the numbers game, day two

I’ve got another book burning a hole in my pocket … isn’t that what you say when you have money you just have to spend??

anyway, before I tell you how you can win this copy, I want to publicly thank the thirteen women who are featured in chapter three of Photo Freedom. All of these women have taken Library of Memories at BPS and when contacted, eagerly shared their experiences and adaptations and I am so grateful for their willingness to share and even more than that their confidence to take my ideas and make them their own — I can’t wait for you to see how others are making this system work for them!

Each of them will be receiving a book (so don’t go buy it) and a set of three Little Miss Matched socks to encourage them on in creative freedom.

Thanks Girls!!

Michelle Sicotte
Karen Firstbrook
Maureen Sargent
Narelle Jurss
Joanne Teliszewski
Rachelle Harvey
Catherine Allan
Donna Bettencourt
Laurie Rhodes
Tamara Morrison
Kathryn Benfiet
Julia Colli
Brooke Schumacher


When Cathy designed the book, she found an illustrator to draw a "little stacy" that is wearing mis-matched socks (how cute is she?) and so I thought that it might be fun for you to guess how many Little Miss Matched socks I actually own — keep in mind these socks are sold in sets of three — please know too that I do occasionally show restraint (this means I don’t own more than 10 sets)

ready? set? guess …
first one right (and I’ll be checking this evening) wins!!

p.s. by the way, I’m not answering email whilst in the midst of this studio purge — so, if I owe you an email, I’ll start back tomorrow (yikes.)


  1. I will guess 5 sets of socks!

  2. Sherrie Mannion says:

    My guess is 24 socks (8 sets)! They look cute – I might have to get some!

  3. Jennifer S says:

    I’ll guess 21!

  4. Christina says:

    Do you have 4 sets? That would make for an even 12 socks!

  5. I am going with 8 sets

  6. I’ll guess 9 sets.

  7. ah… someone got my guess… how about 9?

  8. Sherrie Mannion says:

    Ok, six sets – 36 socks….

  9. I guess 18 – 6 sets!

  10. ok…7

  11. 6 that would 18 sock right??
    Fingers crossed

  12. My guess is 6 sets!
    This is fun!

  13. Gina G Rolsma says:

    I guess 7 sets!

  14. 3?

  15. 10

  16. Shannon Coyne says:

    okay I think it is 9 sets

  17. Dawn-Rene says:

    I am guessing 20 socks because one must be lost at all times in my house.

  18. I guess 4 sets.

  19. My guess is 2 sets I love fun socks!

  20. 9 sets = 27 socks!

  21. I don’t really think it’s 2, but it’s the best answer left because I know it has to be more than one!
    Happy Tuesday!!! Dying to get my hands on this book!!!

  22. 15 socks?

  23. Lisa Andrews says:

    8 sets, so 24 socks.
    Have you seen the adorable little coin purse socks they just came out with? Love them!

  24. I’m gonna guess 10 sets!

  25. 18???

  26. Did anyone say ten sets yet? So 30 socks? You said you didn’t have more than 10 so maybe…
    Can’t wait to meet you in VA – I’ll be taking your class at Get Croppin’ I’m SO excited!

  27. Nancy Lee says:

    I am going to guess 7 sets or 21 socks.

  28. 18???

  29. I’m going to guess 30 socks. You did say you didn’t have more than 10 sets so I guess exactly that. Did anyone say that yet?
    Can’t wait to meet you in VA at Get Croppin’. I’m taking your class and I’m so excited!

  30. I’m going to guess 17 socks… six sets minus one missing sock! :)

  31. 15 socks!

  32. Sherrie Mannion says:

    Ohhh..a lost one. My next guess is 23.

  33. I’m going to guess 5 sets, becuase you’re giving some away!

  34. I have to say four sets=12 socks since no one has said that yet. Fingers crossed!

  35. Hi Stacy, I’m Joanne T, one of the contributors you selected to be in your book and I wanted to thank YOU! While I told Ali M to tell you a big thank you in September when I was told the great news, I know it was a crazy, busy time for you and I cannot imagine how many emails you get! As someone who has never posted a page to a site, to be selected to be in a SS book written by YOU was a surreal, American Idolish experience! Thanks for sharing your vision and ideas with us and I can’t wait for LOM 2008!

  36. 23 because people always tend to loose a sock along the way.

  37. 29 socks

  38. 26?

  39. I’m going to guess 23!

  40. 6 sets!

  41. Boohoo – don’t see my first post! 6 sets!

  42. 14 socks?

