) with their name or family name. I also have tags for some frequently visited places (school, zoo, adoption events…). That way, if I need photos from my son’s school for teacher’s gift, I just filter on that tag and have several to choose from. I also put rankings of 1-5 so I can find the best. 1 means it is representative of the activity, but not the best photo. 3 means that it is a really nice photo. 5 means that I love the photo. I’m really stingy when it comes to anything greater than 3. That way I can easily get to my very favorites. By the way, I took over 20 GB of photos last year. I wouldn’t be able to find anything without a system. — Melinda

  520. Hi Stacey! Organizing my scraps of cardstock by color and putting them in an acordian style tote seeems to work for me. I also organize my embellishments by color too. Nothing fancy here–but it works!! Oh, I hope to win……

  521. What works best for me is having my supplies organized by theme such as dog, school, summer, Christmas, etc.

  522. MaryRuth Francks says:

    embellishments sorted by color in my color drawers.
    Also have a big hangy slotted picture thing that hangs on my wall and current pictures go in those slots until they’re scrapbooked or filed away in their appropriate project or photo album.

  523. digital organization….that’s helping me feel the most organized. And I upload to Kodak regularly so I feel like if there was ever a computer disaster, the photos would be safe!

  524. Hi Stacey!! I have tons of foam stamps so I put them in ziploc freezer bags and tape a sample page of the stamps images right on the page. That way, I don’t have to go through so many stamps to find that certain one. Works for me!! Oh, I do hope I win….

  525. I took Library of Memories last session and with hesitation I sorted my embellishments by color. I absolutely LOVE it now. For Christmas I asked for 4 of the 9-drawer IKEA boxes and put all my embellishments in there by color. Because of organizing this way, I have really cut back on what I buy! I have scrapbooked more in just this month than all of last year simply because I can find things that work instead of going out and buying more.

  526. Digital is best. I have Year Date folders (eg. 2008) And inside photos are organised by event (eg. Beach_Dec17).
    Its lucky I have a good memory, and a fast computer, otherwise finding a picture of someone in particular would be very difficult!!

  527. What system? Does throwing them in a box count? I think I need this book! Seriously though, I’ve been taking one picture a day since January 1st and have been making one very simple layout for each day. It’s not organization, but at least it’s been fun.

  528. My favorite change I have made for organiation is sorting by color. It has changed the way I scrap! Thank you – since it came totally from your Big Picture book.

  529. Alisa Brandstetter says:

    I have 3 of the photo storage boxes from Creative Memories; 2 are for pictures, the other for negatives and cd’s. I also use the microsoft picture it software for my digital photos and print these off when i’m ready to scrap them.
    Thank you in advance.

  530. I just bought the clip it up system for Christmas. It has helped me see what I have and makes it easier to get to what I need for my projects.

  531. OMG…sorting my chipboard alphabets by letters and embellies by color has made all the differnce in the world for me!!! You wouldn’t think that such a small change would be so dramatic, but it sooooo is!!! I love it!!!! Congrats on the new book!!!

  532. I’m looking forward to growing my photo organization with this years’ LOM class. I have some in Pioneer albums, some in the file drawer, and not enough on pages!

  533. Betsy Partridge says:

    When I get pictures printed I immediately sort them as to what will go on each page and stick them in a page protector and if I have time I grab the main sheet of paper I will use!

  534. I think the thing that has helped me most is throwing out the idea that I must scrapbook my photos chronologically. I now scrapbook more moments than occasions. I also don’t feel as though I must scrapbook every photo. It’s ok just to put the non-scrapbooked photos into 2-up albums.

  535. Organization? I’m trying (really I am) I have cardstock sorted by color, but my patterned paper is just by manuafacturer. I just don’t have much space for REAL organization…but one day…one day I will! Lynn

  536. I was always writing tips, handy websites etc down on scraps of paper and then wasting hours trying to find them. But i organised myself and started a small binder notebook, with the 4×6 cards. i have a section for things to buy, l/os that need a date or journalling to finish them, page ideas and ideas for various albums i’m working on and an oddments section where i list website/blog addresses, photos i want printed or anything that doesn’t belong anywhere else.

  537. Color coding calendars for each person, color coding laundry baskets. Purchasing each boy his own uniue socks so there’s no confusing whose is whose.

  538. Organization? I’m trying…really I am. Cardstock sorted by color, but patterned paper? just by manufacturer. One day I will…one day I will be completely organized!! Lynn

  539. I took Library of Memories the first time through, and it has revolutionized my scrapbooking! One of the best things that I started doing then was to actually print my favorite photos on a regular basis. It’s so inspirational to have those in my hands, I’m so excited to start scrapbooking them! I used to just keep photos on my computer because I thought “I’ve got plenty of pictures already to scrap.” As though I had to “earn” scrapping the new/recent ones by getting through the old ones. It made me NOT want to scrapbook, putting rules and guilt on what I got to scrap. Now I get to scrap what I want, when I want to, and I scrap more because it’s fun! Thanks Stacy!

  540. my best organizing tool at the moment is my spiral notebook that I use to write down my pictures in. It has the dates and image numbers for photos taken by event or chronological. It helps me with finding the images later.

  541. I love the shelves above my desk. It’s space I never thought to use. It has been so helpful to have my things so accessible. I put up some Container Store Elfa shelves – which only needs 2-3 holes for the top bar and everything hangs from it (hubby loves that!). Now I just need help organizing the ‘stuff’ on my shelves!! Help :)

  542. The thing that is working? — Well, I stopped taking pictures because I was getting a bit overwhelmed with the amount of photos that were accumulating and not getting scrapped or organized. So does stopping the in-flow of images count? Sad, isn’t it. I look forward to reading your book. :)

  543. I have been cleaning up my scrap space and purging lately. Gave some stuff to a new scrapper! Just sorted all my cardstock by colour but still unsure how to handle my pp.

  544. KareninFL says:

    My photo organization system on my PC works really well for me. All of my photos are sorted by year, month, then what was going on when I took the pics. In some ways that might limit me, but I can ALWAYS find the picture I want.

  545. I have hung all of my lever punches (I don’t have that many) on towel rods on my wall. Now that I see them all the time I use them all the time. I really need help with photos and scrap paper though. Loving all of these great ideas. Thanks!

  546. The thing that is working is my digital photos are organized chronologically by iPhoto. I have in the past, when I removed photos from the computer for space issues, printed small thumbnails and organized the discs in a binder. That works really well, now I just need to remove several thousand photos off my computer. (I just checked and my iPhoto says I have 13,835 photos!! Yikes!

  547. I recently sorted my small alpha stamps into a container with small compartments. Think it’s meant for fishing supplies. Also sorted my alpha beads and metal beads into a smaller similar container. Both of these are now sorted by letter. Never wanted to use the stamps before because it annoyed me too much to stuff them back in their little boxes. And hated sifting through all the alpha beads to find the letters I wanted. Now I can happily use all these things!

  548. What works best for me is organizing by color, also I store my ribbons on safety pins on large binder rings. Since I have over 300 ribbons, this is about the only thing that works for me. I love that I can just cut off a s much as I need and it is all out in the open right next to my table. I hang the ribbons on a tie rack attached to the wall. It looks pretty and since I use ribbon on just about every page , it is easy to access.
    Can’t wait for LOM to start!!!!

  549. Dana Klinkner says:

    I have tons of clear acrylic stamps and I store them all in clear CD holders. It’s the perfect place to store them so I can pull them out and see what I have, label the CD holder. Plus it’s always easy to find an old CD holder at a second hand store so I can store all my clear stamps in one place. It works! :)
    Dana K.

  550. Jeanette C. says:

    For me, digitally i am doing ok. I down load my photos really often. I always label the folder with the event or person the photos are about. I get rid of the bad photos as soon as possible. And all photos folders are put in the month and then the year. This is a great system for me.

  551. Jeanette C. says:

    For me, digitally i am doing ok. I down load my photos really often. I always label the folder with the event or person the photos are about. I get rid of the bad photos as soon as possible. And all photos folders are put in the month and then the year. This is a great system for me.

  552. I organize by color, it really has helped, and I can see what I have :)

  553. What works for me is to bag up my letters (stickers and rub ons) into color coded gallon baggies and store them in a tote bag. They are always at hand and easy to transport should I head off to a crop.

  554. I really like having all my printed pictures stored chronologically in the Pioneer albums and in cold storage. It works great for when the kids have a school project and I can direct them to the albums/cold storage boxes and they can make a choice of pictures.

  555. Jane Young says:

    My photos are organized okay until I print them- I rename them by date/image # and keep them in folders by month/year. I also have the same folders on my external hard drive. Where I need help is when they get printed- and if they don’t get printed they don’t get scrapped!

  556. 2 things that are currently working great for me – 4 x 6 box that holds index cards with dividers that have each family members name so I can write down things I want to remember AND having all my cardstock sorted by color.

