Got Paint?

For those of you that missed Emily Falconbridges’ GOT PAINT class, I am truly sorry.

Read these comments from her message board …
"I generally read these posts and do not post myself, but I do have to say how inspiring this class has been. It has, of course, enabled me to be creative and learn new techniques with paint, but more than that – I have pulled out "old product" from my supplies and incorporated it into my layouts. I haven’t felt like creating anything in months and suddenly in one night, I created 4 fantastic layouts based on the new techniques! The other great thing is that once you have a few basic supplies, you can create a bunch of pages without spending extra money. And, I love the fact that I can incorporate my kids in the projects. We stayed busy for half an hour adhering masking tape to a 12×12 piece of paper and the layout was much better because they mixed it up much more than I would have. Thanks Emily I look forward to Got Paint 2"

I LOVE this … even the clean up is inspiring …
"I love to wash out my brushes in the sink and watch the colors run together. It makes like a beautiful rainbow soup. I know, it’s a little weird, but fun! :)"

And then this small world connection — we have the coolest hobby you know?
"Just arrived home from a weekend in Edmonton (500 km south of me, the big city!) where I had a really interesting encounter. One of my missions for the weekend was to pick up more supplies including foam stamps and metallic paints. Well, the lady at the till in the art store in West Edmonton Mall asked me what I was going to use them for and I mentioned a class, the next lady in line asked if it was an online class? at BPS? Got Paint? It turned out to be Veronica from this class!!!! It was very cool the chat IRL!!! HI VERONICA!!!!! I didn’t get to paint this weekend but had fun meeting her and buying supplies, hope to get to this weeks assignment before Week 4 gets here."

I peeked at the gallery and was completed floored by the variety and artistic expression inside!!
LOVED this — colors, design and of course message …

created by Maria from El Granada, CA — using stamps from Club Scrap
(thanks for letting me share btw)

I’m thinking we’d better run this class again, what do you say?

[and don't forget I'm over at the Studio this month -- come say hi!]


  1. Better yet – offer Got Paint 2! I loved that class!!!!! It was so much fun. I am still having a blast playing around with the paints. very freeing and playful! Between Got Paint and LOAD I created over 40 layouts in January and I am still going (not quite at that pace though!) Thanks so much for a great website and offering such amazing classes through it!

  2. I hadn’t been on your blog in while. I lost all my favorites due to a stolen lap top! I love your new look. Very nice picture of you!

  3. Yes! (to offering Got Paint again). It sounds wonderful and just up my alley.

  4. Yes please! I would love to take it! I didn’t have a chance this time.

  5. oh my! To surf into Stacy’s blog and find myself quoted!! How stunning is that. I had that small world connection experience! and it was SO fun! I LOVED Got Paint and would take it again in any form. I am now following Em’s blog with her “word” posts. And now have to take an extra tote to crops with all my paint stuff! LOL

  6. Got Paint is the second most important scrap class I have ever taken next to LOM! It totally transformed my style and brought out my heart onto my scrapbook pages in a way I had never seen before. Totally freeing! It also made me realize I really am a scrapbook artist and I really can take ownership of that and let go of my doubting self. Please offer Got Paint 2!

  7. I’m definitely interested – especially after reading those comments. Thanks for asking – and thanks for all the great stuff BPS is doing for me!

  8. Therese Bradley says:

    Got Paint was super freeing and creative. The chats were so amazing. Everyone was sharing what they had tried and experimented with. I would love love love a Got Paint 2. I would take Got Paint again. I would advise people to run to sign up if you offer it again.

  9. Just wanted to thank you for letting me in on Cornish Heritage Farms. I found them through your blog which I have been reading for the past few months and got my first order of 13 stamps today. I am in love with them. THank you!!

  10. Hi Stacy, you should definitely run the class again. i took it and loved it-it really showed me how to use my “old” supplies in new ways, and i’m not afraid to use new & old together anymore. i even used the techniques on my HOF entry, they looked so good! Thanks for having this class. i’ve recommended it to friends who already know how to paint! -amy

  11. Hi Stacy, you should definitely run the class again. i took it and loved it-it really showed me how to use my “old” supplies in new ways, and i’m not afraid to use new & old together anymore. i even used the techniques on my HOF entry, they looked so good! Thanks for having this class. i’ve recommended it to friends who already know how to paint! -amy

  12. Judy in Carefree says:

    Wonderful class. Em is great! Now all I have to do is finish my projects. Please run it again!

  13. Got Paint was a great class. The class gallery was AMAZING!! Just got back from Scrap Bowl. Loved your Finish Line class Stacy. Had a 10 hour drive home to Canada – read your book the entire way (my husband drove). After experiencing your class, I’m going to put the photoFREEDOM approach into practice – I trust you. Also,I’m going to use the Finish Line technique to finally scrap my honeymoon pictures (21 years later). Planning to use this on so many other projects. Can’t wait to get to them. What you do and teach from the heart is so important!!! Thank you Stacy

  14. Stacy – the Got Paint class was one of my favorite BPS classes I have taken so far. I would love to see a Got Paint pt. 2 from Emily. I really do believe it would be a well received class.

  15. This class looks fabulous. I wonder if a non-painter can be successful with it also?

  16. I love your blog. Your story on Altogether Too Happy is way too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Honestly, I thought it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.
    I loved how Em taught us to use our older stuff by making it new again with paint. No need to throw out my ugly old patterned paper — just paint over it with a hip color (or two or three)! :-D
    Ummm, yeah, if you do offer a “Got Paint 2″ class, you can count me in! :-)

  18. Yes,YES AND YES again….please have this class and 52 card pick Up again. I was not able to sign up for either one and would love the chance to take both classes :)
    I’ve heard so many great things about both!!! Just wanted to add that I love everyone over at BPS. I’ve never done anything creative but after finding you gals Lives never been the same again. THANKS

  19. I would love to take this class! There was too much going at the first of the year for me to squeeze it in. Please offer it again. Maybe in the summer so my kids can paint too! :)

  20. Lynn Herrick says:

    How fun to see my words first thing on your blog today. I really did enjoy the class and am hoping that Em teaches a local class here in San Diego soon because I would love to meet her and learn more. Looking forward to your class too!

  21. That’s me on your blog!!! How cool. Hi Margaret! Thanks Stacy for offering this cyber learning network for scrapbookers. I have loved all the classes i have taken at BPS. Faves would definitely include AYTR, Got Paint and Doodle all day. So looking forward to LOM. I am excited but also scared about all the work. See you in class!

  22. Nancy Robertson says:

    I was in the class and absolutely loved it. I want a Got Paint 2! It was really very freeing. I’ve learned I don’t need to spend a lot of money on unique chipboard and papers…I can make them myself with paint that costs next to nothing. It was a great class!

  23. Julie Haynes says:

    I was the the one who made the “rainbow soup” comment! :) How funny. I LOVED this class. I am a traditional scrapper, but this class awoke something in me,and I am forever grateful to Emily for showing us something so simple and different. My pages will never have the same look again. I am using up more of my old supplies and trying things that I never thought I would. I would absolutely sign up for another class taught by Emily! She is fabulous! Thanks! Julie H.

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