August Rush is …

quite possibly my new favorite movie. If you haven’t seen it yet — RENT it!

I’m taking the kiddos to Seattle for Spring Break.
Be back on Friday.

and check out what the SS team sent me today, for my final "send off"

It’s poster of all the Simple Covers over the last six years.
I LOVE it!!

Thanks girls.


  1. I thought “August Rush” was my new favorite movie, that is, until I watched “The Martian Child” the very next day.
    Wow – two very powerful movies – but with such amazing adoption themes.
    Have a great Spring Break!
    -Karen F.

  2. We just watched August Rush over the weekend. I really liked it, but was wanting more interaction at the end. A hug, a tear, maybe a conversation! I was desperate to see more, but no, it just wasn’t there!

  3. 1. that poster is so cool
    2. love your pig tails
    3. I watched AUGUST RUSH last night on pay per view & my son fell asleep on the couch & I had my husband pick him up and put him on my lap so I could snuggle with my sleeping boy for the rest of the movie. That movie was so great. Of course I cried through most of it (I can’t watch movies w/o crying – or even puppy chow commercials for that matter).

  4. p.s. i think i bought 3 of the old simples at the craft store & i started subscribing when they changed over to the current format

  5. Love the poster!! What a great gift for a very deserving person!
    Haven’t seen the movie! guess i will have to check it out :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  6. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    Very cool collage! Have a good Spring Break! Ours was last week, back to the grind today.

  7. What a great picture, love it! And August Rush is a wonderful movie, my daughter got it for Easter… she plays the violin and loves anything music related.

  8. I have seen that movie twice.. and loved it both times.. such a moving movie.. I cried both times!!! glad u loved it!

  9. I haven’t seen the movie but will have to keep my eyes open for it….but just have to say that poster is amazing! I will be weird not seeing you in the pages anymore! I have every on of those copies. SS is the only magazine that I have held on to because of the simpleness of it all, the ideas and LOs never age and I have often looked back through old copies for an idea! thanks Stacy:) Enjoy spring break with the kiddos.

  10. I watched August Rush at the theater a few months ago, and I just watched it again this weekend on pay per view. It’s a wonderful movie!

  11. Okay, you’re starting to freak me out a little. First you post about the very paper sitting on my table that I’m in love with, and then you post about the movie I have been raving about all day!

  12. So, here’s an interesting parallel universe thingy: I took my kids to Seattle for our Spring Break last week, and we watched August Rush on PPV! I knew I adored you!!!
    Hope your visit is better than ours was, it rained & snowed!!! Our highlights were the Pacific Science Center, riding the monorail, playing at one of the beaches to hunt for shells, and a face painting set my dd got and used on everyone!
    Have a wonderful time!

  13. I had heard such awesome things about it…I went to Hollywood Video to rent it and couldn’t find it…I asked, and they said, “Oh, we won’t be carrying it. Blockbuster made a deal with the movie makers and they’ll be carrying it.” Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  14. Yvonne Busdeker says:

    LOVE August Rush – awesome movie.
    What a sweet frame that did for you. Something to be very proud of!

  15. Heather C says:

    I was just home this past week and my parents told me about this movie — watched the movie trailer and cannot wait to see it. Looks awesome.
    What a cool gift — the girls are really going to miss you!!! (as are the readers!)
    Seattle is so awesome in the spring — hope you have good weather. Was there about 8 years ago in April and we had 2 days of sunshine and 60+ degree temps. It was beautiful. Take LOTS of pictures (liek you wouldn’t) Great place to create a color album!

  16. August Rush is one of my now all time favs. The movie brings your heart places you would not imagine them to go. Congratulations on your choices, I admire you for them.
    (“the” Yours, Mine and Ours” of CKC Seattle ’07

  17. Just saw August Rush last night and am still “listening” today. I also read a cool thought that says when you are silent you can then listen. They have the same letters…just scrambled! If we all could be silent a little more to listen to what the world has to offer!!

  18. Vickie Jones says:

    Now that is simply a classy gift!