  557. Kim Devereaux says:

    i, too, am trying to become more organized….my patterned paper is sorted into categories that work for me: big girl, baby, animals, matched sets and what doesn’t fit i sort by manufacturer. i still have a long ways to go and look forward to reading ‘photo freedom’!!!

  558. I keep my paper organized by color , including the PP. I also seperate out the holiday themed paper into its own pile and keep the vellum, transparancies and metallics/glitters together as their own pile.

  559. I bought a good photo printer so that I can print out my digital pics right then and there with the idea in my head. It cuts out all the excess stuff that makes you feel so much pressure!

  560. I have organized all my acrylic stamps by putting them inside clear CD cases and labeling them by theme. Much more compact and I can just reach for one theme at a time. I would love to read your Photo Freedom book. I took the LOM class and learned so much and I want to continue this way.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  561. I put all photos in albums right away and then scrap copies of my favorite photos. This way I don’t feel that huge pressure of scrappin’ all photos.

  562. my approach is to let my husband download and delete the pictures. When i see them i just can’t hit delete and really who needs 35 copies of the same pic on their hardrive so I let him delete and pretend I never knew they were there LOL

  563. My photos are in iphoto…but you all are inspiring me to get them printed out!! Wondering what the cheapest way would be…printing at home or sending them out?

  564. Ana Fonseca says:

    One thing working for me is that now I have all my pictures backed up in cds by season/year. Still trying to figure out a way to get them out of cds. (What to do with the pictures I don’t use on layouts?)

  565. Maggie Potter says:

    I bought these awesome cookie jars from Target that house my flowers (in one), my ribbons in another and they look great on my shelf… they were cheap too! I adore your album concept (philosophy)… places we go etc. It totally works for me. I took my previous albums apart and fit them right into my new albums. I love that it does not matter how old my son is… It is all about the theme of the album! Thank you for the great idea!

  566. I print 2 copies of pictures when I do print (thru shutterfly) and put one set in a two-up album. The other set goes into a free pile that I can scrap from whenever I want. :)

  567. i use the keywords in my iphoto program obsessively. it helped when i took hs a year of memories to be able to look up a specific person quickly. only, i have 11 years worth of non digital photos that are very shabbily organized. someday, there will be more time!

  568. Let’s see, I’ve got a few thigns that are working for me. I put all my larger chipboard, etc alphas in baggies by letter, I have them in a basket in alphabetical order and can quickly find what i need when I’m scrapping. I’ve sorted all my embellishments by color (thanks to you!) and love that! I often find something I forgot I had that works perfectly! Also have my sticker letters sorted by color in a file drawer. Quick and easy!

  569. Tracy Johnson says:

    All of my unscrapped photos are in date order even though I don’t scrap in date order. It just seems easier, in my mind, to know where my next needed or wanted photo would be stashed.
    T. Johnson

  570. Out of sight, out of mind…keep as much stuff out where one can see it…one will have more of a tendency to use it. I use a long folding table with baskets/no lids on top of the table. Underneath the table I keep rolling carts for lesser used items, rather than wasting that space.

  571. The one thing that works for me is to make organization a priority. It is like a chore that has to be done each week. If you don’t keep up with it, you get behind, it becomes an even larger chore to do later. I don’t always keep up with it, but I can tell that when I make organization of anything a priority, (whether it is scrapbooking or the bills)every thing runs smoother than if I don’t.

  572. I have taken all my small embelishments, i.e. brads, buttons, eyelets and put them in a beading case…the case holds approx 25 smaller plastic cases with snap close lids. on the top of the smaller lid I punched a hole and put the corresponding brad, eyelet, or button on it so I know what is in the case….love it.

  573. Bins…and more bins… and drawers… all in a “pantry” cupboard I bought at home depot. Sorted mostly by “type” of item and a bit by colour.

  574. Honestly, the best thing that works for me is what I learned from you–the color sorting. The first time I read that, it was a revelation–why didn’t I think of that before?
    I’d really love that book.

  575. I like to keep on top of my PP scraps. When I finish a LO I try and make a card from the leftovers and then place the usable scraps in a plastic organiser to be used again :)

  576. I have all my memorablia (since I can’t throw anything away) in folders for each trip/event. Works great when I get to those photos…everything is in one place.

  577. All of my digital photos are organized on my computer by date as well as in catagories such as vacation, each child, etc. Now I need to print them more regulary. A home printer would help! Looking forward to seeing your new book! Loved “The Big Picture”.

  578. I have a word document in which I type stories about the kids with the dates. Then I don’t have to fumble around for pieces of paper.
    Thanks for doing this!

  579. I have all my embellishements sorted by color, which I implemented after reading “Big Picture”. I love it! My layouts seem much more polished now that I don’t have to come up with a supply…just a color!

  580. I type and save my journaling in Word documents as soon after the event as I can. Then I can play with the fonts and make it pretty when I’m ready to print and use it on a page.
    Thanks for offering the book – very excited to read it!

  581. 2008 is the year I have already sent off 1,000 photos to be printed, have already purchased a hand printer for more convenient 4×6 printing on the spot, and I have begun the “Release” in my scrap room thanks to the Get Organized and Be Inspired BPS class. I was using “Purge” before but I really like “Release”–it just sounds better!!! Sure would like a copy of that book—-even though I have 2 on preorder—-doesn’t count, come on Chase, please , please pretty please ((((grins)))) Thanks for all you do, Susan

  582. i would say that my digi photos are organized on my computer by date & event. first by years, then by months, then by dates with occasions written next to the dates. works pretty well for me.

  583. I organize my photos by year, then month on my computer. Once a year is complete, I put all the images on a CD for safe keeping. I need to think about a better way to keep them, since I haven’t scrapbooked an actual page in 2 years. gotta get back into it!
    Vicki A.

  584. I just invested in a MM embellishment center and have organized my ribbon and buttons by color, displaying them on the center. I’m very happy with the look.

  585. i print all my pictures at least every month or two. my camera was stolen and i lost months of pictures (including dd’s 2nd birthday!) so i make sure to burn and print often. traci

  586. scrapbookjen says:

    I’m an organizational freak!! I love organization, and feel so much more creative in an organized space. A couple of my favorite “systems” are having all of my embellishments sorted by color and in clear jars, and having my photos organized digitally, and printed and organized chronologically in a photo sort box. I’m really breaking away from scrapping chronologically – I find it so limiting. But none the less, I feel good about my photo sorting system. I love learning new ideas that will help me become better organized, and thus enjoy scrapping more! Can’t wait to read this book. The Big Picture changed my life!!!!

  587. Nothing in the way of photo organization is working for me. As far as digital scrapbooking supplies goes, mine are fairly organized but I know I could do much more.

  588. Janet in AR says:

    My photos are in 3 ring photo binders and in pocket pages by year. I scrap my favorite photos and events in 8-1/2×11 and add the scrapped pages in with the pocket pages. Each album has a spine label with the year and event highlights of that year. I’ve always had my photos in pocket pages so I could see them.
    I have some special 12 x 12 albums such as: Christmas(2 to 6 pages a year as our family grew) school days, and birth to 11 for each child, an album of my mother’s life, and my childhood.

  589. Uhm…. I need help!
    I seem to take more pictures at an event than I realize, and now I have stacks and stacks of photos from one day/event/vacation etc…what do I do with that many pics? I cannto decide what to use.
    Something that is working- I have recently purchased clear rubbermaid drawers, and put “similar” items in each drawer. I used my label maker to label what is inside. I know it is no big ” ah ha” solution, but before this, I had stuff randomly stuffed in bins and baskets.

  590. I love ribbon and have found a good way to keep it handy and at the same time able to remove the spools to take to a crop. I purchased sticker racks from a scrapbook store for $5 a piece. I use them to store the spools of ribbon and my Stampin’ Up large punches. The racks hang on a peg board that my husband put on the hutch of my desk.

  591. Tinka Rote says:

    For the most part all the pictures from a particular event are together in the same photo storage box. But, there are those crucial moments when I realize that I don’t actually have all the photos I want to use and have to figure out something else to do. Since I rarely scrapbook at home, I also tend to haul multiple boxes of photos with me to crops. In the interest of making better use of my time and being better organized, I’m currently moving my pictures into American Crafts 12×12 3-ring albums and making sure I really do have all the photos from a specific event together. Then, all I’ll have to do is pull out the photos I want to use and put my layout together. LOL…in fact, my main focus at the last 2 crops I attended was sorting and filing photos!!

  592. I have put a many of our photos in photo albums by year, in dated order and this HAS made the process slightly easier. I just made the Halloween mini album from the MM website and had to find pix from over the last 10 years. The ones I had managed to get into albums were way easier to find!!
    Kim B

  593. Michelle Smith says:

    Well, if it were up to me, all my folders would be catagorized by event (ie birthday party,wurstfest, disney), but my DH insists on the date but in a rediculous format – 071202-071224. Now my photos are hopelessly lost in “Date hell”. I cannot wait to read your book and find a way both of us will experience happiness on our external hard drive :-)

  594. for photos, it is organized by date and theme. With my acrylic stamps, I organized them into cd box which takes less place and then in cd tower.
    Michelle P

  595. new to the world of digital (6 months to be exact) I am so phobic about losing photos (a big fire in’88 lost so many)I use iphoto with year, month & albums labeled with the event. I burn cd’s every time I down load photos. I haven’t printed all of my photos off yet to store in albums but that is my plan…I don’t scrap chronologically but I do like using lots of photos…Big picture freed me from thinking I had to scrap everything…and by the way, isn’t that Emily the sweetest thing?!?

