CHA, day one

Wasn’t planning on posting from CHA (I’m never sure if when I get here, I’m going to want to carry my camera, if I’m going to in fact remember to take pictures, if I’m going to make the time to post — etc, etc) Anyway, I wasn’t prepared for the rush of adrenaline I felt yesterday when I walked into the convention center. I guess it hit me, just how long I’ve been coming to these shows and how everything is so familiar and yet new all at the same time. Seriously, just so good to be here!

And, as a note — even a short report on the highlights thus far is long ….
(and please know that the light on the floor, combined with my lack of photography skills, leaves much to be desired)

The "Lucky" line from Rusty Pickle. Perfect for St. Patty’s and more. We are still seeing lots of flourishes and nested circles and blue and green (I am good with this.) Love that themes are often understated and yet available if you need them.

This delicious line is from Pine Cone Press. Great color and whimsical design dedicated to chocolate (what more do you need?) Paper front right is an "instant" love coupon book is you cut it up!

New rubber stamp company (to me) called Cornish Heritage Farms. Stamps are all handmade, right here in the US on a (you guessed it) old/restored farm! Hard to see I know, but GREAT/BIG journaling stamps in a beautiful deep-etched red rubber (I’m still a fan) that look like notebook and grid paper. They have a FAB line from designer Leslie Langdon, called Urban Grunge.

Another NEW company (to me anyway) called Dream Street Papers. They have grown "smart" and seem to really understand who they are and how they are unique in their market. This is Miron, one of their paper designers, holding up her paper purse (which was SO stickin’ cute) Each of their "lines" features six full papers and two smaller sheets, designed to work with their rectangle and square chipboard  pieces that would make assembling one of those cool/layered albums so EASY.

Not sure why I can’t keep my mouth closed, but next up … I met Jon The Warehouse Guy at Cosmo Cricket. If you have not seen any of their pre-show movie clips, you must go NOW. You will then understand my thrill in posing with this adorable man. Great company, great products …
LOVED the new Blackboard books …
Black, smooth chipboard (almost feels like a chalkboard) very cool!


Ok, this was one of my most exciting moments. Autumn Leaves has licensed Heather Baily. I will be posting more about her soon — please consider me thrilled. Look at this ….


cool package of mini folders and labels (Ooooh, the creative potential)


No show is complete for me, until I stop by Doodlebug. Wendy has been toting this bag for several months and for several months I have been dealing with some pretty steep feelings of envy. No more. I had to sing So I had a little chicken and he wouldn’t lay an egg …" and I did (nice and loud) but I got the bag.
Love this company, love the people … LOVE. You won’t believe how cool their new flock and boutique and velvet brads — delicious.

There’s so much more. Chatterbox has new, beautiful Artsylicious and Happy Day lines (saturated color and texture everywhere) Heidi Grace (gets the most prolific designer award in my book) has a brand new baby and seven new lines. Bazzill has beautiful wedding whites, a very fun "Lickety Slips" program for photo-album scrapbooking and PAPER BRADS … I could go on and on (but must now take a shower)

Angie made one more rather significant announcement was made last night on the Simple Blog (read all the details there) Tamara Morrison was crowned The FUNNEST Scrapbooker Ever (for the year 2007) and we all had a blast meeting and getting to know her better.


  1. I used to sing Had a Little Chicken to my son when he was a baby- it was the ONLY thing that would get him to stop crying!! hehe. The new products look so great- thank you for sharing! have fun!

  2. Such wonderful papers! It must be so much fun to attend CHA and see all those samples and ideas. Thanks for sharing the excitement, Stacy, and all the links.

  3. Stacy, thanks for posting! I love seeing the pictures from CHA! If you ever need someone to carry your camera for you just give me a buzz because I have always wanted to go!

  4. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for the peek into CHA. I am very excited to see the Heather Bailey collection too.

  5. Marta Valdes says:

    Hi Stacy:
    Thank you for sharing all of the wonderfull new products coming out. Have fun and enjoy your new tote bag. Love it!

  6. Thanks for telling us about Jon the warehouse guy. His videos are hilarious!!

  7. Cyndi Hoehn says:

    Wow! lots of cool stuff we wouldn’t get to see (since we didn’t get go) waaaaa
    Thanks for sharing these great finds!

  8. Oh oh oh…I want that bag!!!

  9. Check out 7gypsies and let me know what you think.

  10. Don’t you love the Cornish Heritage Farms stamps? I have a couple sets and a backgrounder..they are such great quality!!

  11. Love those bags that the very talented Dana Miron (Miron is actually her last name :)) made from her papers! She’s promised me directions one of these days.

  12. thanks for sharing with us, it is nice to see all the great stuff, feels like we’re there, and we are at least in spirit. have fun

  13. Day one looks and sounds so great. I’m sooooooooo envious. Velvet brads? Ooooooooooo! I can’t wait until these hit the market (I’m a huge brad junkie). Thanks for the peek.

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that line “lucky” from Rusty Pickle how cute is that!

  15. Tracy (in Alberta) says:

    I think I would go crazy if I went to CHA, I would just go into sensory meltdown. WOW

  16. Thanks for posting the pictures, we’re honored to have Cosmo Cricket featured on your blog!

  17. Awesome peek into CHA! Thanks! Lovin’ the papers & all the fun new things…. looks like I need to get another job…..

  18. Lucky Ducky!! u get to fondle ALL these goodies. Keep sharing the CHA gossip.LOL.

  19. Lucky Ducky!! getting 1st dibbbs fondling all the NEW lovelies. Keep up the GREAT job sharing the CHA gossip. LOL.

  20. Love your sneak peeks Stacey, all different from mine- I didn’t see a lot of these! I adored the new Chaterbox too, as well as the Cosmo Cricket blackboard, very cool. Did you finally get to October Afternoon?
    It was SOOOO great to meet you and talk with you over dinner Monday night. :) :) :) Hope you finally got warmed up, and got to see a bit more yesterday at the show! ;)

  21. Hey Stacy!
    It was fabulous to meet you at CHA! Thank you for the great plug for Cornish Heritage Farms! I have had a few friends send me the link just as giddy as can be to see Lisa and I up here! :) Thank you again~ Have a good restful weekend….after a week at CHA it will be needed! :)

  22. woohooo!! thanks for the scoop!!

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