so you want to be a chromophile …

well, brace yourself:

Today’s chromopiles must swim upstream against the prevailing tide. It might be a stretch to compare our troubles or talents to Van Gogh’s day (Van Gogh, a confirmed chromophile had to fight a very traditional color establishment, but paved the way for free-thinkers to come) but we too have to work hard to hold to our convictions. As shoppers, we are barraged by the conformity of goods. Finding well-designed and richly colored products can be frustrating, time-consuming , and often unduly expensive. An average store features two options: Safe Color (beige, burgandy, hunter green, navy) or Bright Color that is childhood garish (think Teletubbies) Products are so heavily circumscribed by retail dictators that we’re left with the narrowest of options. Test-marketing ensures that no item should be "challenging" (i.e., interesting) or risky. We the people are presented with the lowest common denominator, stamped with the seal of commercial approval by stern chromophobes . . . As adults, our brains have the capacity to perceive an estimated 7 million different shades. Yet most of us forget, or fear, to use and develop this gift we are born with.

Chromophiles unite — life is too short for beige!

If you are in fact working on liberating a supressed chromophile, pick up the new Pottery Barn Spring 2008 catalog and feel the confidence well up inside of you. Go here, for a page by page listing of the new Benjamin Moore for Pottery Barn paints. Serious inspiration (for home or scrapbooks)

have a colorful day, and come see me over at the studio.


  1. Another thing I LOVE about PB is that the stores have a ring of paint swatches that match those benjamin moore colors! I love looking through my rings that I’ve collected! ~april

  2. It’s neat that you are talking so much about colors lately. We purchased our first home, (built between 1914-1916) about 6 months ago and it is covered in bland wallpaper that has flowers of all sorts. I love flowers but not like this. And for the 1st time in my life, I get to choose the colors to go on my walls. Unfortunatley it isn’t my forte since I don’t have much experience with color. My mom never decorated with color so I didn’t learn it from her & now I’m struggling to find the colors that go but that I enjoy. SO far I’ve painted 2 rooms and my favorite by far is my guacamole green kitchen. I’m totally in love with it & have been enjoying cooking in there every since. It really makes me happy!! Now I have to find other colors for my living room, dining room, and the bedrooms that make me happy. Surrounding oneself with colors that are happy is bound to make one happy & happiness is contagious! Have a happy color filled day!

  3. Love the link to the PB colors–and my house is already painted with most of those colors (except the yellows)–how cool is that?! May have to look into getting a yellow or orange something!

  4. LateBlossom says:

    I used the PB catalog for color inspiration for a variety of cards I made. Wonderfully inspiring! Now, I just need to get color into my beige home….

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