  596. Wow already 555 comments ???? and I thought I was one of the few people from the other side of the world!!!!
    Thanks Cathy for including us from an other time zone !!!!
    But organization????? Until now I organize my photo’s by date.
    I don’t have labels, no names, no Tim or Bas, no Christmas, just dates. Maybe I should be more organized.
    So please C H A S E pick me……. maybe to prove that it is a world wide drawing ! and not only for the USA.

  597. Note books….I have homemade note books and boxes for everything! I try to finish a photo project while everything is still fresh in my memory and enthusiasm

  598. What’s working for me is sorting things by color and/or theme. After I read you did that, it made so much sense. That’s how my clothes closet has been organized for years. I never thought to use it for scrapbooking. So I have the colors and then bdays,celebrations, babies as a category. Family as another (I have things with family phrases) and then the seasons. Then depending what season it is when a holiday happens, I put holiday stuff in seasonal drawers. Easter goes in Spring, Valentines in Winter etc.

  599. I’ve started to try to really stay on top of my digital files. Sorting, naming and backing up each month. When I’m ready to scrap I like to go through and kind of think of the layouts in my head so I know what sizes to print. But generally, I learned everything from you in the Big Picture!

  600. I’ve started to try to really stay on top of my digital files. Sorting, naming and backing up each month. When I’m ready to scrap I like to go through and kind of think of the layouts in my head so I know what sizes to print. But generally, I learned everything from you in the Big Picture!

  601. all of my patterned paper is sorted by color, i love being able to have all of my paper together and whenever i scrap away from home i only bring my scraps to use—less to pack and not so many choices, that’s my organizing tip! p.s. i’m really looking forward to your class…

  602. I would love this book!! Pick me, pick me! :)

  603. oops I forgot my photo storage comment…got too excited. I have started printing my pictures on the first of the month for that previous month instead of letting it go for months and months. At least that’s my goal!

  604. I have recently bought myself Cropper Hopper Supply Case which holds a whopping 2000 photos. I file all my photos using the cardboard file separator which are provided, a great organisational storage idea. Please pick me Chase. Regards Danielle

  605. I have labels on everything-making it easier to find stuff. I always put things away as soon as I buy them so I don’t end up with piles of stuff everywhere.

  606. I took LOM last year and absolutely loved it! We have since moved across the country, and all my photos are in storage, but thanks to this system I know I can find exactly the photo I want in a snap! We now live in Spangle, WA! I think you should have gone to AZ with Emily!

  607. All my pictures are digital so iPhoto helps me keep them by date, event or tag name. This makes it super easy to find what I need when it’s time to print…AND…on my list of things to do is to get the external hard drive set up so that I can automatically back up my photos without even thinking about it!

  608. What works for me? Organizing my digital pictures in folders by event and date.

  609. I *love* *love* my photo drawers for my photo categories. I am still trying to integrate everything from my first (and second!) round of LOM, but that was one thing that made a huge impact on my scrapbooking and organization.
    Now, to work on the other million or so pieces of my organizing…I’ll be looking forward to LOM round 3. :)
    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement~
    Julie Ann

  610. The only thing that works for me is the fact that my mac can quickly flip through my photos. I love that. However I do need to start printing them. I am in fear of the mess I will create…

  611. Theresa Grdina says:

    I organize by date…pictures go into photo albums labeled with a number and a date. I do not scrap chronologically so this helps me find what I want quickly!

  612. My Pampered Chef kitchen utensil serves as a great holder for my necessities and with rubons it is even cuter. Also, having a separate to-go Rubbermaid box with “the essentials” that is never unpacked makes packing to scrap away from home a lot easier.

  613. Denise Che says:

    Well, what works for me is the Adobe photoshop Album. I love how it organizes my digital photos!
    Denise C.

  614. I buy paper that inspires me, even if I don’t have a plan for it, and I print any photos that make me happy as soon as I upload them to flickr, even if i’m not sure i’m ready to scrap them yet. That way, when the creative bug strikes, I always have something to play with, even if i don’t have time to go to the store. and having all that random photo to combine with random photos has created some of my best creatives combinations!

  615. what is working for me? that i name and organize my pictures EVERY time i download them from the camera to the computer.
    what’s not? i still have issues with trying to scrapbook chronologically when i don’t really want to feel that way. i need to let go of that compulsiveness.

  616. My ribbon is organized in glass jars by color. I can see what I have easily as they all sit on top of my new PB gift wrapping station. Yeah!

  617. Picture a very large storage bin, full of old boxes from stores long defunct, holding pictures and memorabilia from the 1930s through 1990s, and through the course of those years being moved to six houses and safely tucked away in a closet each time. Stacy came along, explained LOM and I finally had hope, God bless her. One year later, the pictures, yes, all of them, are in chrono albums and long forgotten memories and stories are being told to newer family members as we look at the photo albums. It is so much fun to scrap pics like those of my grandparents having a snowball fight when they were just married, and connecting them with pics of their grandson and his wife doing the exact same thing just last year. For me, the next most liberating idea of Stacy’s method is the photo album scrapbooks. They have been a wonderful way to meaningfully display decades of photos or events. Instead of wondering how I would ever scrap thousands of pics, I can now flip through the pictures and pull the story I want to tell, or pull pics from my catagories and scrap! Thanks, Stacy! I can’t wait for your new book, freebie or otherwise, to help keep me on this liberating and fun path.

  618. I download them from the camera to shutterfly almost everyday and I order a few pictures to scrapbook, but I don’t have to much time to scrapbook, so they are piling up at my desk! I need some help with that.

  619. I organize my digital file by shooting date, and I now back up on my drive, online storage and with DVDs. I group by month and when it’s shots I have done of an event I will add a note in the title. I once lost 8 months of digital photos so I am much more careful with my digital organzation. just wish I could get the printed and printing organized!

  620. I have most of my current photos on my hard drive and external hard drive. If there is a special event I will have photos printed and I store them by event. This doesn’t really work, because I was looking for a photo of each of my boys with a bruise from baseball and had no idea where to find them. They weren’t on my hard drive, they were older. See how much I need a system?

  621. I can not live without my Ptouch label maker. I have so much stuff that I placed everywhere but not the room to have all the special shelving or peg board etc. so a lot in stored in movable carts that have labels of whats in them on the front. i try and put things together like embossing supplies, paints,

  622. Niccole Reing-Hurley says:

    I am 100% digital and I LOVE that I no longer have to write the dates on the back of every picture – they are stored chronologically (which is good and bad). That said, I print off groups and when I am feeling inspired I will batch them and store them in a small recipe box on my scrap table. The box holds groups of photos for page ideas I already have and just haven’t gotten to create yet!

  623. I can’t believe what a difference printing my digitals and storing them in 3 ups makes. I didn’t believe it, but I trusted Stacy and she was right. I am so much more inspired and get so much more done, because I have my photos at hand.

  624. I can not live without my Ptouch label maker. I have so much stuff that I placed everywhere but not the room to have all the special shelving or peg board etc. A lot is stored in movable carts that have labels of whats in them on the front. i try and put things together like embossing supplies, paints,

  625. Leslie Elvert says:

    I have been using clear file folders with 5-7 sections to organize my cardstock and pattern paper scraps. Some of the file folders are 8.5×11 and others are a little bigger than office envelop size. I really find it easy to go to these to pick out papers for layouts and cards. I have picked up these organizers at the Target dollar spot, so it is a really inexpensive option for me, and I love it!

  626. I organize my cardstock and patterned paper scraps in an accordian like folder by colour and it’s a lifesaver both from a creative and timesaving standpoint and also helps me save some money…I won’t cut up full size paper until I’ve checked my scraps folder first. Works like a charm!

  627. Nicole Ward says:

    Something I learned from you a long time ago and that is…organize all my products by COLOR. Love it, and so much easier to finish a page in reasonable time. Thanks!

  628. I have a bunch of IKEA storage boxes — in a variety of materials and sizes. I have those labeled and have all my embellies, adhesives, etc sorted in them.

  629. my organizational system is still more a thought than anything else. I currently shoot digital and film. I’m hoping to soon upload all my digital pics into a online photo storage system and print index sheets which will be stored in a binder along with my film negatives and index sheets of those pics. I’m searching for a way of storing my cds in the same binder, preferably along with the index sheets and the negaitves (I’d LOVE to have everything in one place.)
    Although I know I shouldn’t continue to put this off, I’d like to read your new book before I get started.
    Thanks for the opp to win.

