Today is the day!

Registration for the 2008 session of Library of Memories begins at 1:00 pm PST. Yay!!

I just peaked at the pre-class page and it’s all there and ready to go (survey and first assignment) I can’t wait to meet you all and do this crazy thing again.

Just so you know, I’ll be cleaning my house, finishing up my project for ScrapBowl ’08 and shopping at Walmart for  MORE "open and not visable" containers (for Wendy’s class) to use in refreshing the backroom of my studio. I’ve determined that these are my favorite kind of container for most of what I’m storing back there. I actually have a friend coming to stay with me next weekend to help me purge, sort and get set for LOM. In fact, we should have a little guessing contest — wouldn’t that be fun. If you can be the first to guess who is coming to stay with me, then you’ll get a serious big box of scrapbooking SCHTUFF to use and share with your friends. Wanna do it?

Here are some hints:

I first became acquainted with her (and her work) when I lived in Salt Lake City and had the opportunity to look through winning Hall of Fame layouts with Deanna Lambson, in preparation for a PBS segment.

She has worked for three very successful manufacturers over the last 10 years.

The weather in Spokane will be quite a shock to her system.

Have fun.


  1. My guess is Donna Downey – not for any reason in particular. I can’t wait to sign up for LOM. Hopefully I will get in!

  2. My guesses are either Renee Pearson or Wendy Smedley…cuz I really have no idea…lol. Count me on LOM…just waiting for it to open up!!!

  3. Lisa in WA says:

    Cathy Zielske?

  4. I going to guess Allison Tyler Jones.

  5. I don’t know why this was the first name that came to my mind;
    Cathy Zielske

  6. I thought CZ too. . .

  7. Lisa in WA says:

    Allison Connors?

  8. The second maybe;
    Rebecca Cooper

  9. Lisa in WA says:

    Rebecca Sower??

  10. Let’s see…here are a few guesses. Tara Whitney? Lin Sorenson? Karen Glenn? Kim Morgan? Cheryl Overton? Elizabeth Dillow? Beth Proudfoot? Am I getting close???

  11. Okay, totally going out on a limb here, but my guess is Robin Johnson?

  12. I guess Tara Whitney!

  13. Melody Ross is a guess?

  14. Shannon Coyne says:

    My guess is Becky Higgins….

  15. my guess is elizabeth dillow.

  16. Trace Geworsky says:

    My guess is Tar Whitney, Cathy Zielske, or Donna Downey.
    Trace G

  17. Is it Becky Higgins, or Cathy Zielske?

  18. Randomly I am going to guess Faye Morrow Bell.

  19. my guess is becky higgins.

  20. Hi Stacy! I am going to guess Danelle Johnson… Have a great day!

  21. Hmm… Heidi Swapp (not sure if she is coming back from china), but Denise Pauley is a big organizer? oh you got me wondering!

  22. Nic Howard??

  23. I guess Denise Pauley.

  24. I will guess Kolette Hall

  25. Or maybe Renee Pearson??

  26. Oh Darn! I think I’m too late! Is it Denise Pauley???

  27. I’m gonna guess Becky Higgins, but I’m probably wrong…

  28. Aby Garvey?

  29. Melissa K. says:

    Well, I’m pretty sure it’s Robin Johnson… but since she was already guessed, I’ll just say “hi!”
    (Phooey, I would have even driven to LL to pick up the box! ;)

  30. I say Abby Garvey

  31. I’m guessing Wendy Smedley!

  32. I’m going to guess Emily Waters.

  33. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    Ali Edwards…just because I don’t see her name here yet.

  34. I would say Aby Garvey because I wish she would come help me organize my house! I just signed up for the Library of Memories class. I am currently enrolled in Wendy’s class and loving it. Starting to realize alot about how I should be organizing! **also I have an Addie..she is 3 years old..well Addie is short for Addison** Have an awesome day.

  35. Hi, Stacy! My guess is Wendy Smedley.

  36. My guess is Heidi Swapp. But I don’t know if I’m the first to guess that or not. Whoever it is, lucky you for having such a good friend to help with something like that!

  37. Cindee Ellenbarger says:

    Gotta be…Cathy Z

  38. surely it must be me !