  43. I’ll say 14 total socks which would be five total sets and one lost!

  44. 3 sets which equal 9 socks

  45. I’ll guess 22 socks. You know the dryer eats some.

  46. Now I have to guess 16 because someone beat me to my last guess!

  47. Michelle Marsh says:


  48. Susan Harrison says:

    11 sock (you lost one somewhere along the way) Susan

  49. Michelle Marsh says:


  50. Ill guess 6 socks – 2 sets

  51. Lets say 22

  52. Ann Mabee says:

    8 sets…24 socks

  53. Has someone said 16? I’m assuming a bit of loss here.

  54. 24?

  55. 13???

  56. i’ll guess 20

  57. elizabeth holder says:

    5 – sets for a total of 15

  58. Wendy Antenucci says:

    Okay, let’s try 8 socks. 3 sets and one got eaten by the washer/dryer! WEndy

  59. Amanda V. says:

    I say 9 sets, so 27 socks…

  60. I am guessing 4 sets for a total of 12 socks????

  61. Priya Venkat says:

    I’d say 8 sets- which makes 24 socks, an even number. Am I right? Priya

  62. Priya Venkat says:

    I’d say 8 sets- which makes 24 socks, an even number. Am I right? Priya

  63. 21 socks?!

  64. JaxCheryl says:

    10 sets = 30 socks

  65. Seven sets – 21 socks!

  66. JaxCheryl says:

    10 sets = 30 socks

  67. I will guess 7 sets for a total of 21 socks. Lucky number 7, am I right??

  68. 6 sets so 18 socks…

  69. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    18 total, 6 sets.

  70. 7 sets – 21 in total!

  71. 26 :)

  72. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    oh, mine’s taken so 19 singles

  73. My guess is 24 socks.

  74. Sorry I hit the send button before I was ready.
    7 sets for a total of 21, lucky number 7 minus the one that the washer ate for a total of 20. Am I right???

  75. 25 socks

  76. 28 single socks

  77. I think you have three sets – 9 socks and someone as organised as you would never have garments eaten by laundry appliances !)

  78. 5 sets-15 socks

  79. 7

  80. I will guess, 9 sets, minus 1 for being lost in laundry land. For a total of 26-LRG

  81. 14 socks :)

  82. 5 socks maybe?

  83. hmm i guess i’m too late cos all the numbers pretty much have been guessed – i’ll say 11 though … 4 sets – a lost one !!!

  84. 6 sets – 18 socks

  85. 13 socks!!

  86. I’ll guess 8

  87. 29 socks – maybe you lost one

  88. 8 sets!

  89. My guess is 6 sets.

  90. I’m going to guess 15 socks or 5 sets.

  91. 3

  92. 27 socks

  93. 4 sets

  94. I’ll say 17 just because I don’t see it posted yet. But I’m sure you haven’t lost any!

  95. ok, here’s how i got my guess of 20 socks.
    7 sets, because I’m willing to bet that you’ve bought 1 set in each color of the rainbow, since you’re alllll about the color =) so, 7 sets times 3 socks each. I subtracted one just because no one is perfect… no matter how hard you try there’s always one sock missing. =)

  96. Catherine says:

    No guess….just a thank you for the book and the socks! :)

  97. 4 sets minus the one you lost in the dryer (that always happens) = 11 socks! :)

  98. I’m going to go with 26 :-)

  99. looks like 26 was taken so i guess i’ll go for 23 :)

  100. 7 sets, 21 socks….?

  101. I’m guessing….
    cause I think you are a miss-matched lovin’ lady.

  102. My timing is off this week but that’s okay. I don’t know where I’ve been but I’ve never heard of these socks. How cute!

  103. 4 sets

  104. Jeanette C. says:

    9 sets

  105. Jeanette C. says:

    3 sets

  106. i’ll guess 24 socks.

  107. Ann Grounds says:

    Boy, I need to get on the computer faster!!! I am going to say that you have 14 socks.

  108. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Well, thanks for the socks Stacey and the book. It is truly an honor and very flattering to have been asked to contribute to your book and I can’t wait to see it. I’m on board for LOM again to refine the process……hope to see you at CHA!!

  109. 9 sets

  110. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    Stacy: You have no idea what an honor it was to be asked to contribute to your book (can’t wait to see the book!). LOM was life-changing for me and I can’t wait to go thru it a second time and fine-tune my organizing system. As the most “matchy-matchy” person I know, it will be a fun challenge for me to actually wear mis-matched socks. I’ll take a photo as proof! Thanks again Stacy. Kathryn

  111. Thank you Stacy for asking me to contribute to Photo Freedom! I’m signed up for LOM again to fine tune a process I use everyday. I’m excited to see the book!
    See you in class :)

  112. I am going to have to say six sets of socks :-)

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