If you are headed to CHA …

come say hello!


I’d love to see you! If you’re not in "hopefully sunny" California, then stop by the SS Studio Blog.

And don’t forget … "It’s amazing how interesting you become as soon as you ask a good question. Most people love talking about themselves. And they love it even more when you seem genuinely interested in what they have to say. Make eye contact, and act like the person you are talking to is the only one in the room. Crack jokes, tease, tell a good story — but stay focused on them and be sure to let on little about yourself."

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  1. Do you think you will be attending the Summer CHA in July?
    I met you once at a CKC in your Backstage Class (which BTW is the best class I ever took) and I would love to meet you again.

  2. Enjoy your time at CHA. I’ll be reading the Blog to hopefully catch a glimpse of some ‘new’ stuff and YOU! Wish I could attend.

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