  630. I have all my paper in Cropper Hopper’s vertical storage.Cardstock by color, PP by company. I also have all my stamps,which I have a ton of since I was a stamper first, then a scrapbooker, in Rubbermaid bins sorted by theme or company. I have my ribbons in mason jars that line my shelves very colorfully. Sorry no pictures. :(

  631. Deena Hopkins says:

    I use iPhoto for some (not all) of my digital photos, and I name the rolls by event. iPhoto also keeps them in date order, so that helps. it’s not perfect, but at least I can either remember the event or the date, and I can get to the right pics eventually.

  632. All my digital pictures are filed by event and date. Each “event” and/or “daily event” has a folder. It’s super easy to find pictures for me because I really got specific on the labels.

  633. I’m a LOM alumni (2007) and I’ve been following your system & LOVE it!! It’s made is SO much easier just sit down & SB without having to weed thru everything I own first. I love the connections I’m finding filing my pix in my catagory drawers! Too cool!!

  634. Melissa K. says:

    My favorite organizational item is something my hubby rescued from work and I re-purposed. You can see it here on my blog:
    Can’t wait for your book to be available! (Hopefully I won’t have to! ;)

  635. I have been re-organizing my office scrap space this year and WHat has really been working for me is to pull photos and make a kit of all the items needed to finish that layour or album. I then take it to the living room and spend time with fam. With three under 5, I find very little time to scrap long hours, but with this approach, I can pull photos, papers even amongst the noise and activity of the kiddos.

  636. Since I only take digital photos I file them on my computer by month and year. Each month has separate folders for events that happened during that month. I then upload the good ones to Flickr where they are all in sets and collections. It’s been working well for me. But I am intriqued by your system. I have heard nothing but good things about it!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and talents!

  637. Melissa K. says:

    My favorite organizational item is something my hubby rescued from work and I re-purposed. You can see it here on my blog:
    Can’t wait for your book to be available! (Hopefully I won’t have to! ;)

  638. One of my best organizational tools is a clear flat divided box (found everywhere and inexpensive) that has dividers that are removable. In each little space I can fit in a whole Quickutz alphabet with a cute little label tag. For the larger ones I took out a divider and they fit in lengthwise. One box can fit many alphabets and they can’t spill if carried somewhere else. Not my idea, but I LOVE it!

  639. I do pick out some photos to scrapbook and the rest get burned onto cd or filed in a photo box! I do need to clear some pics off my hard drive though!

  640. hmmm. . .organization that is working. . . .I have plastic ribbon boxes (from Target like 4-5 years ago). . .I pull a little from the spools through – and it looks pretty and is convenient.
    Wow – that’s sad – I hope I win!!! LOL

  641. I organize my photos on the computer by date and event. I have folders for each year and subfolders inside for events. Then I burn them on CDs and DVDs.

  642. I have stored brads and clips in small glass candle holders so I can see what I have and hopefully use what I have. I’m inspired by you as I try not to be so chronological.

  643. My hard copy photos are a mess…ugh, But, my digital photos are all stored on one external hard drive, by year, by month, by event name & date.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Photo Freedom :)

  644. Maribeth O'Dell says:

    I am still on the fence about signing up for the BPS LOM class (only because I’m expecting my fourth baby in April, not because I am not completely sold on the class!). I really could use some help in getting my photos organized.
    As far as storing product, I really love to find nontraditional ways to store stuff. I love my standing photo carousel from Pottery Barn — it houses a bunch of rub-ons and other embellishments and just makes me smile. I also LOVE my crazy bird house-shaped shelf that I randomly picked up from HomeGoods. I use it to display/store all of my rubber stamps, so I can actually see them all. It sits on top of my bookcase and makes me happy.
    Sometimes, I think I get more enjoyment out of finding cool ways to store & organize my stuff than I do actually using it! That’s why I really need to jumpstart my scrappin’ mojo by reading your book, Stacy. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  645. Nothing really special… but I LOVE letters! LOVE to buy them, have them, keep them, and sometimes I even use them! :O) So I bought a bunch of those drawer boxes from Ikea and have a drawer set up for each letter. It’s perfect for me and keeps me happy!

  646. Heather Merical says:

    I am in the middle of relocating and hoping to get some inspiration for my new scrapbook room from your book!

  647. I like to have things coordinated when I start to create. So, whenever I buy some patterned paper, I start a file in a Cropper Hopper paper keeper with it. I then try to find cardstock and embellishments that compliment it and file those as well. I can flip through my page files and when I find something that coordinates with my photos I can just pull the paper keeper and either work on it then or store the photos with it to take to a crop.
    I absolutely cannot wait to read your new book! Big Picture Scrapbooking was like an epiphany for me, yet I’ve always been searching for better ways to implement it. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  648. Hi Stacy, I have been organizing my larger embellishments in little containers I got from ikea. I am storing them on shelves under my desk. thanks for the chance to win! Star

  649. Oh Gosh… I’m totally disorganized. Does that void my entry???

  650. Thank goodness my computer puts them in chronological order for me or I would forget when the picture was taken! LOL!

  651. I organize photos by date and use an external hard drive as backup.

  652. Anne-Marie says:

    I try never to buy too many more things when every box is already full! I think a lot of money is wasted in just buying more things, when what is already there could be used or adapted before it goes out of trend! Unless something is irresistible, I try not to buy until I’ve used!

  653. lori reustle says:

    i have all my embelishments organized by theme. Now the paper….

  654. Julie @ says:

    My photos are all by chrono order in photo boxes but I’d like to pull the ones I really want to scrapbook and put the rest into the 3-up albums. I’m already signed up for LOM!

  655. Anne-Marie says:

    I try not to buy until I’ve used! Too often, I buy more things before I’ve used what’s already in the stash, and I just end up with more things not to use! Unless something is irresistible, I try to use what’s already there, before it goes out of trend!

  656. Fishing tackle boxes, I’ve used them for years in many different ways, right now, I’ve got my embellishments sorted by color in them. Love going to one box for all my yellow things, and not hunting in 12 different places!

  657. I love the color drawers I’ve created (your idea). They are what’s working for me now. I’m in Organized and Inspired, so hopefully I’ll have a lot more working for me soon!

  658. I store themed embellishments in craft keepers labeled with the theme. Then I file them alphabetically in a rolling crate with a lid. Whenever I’m working on a boy page (or sports, or brothers, or water, etc.), I pull out the craft keeper for that theme and get to work. It’s great for going to crops when I didn’t have enough time to make kits. I can pull pictures and paper and the craft keeper and I’m set.

  659. everything goes on the computer and saved according to month and then downloaded onto CDs for storage. Which doesn’t help when you want to look through pictures. That is what needs to change!

  660. I put all my photos in order, chronologically in folders on the computer. When I notice a trend of some kind, I make a new folder and put copies in it. Even if I can’t use it yet, it’s fun to see the patterns.

  661. Jennifer Burchell says:

    I usually try to write a little something on the outside of the envelope that the prints come in before I put them in a photo storage box. Sometimes it’s the event, like dd’s 9 birthday, or summer ’06 so when I get around to scrapbooking them I have somewhat of a clue, but I really need to take your LOM class, right now I just don’t have the time. Would love the book though, I really need the help!

  662. Lynne Moore says:

    I absolutely LOVE my tall plastic drawers rack. I think CH sells it now. There are 10 drawers in the rack, about 9×12 size, that stands near my work desk. It’s filled with my scraps by color. With both patterned paper and cardstock. I reach there before grabbing the next big sheet of paper and I make the most amazing PP choices this way. It’s really opened my eyes to the possible combinations.

  663. I organize my photo’s by child, holidays etc. This helps when I go to scrapbook my pictures. I am so excited to read your new book!!

  664. Wendy Antenucci says:

    I have all my paper in the Cropper hopper containers, I am thinking I might want to continue this, but now organize by color. I just went and bought a set of drawers so that I can try out organizing my embellishments by color. I am really looking forward to your LOM class, I get so caught up in scrappin the “shoulds” and not the pictures that might have better stories or are just better pictures. Wendy

  665. Carnan Thurgood says:

    I was/am in the LOM class. Instead of the pioneer albums for temporary storage I found some “library albums” at Target. They can hold the 8 1/2 x 11 photo sleeves. I like this better because it can hold a whole year (or more on those before kids years). I also like the way they look.

  666. I am still working on the process of organizing my photos. Right now I store them on my external hard drive by month and then year with a back up CD.
    Thanks for the chance to win, thinking that I am feeling lucky!

  667. Hi Stacy! I’ve been putting some of my embellishments in diff. size jars; so I can see them better. If they’re put away, I tend to forget about them! I’m in the process of re-organizing my scraproom; so then I can focus on my pic’s next… :( HELP!!! Dawn

  668. The folders I set up for my digital pictures by year, by month and any special trips etc. They are also backup to an external hard drive. Looking forward to your book!

