I had the wonderful opportunity recently to "sit down" with my friend Helen at and talk about life and the pursuit of photo freedom (both the book and the feeling.) You can have a listen here.

I always love chatting with Helen, as I believe we are kindred spirits …

Helen is Host of MomTalk and the Senior Producer of  With two school aged kids with special needs, a home based job and a love for community charity work – life is busy.  Helen’s solution: tackle the day 15 minutes at a time and keep looking ahead!

see what I mean?

[thanks for the interview Helen]


I’m also a bit behind the curve in sharing this cool NEW cafe press store with you. Cathy Zielske  spear-headed the design and launch of this convenient one-stop shop for Simple branded wear (hip, hip, hooray)  to make it easier for YOU to show your support and enthusiasm for all things Simple! I happening to be wearing my green on pink, Jr. Ringer "T" right now.

The "Wear Your Sweater Day"  photos are coming in and I’ll get them up soon. I am wearing a sweater again today, but only in honor of our lovely spring weather (can you believe it?)

photos taken off my deck …

March, 21st 2007

this is the photo I took last year on March 21st — hello?

Will close with this very fascinating blog post from Seth Godin on "alphabetical" order. It has primary relevance for information recall using the Internet and the many techno-gadgets that are a major part of our life, but I also find his reasoning for other approaches to ordering systems very insightful (if you can stretch your mind a bit) in the context of scrapbooking and telling stories.

See what you think?


  1. Katherine says:

    Stacy, I have just listened to your interview and loved it. I am in that place right now where I need to slow down and appreciate that life with my two little boys will not always be this hard, or this fun, and savour every last second. Thank you for taking the time to connect with so many people. Katherine, England xx

  2. oh no! a simple shirt? folks, its Good Friday? do we have to hear about consumerism, something to buy?

  3. MaryRuth says:

    LOVE THE SHIRT!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Loved the interview! Love the “spring” pictures! :) Have you heard of the AmazonKindle? I know you do a lot of reading and traveling and although it’s a bit pricey, it looks incredible!!! Check it out on the Amazon homepage, if you haven’t seen it already. :) Thanks for the blog party–I love Mr. Rogers!!!

  5. fran heupel says:

    Stacy loved your interview with Helen. So much wonderful information for all to listen to and enjoy.

  6. Stacy, a question to add to your next LOM or Photo Freedom roundup…How do your AC modern albums hold up if you don’t completely decorate them? Mine are so rough around the edges, and they don’t get handled that much.

  7. I have been devouring your new book. Well, it must be rubbing off because today I thought about a connection between the present and the past. I blogged about it today with old and new pictures. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Great post! Thanks.

  9. Hey Stacy & Happy Stacy Appreciation Week! I definately appreciate what you’ve done to my scrapbooking world – thanks for all the inspiration. Whats your next project? Can’t wait to find out!

  10. Stacy, knowing how much you love colours, I just felt compelled to share with you this incredible find I made on the Internet today: If you are already familiar with this site, please ignore my comment. Have yourself a beautiful Easter Monday. Sophie (The Netherlands)

  11. Stacy! I could not believe it when I read that you are leaving Simple. I only worked with you at conventions for a little while but in the time that we worked together I had so much fun! You always made me smile on those long convention days! I know you are on to bigger things and I am so happy for you!

  12. cheryl927 says:

    Just read the Simple blog!?!?!? What’s that all about? Where are you going, Stacey? Whatz happenin’?

  13. Kelly Hicks says:

    WHAT??? Man – we will miss you!
    Maybe that means you’ll be doing new & different cool stuff???
    Maybe this will be a good thing for SJ fans?!
    Good luck!

  14. Hi Stacy-I was sad to hear you won’t be part of the wonderful SS staff soon. I have to tell you that meeting you at CHA, and spending some ‘alone’ time with you at Anne Geddes was one of the highlights of my trip there! I love your perky, upbeat nature, your scrapping philosophy, and I’ll be forever grateful to you for having the vision to start such a fantastic magazine. I wouldn’t be scrapping today if it wasn’t for Simple. I wish you the very best for everything coming your way, and I do hope our paths will cross again. :)
    PS-I’m still on the lookout for that Asian babydoll!

  15. Now I feel like I need to hunt down every past issue of the magazine just so I can have more of you. However, I am confident that you will still be sharing yourself with us and I thank you for that!

  16. Stacy, I am going to miss my dose of you in SS magazine! I hope that your new opportunities give you the chance to grow and enjoy life more than ever.

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