  39. I can’t remember her last name, but would it be Kristi and didn’t she work with Cropper Hopper?
    Just my guess

  40. ok,
    Karen here again…Kristi Sikora-Blankenship…I finally remembered her last name!!!
    Karen B.

  41. Becky Higgins
    Heidi Swapp
    Or Kristi S from CH

  42. Becky Higgins??

  43. Becky Higgins??

  44. Jenni Bowlin? This is hard!!

  45. Tami Newman says:

    I would guess Aby Garvey

  46. Aby Garvey??
    Karen C(NH)

  47. Donna Downey?

  48. Aby Garvey??

  49. Lisa Bracale says:

    My guess is Wendy Smedley.

  50. Amanda V. says:

    I would have to guess Cathy Zielske
    ….am I right?
    and I just have to say that your new banner is becoming dangerous to me and my resolutions for the year, that brownie looks divine!!

  51. Amy W - Camden, Maine says:

    Alison Barnes or
    Alison Tyler Jones
    Both are your friends from sunny AZ

  52. Hi Stacy!
    I’ll guess Elisha Snow because I haven’t seen her name listed yet.

  53. Lain Ehmann

  54. I’ll guess Paula Wessells! :)

  55. Nicole Ward says:

    Donna Downey???

  56. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    Tina Cockburn?

  57. I’ll say…Tara Whitney

  58. I’m guessing Robin Johnson!

  59. Hi! I’m guessing Donna Downey…

  60. Robin Johnson for sure

  61. Grace Palazzolo says:

    Margie Romney from Making Memories? (fingeres crossed) LOL! Hugz Grace

  62. I don’t know…Lisa Bearnson

  63. My guess.. Emily Falconbridge
    I love that brownie too!!

  64. Susan Harrison says:

    Kristi Blankenship

  65. Is it Julie McGuffey?

  66. Teresa Collins, Danelle Johnson or Dee Groenig… ? I dunno, I was trying to think of someone in the south…

  67. Ann Mabee says:

    I’ll guess Emily Waters.

  68. Holy crapola! I almost forgot about the class registration! Sorry..LOL.. I have been alittle distracted with “date day” with my husband!No worries, just registered! See you in class! ;0)
    ps. doubt that i am the 1st person, or even right but my guess is Becky Higgins?(just b/c she lives in the hottest places in the country) Have fun organizing! :)

  69. Rebecca Cooper?

  70. Hmmm… I guess Erin Lincoln?

  71. I”m guessing Tara Whitney too??

  72. Sherrie Mannion says:

    My guess is Cathy Z.

  73. My guess is Becky Higgins.

  74. Heidi Swaap

  75. Becky Higgins or Lisa Bearnson

  76. Someone who hasn’t been mentioned is Jennifer Ditz McGuire, so I will say her.

  77. I’ll guess Aby Garvey but I’m not sure where she is located…hopefully it’s warm…:) Jenn

  78. Laurie Takens says:

    Is it Allison – your previous assistant?

  79. Sherrie Mannion says:

    OK, here’s my other guess…Denise Pauley? She’s an organizer but don’t know where’s she’s from….
    Ohhh…hope I’m right! This is fun!

  80. Katherine Brooks????

  81. Is it Wendy Smedley?

  82. Is it Tracy White?

  83. Nancy Lee says:

    My guess is Emily Waters. I would love to be right!

  84. My guess is Jami Waters? Or maybe Karen Russell?

  85. Teresa Cotterman says:

    Not gonna guess, someone else can win, but…that picture of those chocolate brownies sure is weakening my resolve to eat better this year;)(Got the recipe?)

  86. nat lyman says:

    im thinking becky higgins from arizona…she ws at ck 10 years ago and your weather would be a shock to her system…wish me luck!!!

  87. Anne-Marie says:

    My guess is Tracy White
    Hope I’m right!

  88. Annette Kuusinen says:

    Is it Rebecca Sowers? I can’t remember if she won Hall of Fame.

  89. I’ll have to say Becky Higgins! Have fun!

  90. Becky Higgins?

  91. Hi Stacey-
    My guess is Heidi Swapp. And I do have to add that you look gorgeous in that picture!
    Happy New Year!