  669. Marlene Jackson says:

    I moved into my new scraproom this year and love how it is all organized. The best thing I’ve done is keeping all my cardstock, patterned paper, embellishments, etc. that go together in individual Craft Keepers. That way I can just pull out the paper that inspires me at the time and the matching cardstock and embellishments are already there. When your stash is as big as mine it’s really nice not having to look through everything to find that one embellishment or perfect piece of matching cardstock. All my photos are arranged in a Cropper Hopper photo box – in order by month/year. THAT’s why I need this book – to break out of the “everything’s gotta be scrapped and placed in albums IN ORDER”. I’ve just finished reading “Big Picture” and it’s really got me thinking about changing the way I scrap! Thanks Stacy!

  670. Hmmmm…organization is not my strong suit…as you will see if you look at the pictures in the Gallery of Wendy’s class:)
    Right now I guess reading the BIG PICTURE…and Wendy and Aby’s book are my best organizational processes!

  671. I store my digital photos and scans arranged chronologically by date, but I’ll also make digital copies and paste them into multiple folders by topic, so for example there is a favorite folder for each person, family portraits, christmasses, etc. Yes, I know it’s taking a little more space on my hard drive but it’s invaluable! So, for example, I can open my daughter, Cait’s, folder and – there – I see her photos, all magically arranged chronologically!

  672. I am currently preparing to take LOM…so, I am attempting to use the “seasons” system you suggested. It seems to be going pretty well…thank u!

  673. All go on the computer and then stored in files by month and then to CDs. Though this doesn’t make me think it is the best way to view. Very interested in the new book since it seems to be a topic with friends and husband lately, what to do with photos.

  674. what is working at home is my ribbons & flowers in jars, and my rubberstamps on narrow shelves, so I can see them (not very easy to take to a crop though)

  675. Because of the book The Big Picture, I made a little caddie with pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, tape, glue and rulers. I might have to search a little for paper and photos (because I have not arrived at an optimum level of organization yet) but I have everything else I need to put together a page or card. And it is portable-very handy. I have also made a dent on organizating my recent layouts by us, people, places, things. I have different colored divider tabs in 1 12×12-3 ring album and I put all my recent pages (all sizes) under the appropriate tab.

  676. Alicia Sharp says:

    I use glass cookie jars to store my ribbon in and I so love it.I have it in the jars by color. I love the jars being clear so that I can see through it and get exactly what I need without pulling all the ribbon out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  677. One thing I do is attach an envelope (that holds a CD) to the back of each scrapbook. That CD holds the pictures contained in that album. Help me out when someone wants a copy of a picture, I know right where to go.

  678. my color drawers are the best thing ever! Thanks for the idea Stacy. And holy cow, that’s a lot of comments.

  679. No much honestly, once printed I just make page kits this week because I will be going away to scrapbook for a few days with friends, I usually burn them on a CD and store it on a CD thing usually once a month.

  680. With my newest (digi) pictures I find it easier to print as I go . So I print only the pictures I need, when I’m ready to scrap them. I send them to COstco, pick them up in an hour and make a varitiety of size, depending on the purpose. I don’t waiste a lot of $ printing pictures I’ll never use & I always print extras of my favorites. mariana

  681. Kathleen McMullen says:

    I have 10 different blue boxes that sit on the shelves above my desks so I can reach for anything quickly.
    Kathleen McMullen

  682. I’m still trying to organize my photos but have stored all the digital images on disks by event/topic and then they are stored chronologically. I have an index print stored right with the disk so I know what on it.

  683. One thing that works for me… The target document boxes.

  684. The document boxes from Target are working for me…. :-)

  685. I LOVE the LOM approach I set up last year with the 3 -up books and file drawers, I was skeptical about the drawers but have found them very inspirational & flexible the last few months while working on a few pages & projects ….. always a work in progress

  686. I am mostly finished putting all of my photos in We R Memory Keepers 12×12 photo sleeves. I have 23 albums of just photos. I’m putting them in 12×12 ring albums so I can add layouts that go with the series of photos. Cannot wait for your new book!

  687. I’ve used the idea from your Big Picture Book – to put photos into an album for 4×6 prints and scrap 4×6 cards. Quick and easy to do.

  688. My favorite approach to organization involves color and visuals, especially as it applies to my Ph.D. studies- I color code everything in my notes and create visual cues to remember particular sections/articles/topics, etc. I’ve always known what works for me on paper….I just need to develop a digial system for my photos and digital pages- I would love to adapt your system to the way I scrap. :) It looks fantastic!

  689. I like keeping things where I can see them so I know what I have. Also I keep my most used tools together in one handy spot.

  690. Renee D in FL says:

    I love the document boxes from Target. I store all my foam stamps (one alpha per box). I also store all my clear stamps in them as well. But what makes it a great system for me is that they fit in regular size file drawers in my desk. I am totally clueless in the best way to organize my pictures. Right now I have them by year and then by event. But that doesn’t work when I need specific pictures of individuals.

  691. My best thing is my color drawers I set up during last years LOM. My 2nd best thing is 2 baskets I use all the time – one with all my alpha stickers in it and one with my most recent purchases in it. Keeps it fresh in my mind.

  692. I keep all of my most used tools in an open top tote on my scrap table so they are handy and if I go to a crop I can just pick it up and go with minimal packing of page kits.

  693. I have my student aides put them in slide in pocket keepers after they are developed from Costco. Have them broken down into quarters-and took your advice from LOM-I DON”T have to scrap EVERY photo!

  694. Hi Stacy (and Chase),
    My favorite organizational hint is to store a lot of my tools in an open multi-pocket bag, which is put on top of a lazy susan. When I go scrapbook outside the home, I just pick it up by the handles and it’s easy to go. Thanks!

  695. I have a scrapbook closet so I don’t have a lot of room. One thing that works for me is using a sturdy over the door plastic shoe holder- the kind with pockets- to store fibers, small tools etc.

  696. Hi Chase! Your Mommy loves you so much! She is a great inspiration. Now give her a hug and a kiss!
    I over-organize my photos and they are in photo boxes, 4×6 expandable folders and mini photo albums and 90% are on my computer.
    That is why I am taking LOM! Can’t wait…been working on the photo organization “Pre-Assignment”. Great heads up–spreading out this task over a few weeks is a lot easier than I imagined.

  697. I set up color drawers for my embellishments. Got the idea off one of the monthly bloggers at the Simple Blog, who I think originally got it from you, Stacy. My only complaint is that I couldn’t afford bigger shoe box drawers, so I’ve got smaller drawers, which fit most, but not all my embellies.

  698. What’s working best for me right now are my storage albums from LOM … love them!

  699. Nicki Lundeen says:

    As I said in a previous comment, I have tons of pictures on my printer that needs to be printed. However, the pics I do have printed out and/or developed I have them organized in a big photo organization box I purchased from Creative Memories. I really like it, and the nice thing is it has small containers that you can put your pics in with dividers, put the lid on and take along on a crop. They are really awesome!

  700. Kelly B~Organizationally Challenged ;) says:

    I found out about your new book via an e-mail from Simple Scrapbooks. I went out and found the Big Picture Book and tried to find your new book. My oldest is 19. I have all my pictures mismatched in boxes, still in their envelopes from developing. I broke out the Super Sort box and started filing. I am dividing my time between sorting and reading the Big Picture Book. My birthday treat will be purchasing your newest book, so I can continue to conquer and divide!! Thanks for all of your help being so honest and down-to-earth!!

  701. I have organized my paper into those wire cubes… bought extra and made shelfs inside them… using zip ties to connect the shelves. hard to explain.
    But I organize all my 12 x 12 paper by manufacturer. I love it!

  702. I took your first LOM class and found it very liberating. I really love my papers/stickers or what have you organizied by color. It has really made a difference in how i put pages together. Love it so much that i just last week decided to hang all of my clothes by color!…i know, i’ve become a color geek. Thanks so much Stacy for all the effort you put into inspiring others.

  703. I store my clear stamps in clear CD cases in a clear box. I like to see everything. :-)

  704. I love to put my colorful random items like ribbons in Glass Jars.
    I love to see what I have.

  705. Debbie Dow says:

    One thing that is working for me is organizing my pics in my computer by event, & my misc by year, and then when I am going to acrapbook it makes it easier for me to pull them together and make a separate file for that book.

  706. $2.24 bins from Target and a lable maker have been my best friends since the start of 2008 :-)

  707. sherry williams says:

    I have a bucket on my table that I use for inspiration. Its the place where I keep things unorganized–but its a way to be creative. Its the best IDEA I’ve organized in awhile. I grab fun stamps, papers, magazine pages, doodads, you name it–and I mix it up in the bucket. For some reason this messy mix of fun stuff always gives me the feeling to be creative. I look at it touch it and eventually use it and then switch it up. Everything else is nicely organized in bins and drawers shelves etc…but seeing the bucket full of goodies makes me smile and keeps me inspired.

  708. Kris Finnerty says:

    I have so many photos that I really am excited to learn about your system as it has become overwhelming!