  19. Oh I only did a blog post about this movie the other day. Watched it on the weekend. The best movie ever!

  20. Amy Dow says:

    Hey Stacy…I just started visiting your blog. Let me sum it up for you….
    1. I am reading “The Big Picture” and it is changing my crafting life … I spent yesterday organizing my color drawers and I am amazed at the simplicity of this act and how much it will impact my scrapbooking process! I am not an artist or a graphic designer, I am English major turned elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom and I love any type of organization tool that makes the process easier and the result more amazing…thank you again!
    2. I can’t wait to get “Photo Freedom” and pour over it!
    3. I love your scrapbooking style!
    4. I just watched August Rush 2 nights ago on On Demand and it captivated me! So moving!
    5. I loved your Mister Roger’s posting… he was a great man and had a huge impact on a whole generation of children.
    6. Finally, I write too much which is why I never post anything…I just read…but I had to say thank you to you for sharing! Mr. Rogers would have been proud.
    Amy from Illinois

  21. What an awesome gift — it’s going to look great in your scrap room.

  22. What a fab pressie, those girl’s are so creative and thoughtful x

  23. mary Erickson says:

    what a cool gift! and the memories you have to go with each one!! know it was a hard decision to step down but blessings to you in this next life phase.

  24. OMG. I so agree. That was one of the VERY best movies in such a long time..
    Maybe they will make more ‘good’ ones..
    Have a great day and spring break!!! Stacy.
    Such a thoughtful gift they gave you.
    You are the best. Bilie

  25. Won’t that look stunning in your craft room? You should be very proud of all of those covers as you put a lot of your heart and soul into them. Enjoy! Also, enjoy Spring Break with your family.

  26. how AMAZING!
    I can imagine how proud they are of you :)

  27. Jenn Guymon says:

    Wow!!! That video from donna was amazing! You will definitely be missed by many, many people. You have inspired so many of us.
    As for the movie, “August Rush”, I ABSOLUTELY loved it!!! I want to buy it, but will settle for renting it again soon!
    Love the poster! Have fun on Spring Break. I love Seattle!

  28. First I love it! Second I am always inspired by you. Third, love the green wall what colour is it????

  29. Michele says:

    Wow–is really cool and so thoughtful! It will look awesome in your scrap room! :)
    I have “August Rush” in my Netflix que (sp). Can’t wait to see it!
    I love your paint colors–can you tell me the name of the green and tan? Such great colors!
    Have a fun vacation!

  30. Now THAT is a cool and thoughtful gift! I love it!

  31. I wanted to pass along my congratulations to you on your many successes at Simple and to the start of something fresh in your near future! I, too, am in a time of big transition, converting from a part-time working mama to a full-time stay-at-home mom, and the future is looking pretty scary at this point! all those “unknowns”, ya know? i’m sure it will be great, but change is nervewracking!!!!
    Best wishes to you!!!

  32. I love that poster, i have to rent that movie,i always end up just watching kids movies because of my son,have a great day Stacy, hugs, Rosa.

  33. What a perfect place to work! Your staff really appreciates you. And they should! Those magazine covers are a testament to what you have done. Yeah,Stacy! You deserve lots of good wishes, so here is mine!
    And I love all the things you do on your blog!

  34. Jan Smith says:

    Thank you Stacy, for sharing your techniques and ideas. They are totally unique, in an industry that has been commercialised to the max.
    There has never been any shortage of layout ideas, product suggestions or clever new trends for pages. The one, most crucial element that was missing, was the ‘foundation’ for scrapbooking. It was as though the windows were all tizzied up and the interior decorations were thought out in elaborate detail, but there was scant homage paid to the structure that supported all this peripheral carry-on. What options are there for grouping our photos, and then our layouts, into albums? Who are we recording these memories for? With the afore-said in mind, what photos, layouts and journaling will be the most meaningful? Can we scrap beyond the chronological?
    Nobody else was answering these myriad questions. You did. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart (where we know all the ‘best-est’ hugs lie!!) Thank you and HUGS!!! Jan Smith (Australia)

  35. I know what you mean about August Rush! Brilliant film. I wish the ending had been stronger, though. LOVED the music!

  36. Jennafer M says:

    I LOVE August Rush too. It’s beautiful and about following your heart and it’s so YOU. ;) Glad you saw it – I was going to recommend it to you.
    Glad you like the poster too! :)
    Love and hugs,

  37. my daughter has made up a happy little song about you (she scrapbooks with me and we listen to your podcasts on the lom)

  38. I absolutely love August Rush too! The poster was a great idea!

  39. I took your advice. We rented August Rush this weekend. It was FANTASTIC! But I have to agree with another person who commented that the ending left me wanting more….much more! Though the ending was disappointing, I loved the movie, and that little boy…well I could just squish his cute little cheeks!

  40. What an amazing and perfect gift for you, Stacy!! :)

  41. love the pig tails . . .love your style. can’t wait to see what lies ahead in your future…hopefully another keynote at the ctmh convention so i can finally get to meet you.

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