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so, working on the old blog (I’m so technically or perhaps just typepad challenged, drives me crazy) but I’m almost there. 2008 teaching schedule is on the left —

thought I’d address a few questions as of late.

Q: What day planner do you use?
A: The Memory Dock planner (in green of course) designed by Robin Johnson–I love it. You can get all the parts and pieces at, although the fillers are not available right now. The Franklin Covey filler pages will work (so I’ve heard)

Q: What color is the wall by your Christmas Tree.
A: Not entirely sure which wall you are referring to. If it’s the living room, it’s Columbia Paint, Toasted Cashew and if it’s the kitchen, it’s Behr, Grass Cloth

Q: What is that fun inflatable toy, Addie is sitting in?
A: It’s called the Fun Roller. It’s still got air in it and she LOVES it!

Q: I just picked up your book, The Big Picture and can’t find those albums anywhere — what albums do you use?
A: Great question! You can no longer get the albums I used (for years) in my library. The good news is, I love the albums I use now even more. They are from the Modern line (American Crafts) and I use brown, red, pink and green in both 81/2 x 11 and 12 x 12 sizes. More information on my system coming very soon in my new book, Photo Freedom — and … much more information and personal guidance on setting up my system available February 28th in my online class, called Library of Memories. Registration starts this Saturday at 1:00 pm PST — Learn more here.

Q: Will you new book be included in the class fee for Library of Memories?
A: No. I will however encourage students (and alumni) of LOM to purchase my book, as it is a great text book and review/refresher on my system. The book will retail for $19.95.

Q: How come you raised the price for Library of Memories to $95.00
A: Two reasons. One — I’ve added content and features to update and make the delivery of my ideas better. Two — The cost of shipping is always on the rise and this class includes a welcome package sent to students, via snail mail.

Q: What is the difference between Wendy’s Get Organized and Be Inspired class and your Library of Memories class?
A: Another great question. Wendy’s class is based on her book,  and it all about setting up a workspace that is based on how you approach your scrapbooking hobby. My The Organized and Inspired ScrapbookerLibrary of Memories class introduces, explains and helps you implement my system of organizing photos, memorabilia and actual layouts so that you can let go of the guilt brought on my years of backlog and unrealistic expectations we all place on ourselves.

Q: Will you teach Library of Memories next year?
A: If I’m alive and kicking, I’ll be back!

and finally, this one is Nilaja …
Yes, Nilaja I have a copy of Wendy’s book I will send you. I love that you asked and I hope that things get better soon. I can’t imagine recovering from a house fire. I suppose, if one looks on the bright side, it’s a perfect time to set up a new space! email me your addy.


  1. Love, love, love the new blog banner. YUM!!! That makes me smile!

  2. You look beautiful in your new picture (no surprise!!)…and yummmm…that brownie looks fantastic!!

  3. Okay, that new banner is totally making me hungry for brownies! I think I’m going to have to go make some in my new brownie pan…it’s shaped like an S so every piece is an end piece. Genius!

  4. Here’s my comment (request): Please send me the recipe for that YUMMY brownie at the top!!! Peace and blessings,
    Cindy B.

  5. AUUGHHG! You took your list of blogs from the left side of the screen away!! I used to read yours, then go through the list and read the rest of them! Can you put them back up somewhere? Thanks – and Happy 2008!

  6. I, too, always read your blog and then go down the list of the blogs on the side banner! Some of my favorite scrappers were listed there!! :) Love the new quote, by the way. Thanks!!

  7. Hi Stacey,
    I just got done reading the transcript of your message about the LOM class. Thank you so much for discussing the differences between the class and the book. I would love to take the class- someday. Right now I am unable to commit the time to the course and I am so looking forward to the book. Your Big Picture book has continued to be an inspiration to me since it first came out. I was afraid I was going to have to wait forever to really set up a system like this, but I am one of those who “can open the jar and dive in” so I think the book will be an awesome start. And someday, when life settles down, I can join into the class. Thank you for all you do, you truly are an inspiration.
    Debby in CT

  8. Love the new picture! Happy 2008!!

  9. Your comment on my blog made me smile REAL BIG! :)
    I love your new profile pic – you’re gawgeous. (As we say here in the South.)

  10. Stacy-
    First of all, thank you for the December gift idea blogs. I look forward to this each year.
    Also, would there be a place on your blog to store the quotes that you have. I look forward to the new ones but would love to be able to look back through previous ones.

  11. First of all, thank you for the December gift idea blogs. I look forward to this each year.
    Also, would there be a place on your blog to store the quotes that you have. I look forward to the new ones but would love to be able to look back through previous ones.

  12. I am excited about your LOM class. My question – all my photos are digital and I scrap digital. Will your class apply to me too?

  13. Target carries three ring red and black leather photo albums very similar to the yellow ones in your book. Close enough for me and my library. Just thought I would share that with you and anyone else interested.

  14. As an alumni of last year’s LOM class, I just have to say to anyone reading this, considering the class- the class is AMAZING!!! It’s hard work, and there is so much to consider, but so many of us have changed, not only our photo storage, but our layout storage (who does chronological anymore??!!) and, more importantly, the way we look at and live scrapbooking!! In over a year, I have never said “Will I ever get caught up” and I have looked at those older photos differently than I did before. It’s an amazing perspective!
    Food for thought! I highly recommend the class! It’s SO worth the money and effort!

  15. “Typepad challenged”? Let me know if you want a hold-your-hand-tutorial session – on me, Stacy! :)

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