  709. Melissa S-E says:

    KEEP IT IN SIGHT. <–That is what is working for me. Now, of course, I can’t keep EVERYTHING in sight so for the things that I can’t I try to use clear containers – labeled of course. But the more that I can have something out where I can see it, preferably in a pretty basket or cute tin of some sort, the more likely I am to reach for it. YAY!!!! for those non-hoarding days… ’cause it’s fun to buy, it’s fun to keep but it’s even MORE FUN to USE!

  710. Kim Pitcher says:

    Once my photos are printed I store them in albums. When I want to scrapbook one or more I take them out and don’t worry about the empty space. I know those spaces means my photos have been touched by love and are on a page in a scrapbook album. If asomeone else or I want to see the missing photos’ we/I just pull out the scrapbook albums and have a great time looking through them.

  711. I love to organize by season – it’s what works for me!

  712. The best system for me right now are my letter drawers (I got the idea from you!) Now I know what letters and numbers I have and can mix and match to my heart’s content! -Jenn

  713. this book sounds great – when I print photos i do a mixture of current and past – I mix what I work on so I dont feel too overwhelmed!!!! I was working in order of event/date for a while but that way I was always behind – with this ‘sort of plan’ i am feeling current ( a little) and caught up (a little more).
    Well is working at the mo but always on the look out for other ideas.
    mandyb all the way from NZ

  714. Beth Gianturco says:

    I print 2 copies of each photo. One set goes into a chronological set of photo albums with the little strips for labeling. My kids love to look through these every day. The 2nd set are organized in file boxes by person, holiday/season, photos I love, etc. That way when I’m ready to scrap I know where to go. Eventually I’ll sort the old photos this way. XX’s BethBG

  715. Kassie Welch says:

    I reorganized all my embellishments into color drawers like in your Big Picture Book. Now if I could only organize the rest of my life and find time to use them.

  716. I keep my photos organized by year then month on my computer. I can pretty much find everything that way. Then I break out my big CM black box when I get a whole slue to pictures printed out and sort by events in the order of occurrence. This works for me right now but I want to read your books to get some inspiration.

  717. I’m attempting to be more on top of my photo printing … but when I do get them printed, they’re stored in shoe boxes with dividers indicating the event and other info (date, location, something I need to remember as to why I took those strange pictures). Makes life easier for me vs. pulling out of albums (tried that after the LOM class last year, and it just didn’t work, so I ditched it!)

  718. I organize all my embellishments by color. It is really working for me.

  719. Right now I have 2 systems: digital is all on iPhoto. I scroll through and look at pictures by date or event. The print stuff is everywhere. It is such a mess. I have some things in small 4×6 albums, some things in organizers, and most prints are still in the envelopes.

  720. I organize by color and then stickers etc. by theme

  721. I have a lazy suzan, stolen from my spice cupboard, with little cups and containers that hold all my most used tools. It sits right on my scrapping table so everything is close at hand.
    I am dying to take your class, but its not a good time this year, so I really hope the book will do it for me, at least until next year.

  722. Here is how I organize photos. I got this from Tiffany the creator of the scrap rack as part of her organizing process. I still get my photos devolved at that store, if I put them on the computer that is where they would stay. when I get them I go through them before I leave the store. Any that are horrid, you know the ones with the thumb in front of the lens,that kind of thing go into the trash before I leave the store. When I get home the get separated into 2 piles. Pile 1 goes into the family album, cause every pic is not scrap worthy (God Bless you Stacy for that) and the other pile gets put into a holding album until I can scrap it.
    Thank you for all the awesome knowledge you’ve shared with us.

  723. Frances C. says:

    I organize my photos by year and section them off by places we’ve been that year, people we love, things we love, and major events taken place that year…weddings, births, b-day, etc.

  724. Pam Cooper says:

    Have been organizing digital photos in quarterly folders chronologically… seems to be working the best for me right now.
    can’t wait to read the book and start LOM class again (as alumni)
    Thanks, Stacy!
    Pam Cooper

  725. I have all my photos organized chronologically. Pretty boring. I need to organize them in a way that sparks more creativity & connections!

  726. Phyllis R. says:

    If I’m working on a project such as a mini album, I pull a bunch of embellishments that I think will go with my patterned paper and coordinating cardstock. I keep everything in one of the deeper Artbin containers until the project is done. I won’t let myself buy new embellishments or go back into my stash for different ones until I have used all the items I pulled originally. This has caused me to use up some stuff that I normally would have passed by because I HAVE to use it once it’s in my project container! Makes you think of new ways to use things too!

  727. Leigh Ann says:

    I’ve started trying to upload my pictures on a more regular basis so I don’t have 500 to sort through on my computer every time. Makes it much easier to tag them this way.

  728. Stacy, really the best thing that is working are my photo storage drawers you recommended! I thought hard before the ‘splurge’ but I absolutely love them–and my storage albums, too, but especially the drawers! So terrific to have a one-step storage solution for those special pics! I cannot wait to read your new book…bring on the PHoto Freedom. :-)

  729. I organize all my pictures by year and month.

  730. I organize all my pictures by year and month.
    Kim M – New York

  731. I organize my pictures in photo boxes chronologically. But dont get to enjoy the pictures because of this method, too many boxes!!!!

  732. Digital photos are arranged by year and then month end…..4 years worth and so far so good….

  733. I keep my digitals by year and month end….it’s worked for 4 years so far…and I only print what I want to scrap.

  734. store digital photos by year and month end…’s worked for 4 years so far…and I only print what I want to scrap

  735. This book sounds AWESOME!
    Organization? Hmmmmmm…
    I organize my photos by year and then break it down into months and break it down again into events.
    I also have folders on my computer for specific albums I am working on or plan to do.

  736. all my digital pics are organized on my computer by ACDsee I can look thru my pictures chronologically, pick photos from a specific calendar date and attach LOM keywords. Works very well, now to continue the work I began on all my film photos, :)

  737. What works for me is trying to upload the pictures soon after they have been taken, that way I can name them quickly without having to think to much about what was going on in the photos. I also have started to order prints of pictures every 3 months.

  738. My digi photos are all organized by year and by month and than by event. That means I can easily find a picture from out trip to zoon in October 2003. But… if I want to find 3 picture of my kids eating ice cream… it takes more time. I am looking forward to set up the category drawers! I love my LOM albums. It is not pefect but I just love that if I want to see the layouts of our extended family or friends I just pull out one albumt and they are there!

  739. AnnaRobyn says:

    I’m a graduate of the LOM online class and I love the system. Talk about lifting the burden to scrapbook chronologically . . . OMG, this system ROCKS !!! I’m looking forward to this years class and learning more new things. Thank you Stacy for your insight and your willingness to share your BIG ideas.

  740. Lisa Knudsen says:

    I print my pictures each month & put them in a 2-up album, chronologically. My 3 year old loves to flip through them & see herself. My favorite organizational idea is a 12×12 file holder labeled Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, etc. It stays in my office and is a quick place to file extras that go along with a scrapbook page, such as ticket stubs, b-day cards, drawings, etc.

  741. I upload my pictures weekly and keep them sorted by month and year. And printing them AT LEAST once a month is key!

  742. The best thing I do with pictures is keep one copy in a regular photo album. That way if my pics ever get messed up, I can use that for reference.

  743. I keep my supplies ordered by theme. My pictures are in chronological order on my computer. I also do a back up often. I am taking your class for the 2nd time and hope to get more implemented this time.

  744. I don’t really have a system, which is my problem. I have started printing my digital pics, but I still have loads to go through. And then, when I do get them printed, they are still just sitting in the envelopes from Shutterfly. I want to learn how to organize my photos so I can actually get something done instead of just trying to clean up the clutter all the time.

  745. So far, organizing product by color is really working for me. Gee, someone we know came up with that one awhile ago. I can’t wait to get my hands on Photo Freedom. Stacy, you rock!!! Pick me, pleeaaasee. I stayed awake long enough to comment. Now how does one scrapbook when one is sooo sick?

  746. It’s easier now that my photos are all digital – I organize them into monthly folders and then seperate them into more specific folders when I get a chance. Now if I could only find a good way to organize the pre-digital photos that I have in gobs on envelopes in bins & boxes – that would be great!

  747. halloweenheather says:

    I am taking both your LOM class and Wendy’s class. I am very much NEEDING to get organized. I have 3 things working for me right now. (Well, not working very well…….) #1-I like having my “stuff” out where I can see it. But then it gets buried and I can’t see it anyway. #2-I scrap non-chroniligically, but then I feel like I skip over some important stuff and I forget to go back to it. And #3 I have my own scrap area that is actually quite large. I love that. But it has been in such a state of disaster for so long that I think my husband and daughters are ready to reclaim it for themselves if I don’t do something soon. I am looking forward to the book and class. I need help.

  748. Hi, I keep all my digital files on my computer under monthly folders and then sub folders with the date (and event if there was one). I print my pics at the end of each month. I just pick whatever is jumping out at me – I rarely have a LO in mind when I print. I then store my photos in boxes for each of my kids plus a miscellaneous one. When I sit down to scrap, I just grab a photo that inspires me at the time. Oh and one other thing, I do back ups of my photo files at least monthly, if not more often and I don’t print all my photos, just the ones I intend to scrap (but sometimes, they don’t end up inspiring me, so I put them in a pile for my 5 year old daughter to scrap – she loves it although I have to bite my tongue at her design concepts!! LOL).

