Five Photo Freedom Winners

Sorry — the events of the last few days threw me off a little on my BLOG Party for Mr. Rogers!
How thrilling to see so many of you respond with such enthusiasm — thank YOU.

I’ll be adding all of the sweater pics you sent me to a photo album ASAP.
In the meantime, here are the winners …



Guess what? Tammy actually has a red, zippered cardigan — how cool is that?

She says: We really did have a beautiful day here in Northern Illinois, which is always a welcome surprise in March. It’s Easter, and I made the most of this day by taking the opportunity to explain in a little bit more detail to my growing boys why we celebrate Easter and what Jesus’ death and resurrection means to us. I am always grateful to be there for those "magic moments" when they are able to understand and appreciate a little bit more truth.

I think Tammy is a beautiful person and mother. Check out the layout she made at the bottom of this post. She took Library of Memories online and is finding great freedom with her photos! She and all of the other winners will receive a copy of Photo Freedom after they EMAIL ME their snail mail addys!


Luka Bella

says: Thanks for reminding me of memories of such an endearing man. I made the most of my day by reading a few extra good night books to the kids. I also pulled out a cute blue sweater that I totally forgot I owned

Love that. Isn’t that what we do as scrapbookers — remind our families of endearing memories. Love how stickin’ cute she is in her sweater and in her space! Love that it’s the simple things, like reading an extra book or two or simply finding and using something you "forgot" you had.

great advice!



Listen to what Emilie did to make her blustery day more beautiful …

I made the most of this slightly blustery day by inviting some girlfriends and their kids to go out to lunch at McDonalds with me. I always have this weird High-School fear of calling friends to go out. Like I am a chubby girl asking a popular boy to the prom. But today I got over it and assumed they would love to hang with me and my monkey-children. Who wouldn’t? And it was tons of fun.

she adds …  And although Mr. Dress-Up from Canadian Public Television could kick Mr. Rogers’ butt, it has not dampened my respect from the soft spoken Mr. Rogers! 

Clearly, I need to meet Mr. Dress-Up.



About Mr. Rogers: "I know he has been teased by the teenage masses for talking about feelings so much, but honestly, don’t you think he was a good man? I think he just wanted kids to like themselves… to believe in themselves… and to make choices that would bring hope and joy into their lives."

I agree with Heather, who said, to made the most of her beautiful day, by promising to: "enjoy the sunshine, enjoy my children, and appreciate the gift of today." If more people would do that more often, we would live in a very beautiful world!


Leigh Ann

I love what she posted on her blog about Mr. Rogers:

"He maintained his principles in the face of temptation and pressure, proving that being gentle is not the same as being weak and that the really important things don’t change. In the end we are better people, both children and adults, because of Mr. Rogers. He held up a mirror to us so we could see ourselves. He helped us see that we were special. And he showed us that everyone else is special too, deserving of love and respect and care."

so true. She says she loved him in spite of the fact that her brothers were always poking fun and dissing on him (I can’t relate to that!)

Leigh Ann made the most of her beautiful Arizona day by photographing her kids in Easter-related activities. She had to wait until the sun went down to don her sweater — but she then stepped in front of the camera for this shot! 

Thanks AGAIN for your participation and eagerness to have a little fun.


Here’s Tammy’s layout, as promised!

And …  here’s a few pics from our family’s party last night
(courtesy of my friends at Simple Scrapbooks –thanks so much girls!)



So much FUN!!


  1. super cool stuff & loved reading all the comments w/ their pictures – especially luka & her cute scrap space :)

  2. p.s. wearing my hot pink zip up cardigan today (even though i live in florida my husband keeps out office at about 68 degrees so i’m always cold here & have to wear a sweater with extra long sleeves to keep my fingers warm enough to type!)

  3. Lovin’ all the Mr. Rogers stuff. It wasn’t until I read Big Picture that I realized what an impact he made on my life and I wonder how many other people I’m forgetting. I am constantly trying to remember my childhood so I can tell stories . . . and I just can’t seem to remember. :(
    I also love all the bright happy party stuff that the simple girls sent you! You so deserved a party – very fun!!! The note from Chase to Clark and the boys and dad too – WAY CUTE! . . . ~april

  4. congratulations girls! fun pictures.
    I’m really sad, unfortunately you didn’t pick me ;-( Stacy how is it possible you missed me???? Me with my new Easter cardigan. I had really, really, really set my hope on winning a copy because until now it isn’t available in Europe.
    So I have to keep on searching again ;-)

  5. MaconScrapper says:

    It is too much fun seeing our very on Tammy from TSR. Hey Tammy, We love you and congratulations. Your family from

  6. Congrats ladies..! My girlfriend won YA..!

  7. Jen Kallis says:

    You would have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Mr. Dress-Up. He was an amazing, amazing man. He actually started in the states with Mr. Rogers (I assume they were life long friends), but he made his way up to Canada, and touched the lives of millions of Canadian kids. He unfortunately has passed away on September 18, 2001, but I always tell my kids that the kids in heaven needed him too. You will meet him one day too, look for the great man surrounded by kids getting dressed up from the Tickle Trunk.

  8. Oh, how I wish you could meet Mr. Dress Up, too. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago. I was a faithful Mr. Dress Up watcher as a child (we didn’t get Mr. Rogers where I lived) and he was a gentle, kind and fun man. His world of make-believe was enchanting and it was a sad day when he died. Anyone who watched either of these men on television truly learned a lot.

  9. Tracy B (inAlberta) says:

    Mr DressUp rocked!! He was so crafty and I loved his Tickle Trunk (aka dress up box). HEY, I probably got my first dose of crafts from watching Mr. Dress Up.
    Eric McCormack from the Will & Grace show is Canadian, he named his son Finnigan which was the dog’s name on Mr Dress Up, saw him a few times explaining where the name came from.

  10. Ann Grounds says:

    I think I remember seeing a few episodes of Mr. Dress Up, growing up in Everett. I am trying to remember if Mr. Green Jeans was part of his show or if he had his own. PS racking my brain to remember if I knew Cathy Z or not…I didn’t hang with the stoners, but I knew a few ;o)

  11. Cute pictures of all the sweater-wearers. I missed the party for Mr. Rogers, but it’s probably for the best, since it’s a bit too hot for a sweater here in Las Vegas! :-)

  12. Congrats ladies! Loved the sweaters and the tribute to Mr. Rogers!

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