More from the book, The Comfort of Color

I believe that almost all of us thrive when surrounded by colorsl I’m not just a chromophile I’m a chromofiend. I love colors with a capital C. Colors that sing, dance, and dazzle. Colors that can’t be ignored:




kiwi green


Prussian Plum


fireball orange


Cajun red

Colors that raise your spirits and bring something to the party–in fact, colors that create the party.  Susan Sargent

Color is much more than a expression of sytle. It feeds our minds in a way that nothing else can. Norwegian color therorist Grete Smedal pleads that "colour should involve and engage people if it is to increase the quality of life." Opening our eyes to color–becoming chromophiles–changes the way we see.

and speaking of the comfort of color … I simply MUST show you what I
received a week or so ago at the Crop Because You Care in Salt Lake
City. Meridy, one of the event coordinators created a quilt for me!
What was so interesting is that the quilt was on display all day at the
crop and I noticed it several times. It features all of my happiest
colors. I just assumed it was there as one of the silent auction items.
The hours  that I’m there always fly by as I love just chatting and
walking around to see what everyone is working on. Wendy and Angie from
SS came early in the evening and we all assisted in the judging of the
page contest. Anyway, I announced the winners and then they said "We
have something for our quest judges. …"

This is where I’m looking at Wendy, trying to maintain composure and seriously .. all of my colors. I was even wearing them. I matched the quilt! so FUN.

I assumed a goody bag, like the others, until I realized that Meridy
was standing behind me, holding this quilt and then I just lost it. I
cannot believe she would take the time to create something like this
for me — unbelievable.

Sheez, I try to give a little back and I always
end up with so much more (one of the miracles in life)
I now have a gorgeous handmade quilt to display in my memory room and I LOVE it and will treasure it.

Thanks to everyone on the Crop Because You Care team and especially Meriday (wow.) Ok — and one more thing. Emilie Ahern the grand prize winner is sharing her prize (in a very cool pay it forward way.)

Go here and learn more.

thank you Emilie!


  1. Cat Geiger says:

    What a special gift!! I am so ready to dive into Photo Freedom, any idea when it will be ready to ship?

  2. What a great story. So true about trying to give, but reveiving so much more.

  3. Ok I meant receiving, as soon as I pressed send I noticed it – too late! Guess it shows how much I depend on spell check.

  4. then this must mean I am a chromophobe. I fear color! I only use the same 4-5 colors in my scrapping. Black, white, red, tan and navy blue. Oh and brown…..
    Is there hope for me??

  5. Crop Because You Care was so much fun! We met and chatted briefly, about my little guy, Henry, and your little girl. I have to admit that I drooled over your quilt–the colors are gorgeous, and the quilting was so beautifully done. It was lovely to meet you, and I’m looking forward to Photo Freedom, too. :)

  6. What a beautiful gift…and great colors. Any word on when your book is shipping? I am dying to read it!!

  7. Cindy McDannold says:

    Oh, do I love color. It makes my whole body come alive. It distracts and plays with my emotions. I skip from one color to another…experiencing the joy it gives me. Scrapbooking has fulfilled my need to create with color. It frees me need to see orange, lime green and deep purple! I work as a floral designer and color not only is a part of my life, I think it makes my life better. I’m a chromophile and I’m proud of it. Cindy

  8. Deb Jones says:

    Color. Yes!!!! I’m all about color. You should see my scraproom. Stacy, several pictures of it are posted on the Gallery for Get Organized and Inspired class (I’m DeeJay). Bright Yellow walls with purple and bright pnk and blue accents.

  9. Here is a fun link to some HGTV tips on living with color. It is a great starting point for thinking about how you might live with more color in your home. Besides, it will give us something to think about until our copies of Photo Freedom arrive :o)

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