  749. About the only thing that is working for me organizationally is my kitchen-tool-holder-turned-scrapbook-tool caddy with all my small tools in it that sits and spins on my workspace – and travels to other parts of the house for quick jobs as well.
    As far as photo organization – Stacy, I’m counting on your guidance in LOM!

  750. hi :)
    my organizational “tip” is that i have a document/table in Microsoft Word where i list the date, event, who’s album it goes in & if the layout is done…everything is chronologically documented. which is a huge help when you scrap out of order. it’s a blessing to have- i couldn’t live w/o it!
    & i do organization for clients here where i live…love taking someone’s mess & giving them sanity & a smile to their faces!

  751. Two things work really well for me:
    One: Your color drawers are amazing. I can embellish and even help the kids with school projects by going to my color drawers.
    Two: Organinzing by category. I seem to “collect” a lot paper (hmmm, surprise huh) and organizing it by category really helps give me inspiration. Some of my categories are: Beach/Summer, Boys/Brothers, Christmas, Girl Stuff/Friends, Flowers/Floral and on and on. I use 12×12 plastic folders for these.
    So I start scrapbooking by my category folders and end with my color drawers. I feel like I have the best of both worlds.
    Thank you Stacy for your many years of helpful inspiration and organization!!!

  752. what is working for me is that I have my scrapping process broken down into segments. I try and do one thing a day, be it plan a page, select photos, assemble a page. That means I can get 7 things done a week without even thinking about it.

  753. Susan Harrison says:

    For 3 years I have been organizing photos in 3 up binders – love it. I am looking forward to the whole system with the LOM class next month. Thanks – Susan

  754. I print up my photos and stick them in my blank 12 x 12 albums using a tab or two. I might also put in matching paper, embellishments, a quote or whatever I’ll use to create the layout. When I’ve got time to scrap I’m ready to roll. And seeing the photos already in the album makes me want to create beautiful pages and finish them ( :

  755. one things that’s working is learning to let go of chronology and just print off photos that appeal to me at the moment and just scrapping those…no obligations, no guilt, just fun and inspiring…what scrapping’s supposed to be, right?

  756. After taking LOM last year, I got a good start on organizing. I hated messing up my new system going to crops; packing, unpacking. I am both a digital and paper scrapper, so now when I go to crops, I only take my laptop! I just laugh at all my friends lugging in their stuff-until they yell at me to come help them haul stuff in!

  757. Danielle M says:

    One thing that works for me is keeping a basket on my desk with my favorite products in it. It keeps the things I use over and over again within arm’s reach and looks pretty too!

  758. Hi Stacy,
    I’m letting go of ‘scrapbooking rules’ right now and I’m having a blast and being so productive!

  759. Jenn Ryan says:

    I keep all non-themed embellishments in plastic drawers by color – helps a lot when I’m trying to find something to finish a page, I don’t have to search the buttons, flowers, tags, etc.

  760. I posted the other day about taking LOM last year and how great it is. So the one thing that threw me for a loop and has changed the way I think about my pages is the drawers. Seeing years of photos of Papa and me in one drawer TOTALLY makes a more meaningful page than 5 pages that happen to have him and me on birthdays. Seeing us together, stored in one place, just makes me think of different reasons to scrapbook those photos. I love that about Stacy’s system. It’s a new approach.

  761. Love my colour drawers! Been doing LOAD this month and having a few kits beside my desk has been a lifesaver – I just grab the one that best suits the photos and go with it!

  762. I’m using iPhoto to help me organize my digital photos. What works for me is organizing the photos by year and then putting them in sub albums by month. Now the problem is actually getting those pictures off the computer and onto my scrapbook pages :-)

  763. I have a one drawer that I put all the fun things I want to include in our albums (ticket stubs, kids papers, small art work) but I don’t have time to deal with at the moment. If safe and when I have the time I can sort it into the correct file or box.

  764. quite frankly what’s working for me is simply getting my photos PRINTED OUT as I upload them. Instead of having them remain stagnant in my computer’s “brain”, I set them free by printing them as I go. This was unheard of from me in the past and I am playing catch up, but I am proud to have all 2008 photos printed as of now. i strive to have complete Photo Freedom every day though! :)
    Thank you!!!! :)

  765. What totally works for me is the release from the bondage of “have to” and the fact that I “get to” scrap whatever inspires me at the moment. And then I have albums (thanks to LOM 2007) where I know I can put the completed pages — us, people, places, & things. Really looking forward to fine-tuning in the LOM 2008 class.

  766. i have pre-digital prints stored by people/category in 12×12 cropper hopper photo cases w/ handles. they are stored near the door for quick grabbing in case of fire or emergency evacuation.
    my digital photos are all backed up on a portable hard drive (in addition to my laptop), also for emergency evacuations.
    i use software like acdsee or pse to organize my digital photos using tags and notes. before i send to print, i’ll type journaling and layout ideas in the notes properties of the image for reference when i’m ready to scrap it.

  767. I really want to win your book cause I need it bad. About the only thing that works great for me right now is storing each kids memorabilia in their own folder in my desk. At least I know where it is. But I noticed in the LOM class syllabus that you’ll be talking about how to organize memorabilia, so I’m looking forward to doing it a better way instead of pulling out each kids’ folder and looking through the whole folder for one certain item that I need for a page.

  768. quite frankly, just printing my photos as i take them has been a HUGE factor and step towards staying on top of things this year! I still struggle daily for Photo Freedom but am pleased with the one tiny change i have made and have definitely set my photos free with having them printed instead of stored in my computer’s “brain”! :) Thank you! :)

  769. quite frankly, just printing my photos as i take them has been a HUGE factor and step towards staying on top of things this year! I still struggle daily for Photo Freedom but am pleased with the one tiny change i have made and have definitely set my photos free with having them printed instead of stored in my computer’s “brain”! :) Thank you! :)

  770. What totally works for me is the release from the bondage of “have to” and the fact that I “get to” scrap whatever inspires me at the moment. And then I have albums (thanks to LOM 2007) where I know I can put the completed pages — us, people, places, & things. Really looking forward to fine-tuning in the LOM 2008 class.

  771. oops….sorry about all the duplicate posts – i didn’t realize my comment had posted once!! Sorry! :)

  772. I don’t print my photo’s until I’m ready to use them.

  773. I love sorting my photos into the category drawer with sub categories. Helps me keep everything organized and make fun connections between photos.

  774. holey moley there’s a lot of comments here…it will be a MIRACLE if i win this one. anyways, first of all i would LOVE a copy of Photo Freedom so i’ll keep my fingers…and toes crossed!!! as far as organizing, the one thing that i keep organized are my digi photos. i have it separated by year, and each year has maybe 50+ folders labeled with the date and a description, i.e., “01.25.2008 kids playing outside”

  775. One thing I like is that all my cardstock is in the vertical holders, easily accessible via rollout shelves in my cabinet, and all arranged by color of the rainbow. Other than that, my scrap stuff is basically in chaos :)

  776. Reading your book The Big Picture helped me out so much…don’t know why I needed someone to help me feel better about not being caught up, but you did it beautifully! :-) Now, I print out pictures a few batches at a time, and only keep out on my desk what I want to scrap first. This has helped me. I store the rest in the clear plastic cases until I need them…though I am about a year behind in developing! LOL! I CAN’T wait for your book!!!!!!

  777. Kelly Hicks says:

    I use your color drawer idea & keep a running list of what I need to work on next. I do a powersort idea & add notes, sketch pictures, etc to that box for when I get 15 minutes to work on an album.
    I do Becky Higgins idea of SPACE – sort, purge, assign, containerize & equalize.
    But I still need tons of help!
    TIA! Love your blog & reading about your sweet family!!

  778. Brenda Johnston says:

    LOVE your Big Picture Scrapbooking book. I recommend it all the time! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  779. Theresa Schmidt says:

    I have put my photos in envelopes of specific events with the date, names of people that I may need to remember later & a summary of feelings about the event/occasion/ person, (or at least I try :) Then when I want to scrapbook something occasion specific I can take an envelop out of the appropriate box, (family, friends, trips etc.) when I want to scrapbook something occasion specific & everything is there!

  780. Tina Runyen says:

    I use my computer to organize everything. To make lists, to keep ideas and of course photos. I backup every night! I use Store in Style cubes for all scrap related stuff and have photos not in albums stored in photo boxes according to date.

  781. Brenda Johnston says:

    In my excitement to say that I loved your BP book, I forgot to say what works for me in my last comment. I LOVE Photoshop Elements organizer! The tagging system is amazing and lets me pull up things from years past if I want to do a topical layout of some kind.

  782. I stack ready to assemble pages in a clear 12 x 12 snap container. Once photos, embellishments and paper are chosen, I simply lay each “kit” one on top of another and then I am ready to scrapbook at home or a crop.

