Winner #2 is …

Sandy, who was the first to guess 6 sets (or 18 socks) at 7:30 pm. Email me your address please!

Thanks everyone for guessing — come back tomorrow.


  1. Stacy, please, please don’t forget you have readers in different time zones

  2. I agree with the other comment. I only live on the East Coast, but I was in bed by the time you posted yesterdays question… and I was checking in all day long.

  3. Congrats Emily!

  4. LOL Congrats Sandy! Not sure where the Emily came from but my brain isn’t working very well this morning, I guess!

  5. Congrats Sandy….free yourself!

  6. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    congrats emily! stacy. i have a question. with all that winter weather you guys are having, what do you do for exercise? are u still running?

  7. Cat Geiger says:

    Congrats Sandy!! And thanks Stacy for doing this giveaway….you didn’t have to, but you did and that rocks!!

  8. Hi Stacy,
    Where else can I buy your book? Are you going to sell it at thanks,

  9. I live in the West .. but don’t check my emails/sites except for morning .. and then once in a while get to pop in while dinner is in the making… but hey .. good for all of you who do check the site at the right time! … I’ll patiently wait until it’s up on Amazon!

  10. Did you get your winner? I honestly don’t remember when or what I guessed, but my name is Sandy LOL :) Just thought I would check in!

  11. Congrats Sandy..enjoy the book!

  12. Stacy,
    Congrats, the book looks great! :-) I was checking for today’s giveaway, but gotta go to bed. Maybe tomorrow…

  13. 13. That is my answer even though you didn’t ask a question. I figured something to do with 13 applies for today if not just your 13th comment.

  14. Congrats Sandy!

  15. Ladies, I found a couple of pairs of Mismatched socks for 75% off at Barnes and Noble last night. It might be worth a call to see if your store has them on holiday clearance.

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