I love color …

because I believe this (quote) with all my heart. Sounds a little strong I know, but I’m serious …

My mission: To share my conviction that color, in the form of vivid textiles, paints, and objects, is a surefire way to beat the blues, as well as combat the monotony, lack of originality, and sheer charmlessness of most modern generic interiors. My goal, through color, is to achieve simple, unassuming comfort to nurture us in our homes—which are, after all, the most pure expressions of our individualty.    Susan Sargent

If you love color, you will LOVE Susan’s book, The Comfort of Color.

btw, I’m over here, giving away packs of colorful cardstock, from World Win.


  1. Tracy (in Alberta) says:

    What a great quote! And so true.

  2. Oh my goodness I love those colors

  3. Just wanted to say that it was so fun to meet you Saturday! This was my third year going to CBYC, but the first time meeting you. I’m loving BPS so much (I told you how many classes I’ve taken). Thank you so much for the wonderful things you do and the inspiration you are to so many.
    -Jenn Guymon

  4. I just want to say for the record that World Win cardstock is the BEST! Their DoubleMate lines are AMAZING!

  5. So true! With this gray, foggy weather we’re having I am loving the yellow and red in my living room and the cider and wood tones in our family room soooo much. Almost like comfort food for my soul!

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