  783. One thing that works for me is keeping scrapbook manufacturer lines together – papers & embellishments always match!

  784. Christina Becker says:

    Once I get my pictures developed I sort them into several groups. The ones I want to scrapbook, I use the page in progress format. Meaning I put them in page protectors along with the paper, embellishments and journaling I want to use. Then they are ready for scrapbooking when I can find the time. The rest of the photo’s are put in my family, people, places or things files to be scrapbooked at a later date.
    I look forward to reading your new book for additional ideas!

  785. Ann Grounds says:

    The organization system that is working for me right now is to have a “basic tool kit” along with my eyelet setting kit, a few ink pads, rub on tools, and adhesive (and refills) all together in a tote that I can grab and go, since my scrap space really isn’t a space right now (all full of disorganized product, paper, photos, and memorbilia strewn all over the working area and under the desk and all around on the floor. That’s why I am taking Wendy’s class with you. ;o)

  786. Christina B says:

    I use page in progress page protectors for the photo’s I want to scrapbook and file the rest in my family, people, places or things files. Just like you taught in your LOM class.

  787. Catherine S says:

    I’m a digital scrapper & so I keep all my digital supplies organized by designer & then in folders by kit name. Makes it easy to properly credit the designer. My photos are organized by year, month & finally topic or event. Works for me. I’d love a copy of your new book! *Ü*

  788. goodness, lots of comments. my most valuable photo organization tool is how i organize them on my computer file folders for each month and all the months in each year. it makes finding the photos i need to print, super easy.

  789. I keep a little spiral notebook with me and when I have an inspiration for a scapbook page I write it down and do some sketches.
    I’ll see some colors, or read a verse, or remember a past event and in my minds eye everything will come together — if I don’t capture it then I’ll forget it later.
    Thanks for the great topic – I loved reading everyone’s responses.

  790. I try to print what I might want to scrapbook and the idea is to put the leftover photos into an album. I am very interested in seeing what you recommend in your book. I am relatively new to your blog and just reading about the suggestions from this contest is inspiring! Lots of mention of your system and I will have to follow up on it.

  791. maryjo materazo says:

    my organization for photos on-line is great. year folder w/ month event folders. i can find everything pretty quickly. i have copies on my desktop & then cd when done, @ & back-up on external hard drive. happy w/ this system. it’s the pictures before digital i struggle w/ & the hertitage photos i’ve inherited. once i’m done scrapping something, extra photos go into labeled shoeboxes. maryjo

  792. I have my mini embellishments stored in clear pill bottles. They are lined up along the top of a Home Depot Cube Shelf so I can just grab which ever color or whichever embellishment I want to use at the time.
    Your book looks awesome and I absolutely love the cover. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Stacy you rock!

  793. I have my mini embellishments stored in small clear pill bottles. They are lined up along the top of my Home Depot Cube Shelf so that I can grab whichever color and or embellishment I want to use at the time.
    I love the cover of your new book, I have already pre-oredered it. Stacy you rock!

  794. One of the best idea I learned from the LOM class (alumni of first offering) has been to have project files. I have one for my daughter’s school of life book (another great idea from LOM) and then files for other projects in progress or that I want to get to. It makes it easier for me to “grab & go” for crops and has helped me be more productive. Right now I have a Halloween album in the works and have a full totebag instead of a project file. Still it keeps all my supplies together and I get so much more done.

  795. one of the best things I’m doing this year is to get rid of the photos I don’t like. I take a lot of photos and some of them are just no good but I have a lot of trouble throwing them away. now I go through them, pick the ones I love and chuck the rest.

  796. I love my vertical paper holders for my cardstock! I also keep my essentials together in a drawer to “grab and go” to a crop or just use at home.

  797. Oh seriously, please pick me! I want to win so badly :)

  798. Karen K in CA says:

    I used to organize by manufacturer and then subcategorize by lines. But it left me too limited in creative choices. Now, I organize by theme first: e.g. baby, travel, pet, etc. and then by color. This has been the single most effective method to give me access to all the elements available in my stash to get creative with.

  799. I am recuperating from surgery but am mentally organizing my scrap area. We moved recently so all of the comments are helpful to me :)

  800. actually, i’m not so good at the organisation thing. i try to scrap as i get new photos, and keep my product in the very bag they came in (ie – on THAT trip i bought THIS set of products) and rely on memory to get me through. NOT a great system, but for now it’ll do…ha.

  801. I got some of those crop in style cubes that hold 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and I’m loving it. They stay protected and I can grab out what I need easily.

  802. I liked how my old Epson digi camera organised my photos into monthly files. Since I changed to Fujifinepix, I override the download settings and file them by month. Recently I opened up year files to put 12 months into one year file.
    What I really must do is backup my photos.

  803. I love my 3-up photo albums that hold all my printed photos! Family like it too!

  804. Debra Broide says:

    I love my Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. It enabled me to label and tag my pictures to organize them from the year they were taken down to the day and subject matter. I have three kids and lots of extended friends and family, so getting this program and setting it up has been terrific. Now when I want to scrap something that didn’t happen yesterday or last week, I know just where to find the pictures. Saves a lot of time that is now used for actual scrapping :-)

  805. Lesley Sanders says:

    I LOVE my new embellishments drawers, sorted by COLOR – they are sooooooo pretty, and even more functional, they make me want to scrapbook again!

  806. I am all digital as far as taking pictures goes, so what has been working for me because I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of photos I have taken in my daughter’s 13 months of life is to print out the pictures that really “speak” to me and make me feel like scrapbooking. I realized that if I was sitting in front of my computer looking through photos each time I wanted to scrapbook, then I was spending all of the time I had to work searching for photos or seeing many possibilities to work with. I figure that later on I can go back and print out other pics that I have not scrapped and add those in to my albums if I want :)

  807. The new update on iphoto(Mac Computer) has helped me by allowing pictures to be sorted into events.

  808. The new update of iphoto (mac computer) allows me to store my digital photos as events.

  809. once a month i print a batch of photos that have been taken since the last print. when they arrive home i sort them into folders. i have one folder for each child, one family folder and one for special photos i love that i want to do something special with. i know that if something happens to the photos on the computer or backups at least i have a printed copy. starting this year i will be trying the idea in the book big picture scrapbooking to do a 5 page spread for each child to highlight the past year. i think this will work better for me because i can take a pile of photos from their individual folder and scrap them in one session. any special photos i can take my time over in a separate album but at least their own folders will be fairly up to date.

  810. Something that I have just started is a notebook with sections for each of my children, my nieces and my husband and I so I can jot down ideas, things that they do/say etc that can be used for scrapbooking pages or projects. I even use it to sketch out roughly layouts/colours I might use as the ideas come to me and before I forget. Some I have actually used, others may not get used at all but its a good reference point when I am have a block!

  811. I always underestimate how many loose photos I have. I purchased a small concertina file and only got a fraction of the way through filing the photos I had before I ran out of space. To make matters worse I keep finding hidden stashes of photos – I really need to locate ALL available photos before I start sorting them. Perhaps then I will be able to work out a simple “structure” for my filing system. Really I need a Stacy or an Emily to guide me!

  812. I have started a notebook with sections for each of my children and other family members in which I can jot down things about events, or things they say or do that can be used as prompts or the focus for layouts or projects. Sometimes I will even make a note of a particular photo I want to use or do a rough sketch for a layout. Its handy having this to refer to when I am facing a “block” – which can be quite frequent.

  813. There isn’t a lot in my scrap space that is working at the moment, organization wise… That’s why I’m enrolled in Wendy’s BPS class and waiting to get my hands on your new book. What is working, is having my favorite and most used stamps nearby in a basket on my desk and also a basket for new scrap supplies that I want to use soon or look at for inspiration.
    But that’s it, really. Sad huh? :)

  814. most of my photos are still in the cropper hopper big photo containers.
    I need to get more organized. (I recently went thru my scrap stuff and found a couple boxes of random photos that I had pulled to scrap–think I might have to concrentrate on these first)

  815. I havent printed my digital photos in over a year,they are left on the photo card. While this does make it difficult to scrap, all my pictures are organized.

  816. I took LOM 2007 and one of the things that I do better now is relax the “control” of my photos. I now have a framework of stuff that I know I want to scrap (school of life albums, things we do, etc. ) that allow me to capture specific things and then I don’t have to feel like every single picture has to be used. Then, by filing and letting all of the extra photos “simmer” (in my black drawers, which I LOVE) I get to enjoy noticing extra special things that Pop out. And it is amazing how much pops out when you’re not forcing things.

  817. Kris Finnerty says:

    We recently moved and all of my photos are still in cropper hopper plastic containers. I have so many photos its overwhelming..

  818. Lisa Frenette says:

    I took your first class of LOM and absolutely love your approach to photo organization. What a real concept. I was feeling very overwhelmed but you really put scrapbooking into perspective and I know can enjoy my photos with the guilt.
    Can’t wait for your new book.