  92. rachel in Cali. says:

    Hmm? How ’bout Christy Tomlinson?

  93. I think it is Ms… Tena Sprenger!

  94. OK, I so don’t know what happened. I posted a reply yesterday as soon as this blog entry appeared and I don’t see my post. My guess is Donna Downey – now someone else has guessed that so I’m no longer first :(

  95. Opps – now I see my post :o) The first ones are at the end!

  96. my guess is Denise Pauley.

  97. My guess is Becky Higgins…I’m sure someone else has posted it already, but I don’t have time to read them all!

  98. How ’bout Melody Ross?!

  99. How about Sara Tumpane?
    (Guessing blindly now- just trying to get some names out there that haven’t been mentioned yet!)

  100. I would say my friend Barb Steffan, but I think it is Becky Higgins!!

  101. OK, my last few guesses for the evening:
    Tracy Kyle, Erin Terril or Rhonda Soloman.

  102. Andrea F. says:

    I may be too late but I will guess Angie Lucas or Ali Edwards.
    Love your blog!!

  103. Andrea F. says:

    One more guess…
    Elizabeth Dillow???

  104. Andrea F. says:

    O.k. really, this is my last guess. Only because I just saw Elizabeth already listed, how about Kelli Crowe?
    I promise I am out of guesses now :)

  105. Becky Higgins

  106. Is it Melody from Chatterbox?

  107. Is it Melody from Chatterbox?

  108. Someone from Hawaii? I would love the scrapbook stuff for my far away sister!

  109. Tiffanycn says:

    Hi Stacy,
    It sounds like you and your friend will have a lot of fun sorting and scrapbooking. Is Tena Springer of Becky Higgins coming?

  110. Lori Patrick says:

    Aby Garvey? Hope that’s spelled correctly. :)

  111. Sherrie Mannion says:

    OK, here’s my final guess…Leah Fung…. Hope one of my guesses wins!
    Can’t wait to hear who it is.

  112. Aby Garvey

  113. Is it Becky Higgins?

  114. Dianne South Africa says:

    I think it is Becky Higgins. That would be so cool. enjoy!!!!

  115. Dianne South Africa says:

    Hi Stacy, second guess is Melody Ross, yes I am sure it is her.
    What a talented Lady

  116. Gosh … this is hard! My guess is either Kolette or Wilna.

  117. My guess is Lin Sorenson. And I can hardly wait to meet you at Scrapbowl’08!
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  118. Andrea F. says:

    Carolyn Jollye, Karen Glenn or Rachel Gainer???

  119. I’m thinking Julie McGuffy?

  120. not Melody cuz she lives in Idaho, so not a shock to her system.
    i am thinking Robin Johnson

  121. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    Lisa Damrosch?
    Are you busy Stacy?
    Has anyone guessed it yet?
    Are you waiting until someone actually guesses it right, before you update us?
    On person I know it’s not is Rebecca Cooper…she’s an Alberta girl, even if it’s just southern Alberta, she’s used to the cold.

  122. Heidi Swapp… that’d be some trip from China! Happy purging!

  123. total guess: Robin Johnson???
    peace and blessings, Cindy B.

  124. Sherrie Mannion says:

    OK, one more guess….Jenni Bowlin???

  125. Sherrie Mannion says:

    Or maybe Rhonna Ferrer?
    One of these has to be right!
    Thanks for the great contest!

  126. Lindsay Palamaruk says:

    Could it be Heidi Swapp??

  127. Could it be Cheryl Overton?

  128. okay, what exactly are “open and NOT visible” containers?? Can you tell I’m not in Wendy’s class? I’m dying but I’m dedictating spring to LOM . . . I’m doing the other 4 experts though! ~April

  129. Michelle M says:

    Could it be Wendy Smedley?

  130. Tracy B (in Alberta) says:

    “open and NOT visible” containers
    These are things that are open on the top but not see through. Like a tin bucket. There also is: open and visible. Closed and visible. Closed and not visible.

  131. Let’s try Jennifer McGuire…

  132. Andria B. says:

    Allison Tyler Jones

  133. It’s gotta be Heidi Swapp!

  134. I’m guessing Aby Garvey.

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